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  1. Ron Paul #1 book on Amazon?
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  3. Here it is!! The big secret from HQ! New Ron Paul Book!
  4. Can we help get Ron Paul's new book into print?
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  6. New Book from Ron Paul??
  7. The Revolution: A Manifesto -- What is this?
  8. When does RP's new book come out?
  9. BREAKING: Ron Paul's New Book!
  10. Pledge NOW to Make Ron's New Book "Manifesto" #1
  11. Make Ron Paul's Book #1
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  13. Getting Dr. Paul's Book on the NY Times Best-seller List
  14. ++ RP Book nr 8 Amazon Bestsellers ++
  15. Dr. Paul's new book up to #7 on Amazon!
  16. Ron's Revolutionary Manifesto: It's #5 on Amazon!
  17. RON PAUL's book "Revolution" is #29 (bestselling) on BARNES and NOBLE site
  18. Why word "Manifesto" used in new RP book?
  19. Please Reddit!: Ron Paul's New Book Storms Bestseller List
  20. Ron Paul book up to #4 on Amazon!!!
  21. The Revolution: A Manifesto - Its importance (and a suggestion)
  22. Dr. Paul's book is up to #3 !!!
  23. Ron Paul's New Book Should be in EVERY University
  24. Ron Paul's book: Now #3 on Amazon bestsellers!
  25. Book Bomb website should add library pledges!
  26. I just preorderded RP's book (which means...)
  27. Have you Pre-ordered Ron Paul's new book?
  28. How Can We Get Dr. Paul's New Book to #1?
  29. The Revolution: A Manifesto
  30. The Revolution: A Manifesto - NO. 1 Bestseller on Amazon!
  31. Ron Paul's Book! $14.70 at Barnes & Noble.
  32. I'm not happy. The Revolution: A Manifesto dropped to #14
  33. We should get RP's new book into the hands of all delegates
  34. Amazon Finally Discounts Dr. Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto
  35. Revolution: A Manifesto
  36. DIGG! The Revolution: A Manifesto
  37. Ron Paul's Book #2 on Amazon! (Obama's Books Are #1 and #3 Best-Selling)
  38. The Revolution: A Manifesto, Launch Idea!
  39. Advanced excerpts of the Ron Paul Revolution: A Manifesto about to be read
  40. Add The Conscience of a Conservative to your Revolution: a Manifesto book orders!
  42. Bookbomb: PROJECT FREEDOM EDUCATION - The Revolution: A Manifesto (new Common Sense)
  43. Book Bomb and Mass donation
  44. Ron Paul's New Book goes from #400 to #52 in a Few Hours
  45. -----------------------> Ron Paul Book Bomb! <-----------------------
  46. Barry Goldwater, Jr. on The Revolution: A Manifesto
  47. Excerpt Of The Revolution: A Manifesto Now Up At Amazon!!
  48. The Library Revolution: A Manifesto--->who's in???
  49. Ron's Manifesto: It's Time for a Revolution!
  50. Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul's New Manifesto for Revolution
  51. 30 Days until Ron Paul gets to Pimp his Manifesto...
  52. More Excerpts From Dr. Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto
  53. Dr. Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto...use it as your best tool!
  54. the manifesto will soon be out
  55. question about when I get RP's book
  56. The Revolution: A Manifesto
  57. Ron Paul: The Revolution, a Manifesto
  58. Update on The Revolution: A Manifesto
  59. Do you plan on donating RP's book to a library?
  60. Ron Paul : A Manifesto
  61. Ron Paul Book Singing April 14th
  62. RP's 'The Revolution: A Manifesto'
  63. Ron Paul's book now shipping???
  64. The Revolution: A Manifesto now shipping from Barnes & Noble!
  65. The Revolution: a Manifesto on e-bay
  66. I bet I'll have the book by tomorrow! :D
  67. Send "The Revolution: A Manifesto" to all national convention delegates
  68. Amazon now shipping The Book
  69. I am finally holding the book in my hands! :D
  70. Win a signed copy of "Revolution - A Manifesto" - online trivia quiz
  71. Just got the book...
  72. The Revolution: A Manifesto (Audio Book) Just shipped!!! Go amazon!!
  73. Ron Paul Revolution a Manifesto : Reading list?
  74. The Revolution: A Manifesto now $12.60 on Amazon!
  75. The Revolution: A Manifesto -- "Ron Paul has written a masterpiece"
  76. new video for the manifesto.
  77. The Revolution: A Manifesto $3.57 + shipping after GCO
  78. THE REVOLUTION: A MANIFESTO now 51 on Amazon Bestseller list! Get your copy today!
  79. Manifesto comparison
  80. DIGG: Ron Paul's New Book!
  81. Revolution: A Manifesto #20 on amazon.com and CLIMBING
  82. WOOT!!! Got my copy of "The Revolution - A Manifesto" today.
  83. Ron Paul's new book
  84. Why isn't Ron's book in his own store?
  85. "The Revolution: A Manifesto" Grassroots Book Distribution Project
  86. Ron Paul Book Signing (NYC) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  87. is there a PDF of the manifesto?
  88. BOOK BOMB, MANIFESTO,spread it everywhere
  89. Ask your local libraries to purchase *The Revolution: A Manifesto*
  90. Donate a Manifesto to your library!
  91. I know people are donating the Manifesto to libraries and such but what about...
  92. THE REVOLUTION: A MANIFESTO now $11.55 on Amazon!
  93. The Manifesto Will Become A New York Times Bestseller!
  94. Ron Paul Book A Bestseller At Amazon
  95. Ron's new video on "The Revolution: A Manifesto"
  96. Digg the link to Ron Paul's book on Amazon at almost 50% off
  97. Digg: The Revolution: A Manifesto Hits #1 on Amazon
  98. Digg Asap #1 Amazon , Ron Paul The Revolution A Manifesto
  99. Please "Reddit": Ron Paul's Book "The Revolution: A Manifesto" Hits #1 on Amazon
  100. Gigantic Digg! Revolution a Manifesto NUMBER 7 on NY Times Best Seller List!
  101. Digg please! The Revolution: A Manifesto is now on New York Times Bestseller List!
  102. The Revolution: A Manifesto Audio Book
  104. The Revolution: A Manifesto will debut at #7 on the NYT Bestsellers list on May 11
  105. #9 ON BN Barnes&Nobles,BOOK BOMB,link for BN
  106. Ron Paul's book #1 is on THE FRONT PAGE OF DRUDGE!
  108. Cnn ,just Gave Ron Paul Props On Book Amazon #1
  109. Revolution the Manifesto Sold Out at WalMart.com
  110. The Revolution: A Manifesto Also a Wall Street Journal Bestseller
  111. How many copies of The Revolution: A Manifesto have you purchased or ordered?
  112. Red State Blogger receives copy of "Revolution - A Manifesto"
  113. BUY REVOLUTION: MANIFESTO for Delegates!!! Send in mail as Gift!
  114. (YouTube) The Revolution: The Manifesto - The Unboxing!
  115. Send the Manifesto to ALL congress and senate?
  116. Ron Paul's book down to #2 on Amazon
  117. The Revolution: A Manifesto - ships 7-10 weeks? Bit odd?
  118. The Manifesto DROPS to #2 on Amazon
  119. Revolution: a Manifesto sold out on Amazon. Buy from barnesandnoble.com
  120. The Revolution: A Manifesto Sells Out
  121. Ron Paul said in book he doesn't agree with Ayn Rand philosophically
  122. Manifesto #9 at Buy.com and sold out
  123. Ron Paulís Manifesto Manifests Uncompromising Liberty (Digg it)
  124. Guys, how much will all this "Buy the Manifesto for..." cost?
  125. Manifesto still in stock at BooksAMillion.com
  126. Digg: Mailing List For A Manifesto
  127. Ron Paul Book Signing San Diego May 23rd
  128. i left my book at work......
  129. The Revolution: A Manifesto #1 on NYT Bestseller List (as of May 18)
  130. The Manifesto - and "adopt a patriot". Read.
  131. How much does Paul profit from his book?
  132. Manifesto for Mother's Day!
  133. Where's all the Book Interviews?
  134. J.H. Huebert: Ron Paul's manifesto against 'false choice'
  135. The Revolution: a Manifesto - Poli-book bestseller
  136. Awesome, Excellent, Inspiring Review of Ron Paul's Manifesto:
  137. Everyone buy the book
  138. Best Quotes From The Revolution Manifesto
  139. Action Alert, B&N FRAUD against Manifesto
  140. The Manifesto in stock @ Amazon on JULY 16 2008... WHAT???
  141. Where to buy The Revolution: A Manifesto
  142. Current reprint plans for Revolution - The Manifesto
  143. In the Manifesto
  144. "Manifesto" being blackballed?
  145. Another Mind Changed by THE BOOK
  146. Big Name Book Reviews for the Manifesto
  147. How do we get The Manifesto into the drawers in every hotel?
  148. [Digg it! - upcoming] Revolutionary Ideas: The Revolution, A Manifesto
  149. The Revolution: A Manifesto--available to read on line?
  150. C-SPAN: Ron Paul to discuss "The Revolution: A Manifesto" on C-SPAN's "Book TV"
  151. C-SPAN: Ron Paul to discuss "The Revolution: A Manifesto" on C-SPAN's "Book TV"
  152. Order 'The Manifesto' for $11.55 with free two-day shipping!
  153. 'The Manifesto' in VFWs and VA hospitals???
  154. When sending 'The Manifesto' to delegates...
  155. Wal-Mart selling the Manifesto for 11.03---lowest price to date
  156. Parts of the Manifesto that Make you Mad
  157. Great video about the "The Revolution: A Manifesto" !!!!!!!!!!
  158. Wikipedia on The Revolution: A Manifesto needs work
  159. The Revolution: A Manifesto #7 on the NYT Best-Sellers List
  160. The Revolution: A Manifesto
  161. Problems with "The Revolution..A Manifesto"
  162. Put Ron Paul's book in every NH library
  163. I got a copy of the book on my way to vacation
  164. Sales numbers.
  165. The Revolution: A Manifesto - Good Review on HomelandStupidity.us
  166. Regarding the Revolution, the Manifesto...
  167. "i'm reading your book. it has me questioning my democratic leanings"
  168. Facebook review of Manifesto. Very infuriating!
  169. Has Obama read the Manifesto?
  170. Tired of buying "The Revolution: A Manifesto"...and sending to others
  171. Please tell me your views on this
  172. Lowest Price Ever for The Revolution: A Manifesto -- 50% off at Buy.com
  173. Don't Forget About This Book That Ron Paul Endorsed Also
  174. Number 8, NYT. Number 26 amazon.
  175. Ron Paul Revolution in the Onion
  176. Please make a sticky for any errors found in The Manifesto!
  177. Who should I give a copy of the book to?
  178. The Revolution: A Manifesto on the June 22 NYT bestseller list
  179. What is the wake up success rate of The Revolution?
  180. EVERYBODY NEEDS to Purchase another Manifesto NOW!!!
  181. Sending books to delegates...
  182. No longer carry Manifesto at local Borders
  183. Best price ever: The Revolution: A Manifesto for only $9.86, free shipping
  184. The Revolution: A Manifesto at #13 on June 29 NYT list
  185. My 72 year old grandma loves the book!
  186. Displaying your Copy
  187. Has anyone noticed if any corrections have been made to later editions?
  188. Revolution Manifesto #58 Obama's Audacity of Hope #33
  189. "The Revolution: A Manifesto": Book, CD, T-Shirts and more...In Stock Now!
  190. Wash. Times Good Review of The Manifesto
  191. "The Revolution: A Manifesto" :: Independence Day SP
  192. Ron Paulís Top 5 Political Book ó But No Review
  193. Post Manifesto Success Stories Here!
  194. Wonderful, Wonderful
  195. We Should Have....
  196. Thoughts on Manifesto...
  197. distribution effects of inflation aka "canteon (sp) effects"
  198. I THink Somebody At NPR Read It...
  199. But What Do We Do?
  200. Ron Paul - A Life of Ideas
  201. Comparing Mises to Keynes.