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  1. LFOD My A$$ - N.H. to Obama
  2. Comparing the Democrats of today with Republicans of 1994
  3. Murray Sabrin's and Amit Singh's primary opponents destroyed in general
  4. Pennsylvania goes to Obama, election is over
  5. Obama/McCain voters, I offer you an ancient Eastern therapy for your conscience.
  6. Ron Paul Wins House Seat
  7. Michigan. Vote Fraud? Evictions? McCain President?
  8. Anyone else feel like crying?
  9. 76% Disapprove of Congress....
  10. repeal Mass income tax
  11. ~~ Write in GREEN on RPF! - November 5th - (click and participate) ~~
  12. Where can I find...
  13. I thought D.C. couldn't vote???
  14. Our boy Jason Scheurer-.6%, 2, 701 votes ( 11% reporting)
  15. Secession thread.
  16. Barr 99K, Baldwin 22K, Paul 123=121,000 Votes Total
  17. Ladyjade Rachel Live Blogging at BlogTV
  18. At least we get to see Obama sheep watch Obama fail
  19. Obama Landslide
  20. How is Landon Cook making out?
  21. Go Louisiana!
  22. Crushing defeat for GOP would make it great night
  23. Ron Paul 3rd in Louisiana
  24. Cato Tonight: Why we should be hopeful.
  25. Obama takes Ohio - Locks in Victory
  26. WOW, NBC just called the ELECTION for Obama
  27. Riots tonight/tomorrow, or just Celebration in the Streets?
  28. The Constitution protects us from Obama..
  29. Ron Paul Candidates Chances
  30. Mass - decriminalized marij, Mich - medican marji
  31. It's over folks!
  32. I dedicate this video to the Political System (Not a Rick Roll)
  33. Michigan -- Walberg is LOSING!
  34. John Murtha
  35. If There Is Any Good News....
  36. Eat it Republicans...DIE!!!
  37. GOP govenor on ABC
  38. All of the Liberty Candidates-Post results here please!!!
  39. Another question about electibility McCain: "Are you electable?"
  40. Will Obama take at least 50% of the popular vote?
  41. CNN.com's villainy
  42. No more Republican congressmen in New England
  43. 21 million wasted votes so far
  44. Boycott MSM News That Do Not Show 3rd party Results
  45. GO BOB!!! 10% SC reporting, Conley has 40%
  46. Workers of The World Unite! The socialist revolution has begun.
  47. Palin not only help sink McCain, she is finished
  48. Good News!
  49. What are you most looking forward to in a McCain presidency?
  50. Why I'm not depressed about the losses.
  51. Nothing Stands in the Way of the Democratic Party. Socialism is here tomorrow.
  52. John Kerry-last white Democratic nominee?
  53. America has come a long way by electing a black President...
  54. Montana Results are coming in....
  55. Louisiana Proud :)
  56. Ron Paul Montana Results
  57. Third Party Results
  58. This puts a huge nail in the libertarian party!
  59. Will.I.Am said he wants teachers to teach schoolchildren the Obama song!?!?
  60. i admit im not very religious but im praying for the US people for the next 4 years
  61. NC - senate, governor = Dem, pres = Rep
  62. Why is Ron Paul's TX District 14 reporting 0%???
  63. David Gergen says something scary
  64. President obama!
  65. Obama has been declared next President of United States
  66. Obama declared president by CNN
  67. Its Official
  68. Um... Is Obama going out on that stage in front of that crowd?
  69. kenya!!@
  70. Love Nevada's 0.6% for candidate "NONE OF THESE"
  71. CNN calling it for Obama..
  72. RP at 2% in Montana
  73. "Proud of her democracy"
  74. This is surreal...Al Franken to be a U.S. Senator?
  75. Proud to vote for Ron Paul
  76. the real election isn't until Dec 15 (eom)
  77. Karl Rove: "Every American ought to celebrate tonight"
  78. The 'F- you Frank' thread
  79. Why the GOP lost
  80. LOL Did I just hear someone yell YEH RON PAUL during McCain's concession speach?
  81. Did ANY liberty candidates win?
  82. Obama should appoint Joe the Plumber in charge
  83. Stock markets rallying big time
  84. Хвала и слава нашему благородному спасит
  85. Bush War Crimes
  86. What happen's to Obama's and Biden's Seats?
  87. Down in the dumps right now?
  88. Jim DeMint: 'I am a little bit angry'
  89. One small ray of light
  90. Roosevelt County, Montana -- WOW!!!
  91. black people on my facebook and their statuses about obama winning
  92. Thank you BJ
  93. Paul 0% reporting?
  94. The next step for us is....
  95. To Thunderous Applause
  96. RP grassroots turn to McClintock race in final hours
  97. A vote for concealed and carry was on my ballot in Illinois
  98. Chuck + Barr Barely Beats Nader
  99. Obama acceptance speech: Discuss
  100. Future direction?
  101. On the election and its impact on the GOP (there is hope!)
  102. TO: Dr Ron Paul
  103. McCain and the GOP stabbed us in the back, now Obama will stab us in the front
  104. What do Ron Paul and John McCain have in common?
  105. Ron Paul has more votes than McCain in Montana?
  106. The republicans are going to steal the election!
  107. "If you try to tear the world down, we will defeat you" - Obama
  108. The lesson we should take from this is
  109. Independence.
  110. At last...The government will take care of me...
  111. Senate Races
  112. I'm calling it: Obama brings McCain on board with his Administration...
  113. So this is how liberty dies...
  114. Barack Obama Will Save Our Country. Why?
  115. McClintock race now 50/50!!
  116. Wow, so pessimistic
  117. gold price
  118. Good source of info on which props passed / failed????
  119. Why are people so disappointed in the election results???
  120. Defriend liberal Obama lovers?
  121. GO BACK TO SLEEP! Everything OK
  122. mccain lost montana cause of paul
  123. So Obama wins - What does this mean for us?
  124. barr/paul cause mccain to lose 3 states
  125. So much for the Wall Street bailout angering folks and influencing their votes
  126. If Obama is half Black and half white....
  127. Dont get mad get organized
  128. CA Prop 8 To Pass? :( :( :( :( :(
  129. The Price Republicans Will Pay For Dumping Ron Paul
  130. Obama speech
  131. Site for ballot initiatives
  132. DC Popular Vote
  133. Ron Paul Blasts Both Candidates on CNN! 486 Diggs!
  134. Ron on CNN (11/4/2008)
  135. Obama, Nader, and McCain Action Figures. Very funny.
  136. University of New Hampshire
  137. 3 Races still up in the air
  138. the last message of my campain '08
  139. G.W. Bush's Last Grasp At Infamy
  140. Anyone could have won for the democrats
  141. McCain won both Montana AND Louisiana -- can't blame RP!
  142. Obama Victory Speech repudiates individualism
  143. Women's support proves key
  144. Congratulations Obama!!!
  145. Precinct totals wrong!
  146. Thought I had my mom convinced to vote Baldwin
  147. The battle against the individual
  148. Taps
  149. Military facebook status's
  150. 2008 campaign costliest in U.S. history
  151. How did Third Party Candidates do?
  152. Some interresting results in Arkansas...
  153. Stolen Votes (Literally) In California
  154. I voted Ron Paul as a write-in
  155. Subtracting the McCain votes that were actually anti-Obama votes, how did McCain do?
  156. At least McClintock won
  157. What are your thoughts on "coming together as a nation" these days?
  158. Celebrating an Obama victory
  159. So much for the internet helping to educate people
  160. Sarah Palin says Obama not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief
  161. Congressmen with 70% or better RP rating. Who lost, who won?
  162. Youre all racists!!!!!
  163. Obama beats McCain - Emote It!
  164. "Yes We Can"
  165. ok, can we move all these threads back to Central now?
  166. Write-ins not counted
  167. By the way, this wasn't a landslide.
  168. The election by county:
  169. If We're Still Talking About His Race, Did Obama Really Win?
  170. Questions surround missing ballot pages, scanner malfunctions
  171. Congratulations
  172. This election makes me want to join the GOP.
  173. "YEA, RON PAUL!" During McCains speach
  174. 2008 RPFs Election Results
  175. Share your 2008 election stories here
  176. Tell Tom McClintock to F himself!
  177. New t-shirt for a new President!
  178. How is Massachusetts this stupid?
  179. They are learning... but can they remember?
  180. Obama isn't for real change antiwar.com
  181. America is Racist for Electing a Black Man
  182. Obama's Chief of Staff
  183. Our Victories
  184. So what if the lawsuit shows Obama isn't natural born?
  185. Gopacalypse and the future of the right
  186. So What Happens Now?
  187. Post election analysis: Barr cost McCain two states
  188. Ralph Nader Speaks About an Obama presidency (Nov 5 08)
  189. McCain, McCain!
  190. Mass Votes Yes to Decriminalize Cannabis
  191. Liberty Candidate Costs Neocon Seat...
  192. Missouri State Rep (RP supporter) Jim Guest Re-elected!
  193. Obama appoints Israeli army man as White House COS
  194. what to watch for
  195. Problems comeing
  196. Did Afghan President Karzai just call current US administration "racist"?
  197. Saxyby Chambliss, Dean Martin, and Allen Buckley U.S. Senate Race
  198. Top Ten Things That Won't "Change" Under Obama
  199. How to really end racism
  200. McCain's judgment disastrous, Obama's horrible
  201. Ron paul interview 11.5.08
  202. POTUS Election 2008, popular vote arithmetic
  203. RPF Baldwin / Barr threads = 1,218, what a joke!
  204. How Much Trouble Might This Cause me ??
  205. Limbaugh Sticking Up For Palin
  206. Ron Paul Supporter gets 20% in Mayoral Race
  207. My Vote Didn't Count
  208. Obama Win Causes Obsessed Obama Bots To See How Empty Lives Are
  209. 92-year-old Ron Paul supporter comes in second in 4-way race for Mayor of Andover, MN
  210. Tihs made me laugh to no end, a must watch
  211. Treasury Dept. submits to Shariah law - any truth to this!?!
  212. call and gloat now! :)
  213. RP-endorsed candidate for Maine House in tight race, still undecided
  214. Ron Paul-Republican WINS race for Galveston County, TX Tax Assessor!
  215. Ron Paul Republican Wins State Senate Race, Eyeing Joe Biden's US Senate Seat
  216. Lonnie Cox, Ron Paul Republican, WINS race for District Judge
  217. A Little Humor Amongst All the Dreariness
  218. Ron Paul the prophet
  219. official election results
  220. Want to Feel A Bit Better About the Obama Victory?
  221. Rigged/Fixed 2008 election? Why?
  222. RP warned the GOP they were going down
  223. Palin: Dumber than we thought!
  224. Obamaphiles Singing Statist Anthem
  225. Obama Would Have Never Won Without Racism
  226. "Not My President" t-shirts are out!
  227. Voting is for Slaves
  228. National Voter Turnout in Federal Elections: 19602008
  229. Bob Barr makes McCain lose NC
  230. Its scary thats this is completely true
  231. When High Schoolers Vote...
  232. neocons lament :)
  233. OMG HARDBALL ! Propaganda
  234. Palin to Senate
  235. Stupidest Election 2008 Arguments
  236. Where will the Obama girls go to school?
  237. I think we might now be able to get the RNC behind the CFL movement
  238. what next?
  239. Bob Barr barely cracked Harry Browne's vote totals
  240. "Thank God McCain Lost"
  241. Typical Neocon Meeting
  242. McCain Gets RickRoll'd
  243. Obama Win Causes Obsessed Backers To See How Empty Lives Are
  244. Putting things in perspective
  245. whats comeing?
  246. A Sign of Things to Come?
  247. Huckabee the last candidate to drop out of the 2008 primary?
  248. Georgia Senate Runoff - GOP Worried?
  249. Dr. Katherine Albrecht says McCain was thrown under the bus by own campaign
  250. Election fraud in Minnesota?