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  1. Best run-sheet time table for LSP?
  2. Best date for LSP?
  3. How many votes to allow per person for LSP?
  4. Requirements for media partners for LSP
  5. Interested in joining the Liberty Straw Poll Team?
  6. Identifying Candidates
  7. Ethical questions and Concerns...
  8. Ticket cost for LSP? Bulk discount?
  9. Ideas for future Liberty Straw Polls
  10. Notes for candidates for LSP
  11. Text for LSP website
  12. Naming each event for the LSP
  13. Marketing the Straw Poll
  14. Timing of the LSP
  15. Basic site design done
  16. Payout schedule for LSP
  17. Text for web banners for LSP
  18. Draft of letter to congressional candidates
  19. Peoples choice voting
  20. LSP needs a "message for the masses"
  21. Need constructive feedback of Liberty Straw Poll web site
  22. Promoting Questions
  23. Places to market the Liberty Straw Poll - please add to the list! :)
  24. Banners by Awake
  25. LSP button (graphic)
  26. Idea to raise money
  27. Need feedback on new What People Are Saying page for LSP site
  28. LSP press release will hit wire on Thursday morning!
  29. New Liberty Straw Poll Widget
  30. On the ultimate resting place of the money
  31. Liberty straw poll should have notified non-selected candidates
  32. LSP - Liberty Straw Poll - How many tickets have been sold?
  33. The Largest Vote for a Third Party Candidate in History
  34. Please promote the Liberty Straw Poll to your networks today!
  35. Live now on revolution broadcasting!!!
  36. I missed it, who won? How was it?