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  1. Letter to the editor -HR 1207 (USE IT!)
  2. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/16/09
  3. Audit the Fed Update
  4. H.R. 1207 and S. 604 get more co-sponsors
  5. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/17/09
  6. Ron Paul says no to a discharge petition for HR1207
  7. Is RP already talking compromise on HR 1207?
  8. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/18/09
  9. Politico covers HR 1207!
  10. S. 604 Fed Reserve Sunshine Act (Sister Bill to HR 1207) Exposing Senators
  11. Reuters columnist: It's time to audit the Fed, Chicago Tribu: Who's watching over Fed
  12. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/19/09 (Barney Frank)
  13. Senator: "Audit is a bad idea - Congress shouldn't nose with monetary policy"
  14. Steve Rothman cosponsors HR1207
  15. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/22/09
  16. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/23/09
  17. Hr 1207 on beck now!!!!
  18. Ron Paul Has Large Backing In Congress To Audit The Federal Reserve
  19. Wtf: No new HR 1207 cosponsors today?
  20. Audit the Fed Podcats with C4L Pres. John Tate
  21. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/24/09
  22. this might be a good vid for leftists to get them to audit the Fed
  23. On Digg FP: Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed now has 242 co-sponsors
  24. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/25/09
  25. So does S 604 remove the claws from HR 1207?
  26. Best HR 1207-video so far! Spread this video everywhere!
  27. Ron Paul's H.R.1207 has 242 cosponsors / 2 cosponsors in Senate The Count is now 243
  28. HR 1207 - Bernanke warns of economic collapse if Fed Audit bill passes
  29. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 6/26/09
  30. How Does The Playing Field Change If HR 1207 Hits 290 Co-Sponsors?
  31. hr 1207 if it passes?
  32. Ron Paul talks Fed audit (HR1207) and more on the Jason Lewis Show
  33. HR1207 and the Law of Unintended Consequences
  34. Mr. Sunshine? Ron Paul Wins Support to Audit Fed Reserve
  35. FOXNews.com: "Paul Wins Support to Audit Federal Reserve"
  36. Glenn Beck Talks HR 1207 with head of Real Clear Politics
  37. Ron Paul's 'Audit the Fed' bill on fast track
  38. Auditing the Fed will Audit the State--Mises daily
  39. Freedom watch was kind of depressing today regarding 1207
  40. Congress Pushing for Federal Reserve Audit--Common Dreams
  41. Have You Called ELMER FUDD AND SKELETOR To Bring 1207 To Floor!?
  42. Audit the Fed? It's about time
  43. DeMint tries to attach S604 to appropriations bill
  44. Jim DeMint Takes Ron Paulís Audit the Fed Battle to the Senate-AmConMag
  45. Amendment to audit the Federal Reserve blocked by Senate Leadership
  46. Audit the Federal Reserve! Digg iT!@
  47. New American: Audit the Fed Legislation Faces Roadblocks
  48. Your Reps response to Audit the Fed
  49. Nelson Blocks Fed Audit In Senate (VIDEO)
  50. Ron Paul On Fed Audit: We Will Not Be Stopped
  51. House to debate HR 1207 - On CSPAN NOW
  52. TUNE IN: House Debating FED and HR 1207 Live on C-SPAN!
  53. House Financial Commit Hearing on HR 1207 - 1:30PM Today - Live on CSPAN
  54. Ron Paul demands audit of Fed. Reuters Video report
  55. Printable 10-line petitions for S.604 and H.R. 1207
  56. Congressman Ron Paul's H.R. 1207: Federal Reserve transparency
  57. Best bi-partisan "audit the Fed" video yet
  58. YES WE CAN! Ron Paul's H.R.1207 has 260 cosponsors / 8 cosponsors in Senate
  59. Tim geithner refuses to answer brad sherman's question!!! Support h.r. 1207 audit the
  60. Bastille Day Tuesday RELEASE HR1207 Storm the Bastille Tuesday
  61. Chuck Norris: audit and abolish the Fed!
  62. Federal Reserve Threatens Congress Over HR 1207
  63. Federal Reserve: Please don't audit us!
  64. HR1207 - I feel uneasy
  65. Reply from Senator Kohl about HR 1207
  66. Important Reddit Upvote Needed NOW: New Hard Hitting Audit the Federal Reserve Video
  67. Ron Paul Answers Re IMF And HR 1207 Support Connection...
  68. 267 co-sponsors, this is getting ridiculous
  69. Will a fed audit raise our taxes?
  70. CNBC Hit Peice on 1207?
  71. Daily Kos closely following HR 1207.
  72. HR 1207 now at 267 Co-sponsors!
  73. 100% of House GOP cosponsoring HR1207
  74. BLOG: Audit the Fed: Not Just for Crackpots Anymore
  75. Clip From Freedom Watch: Ron Paul on the Plausibility of HR1207
  76. Should HR 1207 have a discharge petition after hitting 290 cosponsors??
  77. Ron Paul on Yahoo Tech Ticker - The American People Demand Transparency! Audit the Fe
  78. Ron Paul on Yahoo Finance 7/16/09: Americans Demand Transparency! Audit the Fed!
  79. Snooty Guy From The Economist Interviews RP on HR 1207
  80. Federal Reserve Backers Scared by Ron Paul's Audit Bill
  81. Would McCain have vetoed the HR-1207 or S.604 bills as president?
  82. Did We Lose An HR 1207 Cosponsor Today?
  83. Ron Paul: ďAudit the Fed!Ē (Russia Today vid)
  84. Congressman Paul Showing Us Why H.R. 1207 is Necessary
  85. Operation Kickstart: Mass Mailing Frank and Pelosi
  86. Grayson "We Got 100 Democrat Congressmen To Support Dr Ron Paul's Audit The Fed Bill"
  87. Rep. Alan Grayson Gives a Plug for H.R. 1207 on MSNBC
  88. Audit the Fed! Taki's mag
  89. Ron Paul Demands Audit Of Federal Reserve*Video*
  90. [Youtube] Ron Paul updates supporters on HR1207 and Bernanke's Testimony Tomorrow
  91. Dr. Ron Paul - Audit the Fed Update 7/20/09
  92. Audit the Fed Update
  93. Mike McKee on Bloomers JUST NOW said 1207 will probably PASS!
  94. Four new co-sponsors each for H.R. 1207 and S. 604
  95. ** Posey questions Bernanke on Inflation/Audit [Youtube] **
  96. S. 604 Cosponsor Update
  97. Getting HR 1207 out of committee...
  98. 1207 - Be a Part of the Mother of All Lobbying Efforts
  99. 1207 - Be a Part of the Mother of All Lobbying Efforts
  100. Nailing Right Wing Radio on Fed Audit
  101. Ron Paul on MSNBC Discussing Audit the FED - 7/22/09
  102. WaPo disses HR 1207 :P
  103. Ron Paulís HR 1207 transcends partisan politics and upsets Congressional leadership
  104. Audit The Fed (Featuring Sen Jim DeMint) - CALL YOUR SENATOR!
  105. Interview w/ one of the econohacks who signed 'don't audit the Fed' petition
  106. WTF IS THIS....Flimsy Grahamnesty cosponsors S 604
  107. Ron Paulís HR 1207 transcends partisan politics and upsets Congressional leadership
  108. New York Times calls H.R. 1207 a "truly terrible idea"
  109. Paul states the audit will do more damage (potentially)
  110. Bernanke and HR 1207 on NPR this morning
  111. Rally at Moore's office backs bill to audit Fed
  112. Rally at Moore's office backs bill to audit Fed
  113. Ben Bernanke on Why The Fed Should Not Be Audited
  114. 3 for HR 1207 and 1 for S604
  115. Rasmussen: 75% support Fed Audit
  116. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/30/09
  117. Rasmussen: 75% favor auditing the Fed
  118. Congressman Paul: Millions Of Americans Have Had Enough Of The Fed
  119. front paged on digg: "Fed Audit Supported By 75% Of Americans: Survey"
  120. Campaign for Liberty Called me about HR 1207
  121. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/31/09
  122. 75% of Americans agree with Ron Paul: Audit the Fed ___ NEEDS DIGG
  123. HR 1207 MSM hit piece :P
  124. Senator Bond (MO) hasn't heard of S 604?
  125. Senator Casey of PA responds (LOL) to my S604 letter
  126. HR 1207 on BECK!
  127. 1207 put down on REAL TIME Bill Maher
  128. [And then they fight you] Reuters smear job - "Paul's Fed Plan Economic Suicide"
  129. 75% favor fed audit! Woot! :)
  130. Local town message Board locked my thread about hr1207
  131. Are we doomed to be dissapointed with HR 1207 "audit"?
  132. Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 8/3/09
  133. 6 economists on why Ron Paulís Fed audit idea is wrong
  134. Grassroots Effort To Audit Fed Gains Traction
  135. Economist disagrees with Ron Paul’s plan to audit Fed
  136. Caller On KGO ABout the Fed.
  137. Glenn Jacobs (Kane) approaches Barney Frank in the airport, asks him about HR 1207!!!
  138. What happens with 290 coponsors again?
  139. Operation Kickstart: Simple, easy, cheap, activism. Pledge to mail two letters!
  140. Official S. 604 Cosponsor Thread
  141. Why Won't Barney Frank Just Agree To Audit The Fed?
  142. Reuters columnist now asks: which economists DO support Fed audit?
  143. Five Futures for HR1207
  144. Feinstein's reply to audit The Fed
  145. A little video I made about HR 1207
  146. Senator Dodd's Response to HR 1207
  147. The FOMC will meet for a closed-door session of nude dancing and child sacrifice
  148. *New* Video Mashup: Audit the Fed
  149. Awesome New Audit the Fed Website! - www.AuditTheFed.com
  150. Response from Rep Carolyn McCarthy on HR 1207
  151. Grass-roots effort aims to pass law to rein in Federal Reserve
  152. Former Fed Governor Frederic Mishkin attacking 1207 on CNBC just now
  153. HR 1207 response from Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Wisconsin
  154. 77 Reasons to Audit the Fed
  155. Digg: 76 Reasons to Audit the Federal Reserve (And End the Fed)
  156. Dennis Kucinich: Audit the Federal Reserve 8/13/09 (youtube)
  157. Dennis Kucinich: Audit the Federal Reserve (H.R. 2424)
  158. How many pages is HR 1207?
  159. Doubling our Operation Kickstart numbers in the next 24 hours! Goal: 1,000 Letters!
  160. Video: Ron Paul discusses the strategy to pass HR1207 & S 604 - Audit The Fed
  161. Ron Paul On Audit The Fed : Could Happen IF People Put Enough Pressure On Them!
  162. Digg Dialog with Tim Geithner - Ron Paul/Audit the Fed questions dominate! [Video]
  163. THE FEDERAL RESERVE MUST DIE--Jim Quinn C4L member
  164. Frank agrees to take HR1207 out of committee...!
  165. Geithner: Auditing the Fed Is a ďLine That We Donít Want to CrossĒ
  166. CFL member discusses Audit The Fed / FOIA on Russian TV!!!
  167. Barney Frank says 1207 will pass in October!
  168. Washington Times: Barney Frank says Ron Paul bill will pass
  169. Misinformation Alert: Barney Frank Never Said That HR 1207 Will Pass In October
  170. Geithner: Auditing The Fed Is a "Line That We Don't Want To Cross"
  171. FED Audit - Should we wary of our progressive allies?
  172. Barney Frank Threatens to Water Down Fed Audit Bill!
  173. Game On: Audit The Fed hits Drudgereport
  174. Frank seeks compromise on Fed audit bill
  175. -Tube- Ron Paul : Time to Audit the Fed! 8/31
  176. About.com: Don't Punish Fed With Audit | Ron Paul is just trying to sell his book!
  177. CFR's Alan S. Blinder Attacks Audit The Fed Bill
  178. Ron Paul finds support for Fed audit
  179. Will Rand Paul Take up the Federal Reserve Fight in the Senate?
  180. Rep Bart Gordon (TN-D) has cosponsored HR1207!!!
  181. We are a go on HR1207!
  182. IT'S OFFICIAL--Audit the FED has a hearing Sept 25
  183. Another Co-sponsor for S.604 means 25% of the Senate is Signed on!
  185. Caller "ambushes" Congresswoman with Audit the Fed Question
  186. 1207
  187. A Review of "End the Fed" by Ron Paul by the New American
  188. WSJ Article: "Anti-Fed Activists Fuel Push for Audit"
  189. (Tube) Grayson announcing Audit Hearing on House Floor
  190. WSJ: Anti-Fed Activists Fuel Push for Audit
  191. Veto Proof Majority now reached on 1207!
  192. Congressman Alan Grayson Announces a Hearing on HR1207 to Audit the Fed
  193. mini anti-Fed rally in NY covered by Russia Today (w/ Ron Paul signs)
  194. Ron Paul's Bill to Audit the Fed Now Is Now Veto-Proof
  195. Ron Paul's Fed Audit has Majority Support
  196. My congress critter's response to auditing the fed.
  197. Ron Paul : Audit the Fed Hits 290 Cosponsors!
  198. Response from my non-cosponsoring Dem Congresswoman
  199. "Ron Paul gets his hearing on Fed Audit , Friday Morning"
  200. Ron Paul gets his hearing on Fed Audit , Friday Morning
  201. HR 1207 Update: Is Victory at Hand?
  202. live stream for upcoming 1207 hearing
  203. Chicago Audit the Fed Rally September 15 Speakers
  204. *Bloomberg:Fed Rejects Geithner Request for Study of Governance, Structure ~ HR 1207
  205. Conservative debate on 1207 Right now on CSPAN!!!
  206. 6 economists on why Ron Paulís Fed audit idea is wrong
  207. Article: Did Delay Dance on Ron Paul's Head?
  208. AUDIT THE FED hearing to be broadcast live
  209. Tom Woods will be testifying before congress in support of HR1207 at the Fri Hearings
  210. Tom DeLay screwed over Ron Paul (twice) to protect the Fed
  211. YES WE CAN! Ron Paul's H.R.1207 has 294 cosponsors / 28 cosponsors in Senate
  212. Contact members of House Financial Comm re Audit The Fed TODAY!!!!!
  213. What will be the end result of the 1207 hearings tomorrow?
  214. Audit the Fed email question.
  215. Federal Reserve in Full Spin Mode
  216. The HR1207 live coverage discussion thread.
  217. Live Blogging The House Hearing On Ron Paul's Bill (HR 1207) To Audit The Fed
  218. Fed Lawyer: Audits Called for by Ron Paul Could Hurt Monetary Policy
  219. Vote on HR1207
  220. Barney Frank backs Rep. Ron Paul's Fed audit bill-Marketwatch
  221. Live stream of House hearing on HR 1207
  222. Lack of HR 1207 hearing coverage by the media
  223. Petition For Frank To Pass HR 1207 Out Of Committee.
  224. text of Woods' HR 1207 testimony
  225. Replay of full hearing
  226. Ron Paul's Fed Audit Hearing Highlights [Youtube]
  227. Recorded Video from today's Audit the Fed Hearing
  228. Something suspicious: Audit The Fed Hearings
  229. Satellite radio show discusses CFL, RLC, Tom Woods, HR1207 today! (MUST HEAR)
  230. Transcript?
  231. AZ's last hold out Jon Kyl
  232. E-mail I sent to my address book
  233. H.R. 1207 in danger of being derailed.
  234. Thomas Woods Speaks For HR1207 Audit The Fed Bill
  235. Audit the FED poll on Orlando Sentinel
  236. Alan Grayson vs. Scott Alvarez
  237. Section 13(3) question
  238. So what happens next with HR1207?
  239. We already have an "Audit the Fed" law that politicizes monetary policy.
  240. Ron Paul on Russia Today : Audit the Fed 10/1
  241. Is H.R. 1207 Constitutional?
  242. If HR 1207 passes, will Obama sign it?
  243. Audit The Fed!
  244. Audit the Fed Commercial
  245. Swamp barney frank's office with emails & phone calls
  246. Full HR1207 Hearing
  247. Who really needs to hear from us!
  248. Question about the Fed audit
  249. Sen Ben Cardin replies on Audit the Fed
  250. Add HR-1207 to Military Funding?