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  1. HIGH RES HIGH quality DVDrip DIVX xvid DVR anything copy
  2. VOTE HERE NOW! Post MTV Interview Poll: Ron is Only at 10%... Barack has 60%
  3. Ron Paul in the 3rd person
  4. Mods please sticky the youtube videos
  5. My 65yo Mom's Opinion
  7. MTV sound problems
  8. AP's piece on MTV/AP forum
  9. Obama = weakness tonight
  10. Huge confusion as students and young leave MTV forum.
  11. For Non-Paul supporters
  12. I'm Predicting MTV's Next HOT Reality Show! On the Trail with our buddy Ron!
  13. Re-Air
  14. Hillary and the Taiwan question
  15. Obama Stuttered a lot!
  16. Yeah.. partial re-air commercial for Ron Paul on MTV
  17. Hillary's botched facelift? LOL
  18. Huge confusion as young people leave MTV presidential forum.
  19. Sound Problems During MTV Forum: Goofup or Intentional?
  20. So, I kinda spammed the Myspace election Hillary supporters...
  21. News about MTV debate
  22. Did MTV tell Paul not to mention legalizing marijuana?
  23. Ron is too nice.
  24. TechPresident: Change vs. Experience vs. Ron Paul
  25. Did anyone else notice people waking up during RP's segment?
  26. MTV Airing comments