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  1. Hagan (D - NC) opposes S.604/HR.1207
  2. Press Release: Federal Reserve Accountability Act An Unacceptable Compromise
  3. Senators unveil NEW "Audit the Fed" Bill!
  4. There's been a hearing, NOW WHAT?
  5. New Message from C4L re: audit the fed
  6. Take action - no new powers for The Fed
  7. "Audit the Fed" Needs our Help! Please!
  8. Ron Paul: Senators Jeff Merkley and Bob Corker introduce bill to sabotage the AUDIT T
  9. Barney Frank on HR1207 and Ron Paul
  10. Ron Paul: Senators Jeff Merkley and Bob Corker introduce bill to sabotage the AUDIT T
  11. Alan Grayson discredits HR 1207 ??
  12. Corker on S 604
  13. Federal Reserve Policy Audit Legislation ‘Gutted,’ Paul Says
  14. Federal Reserve Policy Audit Legislation ‘Gutted,’ Paul Says
  15. A Call To Action re Mel Watt
  16. Pissed at the watering down of 1207? Lets do something!
  17. Ron Paul: Important News on Audit the Fed
  18. Mike Norman (MSNBC) Asked about HR 1207
  19. 4409 - Watt is a Judas...
  20. BJ Lawson urges call/fax campaign - *SAVE HR1207*
  21. Letter to Mel Watt (my Congressman)
  22. [VIDEO] Ron Paul on MSNBC "Audit the FED bill gutted" 11/5/09
  23. Pittsburg - End the Fed - $300 Chip-In
  24. Good article in NY Times about Auditing the Fed- Says Barney Frank is aiding Bernanke
  25. END THE FED Charlotte, NC (Mel Watt District)
  26. Plans to attack Mel Watt
  27. Rep Paul: Fed audit in rules reform "pseudo"
  28. When is this amendment?
  29. Why not do some tv/radio commercials?
  30. Phone Call to the Fed
  31. Audit The Fed Effort Under Threat In House (HuffPo)
  32. Update on Mel Watts Proposal to derail HR 1207
  33. Press Release: Thursday A Critical Day for Audit the Fed Legislation
  34. Action Item! SAVE "Audit The Fed"
  35. URGENT: Our Fed Audit is Under Attack!
  36. [VIDEO] Ron Paul introduces HR 1207 as a substitute to the Watt amendment today!
  37. Where's the feed for the 1207 vote?
  38. Audit the Fed Amendment Passes 43-26!
  39. House panel approves Ron Paul's proposal to audit the Federal Reserve
  40. [VIDEO] HR1207 hearings 11/19/09
  41. Anti-HR 1207 Propaganda in Washington Post Editorial 11/20/09
  42. Panel votes to audit The FED
  43. WSJ: House Attacks Fed, Treasury (HR 1207)
  44. NYT: Ron Paul’s Revenge: HR 1207
  45. Ron Paul introduces HR1207 as a substitute to the Watt amendment
  46. Jackass Senator Vows to Block Removal of Fed’s Audit Shield
  47. Fed Audit Shield Takes Blow After Ron Paul Proposal Advances
  48. END THE FED - HR 3996, the Automatic Bailout Bill of 2009
  49. video: Ron in Houston for End the Fed
  50. The Washington establishment suffers a serious defeat (HR 1207)
  51. Hertigage Foundation* supported by Hannity* Opposes Audit the Fed Bill by Ron Paul
  52. Economists Opposing Fed Audit "on Payroll"
  53. How do we treat HR 3996? A bitter-sweet bill
  54. Eliot Spitzer just gave full support to the audit on MSNBC
  55. Spitzer On Paul's Audit Of The Fed Bill
  56. So, this whole Audit the Fed thing...
  57. Andrew Gause: Don't End the Fed, Nationalize it
  58. Audit the Fed opponents: ignorant or evil?
  59. Open Letter to Sen. Judd Gregg re: Audit The Fed, by Lepard
  60. why hasnt Bunning (R-KY) co-sponsored?
  61. McLaughlin: Predictions, Pat!
  62. Judd Gregg on Audit Fed in today's Washington Post.
  63. Help Get Audit the Federal Reserve to #1 Blog on Myspace
  64. Sen Cantwell's (WA) response to my cosponsor request
  65. [ARTICLE] Ron Paul Explains Why He Can’t Vote for His Own Fed Audit
  66. Audit the Fed Bill Passes U.S. House [Fin'l Regulation bill w/ Audit the FED amend]
  67. DON'T GIVE UP on a standalone Audit The Fed bill
  68. House Passes Financial Regulation Bill... Fed Audit is Intact.
  69. "Socialist" activists on Bill Moyers Journal call for audit of the Fed!!!!
  70. Populism Advanced Audit the Fed Bill Further Than Anyone Could've Imagined-POLITICO
  71. Rise of the Fed Bashers
  72. Nomination Linked to Audit the Fed Bill Bill-WSJ
  73. Who controls the fed
  74. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on AIG, Geithner, & the need to audit THE FED
  75. Dodd and Gregg Block Audit-The-Fed Amendment, Frank Tells Committee
  76. Action: No Audit? No Bernanke!! | Email/Call your Senators!
  77. 2/1/10 American Conservative Issue: Pat Buchanan pushes for Ron's Audit the Fed Bill
  78. Dump Bernanke and Audit the Fed--By James Bovard
  79. Poll from The Hill: 74% of Insiders say Congress will NOT pass Audit The Fed Bill
  80. Ways to reach the "sheepel" on audit the Fed?
  81. Call Sen Corker NOW! re:Audit The Fed (URGENT!!!)
  82. Audit the fed advertisement on youtube!
  83. Fed audit inching closer; now awaiting Senate action
  84. Ron Paul’s Federal Reserve audit under consideration in Senate
  85. The Atlantic interviews Ron Paul on the Dodd Proposal's Treatment of the Fed
  86. Dylan Ratigan: Shining light on what politicians do: example HR1207
  87. Audit the Fed; Good news, Bad news
  88. I asked Alan Grayson about Fed audit
  89. Forbes: Free the Fed
  90. Audit the FED? Banks are begging the SUPREMES to keep lending SECRET...
  91. Did the Fed just say it's OK to audit them?
  92. 4-7-2010 Federal Reserve BANK CON exposed on MSNBC There is No Money + Ron Paul Audit
  93. Audit the Fed Banner Bomb
  94. HR1207 gets "baited and switched" in Dodd bank "reform" bill
  95. digg: Dodd Bill Covertly Eliminates Fed Audit Legislation
  96. Audit the Fed Update: Senate Votes Tonight Monday 04/26
  97. Had a kid bring up Auditing the Fed in class today.
  98. Big labor backs bill requiring Fed audit
  99. [VIDEO] Ron Paul and Alan Grayson with Dylan Ratigan: Audit the Fed! 5/3/10
  100. Unions and More Economists Join Push to Audit Fed as Obama and Bankers Fight Back
  101. Fed is lobbying senators to stop the Fed Audit Bill
  102. Rahm Emanuel Blocking Audit the Fed
  103. Ron Paul on Fox News: Audit the Federal Reserve
  104. Matrix of Senators who previously voted to audit fed -- Would need to change to stop
  105. WSJ: Bernanke Warns Against Move to Audit Fed
  106. Reid backs fed audit
  107. Audit the FED hearing -- NOW!!!
  108. White House Enters Fed Audit Debate
  109. Sanders sold out on Audit The Fed Amendment
  111. Urgent call to action! Sanders selling out on audit!!
  112. Fed Audit Amendment Deal Struck In Senate-Updated
  113. Obama Administration Now Supports Fed Audit
  114. Vitter to Offer Grayson/Paul Audit the Fed Amendment as Stand-Alone Amendment
  115. Vitter to Offer Grayson/Paul Audit the Fed Amendment as Stand-Alone Amendment
  116. Ron Paul Appeals for Help to Rescue His "Audit the Fed" Bill in the Senate
  117. Rattigan about to talk about new Fed audit amendment
  118. Congressman Grayson rails on the fed...
  119. Audit the Fed: Who's the radical populist again? RON PAUL
  120. Ron Paul's Update on Vitter Amendment to Resore HR 1207 Language
  121. Sen. Vitter proposes amendment to reinsert text of HR 1207 into Senate Bill
  122. Ron Paul Backs Fed Audit Compromise
  123. Senate vote TODAY on Audit the Fed -- please help
  124. Vitter Amendment Fails 37-62
  125. Senate Passes One-Time Audit of the Fed
  126. Wash Post Claims: Victory for Audit the Fed (David Weigel)
  127. Roll Call for Senator Vitter's audit amendment
  128. Find your Senator here, if they voted Nay against Audit the Fed, it's game time.
  129. Response from Senator Hutchinson on Audit the Fed
  130. Scott Brown didn't want to audit the fed because congress can't manage money
  131. Audit the Fed defeated - find out how your senators voted
  132. Senate votes to Audit!
  133. Ron Paul: Auditing the Fed is Responsibility of Congress
  134. End the Fed Stamp?
  135. Rasmussen: 80% favor Fed audit
  136. Audit The FED, Why Not? - Thomas Woods Author of Meltdown Interviewed About Ron Pau
  137. End the Fed from the Bottom Up
  138. Ron Paul : Restore a FULL Audit of the Fed!
  139. WaPo Hit Piece on Dr Paul's Gold Policies
  140. Barney Frank trying to kill Fed audit?
  141. YOUTUBE: Ron in Conference Committee on dropping Audit the Fed:
  142. Senate Accepts Expanded Fed Audit -- [Huff Po]
  143. DeMint Amendment to Audit Federal Reserve Blocked by Senate Leadership
  144. End the Fed - a song by James Cobb
  145. Ron about to head to the floor to talk about Audit the Fed . . .
  146. Floor vote on Audit the Fed fails 198-229
  147. Ron Paul's attempt to Audit The Fed Fails
  148. Ron Paul On The Future Of Audit The Fed
  149. Freshman GOP Congressmen Honor Ron Paul for best bill of 111th Congress - HR 1207
  150. Look who flip-flopped on 'Audit the Fed'
  151. Angle: Bennett is an elitist and we need to audit the Fed
  152. Did Ron Paul introduce Audit the Fed too early?
  153. Nevada GOP platform: audit the Fed, no to global governance
  154. American Thinker: 3/4 of Congressmen Support Auditing the Fed, so Why Isn't It Law?
  155. Partial Audit of the Fed?
  156. Alan Grayson Discusses His Expectations From The Upcoming One-Time Fed Audit
  157. Federal Reserve Seeks Delay of Bank Data Release While Considering Appeal
  158. Who have you questioned in person about the audit?
  159. Will New (R) Audit/End the Fed?
  160. TNCFL- A Full Frontal Assault On Senator Corker - Re: "Audit The Fed"
  161. National END THE FED Rally (Nov 20th, 2010)
  162. Eric Cantona encourages international "run" on banks
  163. Time to Update the Thread?
  164. I have a question about the Private Federal Reserve Bank and a Progressive Tax System I ha
  165. New Facebook page with updated bill numbers
  166. HR 459 and S 202 Co-Sponsor maps are now live
  167. HR 459 Ad ideas?
  168. White House: Send us your petitions