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  13. Rand Paul op-ed: Obama’s response to shutdown is just ‘shut up’
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  18. Rand Paul op-ed: No one is above the law — but Congress
  19. Rand Paul op-ed: Enough is enough — it’s time to end the secrecy at the Federal Reserve
  20. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Time to End Military's Sexual Assault Epidemic
  21. Rand Paul position on new Iran sanction
  22. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Why the GOP Is Stepping Up in Detroit
  23. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Taxpayers, jobless hurt by extended aid
  24. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Expand jobs not jobless benefits
  25. Does Rand Paul support the new Iran sanctions?
  26. Sen. Paul’s Statement on President Obama’s NSA Reform
  27. Rand Paul op-ed: Obama’s reforms at the NSA won’t protect Americans’ privacy
  28. Rand Paul Op-Ed in Intercollegiate Review
  29. Rand Paul, You Failed Econ 101. Supply, Demand and the Minimum Wage
  30. Rand Paul writes to Obama, says lifting of Iran sanctions requires Congress' approval
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  32. Rand Paul: 'Do we no longer have a Fourth Amendment?'
  33. So what does Rand think about the Kentucky marriage ruling?
  34. Rand Paul sounds off on foreign policy and national defense
  35. 'What you do on your cell phone is none of their damned business!'
  36. Rand Paul Op-Ed: U.S. Must Take Strong Action Against Putin’s Aggression
  37. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Stop Warping Reagan's Foreign Policy
  38. Rand Paul: Obama Cutting Tomahawk Missile Makes No Sense
  39. Rand Paul: Why Can’t Obama Unilaterally End NSA Spying? - Video
  40. Rand Paul at Caterpillar tax hearing: We should give them an award
  41. Rand Paul: We need guns in the cockpit
  42. Rand Paul: ‘I wouldn’t question’ Israel
  43. Rand on Fox now, wants more aid to Israel and Ukraine???
  44. Rand Paul's evolution on Iraq is fully complete (Huff Post headline)
  45. Sen. Rand Paul backs destruction of ISIS, 'enjoining' Iran, Syria in fight
  46. Rand Paul op-ed: ‘I Am Not an Isolationist’
  47. Rand: Republicans have no chance without a “sizeable” black vote
  48. Rand Paul to Obama: "Prioritize" Passage of Trans-Pacific Partnership
  49. WND 2013 - Rand Paul warns of Obama fasttrack to TPP
  50. Sen. Paul Responds to Attacks in Israel
  51. Rand Paul: What I’m Thankful For
  52. Vaccines can cause mental retardation in children?
  53. Rand opposes Net Neutrality - why is this a techy problem?
  54. Social Security Benefits Funds Restoration Bill , Is it possible ?
  55. will Rand vote to override the veto of Iranian sanctions?
  56. Rand wants term limits?
  57. Is Rand Proposing Raising Taxes For those who...
  58. Rand Paul for President on the Issues Website Links
  59. Rand Paul on Spending and Debt
  60. Rand Paul Supports Term Limits and Government Reform
  61. Rand Paul Supports Cutting Taxes
  62. Rand Paul Supports an Audit of the Federal Reserve
  63. Rand Paul Supports a Strong National Defense
  64. Rand Paul Supports Free-Market Principles in Health Care and the Repeal of Obamacare
  65. Rand Paul Supports New Energy Development, Cutting Red Tape, and Lowering Energy Costs for Con
  66. Rand Paul Opposes Amnesty and Believes We Must Secure The Border While Encouraging Legal Immig
  67. Rand Paul Supports Cutting Regulations and Allowing Businesses to Flourish
  68. Rand Paul Supports Reform to the Criminal Justice System
  69. Rand Paul Supports Our Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights
  70. Rand Paul Opposes A One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Education
  71. Rand Paul Stands With Israel
  72. Rand Paul Believes We Must Fix Social Security and Save it For Younger Generations
  73. Rand Paul Believes We Must Protect Our Veterans
  74. Rand Paul Believes in the Sanctity of Life
  75. Rand Paul Supports our Second Amendment Rights
  76. What is Rand Paul's position on the TPP?
  77. Rand Paul's foreign policy: IRAN
  78. Rand on fathers rights
  79. Rand's position on evolution - split thread
  80. Rand Paul on the 6th Amendment presumption of innocence, and effect on the Black Community
  81. Campaign Zero
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  84. Economic theory
  85. Why does Rand Paul oppose gay marriage?
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  87. Monitoring refugees?
  88. We Need SMART Foreign Policy