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  1. We don't need to plan a date for the march...
  2. First Keynote Speaker Voting thread.
  3. Second Keynote Speaker Voting Thread(choose your top 5 please)
  4. Wear Scrubs?
  5. It's not the man, it's the message!
  6. Third Keynote Speaker Thread(choose your top 5 please)
  7. Forget The March!!!!!!
  8. ***all Voting Threads For Speakers Found Here
  9. My realistic concern... need advice
  10. American National Write In March for Ron Paul
  11. ONLY SPEAKER IS RON PAUL - the rest are bands and dj's
  12. Local City Marches April 15th, Lead up to Washington March
  13. No Doubt This March Will Make History!!
  14. New Ron Paul Freedom March Promo Video
  15. ****must Be Late May Or Later
  16. March For Freedom
  17. Wait for a RonPaul2008.com Poll to vote on march date!
  18. To all the doubters...remember the Pope's visit to Poland.
  19. www.revolutionmarch.com website is being redesigned!!!yaye!!!
  20. It wont work, too late, we're not recognized
  21. Positions that need to be filled in the planning committee
  22. Poll: Should grassroots organize the march, or HQ?
  23. Naysayers need to stop posting...
  24. Poll on RonPaul2008.com
  25. List of marches on Washington
  26. It's the message, stupid..
  27. We need some comedians at the march
  29. How BIG does the march need to be to be a success?
  30. Listen to the event organizers now!
  31. Send Hand written letters to the News!
  32. Ron Paul Said It Should Probably Be A Rally NOT A March
  33. March on Europe
  34. New Addition to Music Acts: Prodigy of Mobb Deep is a Ron Paul Supporter
  35. Can we fund the blimp just for one day?
  36. We Must Sing Together!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  37. YouTube Skewing the views numbers on RP March video?
  39. July 4th or June 21st
  40. Keynote Speakers Second Round Voting POLL 1 of 2
  41. Keynote Speakers Second Round Voting POLL 2 of 2
  42. Things to think about before picking a day for RP March
  43. The march's focus should be on the man
  44. I WILL BE MARCHING ON JUNE 21 - who will be marching with me?
  45. Transportation - Busses, etc.
  46. ----> New Website
  47. Parade dates conflict with grassroots action opportunities
  48. Ron Paul ‘Freedom Revolution’ to march on Washington
  49. Awesome video EMINEM AND MARCH MUST WATCH!
  50. Revolution March Web Site
  51. Rally Round The World...consider this!
  52. If we plan it....THEY will come!
  53. Let's Cut The Crap. It Should Be June 21
  54. No POKER FACE band at the March, for God's Sake!
  55. Style or substance?
  56. Logistics Planning For Marchers
  57. Just remember...
  58. I need suggestions...
  59. Want a big turnout? Let's get John Mayer
  60. meeting up at the march
  61. Equip yourselves for the march
  62. What organizations should be invited to Celebration of Freedom?
  63. Day before Rolling Thunder.
  64. Washington People, Couch, March Video, International Support
  65. >>>$$$List of demands for all of our elected officials$$$<<< demands
  66. Willie
  67. March needs broader appeal
  68. "OFFICIAL" Official Update
  69. Promoting the Celebration of Freedom
  70. ***Vote for the March Date at ronpaulmarch.com***
  71. Ron Paul needs to pick the date now!!!!
  72. We need rsvp's for the march
  73. June 21, 2008: The Woodstock of Our Time
  74. Plane Tickets cheaper June 21st
  75. I'm going to the march in a giant scrotum costume
  76. I Can't Wait!!!!!
  77. Invite Rush to the March for Freedom
  78. This....event.... will cost money....
  79. What's this march for?
  80. Sneak into Washington...
  81. Alex Jones better be made a speaker
  82. ron paul supporters just give up
  83. Vote for the day to march on!
  84. Vote for the day to march on!
  85. is marching unfashionable?
  86. The Freedom March is Coming
  87. New vid for the march/rally......
  88. The March Needs A Mission Objective
  89. What if Ron Paul invited the other candidates . . .
  90. What To Tell The Meetups
  91. why does revolutionmarch.com still suck?
  92. Slogans For Signs at the Rally
  93. Is it a good idea to call it Revolution March?
  94. Voter Re-Registration Bomb Idea
  95. Are the casual Paul supporters you know (planning on) coming out to the march?
  96. I guess Ron Paul Forums and 9-11 Truthers don't really belive in Free Speech
  97. I'm just like Ron Paul at debates...
  98. Chant ideas for the march
  99. I'm going there to represent myself and
  100. Keep Digging
  101. Enough with the bitching!! You guys are ruining the march!
  102. Put on the brakes!!!!
  103. this idea is nothing but a movement evolving
  104. Watch For the TROLLS trying to make the March sound Bad
  105. "The Last Stand for Freedom" - Ron Paul March Video [Youtube & Digg]
  106. --> Bump This If You Support the Washington March <--
  107. We NEED the march!!
  108. This march is the best idea since I drew this little pretty flower with bee antennae
  109. What will be our message?
  110. Video: The Last Stand For Freedom
  111. Invite All Groups - Listing
  112. Getting Other Organizations To Support March.
  113. MC for the big event?
  114. Stranger in Washington (new song)
  115. Alternative March Location Suggestions for the Planning Committee
  116. New video in honor of the march/rally
  117. Revolution March (Spread this now)
  118. Whats Your Sign?
  119. Ron Paul Freedom Riders
  120. Poll: Vote for the day to suggest to march on!
  121. My troll thought for the day.
  122. I see this as the Freedom Movement in Action
  123. Foo Fighters at march?
  124. Making peace between different groups
  125. Please go to this thread.... thanks
  126. Make Signs To Put Along Roads On the Way
  127. Do you support Dr. Paul and this March No Matter What?
  128. Potential To Get Major Musicians On Board
  129. There Will Be A March. Question is, Are you going?
  130. Will we be allowed to "camp out" ?
  131. FreedomMarch08.com (Coming Soon)
  132. March-Related Youtube Videos
  133. Not sure if I'll be able to go..
  134. Please donate to my ChipIn so I can get to the march
  135. (Donating) to help people get to DC. Moral issue?
  136. This will get the most RP supporters marching without a doubt...
  137. At High Noon, this is the only chant we need to say...
  138. "Let's do more than one march!" -- Uhm, no.
  139. What are these people doing?
  140. Derek Webb at the march
  141. March agenda element: push Congress for sound money
  142. >For Those On A Budget<
  143. Great way to save on the trip and let others go as well
  144. Ref to Alex Jones
  145. We need seperate forums for every state...
  146. This just in from Granny...
  147. I am a hardcore supporter
  148. Original Song and Vid for March: Awesome!
  149. Very few previous marches have been in the summer
  150. Places to stay?
  151. Go Ron!
  152. People in this forum need to learn to deal with the trolls
  153. I'll admit that I am a bit compulsive . . .
  154. Ron Paul March, Thank You & Other Things
  155. Lets March NOW!!!!
  156. is this possible?????
  157. Cat herders make me laugh...
  158. The pros and cons of travel types!
  159. Have we set an Official Date / Name? Are we there yet?
  160. March at RNC
  161. www.revolutionmarch.com has been improved
  162. Ron Paul March - BULLS ON PARADE!
  163. On a more positive note...
  164. Why not have the march on April 15th?
  165. We need 500,000 at the rally
  166. Penn, Stern, Beck host show at march idea
  167. Why are we not just using the ronpaulmarch.com site for this event?
  168. Kind of super important if your serious about this march
  169. Second thoughts
  170. Inspiration from Texas Prairie View A&M students
  171. California charter jet
  172. The power of collective bargaining and DC travel
  173. Whats the KEY?
  174. K thats it
  175. Media will ignore the march just like they did in Minnesota
  176. "Vendetta" March on DC
  177. Revolution March Posters to Download
  178. The DC- r3vmarch Poster Contest
  179. family asked about the march today!!!
  180. Watch Ron Paul Live On The Internet On Saturday 2/23/08
  181. Modern day Nostradameus predicts REVOLUTION!!!
  182. Invite THE WORLD citizenry to join in the March.
  183. A Revolution Betrayed-DC march being sabotaged?
  184. just stop! -- This is what the March is really about!
  185. Any News on Date? [2/23]
  186. What Groups / Orginazations should we
  187. Should we create Ron Paul March Banners like we did Ron Paul Revolution Signs?
  188. Granny Warrior's March vs The Offical Campaign March
  189. my first RP vid...for the march...
  190. MUST READ-How to give ALL organizers of the March MUTUAL benefit & Maximum Promotion
  191. FREE Premade site headers for Myspace and Personal site <----------------
  192. One Nation, One March, for Liberty and Justice for all
  193. Start A REVOLUTION
  194. March vs. Rally
  195. Still no date? WTF?
  196. America, Is our Time Running Out?
  197. Facebook: Rally in DC - May 26th (?)
  198. Video
  199. R U dedicated to saving America? Or do you just run your mouth?
  200. A statement about the march/rally
  201. Time Out Marchers..! ( pause for a good GOP belly laugh )
  202. Money-making ideas
  203. Dissent in the ranks for The March
  204. "March date will be announced by the end of this week"
  205. SPOOK MARCH - Hu-ahh
  206. New March Announcement from HQ 2/26
  207. Speech - please review and provide feedback
  208. March Idea - Flags
  209. Freedom March Update
  210. The PROTEST VOTE... watch this video!!! OMG!
  211. Urgency for Campaign HQ to make March date Official
  212. For What It is Worth
  213. Does anyone remember the Battle of Seattle?
  214. Used to admire Naomi Wolf, but no more...
  215. Commercial Advertising RNC March
  216. Event Ideas from RonCan.com
  217. Devvy Kidd: March F/U posted 3/1/08
  218. Selling ad space on my for-profit march site!
  219. How to reach a larger group of people than just current Ron Paul supporters
  220. Why Devvy Kidd is wrong about where to march:
  221. The March, we go together, on the same day, in DC
  222. Please Sign The June 21st Ron Paul Rally Plea Petition
  223. still no date?
  224. RevolutionMarch.com Hacked???
  225. We Need More Recruits!!
  226. Campiagn won't plan D.C. march (read)
  227. Time to Get Publicity
  228. RP says June 21st!!!
  229. Ron Paul specifically said in New Video make March NOT just about Ron Paul
  230. Now that we have the date, we need the collaboration!
  231. Stand Down Position at March/Rally
  232. June 21st - The Official Song - "Let Freedom Ring"
  233. Okay, what is going on?
  234. Why do so few people understand this?
  235. **join The First National Liberty Rally On June 21st**
  236. Let's quit the squabling and do it!
  237. Permit status?
  238. Any web graphics/buttons/banners for the 6/21 date?
  239. Renting a campground?
  240. The Interview
  241. We March On April 15th
  242. Cutting the Ron Paul out of the revolution
  243. Where is the organizing
  244. June 21st is NOT the official date!!
  245. Permits
  246. What's with the April 15th March?
  247. Freedom Fest 08
  248. New D.C. March video
  249. Promise Keepers march comparison
  250. Okay, this Washington D.C. March thing is running like chicken with its head cut off