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  1. If you're not ready to write-in Paul's name on election day . . .
  2. Your biggest fears about an Obama Presidency?
  3. Presidential Candidates' Positions - Graphed on the Nolan Chart!
  4. I waited 5 hours to vote for Ron Paul today!
  5. Excellent Video On Voting
  6. Voting For McCain
  7. Poll: How many of you would've voted McCain if he opposed the bailout completely?
  8. Want to Know Who "Willie the Drywall Guy" is Voting For?
  9. If Obama and McCain are on a donkey at the edge of a cliff:
  10. I invite you to Election night party in Columbus, Ohio!
  11. McClintock ahead in the polls
  12. Wayne Allen Root
  13. The Morning After...
  14. BTW: I'm Voting For McCain/Palin 08
  15. McCain Has His Own (Sort-of) "Snubgate" with 'Joe the Plumber'
  16. I wish Ron Paul was on the ticket in Arizona
  17. Obama supporter thinks they wont need to pay for gas or their home (youtube)
  18. Which states will McCain electors be sued due to his ineligibility ?
  19. I have changed my mind also, Obama must be defeated.
  20. Is barr on the ballot in new york state
  21. In Honor of Election Day
  22. jeff beatty just had a robo-dialer ring up my household!
  23. A crushing defeat for GOP should be welcomed by Libertarians
  24. Why Tuesday???
  25. Vote for a REAL Libertarian
  26. Reasons to vote for Obama
  27. I am voting for....
  28. Final poll analyses
  29. Voting for McCain!
  30. Liberty traitor Dondero shows his true colors.
  31. Lawson - Early voing numbers
  32. Barr Asks For Your Vote in New Youtube Video
  33. Follow the Races!
  34. Why this privacy advocate supports Barr
  35. Should I vote for Barr or Nader tomorrow?
  36. Less liked pres candidates
  37. Anyone Who Votes For McCain in Illinois is Not a Smart Voter
  38. LA TIMES: Democrats Worry That New "Conservative" Members Wont Follow Party Line
  39. Please dont help obama!
  40. The Importance of Tomorrow’s Election: We Can't Lose
  41. Electronic voting problems, already!
  42. Former Ron Paul Senior Aide: Libertarians Must Back McCain/Palin
  43. Free Cup of Coffee And A Donut Tomorrow for Voting!
  44. McShame question
  45. What are you most looking forward to in an Obama presidency?
  46. Im writing in Ron Paul
  47. Who did you vote for?
  48. If you vote for McCain THIS is what you represent!
  49. Congressman Ron Paul (TX) to discuss Berg v. Obama on Lan Lamphere - 10:00PM EST
  50. Obama's grandmother dies hours before election!
  51. Good luck to all the rp candidates
  52. Twas The Night Before The Election
  53. this election will be decided
  54. this election will be decided
  55. Hot headed, Need some level headed advice
  56. "If you dont vote for Obama you dont deserve to live in America"
  57. Would Palin sink McCain ship?
  58. Who's Going to Win the 2008 Presidential Election?
  59. Election day/show your colors,make a statement
  60. Can one legally record their voting experience?
  61. Obama Flips off McCain
  62. If the GOP loses this election...
  63. Please California dump Pelosi
  64. Dumb jocks raise 15 million for communist Obama
  65. lady liberty is gonna get raped and we can't do squat about it
  66. Barr and Nader at 1%
  67. Michael Badnarik and the "Wasted Vote"
  68. My Prediction for Tomorrow
  69. We should all vote Republican everytime because:
  70. Looking for some help regarding voting tomorrow
  71. Horray for Jeff!
  72. Vote totals so far 32 Obama, 16 McCain, 2 RON PAUL!!
  73. Ron Paul gets two votes in nation's earliest vote
  74. So I'm sitting here watching Ron Paul youtube vidoes.
  75. Obama (Muslim or Christian...?!)
  76. Nov. 4 The Election Day Thread
  77. Hart's Location: Two Votes for Ron Paul!
  78. so who is going to vote today?
  79. ok...i voted for obama and so did my husband
  80. Vote as if it is your last opportunity, ever....
  81. Think TWICE before voting for Obama.
  82. I'm such a shill that I voted for both Obama AND McCain TEN TIMES and you should too!
  83. I will NOT VOTE for Obama nor McCain because...
  84. Traitors
  85. Shame on ANYONE who helps OBAMA
  86. Nobama noway
  87. What a sick, depraved ritual....
  88. Utter Bullsh-t
  89. What will an Obama Presidency Look Like?
  90. Why people should not vote republican
  91. Effect of Write-ins
  92. Should McCain win then....
  93. Dixville Notch, NH....TWO write-ins for RON PAUL out of about 30 votes!
  94. MY GOD...Did anyone listen to Michael Savage last night????
  95. Obama or McCain - Either way we all lose!
  96. The ONLY great thing to celebrate tonight - Bob Barr's campaign failing!
  97. I couldn't bring myself to vote third party this election...
  98. Good grief people
  99. Street Intel Reports: What is happening at the polls - post here
  100. Anyone going to protest McCain's hotel here in AZ?
  101. So who'd you vote for today?
  102. Ron Paul gets 7% in NH early voting!!!
  103. Anyone going to wear orange today?
  104. Voted for Chuck Baldwin.
  105. Voted for Paul
  106. The Other races
  107. I just cast my write in vote for Ron Paul
  108. Ron Paul 2008 /b/
  109. So far the news is reporting ron paul write in votes in NH
  110. It took all my will power NOT to write in Ron Paul
  111. A Ray of Sunshine on a Dark Day - Ron Paul Re-elected!
  112. Help! In Louisiana, struggling to decide
  113. No Matter Who Wins an Election, You Still Lose
  114. Is the weather a factor in voting this year?
  115. Why the traiters need no sympathy or understanding.
  116. Do we even acknowledge the results of who wins?
  117. To those who voted for McBama, and those who are trashing them
  118. Do u just type in Ron Paul?
  119. It's election day can ron paul still be president
  120. 13-year old caught next to Obama VOTING!
  121. Election Day Confession Thread
  122. I'm about to write-in paul!
  123. My sister and husband voted Chuck Baldwin!
  124. Official 2008 Election Results Thread
  125. Just got 4 3rd party votes
  126. 3rd Party Ballots All Screwed Up
  127. Price expected to win another term
  128. Voting Issues....
  129. Let's get ready to FIGHT!
  130. Thread to Put all of Obama's Lies and Bad Policies
  131. For you all on this day
  132. The Obama / McCain NO Bashing Sanctury.
  133. Voting in the USA is EASY!!!
  134. I just voted
  135. Exit poll report says baldwin winning in 3 pa counties [ha, ha]
  136. LIVE ELECTION COVERAGE - special guests - Chuck Baldwin - Darrell Castle - Bob Conley
  137. Voter Intimidation in Philly
  138. Woot obama
  139. Important Question, Guys
  140. mccain concedes by mid-nite... odds are
  141. so i almost got in a fight
  142. I feel dirty today!
  143. "Obama's wars"
  144. Today I Voted For The Man Ron Paul WIll Vote For
  145. Famous or Not So Famous Callers For Your Vote
  146. I just voted for Ron Paul!
  147. Voting Today: One's Conscience, One's Duty... and a difficult decision in my life.
  148. So what time is voting over?
  149. Professor Resigns After Admitting Theft of McCain Yard Signs
  150. Isn't it funny to see all the sheep running around?
  151. Black Panther Thuggery - Here is The Whizbango Clowns Supporters Tactics
  152. Chaos and War Face US After Election
  153. Third party candidates not reported! Call cnn!
  154. Third Party Predictions
  155. Predicting 3% for Baldwin
  156. For all those who voted for Obama/McCain... Sam Adams has a few words for you.
  157. Vote or stay at home today
  158. Protest votes?
  159. How can I vote? Not registered in this state...
  160. The Idiocy of Standing in Line to Vote
  161. The McCain concession poll
  162. RP Candidates?
  163. -----====== ron paul!!!!!!!!!!!! ======-----
  164. Ron Paul write-in OPTION
  165. Black Panthers intimidate voters in Philadelphia
  166. Update from polling place
  167. Celebrities say DON'T VOTE!
  168. I'm going out to vote in a few min
  169. Just voted for Baldwin....!
  170. Secret billionaire plans to rig vote so RON PAUL WINS!
  171. The New Resident and Demander In Thief of The Blight House?
  172. It disheartens me...
  173. Sex Clubs, Cyborgs, and Obama.
  174. I was blessed today
  175. An Election day story, and Early New Jersey poll results
  176. Who is Eddie Bravo voting for?
  177. Maybe Ron Paul should have run Independent?
  178. Youtube: Black Panthers Intimidating Voters in Philly, Please Spread
  179. Interesting website poll results
  180. Local Radio host just read my emails on the air
  181. Torchbearer - This thread's for You!
  182. Guilt Free...
  183. The Obama Mural in L5P Atlanta
  184. The future of this Country...
  185. Thank You For Voting - Now Please Go Home, Go to Work Tomorrow and Shut Up
  186. Sheehan Campaign Volunteers Arrested and Harassed at San Francisco Polling Sites
  187. To those who betrayed the movement today
  188. Are write-in *ballots* not counted, or just votes?
  189. Why you shouldn't vote for McCain
  190. Ladyjade Liveblogging Election night
  191. Tim Duncan writes-in Ron Paul *satire*
  192. Stamps for write-ins?
  193. Great story relating to white guilt and the Obama phenomenom
  194. Breaking up with my GF over election (and general hopelessness)
  195. Evolution of Presidential Elections??
  196. made my day.
  197. I voted for Bob Barr! WHOOOOO!
  198. It Finally Hit Me.....
  199. Official Thread! Report Voting problems videos, stories, links, news
  200. Pics from voting today
  201. I feel CLEAN today.
  202. I have beers and popcorn. Watching the victory riots in Chicago
  203. CNN Exit Poll: 72% of new voters for Obama
  204. the vote (vid)
  205. wooohooo! Pulled 3 votes from Obama
  206. Glitches and hoaxes as US votes
  207. Real election result reporting
  208. A state of permanent preparedness for impeachment
  209. The Insanity of Mass Democracy (article)
  210. Local FOX News - Should the Constitution Be Rewritten?
  211. Indiana: Barr at 1-2% in counties reporting
  212. Video from CNNBC: "Obama's Loss Traced To Jesus Christ"
  213. CNN Posting McCain's Top Numbers To Make It Look Like a Tight Race.
  214. Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama
  215. Anyone know how Lawson is doing?
  216. ABC puts checkmark next to Graham's name
  217. How is Vermont called for Obama when every site shows 0% reporting
  218. Will both Barr and Baldwin break records for their parties?
  219. Popular Vote Count for all Candidates!!!
  220. Lawson Results
  221. Neo-con Mitch McConnell going down
  222. Which liberty candidates should we be watching?
  223. Change? We'll Show you Change!
  224. My "Wasted" Vote
  225. Lew for pres?
  226. DemocracyNow! Live Election Coverage
  227. holy turd
  228. The Traitors in our Midst - Those who voted for McCain, Obama, or Barr!
  229. Rockefeller Wins
  230. Florida
  231. Barr in Georgia
  232. Election Fervor
  233. f___ the haters
  234. What is the best site for voting results?
  235. Lawson losing 76% to 24%
  236. Torch will like this guy~!!Obama Supporters..Suck This Wind and CROAK
  237. Last two CSPAN callers forced to use Provisional Ballots
  238. Early Projection in 11 States :(
  239. Conley 52% of the Vote in South Carolina
  240. People can vote twice in Florida
  241. LMAO! 0% precints reporting, CNN prejocting the winners.
  242. It's Not over yet guys!
  243. who is stevens?? florida
  244. Elizabeth Dole beaten
  245. County by county
  246. 3rd Party votes?
  247. Third Party Total Votes
  248. When Obama wins...
  249. The crying at freerepublic puts a big effing smile on my face =D
  250. Robert Owens Loses