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  1. Going To Fl Debate
  2. At The Next debate Ron paul Needs to start attacking!!
  3. Is Ron Paul in the Florida Debate?
  4. Dropping some economic bombs in the next debate
  5. So there is a debate in 4 days?
  6. MSNBC debate Thursday-anyplace to stream it?
  7. NBC - Florida Debate
  8. Qualifications for MSNBC Debate? Thompson, Giuliani out???
  9. Florida Debate?
  10. Ron Paul needs to go all out in Thursday's debate
  11. 'Debate Scorcher'...Is Ron Still Invited to MSNBC Debate in Boca?
  12. does anybody know the status of the Debate Donation Game site?
  13. Ron is going to OWN the debate Thursday...
  14. Fed Decision Gives RP More Debate Talking Points!
  15. 5 Left on the Debate Stage
  16. Announcing the Ron Paul Debate Game!
  18. Should Ron show up to the debate tomorrow night....
  19. Tomorrow's MSNBC Florida Debate Game!
  20. Got an FAU debate ticket!
  21. RP should bring his books to the debate
  22. Angry Ron Paul - Florida Debate
  23. Any idea where/if I can watch this online?
  24. Lets get READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. All RP needs at the Debate is a single Penny
  26. After the debate
  27. Is Ron Excluded???
  28. Brian Williams
  29. Quotes for Ron Paul tonight
  30. Be prepared for Giuliani attacks
  31. Equal time for the Doctor tonight?
  32. Live Stream link?
  33. Ron Paul: The Debating Game
  34. Who Should Ron Call Out Tonight?
  35. What time and channel?
  36. The Weather Outside is Frightful....
  37. Tonights debate: Candidates can ask other candidates a question
  38. Will NBC play the Race Card Tonight?
  39. Here is a suggestion for Ron Paul tonight...
  40. Will Dr. Paul be hurt if he denounces the rebate checks?
  41. BS stimulus plan
  42. Stage Arrangement
  43. Lots of Ron Paul supporters
  44. Candidate signs banned from camera angles?
  45. Leaked! Seating arrangement for tonight's debate!
  46. will we see any strange 'their way' sounds and Tongue flicking like in FAUX debate??
  47. MSNBC Debate Streamed?
  48. How many times will...
  49. Online Streaming of the Debate?
  50. Anyone getting sick of watching the pre-debate coverage?
  51. What time does the debate start?
  52. MSNBC Already Plugging Rudy
  53. MSNBC Pre-debate ads
  54. LIVE www.RonPaulRadio.com LIVE from FLORIDA! LIVE
  55. Wow! Ron Paul got mentioned on MSM!
  56. HEy Guys - Just in! Ron Paul Going HArd Tonight! Yeah Baby!
  57. GOOD LUCK Ron Paul!!
  58. I hope RP gets asked another question about electability...
  59. Damnet MSNBC
  60. I've never been so disgusted listening to The National Anthem
  61. TIME to get Pumped ROCKY sends a message to RON PAUL !!
  62. Watch & Reaction Thread
  63. I can only wish....
  64. DON LUSKIN named RP Economic Advisor! Wow a CNBC guest
  65. is it on tvu?
  66. Fla. Gov. all but endorses the Ghoul on CNN
  67. I'm sorry, I'm sure this is posted somewhere, but...
  68. Makes me sick...
  69. MSNBC - Political DIRECTOR chuck todd, mccain supporter
  70. streaming link?
  71. MSNBC graphic of debate participants omites Ron Paul!!!
  72. Debate Streaming on Justin.TV
  73. Never Thought I'd be so Excited to watch a GOP Debate
  74. >>>>>>>Official thread for the debate discussion
  75. Debate Thread - FLorida 1.24.08
  76. Rate Ron's Responses with Dollars!!
  77. lets get readyt to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmble!
  78. Official MSNBC Boca Raton, Florida G.O.P. Debate Discussion Thread [9:00PM ET]
  79. whoot - person in crowd shouts 'go ron paul'
  80. I think we got a lot of ron supporters in the audience :D
  81. ARGHHHH MSNBC - Brian Willaims
  82. wow, mccain has some terrible teeth
  83. irc channel for debate watchers
  84. Romney already stealing RP's ideas
  85. MSNBC Phone Number
  86. Why didn't MSNBC ask the other candidates to show respect and not laugh at Ron Paul?
  87. Someone post a LIVE STREAM that doesn't lag
  88. McCain <3s Inflation
  89. skip paul on the economy?
  90. McCain gets the first liar liar pants on fire award
  91. McCain is such a liar!
  92. So McCain is a dirty liar.
  93. 9 minutes in, bias already showing
  94. Damn you Huckabee!
  95. Upside down flag graphic?
  96. HAH! Yes, we will borrow from the chinese Huckabee.
  97. Huckabee has been studying RP again!
  98. China!
  99. huckabee is a thief
  100. Oh Look, Huckabee recommends New Deal
  101. 15 minutes into debate
  102. John McCain vs John McCain
  103. LOL - Huckabee is concerned about traffic
  104. No one has clapped
  105. Does Ron Paul get to speak?
  106. McCain 3, Romney 2, Ghoul 1, Huck 1, Paul 0
  107. which network is it on??
  108. haha look at the hucker listening hard for ideas.
  109. Rudy lays the 9/11 card
  110. Is RP wearing shoulder pads?
  111. Rudy?
  112. IM Pretty much in favor of Rudy Losing Florida!!!!
  113. Classic Look by The GHOUL
  114. Rudy: Im pretty much in favor of trade. I'm pretty much in favor of free trade."
  115. McCain LOVEFEST
  116. The war in Iraq IS a pork barrel project, idiot.
  117. Same Old RP so far...
  118. Thief thread
  119. $35 Billion vs. $1 Trillion
  120. Huck is a dummy. He was the only one?
  121. Old Huck.. He can crack a joke.
  122. It's Official, Huckabee is a Socialist
  123. Romney Recycling his Nevada Speech
  124. The debating game!
  125. Ron Paul has a nice tie on
  126. American Blood and Treasure?
  127. What have I missed?
  128. McCain - 70% of the American people are complaining
  129. McCain, pandering to idiots?
  130. Link to stream?
  131. Suddenly everyone's worried about borrowing from China LOL
  132. McCains freudian slip!!
  133. Well RP wins this question.
  134. Ouch, McCain just sold out Rumsfeld!
  135. First applause
  136. did mccain just say saddam used WMD'S???
  137. McCAin plays the "return with honor" card
  138. Clap for Paul, RAWR
  139. Go RON!
  140. Did Huck just comare Easter Eggs to WMD's? hahah
  141. Huckabee is looking stressed...
  142. Power Prayer Event Tonight Currently In Progress During The Florida Debate
  143. What was that?
  144. "It's unbelievable..."
  145. What was that?
  146. hucker brings up easter and WMDs.
  147. check out msnbc homepage
  148. Only Ron Paul is line with American Public Opinion
  149. Tim Russerts' Iraq war question should finish all candidates except RP
  150. 45 minutes into the debate
  151. 100:1 odds no one will ask RP a question.
  152. Candidate question round
  153. Waoh look at the MSNBC main page!!
  154. Paul should ask McCain...
  155. They're all sweating!
  156. they sure love the romney-mccain-giuliani shot...
  157. Did Huckabee really just quote Dr. Phil?
  158. The questions to each candidate - PRECONCEIVED
  159. I DON'T Believe this!
  160. Now Huckabee Wants to Abolish the IRS???
  161. Way to make the fair tax socialist
  162. Ron needs to ask McCain about the 1992 POW-MIA committee
  163. Are They That Afraid To Ask RP A Question?
  164. Breaking news: McCain wants more sunshine!
  165. Paul says Iraq a mistake, others defend invasion
  166. Paul Backed Mccain Into The Corner
  167. Ron Paul calls McCain on his "economic expertise"!
  168. yawn...name droppppper
  169. Wtf question are you answering McCain?
  170. McCain Doesn't Know What RP Is Talking About
  171. Blood and Treasure question
  172. McCain OWNED
  173. McCain has no idea what the PPT is
  174. ** Ron Paul Debate [YouTube] **
  175. WTF is McCain talking about?
  176. Really bad question...
  177. hahahahahahaha McCain is a joke
  178. what is the presidents financial group and what do they do?
  179. What if no other candidates asked RP a Question?
  180. He Doesn't Know What It Is!!!
  181. Rate Ron's question to McCain
  182. What did Ron ask McCain?
  183. Number of questions so far
  184. Needed A better Question
  185. These debates can never have a normal podium...
  186. McCain has never heard of...
  187. Candidates ask candidates is genious!
  188. What questions has ron paul been asked?
  189. whats the count on talking opportunities now?
  190. Check your e-mail
  191. Giuliani Trying HARD to sound conservative - Getting Desperate! LOL
  192. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_Group_on_Financial_Markets
  193. Wow, Russert has it out for Rudy
  194. Romney's wearing blue
  195. Softballs
  196. Wow This Is Really Terrible, 5 Pple
  197. Worst Debate Ever??
  198. McCain wants to have sweet, lovely relations with Lieberman
  199. McCain invokes Lieberman
  200. Question: did Huckabee just equate...
  201. Think Chess - Ron Paul's Question...
  202. Is anyone keeping time?
  203. RP Mc100 Question
  204. GOP starting to adopt Gore's position!
  205. 1st Hour: How much air time did Paul get?
  206. This Debate is the Stop Ron Debate
  207. Giuliani wants to sell america off
  208. Silence by technology and now by no questions
  209. Great Question, Terrible Moderation
  210. Minutes counter- how much time is each candidate getting?
  211. Just Youtube it and Spread It
  212. Rudy = NY Giants + 9/11
  213. Rudy, are you electable?
  214. Did you understand the question Paul asked McCain?
  215. I despise Giuliani, but he can be mildly amusing sometimes
  216. McWar has all the time?
  217. McCain's Mother "Holds her nose"
  218. Will McCain's Botched Answer to Paul Get Post-Debate Analyst Coverage?
  219. Mwhahahaha McCain pwned by his own mom!!!
  220. Best seat in the house...
  221. Question to Rudy......Uh, thheeerreee waaayyyy, What has happened to your campaign?
  222. This is a freakin' joke.
  223. Those who are angry, DONATE
  224. Breaking: Romney Isn't Concerned About Voters
  225. McCain "I'm a conservative wreck"
  226. Romney: I'm not so concerned about the voters!!
  227. Mitt doesn't care about the voters?
  228. Mitt Romney: I dont owe the voters an explanation!
  229. 5 minutes of Romney....
  230. romney raised most of any GOP???
  231. This should be relabled.....
  232. To all of you who thought...
  233. ok........NOW IM PISSED - everyone else gets 20 minutes, Ron gets 3
  234. "I'm by FAR the biggest contributor to my own campaign." - Romney
  235. Romney: Deer in the Headlights! lol
  236. 4 questions in a row for Romney
  237. 1 Question??? ok now 2 but still
  238. Hey, let's all watch the Mitt Romney Show
  239. This should be relabed Mitt TV
  240. Ron Paul - GOP Debate 01-24-08 (Part1)
  241. RP question
  242. Social Security Question
  243. Rudy laughing again
  244. Huckabee
  245. Go huckabee
  246. Look on the bright side -- brief analysis inside
  247. Huckabee is in a tail spin!!
  248. Money Raised
  249. Huck's on dope??
  250. Fund SS from the GENERAL FUND! GENIUS!!!! NOT