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  1. What Was That? Whispering??!!
  2. Did huckabee just mention the Manhattan Project?
  3. He needs a speech coach...
  4. Why??
  5. WTF -- whisper "Raise Taxes"?
  6. Huckamedian
  7. Ron Needs A New Suit Damnit!
  8. romney fed answer.. ronald reagan... "im not gonna raise taxes"
  9. Did you hear that?!
  10. 10:20 whispering ".......taxes"
  11. Woah woah woah.... Did anyone hear that with Romney's SS question?
  12. Mitts answer...Whispering before he speaks
  13. WTF...I just heard on the Mitt Tax question
  14. To the patient Paul Tash? How bout the patient Ron Paul???
  15. Romney Steals Ron Paul's Plan!!
  16. Nobody knows Paul was 2nd in Louisiana and Nevada, why isn't Paul bringing it up?
  17. Romneys Regan Question??
  18. Someone Just Whispered To Mitt Romney!
  19. 15min mitt agqain
  20. Por que?
  21. Good and Bad News from the campaign
  22. Did the Ghoul just suggest a National I.D. Card?
  23. MSNBC's own times per candidate tonight
  24. he's gotta start butting in here..
  25. youtube the raise taxes whisper please
  26. Guiliani - Get online
  27. One positive note
  28. OMG- Romney was wired!!!
  29. Rudy's new favorite phrase?
  30. According to Rudy...
  31. Economists should be asking the questions
  32. Jully laughing a Huck now
  33. Will there be an opportunity for each candidate to give a final pitch?
  34. can we say f chuck norris........
  35. DEBATE IS A STAGE dont pay attention to men behind the curtain
  36. Ron Paul smiles when Williams calls Giuliani arrogant by NY times
  37. How will they "test" Paul in the face of attack?
  38. Thats it folks! MSM wins the presidency.
  39. Here comes the...
  40. MSNBC SUCKS, Tucker should ask the questions,Damn
  41. Do you think its a good idea to storm MSNBC with emails
  42. Nail in the coffin
  43. Mike Huckabee is too scared of Chuck Norris
  44. too much romney!!!!!!!!!
  45. Here comes the hit question on Ron
  46. Suspiciously, time ALWAYS seems to expire...
  47. Please tell me Giuliani and McCain aren't gonna start muggin down on stage
  48. Did McCain just pull a Hillary
  49. No I look to what Ron Paul says to see what I should say.
  50. This debate is a democratic hit job.
  51. romney
  52. Were these questions written by caddy 3rd grade girls?
  53. Homerun Omg!!
  54. GREAT closing statment for the debate.
  55. Ron just delivered a knockout answer!
  56. Paul hits one out of the park!!!!!!!
  57. Ugh, The Department of Education comments...
  58. Guys, This Debate Doesn't Really Matter
  59. Someone is being executed in Florida right now...
  60. At least the race card wasn't played...
  61. It's Official NBC IS Joining Fox On The Boycott List
  62. I didn't think I'd ever be thankful for a third party question...
  63. Ron paul Get's last Word, Very best part of this debate.
  64. Final Debate Questions Tally
  65. Please post web sites with polls on who won
  66. who are those dope heads talking on RP radio?
  67. Where did Paul go??
  68. Vote for Ron Paul's debate performance
  69. WOW! - 90 Minutes worth in 90 Seconds!!!
  70. Ron Paul Did Not Win That Debate
  71. From Club for Greed:
  72. A Total Bastardization of Journalistic Integrity
  73. They are afraid!
  74. Google Joe Scarborough dead girl in office
  75. Msnbc Poll
  76. HUCKABEE is such as DEMAGOGUE
  77. Is there a post-debate rally tonight?
  78. Donate! We Have To Pay For A Real Debate!
  79. Romney declared the winner
  80. Go To Msnbc.com And Vote Who Won
  81. Reaction on National Review's Live Blog, "The Corner" to Ron Paul's Question
  82. McCain after Ron's question
  83. Rate Dr. Paul's performance tonight..
  84. It made me feel like giving!
  85. I bet Paul won't be interviewed Post-Debate
  86. Debate Game tally- $80!
  87. PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM question was a HOME RUN !! People will be asking
  88. this is what we needed
  89. An aol.com blogger says Ron Paul won.
  90. Owl Heads?
  91. whisper "raise taxes" before Romneys answer
  92. GOP recognizes Paul's threat to GOP general election nominee
  93. Matthews hurts Huckabee, but doesn't go for the kill
  94. Was that a Romney campaign event?
  95. This country is pretty far gone...
  96. That ugly face rudy made
  97. Someone whispered "raise taxes"?!
  98. MSNBC is interviewing...MSNBC
  99. JulieAnnie: "ID to get online"?
  100. Let's broaden our perspective: MSM Money Bomb
  101. All candidates except Ron Paul say Iraq war was worth the sacrifice.
  102. MSNBC Poll: Who won the debate?
  103. RPs Question For McCain -
  104. Why RP Owned This Debate! Read
  105. Total talk times!
  106. post analysis is awesome
  107. Huckabee double talking!
  108. Great debate!
  109. Besides RP, who did the best tonight?
  110. Does anyone have youtube of McCain's answer to RP?
  111. CNN talking about debate... mentioned paul on war..
  112. Romney: "I don't care about the voters"
  113. Asking each others questions........
  114. Look at the main page of MSNBC now after the debate!!!
  115. Do you think McCain was trying to have Rudy ready to endorse him?
  116. Vote for McCain! He believes in more sunshine!
  117. AOL Poll
  118. This is really weird
  119. that seemed like a romney lovefest so my question is
  120. Chris Matthews on 2nd Amendment
  121. !!!Why aren't there any Ron Paul signs in the background of the post debate coverage?
  122. Check this link out....are MSNBC swating their own fingers?
  123. Florida Debate youtube thread
  124. Props to Romney slamming Bill the Rapist Clinton
  125. Wierd Whisper Heard "Raises Taxes"
  126. SMS Poll - Vote for Ron
  127. Text 4 to 622639
  128. Text Message Poll
  129. Did Ron insinuate that he might run 3rd party?
  130. McCain only namedropped the whole time.
  131. click & repeat
  132. Is ron paul going to be on ron paul radio
  133. I think its 4 not 5?
  134. Pledge to write in Dr. Paul. We go down with the ship.
  135. WANTED: 100,000 More Troops!!!
  136. Text Poll
  137. Best 'one-lliner' of the night?
  138. 2nd Amendment question and Rudy
  139. www.ads4ronpaul.com - Florida Newspaper Blitz
  140. Bad night for... everyone?
  141. Correct number - text 4 (four) to 622639 to vote for Ron Paul
  142. Plunge Protection Team
  143. No RP interview?
  144. National Review Blog on Paul's Question to McCain
  145. Chris Matthews sounds like
  146. The proper answer to the final question
  147. Ron Paul did Great tonight!!!
  148. Preaching to the choir?
  149. everyone here needs to run for office
  150. Text 4 (FOUR) to 622639
  151. Do you think it was coincidence that we were told 5? or sabatage?
  152. Leave commens on Romney's youtube answer
  153. Please ignore
  154. Text 4 For Paul.
  155. TEXT POLL for Paul
  156. Battle of ideas?
  157. Dr. Paul on RIGHT NOW!!
  158. A brief Annalysis of Ron's question to McCain
  159. Spike in donations :)
  160. I just got back - Don't tell me they dropped the 3rd party bomb?
  161. If Dr. Paul doesn't win, Republicans are going to lose 100%
  162. Why blackballing of Ron Paul is good
  163. John McNameDropper
  164. official secondary means of communication
  165. Text Poll
  166. Ron Paul said, "We are in a new era"
  167. I'm sorry, but I missed Dr. Paul's Question for McPain...What was it?
  168. What You Wanted To Hear From RP And you Did Not
  169. Did everyone here understand the question to McCain?
  170. wow... FU tucker
  171. Please digg: Romney's whisper
  172. How come no one is holding up RP signs in front of the camera
  173. Hankabee managed to squeeze in BIBLE talk ....this time it was about EASTER eggs hunt
  174. Buchanan is about to dis Ron too!
  176. where can I find ROMNEY WISPER on youtube?
  177. Msnbc Vote Online Now!
  178. OMG! LOOK AT THE FIRST SEARCH RESULTS!! - Direct All Traffic To YouTube
  179. McCain: "I'll sick Sylvester Stallone on Chuck Norris!"
  180. pat is a tool
  181. Ask MSNBC about plunge protection
  182. Final Speaking times
  183. Can we please agree on one thing? We have NO FRIENDS in the media!
  184. The decision to "eliminate" Ron Paul
  185. Tin Foil hat area - enter at your own risk!
  186. MSNBC Debate -- Final Speaking Times
  187. RP economic advisor Donald Luskin
  188. text 4 (four) to 622639 to vote for Ron Paul
  189. Ron must have won the text poll
  190. MSNBC Removes "The Taxes Whisper" Post
  191. Donate for freedom - RIGHT NOW!
  192. Huckabee we knew copies RP, but EVEN RUDY?
  193. Youtube - Mitt Romney Whisper "Raised Taxes"
  194. Ron Threatens Independent Run Tonight. An Offer Mitt Can't Refuse
  195. Romney 41% Paul 40%
  196. MSNBC Ron Paul get 2nd with 40% Mitt 41%
  197. Romney 41% , Paul 40%
  198. McCain's Face?
  199. Text poll results
  200. Chris Matthews is a TRUE JACKASS ! SHill to the core!
  201. MSNBC Debate Poll: Paul/Romney Tie!
  202. AOL Poll - Florida Debate
  203. Final Question/Answer Golden! And MSNBC Just lied about the poll.
  204. Reason RP was included in this Debate
  205. Regarding 3rd Party
  206. WORLDNET POLL for today's debate...RON PAUL is LEADING of course
  207. Brian Williams and Wolf Blitzer
  208. Think about this. They always ask RON whether he will support one of these CROOKS.
  209. Who voted 5 because of that asshat?
  210. How DESPERATE: #5 text message trolls, Secret whispers, PL/PF coalition slate, ...
  211. I was the guy who skewed the text poll
  212. Everyone donate $6.31 Now
  213. Youtube of tonite's Debate?......
  214. OK, Damage control here.... WHO VOTED #5 ??
  215. btw did huck say he was the only guy who predicted the market drop
  216. Flordia Debate - make this #1 on youtube RIGHT NOW
  217. I know who Ron Paul is now.
  218. Reddit: MSNBC Removes "The Taxes Whisper" Post
  219. REMEMBER--Next time there will only be three!
  220. Can someone make this for youtube?
  221. McCain stumbles over Ron pauls question
  222. Ron Paul too complex for soundbites?
  223. WOW McCain just handed us a huge opportunity!
  224. Romney on not caring about the polls re: Iraq
  225. I cannot stand the way McCain smile everytime Ron Paul speaks
  226. Make The Whisper Go Viral
  227. Can Somebody Please Explain RP's McCain Question to an Economic Idiot?
  228. Youtube of the debate
  229. Is this an accurate portrayal of Ron Paul's support...
  230. Ron Paul Mentioned Plunge Protection Team on Cavuto Today
  231. Is there any youtube video of the mod saying no more cheers until the end?
  232. Anyone Notice?
  233. An Idea For Future Text Voting
  234. Whats with Fraudabee stealing Ron Paul's issuses?
  235. Ron Paul question should of have been this....
  236. Question about McCain Question
  237. Did 'Rudy's Reading List' MB help crash Rudy?
  238. Is MSNBC gonna get in trouble for rigging debate?
  239. MSNBC Re-Airs the Debate CENSORS Applause for Ron Paul
  240. Romney's "Free Market" Economics
  241. ***$80 Debate Game MONEYBOMB today!***
  242. Help Digg Romney's Debate Coaching Whisper
  243. OK Why is everybody still awake?
  244. DIBOLD - you sound like a TROLL
  245. I think I figured out the blackout
  246. Huckabee And 1913
  247. will the great doctor win?
  248. Transcript of Ron Paul's Question to McCain and McCain's answer
  249. YouTube: Ron Paul Highlights of Debate In Florida
  250. Everyone Email RP HQ NOW and tell them to take McCains Challenge!