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  1. Obama Youth Video Teacher Suspended
  2. The Obama National Anthem
  3. If Obama reinstates the draft, will it/should it include women?
  4. Obama to Nationalize 401(k) Plans [AOL News]
  5. Obama Says CONSTITUTION Deep Flaw Continues Today
  6. Gun sales on rise in FL from fear of an Obama presidency
  7. An Open Letter to Barack Obama
  8. Will people start to hide their income even more now from Obama?
  9. Nader: "Will Obama be Uncle Sam or Uncle Tom"?
  10. Bush praises Obama and says he will happily transition
  11. ACORN/OBAMA - Exit Visas?
  12. Obama Setting Up Communications Portal With Constituents
  13. Stock Market Tanking; Is there a connection to Obama Win?
  14. Biden was right. Russia ready to test Obama. Nucks moved to European boarder
  15. VIDEO: An Open Letter to President Elect Obama (From one of the Ron Paul twins)
  16. hotel owner hikes up rent in anticipation of taxes on rich, haha obama supporters
  17. Obama already putting in more CFR, Israeli Intellience,Mossad Agents into his Cabinet
  18. Obama picks an Israeli army vet as Chief of Staff
  19. Spread This Video To Obama Supporters
  20. Civil Liberties Under Obama? Judge Andrew Napolitano's Take
  21. Will Obama pick JOHN KERRY for Sec' of State?
  22. Chris Matthews: My 'Job' is to Make Obama Presidency a Success
  23. F--- Obama! He could keep his "change" to himself!
  24. Obama launches CHANGE.GOV
  25. New lows in journalism. Today's USA Today goes over the top in its Obama Mania.
  26. Digg: Obama Will Require Community Service
  27. Obama picks Harvard Law School buddy to help transistion
  28. Excellent Briefing on Opposing Obama Fascism
  29. Obama's CHANGE.GOV service plan
  30. Obama calls for slavery
  31. Poll: How long till Obama's first war?
  32. Obama Agenda: FAITH
  33. Communist flag in Obama celebration on election day!!!! (video)
  34. Obama will lead the slaves into their cells
  35. Obama's Change.gov site
  36. My email to Change.gov
  37. Obama Creates: ***Office of "President Elect"***
  38. Obama campaign workers upset over being unpaid, then shortchanged
  39. Who do YOU think Obama will pick? Who SHOULD he pick? Why?
  40. List of Obama Cabinet Possibilities
  41. Obama has never been more correct...
  42. Obama Watch Posting Guidelines - Post ad hominem's in Hot Topics
  43. Obama-mania Is Putting Americans To Sleep
  44. Obama already changing his website when he is called out
  45. Obama's Chief Of Staff - Rahm Israel Emanuel - Is a Member Of Israeli Defense Forces
  46. Should education be our main force against the Obama machine?
  47. Our first (Digg) expereince with the Obama sheeple after election
  48. Obama No Longer Requires Service...Just a Goal Now.
  49. Is rahm emanuel a security risk?
  50. Barky's First Choices
  51. Obama supports no child left behind
  52. Gun owners
  53. Obama-Biden Transition Project
  54. Iraq Forever
  55. Obama to try and permanently ban assault weapons (from his site)
  56. Fears of Democrat crackdown lead to gun sales boom
  57. Gordon Brown: Pledges to work with Obama to create New World Order
  58. Rahm's PLAN if more than 3 months!!!
  59. a REAL GOOD history lesson!
  60. Gun Sales Increase After Obama Victory
  61. The Case Against Barack Obama: History of Radicalism
  62. Obama Speech - Teleprompter Goes Out
  63. No Child Left Behind
  64. Obama Requires Community Service and Removes his Agenda from Website After Scrutiny.
  65. Obama- Excessive Use of Executive Orders
  66. Obama- what unfavorable things has he done SINCE winning?
  67. Critique Obama and sway some neocons in the process: Join Facebook group
  68. Barack Obama is not the boss of me!!
  69. Papers please on Buses and Subways?
  70. Aliens for Obama!
  71. Facebook group in need of Obama news watch posters
  72. URGENT DIGG: News Column Blames NeoCons for Obama, Praises Ron Paul
  73. Obama considers Larry Summers for Treasury Secretary - Neocons are in Obama's House
  74. DIGG!!! Obama Removes Agenda!
  75. Obama HISTORIC moment!!!
  76. Change We Need! - Obama Planning a Surprise Tax Hike
  77. Funny: Must See - DNC In Debt From Obama Campaign, Obama Asks Supporters to Bailout
  78. DIGG!!! ********** Ron Paul is "hopeful" about Obama Administration *********
  79. one good thing about obama
  80. "Guns and God" by Devvy Kidd
  81. Paul Broun warns of Obama dictatorship
  82. barky info + LOTS MORE!!! LISTEN..for just 1 week!!
  83. Video of Pro-Obama Teacher Belittling her Pro-McCain Student
  84. WSJ: Obama Won't Radically Overhaul Bush Intelligence Policy - PuffHo
  85. Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship
  86. t's time to put our differences aside and support Obama!
  87. Let's make a short n sweet comprehensive list of Obama's sellout actions
  88. SS picks Obama family codenames
  89. Obama forum is like a cult
  90. obama cabinet
  91. Obama's campaign manager now requesting Obama supporters to pay for DNC campaign debt
  92. "Yes We Can . . . Ban Guns"
  93. Short Rahm Emanuel interview RE mandatory service
  94. Obama Information Motherlode
  95. The Men Behind Barack Obama
  96. The Obama Revolution?
  97. Obama To Vacate His (seldom used) Senate Seat
  98. What Obama supporters are now doing
  99. All Truth in a Photo - AMAZING IMAGE!!!
  100. Hillary Hillary Clinton Likely to Be Chosen as Sec. of State
  101. Taliban to CNN: Obama Offers Little Change For Afghanistan/Pakistan
  102. Ralph Schoenman LAYS IT OUT on Obama *** MP3 MUST LISTEN ***
  103. Video: Your Weekly Address from Obama - "new spirit of service & sacrifice"
  104. Emanuel Used Political Connections to Leverage Personal Wealth
  105. Obama: "No lobbyists in my staff (We'll just put them on Biden's)"
  106. Obama Flips On Israel
  107. What you have to go throught to work in the Obama administration.
  108. The War Party is Alive and Well - antiwar.com
  109. What Obama will do to the Constitution
  110. Barackbar
  111. Barack Obama on 60 Minutes (full episode)
  112. were g.w bush to be impeached before january 20th...
  113. "The United States only has one government and one President at a time" - Obama
  114. "We shouldn't worry about the deficit next year or even the year after." --Obama
  115. Video: How Obama Got Elected
  116. Obama victory: A Kenyan perspective
  117. full page ad on Berg vs obama
  118. the internet = rEVOLUTIOn = change as the G.O.P = massive phone banks = technophobia
  119. "Masked Jackal" from Coroner's "Punishment for Decadence" (1988)
  120. Now Alan Keyes sues for proof of Obama citizenship
  121. Obama's Attorney General on Drugs - Reason
  122. More Bad News - Obama's AG Pick is a Gun Grabber
  123. Mor(e)on AG Holder - Reason Foundation "Civilian Libertarians Should Shudder"
  124. Looks like Barry Soetoro is maintaining our 16 yr tradition of Congenital Liars...
  125. Zionist Pritzer picked as Commerce sec
  126. Obama picks Daschle, Napolitano for Cabinet posts
  127. Obama Picks Penny "Subprime Mortgage Queen" Pritzker for Commerce
  128. Wah! waah! Obama's looking hawkish!
  129. Supreme Court to hold "conference" over Obama birth
  130. Pritzker Turns Down Commerce - Fears Vetting
  131. Quick Act Fast... This is your chance to Own a piece of Obama, forever!!!
  132. Odds on Obama passing constitutional muster??
  133. Goolsbee out at CEA? - McArdle Economics Takes Backseat for "Diversity"
  134. biden*timepiece 2012*thread
  135. Clinton Is Said to Accept Offer of Secretary of State Position - NYT
  136. Internet free speech regulation?
  137. Obama to appoint New York Federal Reserve President to Treasury Secretary job
  138. Zionist Timothy Geithner Treas. sec
  139. Constitution is protected! Now what??
  140. James L Jones ???
  141. Obama: Freedom of Choice Act (Abortion)
  142. This Is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House
  143. Nader: Changing With Retreads ~ The Third Clinton Administration
  144. Eric Holder - Neocon
  145. Is Hillary Constitutionally Ineligible To Be Sec Of State?
  146. Obama Is Going To Jolt The Economy
  147. Lewinsky to get job in Obama administration?!
  148. Something Is Happening Of Historic Proportions
  149. Hussein B.O's Raw Deal
  150. Obama Cabinet Picks: A Who’s Who of Establishment Insiders
  151. Kimmel explores Obama jokes (video)
  152. My Obama support thread
  153. Obama cutting budget spending line by line?
  154. Alert: Obama selects Cecilia Munoz "La RAZA NAZI" to post: Intergovernmental Affairs
  155. CT has now submitted against SOS --it's catching on!!
  156. Obama's Wall Street Woes
  157. Noam Chomsky calls out Obama
  158. Reuters: Obama choice dims hopes in Middle East for change
  159. Did Soetoro/Obama make the deadline?
  160. Confirmed by scotus: Donofrio v. Wells was distributed for conference of december 5,
  161. plainsradio ---a MUST listen guys!!
  162. To Obama:
  163. Scotus ***important info*********
  164. Obama: "We can't just keep printing money." 12/2/08
  165. Obama Ring
  166. Chicago Tribune: Text size: increase text sizedecrease text size "Pathological" medi
  167. Tubesteak Exposes Obama
  168. Obama's VP Biden supports soldiers ability to arrest civilians
  169. Who Will Obama Name As the New CIA Director?
  170. St. Louis to rename street after Barack Obama.
  171. so when is the review today at the supreme court
  172. Some Obama Supporters Weary - Tying String Around Their Fingers
  173. Hussein B.O. - School choice for me, but not for thee!
  174. What happened in the Supreme Court Today?
  175. Bill Richardson On Video "Obama Is An Immigrant!! Just WOW.
  176. Our Kennedy Watch thread...
  177. Our first female POTUS?
  178. sarah, hillary, caroline, moi or elizabeth dole...
  179. O=W
  180. Hussein B.O. Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale
  181. Obama's idiotic homeowner bailouts anger taxpayers
  182. Obama: Economy worse before better - big ol stimulus coming
  183. Obama BORN IN KENYA Confirmed by Kenyan Ambassador!
  184. "What Change?" by Dr. Chuck Baldwin
  185. Update on Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuits
  186. Another Clintonian: Carol Browner ex-EPA head Set to Be Obama’s Energy Coordinator
  187. Obama Picks Nobel Winner As Energy Secretary
  188. Join the Resistance! Help Oppose The ObamaNation...
  189. Open for question on Change.gov
  190. Change.Org (Vote to lower the drinking age)
  191. Fascinating press conference -- Obama's birthplace
  192. Can you say "prep work"? article by Herlihy
  193. Supreme Court refuses 2nd challenge to eligibility
  194. Grand Jury Probes Richardson Donor’s New Mexico Financing Fee - Bloomberg
  195. JBS: Berg v. Obama v. Reality
  196. What are "green" jobs?
  197. AOL poll - Merit to Obama birth controversy? 49% Yes, 45% No
  198. "Republicans are loving Obama's appointments" (Democrats sick to their stomachs)
  199. Obama the closet Republican?
  200. 3 More Clintonians, Obama's CHANGE: 3 Ex Clinton Staffers to Senior Financial Posts
  201. Gay leaders furious with Obama
  202. Berg vs Obama
  203. Obama/Soetoro/Sutoro/Dunham Law license in Illinois challenged..
  204. Ann Dunham's SS# lives 11 years longer than she does..
  205. concern on digital forging of obama birth certificate
  206. 'The World According to Monsanto' (Very disturbing if at all true.)
  207. Rice: Obama to follow Bush foreign policy
  208. Is ObamaForgery.com intercepted?
  209. Al Franken... or Gov. Coleman? --- they still are recounting!
  210. an al franken watch?
  211. Are you military or former military? Sign up as a plaintiff!
  212. Berg distributed in SCOTUS
  213. 2 More Clintonians, Obama's CHANGE: 2 Ex Clinton Aides to Senior State Posts
  214. Summary: Obama is ineligible to be President
  215. Pravda''s take on Usurper elect...
  216. How to Report an Illegal alien- Obama
  217. Back me up here, people!
  218. NEW Berg case...
  219. Obama And That Other Ponzi Scheme - Smoking Gun
  220. A few statistics
  221. Video explaining "natural born citizen"
  222. AOL Poll Proves Americans Are Concerned About Obama's Citizenship
  223. Obama Transition Website: "Recovery from autism is neither possible, nor desirable"
  224. Globe Front page Berg vs Obama
  225. Bloomberg: Obama Says U.S. Must Act Swiftly to Address Economy
  226. Orly Taitz Is a FOX :)
  227. Emanuel/Blagojevich call transcript -- very intense!
  228. Wall Street Journal: Obama Eyes $300 Billion Tax Cut
  229. Obama Eligibility Case Finds 'Standing'?
  230. Has Obama been involved in murder?
  231. Scoffers, Obama Shills, Trolls, and Fake RP Supporters: You're the Minority!
  232. Obama And That Other Ponzi Scheme (Hsu) - Smoking Gun
  233. Barack Obama: The Naked Emperor (FRAUD)
  234. Obama wants $500 tax cut for most workers
  235. leon panetta to head commerce?
  236. Change You Can't Believe In: Obama Appoints Former Clinton Staffer as CIA Director
  237. More Change! New head of WH legal counsel is...
  238. Urgent – Write Letters to Supreme Court Justices
  239. Need Help...
  240. Not a word on Gaza, but "Obama pledges to tackle government spending"
  241. "Obama has broken his silence on Gaza"
  242. amazing questions on obama birth certificate video 1 and 2
  243. So Obama is going to save jobs by computerizing
  244. im so tired of fear tactics - RE obama's speech today
  245. No one Challenged Barack Obama’s certification
  246. if you have heard one Obama speech, you heard them all.
  247. Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis - American Thinker (9/28/08)
  248. Obama's Connections/Ties To Israel
  249. A Written Case Against Universal Service (Part 1)
  250. the illinois legislature just voted almost unanimously to impeach the governor...