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  1. So how did Ron Paul do tonight? I just got back home
  2. New organisation forming: 'nWo suckups against the nWo' members list inside...
  3. Paul receives $50,000 in donations since start of debate
  4. Mitt, pssst........you suck! ......DIGG This!
  5. Is Paul hedging his bets on a big performance at the Jan 30 debate?
  6. Who Thinks DIBOLD is a TROLL?
  7. Mutual Exclusivity
  8. The "Whisper" was in the replay
  9. Damn Google is fast!
  11. Digg: The Romney Whisperer This is debate related!
  12. Boca Rally.
  13. Romney Whisper a set-up?
  14. Stupid Post by Eric Dondero I found Former RP staffer
  15. Should we KEEP the TROLLS as PETS or try to CONVERT them?
  16. Any of you guys see Silent Hill?
  17. Huckabee: "Drug Dealers, Prostitutes, Pimps, Gamblers - uhh, non-Republicans."
  18. Transcript of Ron Paul's question to John McCain.
  19. Politics1 on debate
  20. I just watched Ron Paul's performance - A++++
  21. Tax Whisper
  22. Letter to MSNBC and sponsors
  23. someone needs to ban dibold, he has caused way to much crap tonight
  24. OMG no more troll posts plz
  25. Romney Concerned About What His Kids Will Inherit, His BIG CORPS?
  26. Florida has revitalized me - Help me spend $5000
  27. DIBOLD-- A Fair Assessment
  28. VID: FAU Debate - Firefighters Against Rudy Detained!!
  29. entire debate archived online somewhere?
  30. Why Ron Paul won the debate
  31. MCCAIN's answer to RON PAUL reminds me of Ms. TEEN USA answer (VIDEO)
  32. Paul had the perfect opportunity to make McCain look pathetic and didn't do it
  33. copy cat crooked dirty stinky MOTHA FUNKIN POLITICIANS!!!!!!
  34. The Florida Republican Debate: CQ Politics’ Bests and Mosts
  35. Hotline on the debate
  36. Romney: 'I'm not concerned about voters'
  37. GOP field plays nice in debate dominated by economy
  38. Who is Romney's Cyrano?
  39. Interesting Post-Debate Photo...
  40. Haha I couldn't resist :D
  41. VIDEO: Ron Paul Rally March at FAU Debate
  42. I give Ron an A+ on this debate
  43. Rudolph W. Giuliani .. Not a chance in hell
  44. Best Moment of the Debate
  45. Need number for text poll on msnbc!
  46. EXCELLENT Anti-McCain Debate Post... DIGG!
  47. Ron's question for McCain
  48. McCain's response to RP reminded me of Miss Teen South Carolina
  49. Ron Paul after debate: "McCain never heard of the committee because..."
  50. Schooling McCain
  51. Snow White and Four of the Seven Dwarves
  52. McCain "Crooked Talk" [YouTube]
  53. Dr. Paul gets to speak less than everyone else.
  54. Huckabee: Don't Blame Me
  55. If you are mad re: the debate...
  56. biggest laugh
  57. Romeny said - "I dont care about the voters"...did anyone catch that?
  58. Who won Mathews phone poll?
  59. Break down of the Florida debate.
  60. Did you know about the Keating 5
  61. He should have walked off the stage!
  62. Who won the Florida debate? (An idea.)
  63. What Republican Politics Has Been Reduced To
  64. Debate or Last Comic Standing?
  65. MSM may have won the battle, but from what I hear from others, theyre losing the war
  66. Who did McCain mention, that is actually on the Plunge Protection Team?
  67. "Will You run 3rd Party?"
  68. Where the Debate Online
  69. Instead of asking McCain, Ron should've asked himself a question
  70. Could Ron Paul attack?
  71. McCain and his straight talk catchphase at the debate
  72. txt poll is open until Fri 5pm January 25th per MSNBC webpage
  73. Pitbulls vs Terrier
  74. What Ron Should Have Added To His Last Answer
  75. Please Condiser digging California Newspaper Ads
  76. MSNBC Florida Debate: Text message results 1/24/08
  77. The adoption of Ron Paul ideas
  78. MSNBC keeps reporting that Ron Paul won the debate"
  79. I can't watch youtube javascript error... help please
  80. replay of debates
  81. Missing Segment on second airing of debate
  82. debate recap
  83. Wall Street Journal Poll
  84. I missed the debate!
  85. TIME UNFAIR? What do you think?
  86. Open Line Friday
  87. Has anyone done the Analysis on Debate Time/Q&As?
  88. I refuse to vote for anyone but Ron Paul. He doesn't make it....I won't vote at all!
  89. Post-Debate anyone?
  90. Anyone else notice that RP only has trouble hearing on faux news and debates?
  91. Paul's question to McCain
  92. Did Huckabee Lie last night...hell Yeah he did!
  93. Romney Fed Answers During Debate
  94. Dr. Paul looked different last night?
  95. Transcript of full debate
  96. Florida Debate Analysis
  97. McCain & Miss South Carolina - Short VIRAL version
  98. RP lost opportunity to nail McCain on Hitler comment
  99. What's With Guiliani's "The Reality Is..." Phrase
  100. Experiencing Defeat
  101. RP lost opportunity to nail McCain on Hitler comment
  102. Ron Paul polling 4th in FL?
  103. Is DailyPaul.com site down?
  104. deleted
  105. Republican Debate: Mitt Romney & Ron Paul Score Points
  106. The Whisper
  107. FYI: RP never said he WOULDNT run 3rd Party
  108. Romney Trolls and Clowns.. Bring It On..
  109. [youtube] Mike Huckabee Lies and Gets Away With It - Almost
  110. Converting people on other comment sections
  111. Ron Paul Needs Help in this MSN Debate Poll
  112. Romney's "Whisperer" - An Electronic Device?
  113. McCain's running mate will be Rudy
  114. Is that the best you've got?
  115. Florida Press Polls: Get Ron's name out in the Florida online press
  116. Executive Order 12631 -- Working Group on Financial Markets
  117. John McCain & Miss Teen SC on Economics
  118. Head over to Fox News
  119. ROMNEY claims that WHISPER came from JOSEPH SMITH?
  120. Watch the ENTIRE debate here:
  121. Is it me or did Ghouliani really show his ass?
  122. Let's answer the question Ron Paul posed
  123. Mitt Romney: "Well I Am Not Concerned About The Voters"
  124. will ROMNEY write a book 'Rat Whisperer'?
  125. Can someone include '100 years in IRAQ and german Putin' in YOUTUBE MCCAIN and MS. SC
  126. Video footage from the FAU Debate
  127. Guiliani and pre-debate comments.
  128. Did Russert have more speaking time than Paul?
  129. MSNBC text message poll results?
  130. PPT article
  131. Free Speech Zone at debate
  132. Brian Williams: "Mayor Jolly - Giuliani..."
  133. Ron Paul Shunned In Blatantly Unfair MSNBC Debate
  134. Let's move this video to page one!!!
  135. New Suit for Dr. Paul
  136. Ron Pauls Question
  137. MSM about the question
  138. Huckabee said another lie in Florida Debate
  139. "get online and become a citizen?"
  140. Holy Damage Control Batman. Romney and NBC spinning
  141. Mitt Romney is a Cyborg.........
  142. Rudy Giuliani Faints at Florida Republican Debate! (joke)
  143. McCain's Discountinuity
  144. Has Ron lost his debating "spunk" ?
  145. YouTube: Ron Paul Florida debate
  146. Who were all those people cheering after Ron spoke
  147. The Question: It's getting results!!
  148. vote in msn poll (romney's winning)
  149. WOW, McCain was so DUM with this ANSWER!! Brillant Question RON!
  150. Ron Paul At Post-Debate Rally [Video]
  151. Ron Paul needs to address the other candidates ripping him off