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  1. Lets keep track of news sources for the event
  2. can you bring bags into the target center?
  3. Campaigning for Liberty in the Twin Cities
  4. TV Coverage? (CSPAN & CNBC)
  5. Ready to air your RP vid/stills on RidleyReport
  6. RONPAULFORPRESIDENT2008.com pics from the Rally
  7. Clubhouse Jaeger Tonight!!
  8. 3 Tickets for Sale $59 or best offer
  9. Book signing
  10. Real Politics Campaign Training - Ron Paul Improv!
  11. Local News Coverage
  12. rallyfortherepublic.tv interviewing people outside rnc
  13. CFL - Top Down or Bottom Up? (Live report from MSP)
  14. live vid police action against rnc protesters tear gas used
  15. OFFICIAL - Target Center JUST NOW sold out!!!
  16. I finally got to meet Ron!
  17. Went to breakfast with Ron today...
  18. Pictures from the Real Politics Training School
  19. dues = precinct leader
  20. Campaign for Liberty will be a Constitutional Republic
  21. Proposal for CFL: 1 person per state for committee - DENIED
  22. Only 2 people showed up for RPF picture at the summit??
  23. Ron paul nation celebration live video
  24. Rockie Lynn
  25. Ron Paul's rally: The other political convention in town
  26. More media coverage
  27. Carpools in Roseville?
  28. What's the dress code at the rally?
  29. Another update from Ronstock!
  30. Photos from RP Nation Celebration
  31. Chairman of Texas Republican delegation tells RP to "scrub" his campaign
  32. Ron Paul Front Page of CSPAN.COM
  33. Bob Barr at Rally today...?
  34. Help with Luggage storage??
  35. Rally for the Republic is now on C-Span2
  36. Where is tucker?!?!?!?
  37. Concert For Change!!!!
  38. MSM coverage
  39. Lew Rockwell: "You got owned"
  40. Bruce Fein is awesome
  41. Bruce Fein knocked my socks off!
  42. Is anyone recording this event?
  43. Ventura is walking a tightrope.
  44. Jessie, don't tease
  45. Fox News covers R4R
  46. A short piece from Gnooze on the R4R
  47. Lew Rockwell's Great Rally Speech
  48. Digg now! : Thousand people show up for RP book signing in Minnesota!
  49. Who was that guy?
  50. What's wrong with the live feed?
  51. ABC News reports - Paul Offers No GOP Support at Minn. Rally
  52. Your blood or ours, the tree of liberty will be watered
  53. Contact C-SPAN 2
  54. Ron Paul Rally in Minneapolis on CNN.com Live
  55. Missed the Name of a Speaker
  56. Break the Matrix has the Rally LIVE right now!
  57. o0
  58. MSNBC with their terrible coverage
  59. Bill Kauffman rocked!
  60. Call cspan2 now!!!
  61. LOL at the call requesting more concentration camps
  62. Okay, who was it?
  63. Palin fed to all the RP supporters watching CSPAN
  64. Did I hear right??/
  65. Goldwater kept talking about Carol?
  66. Touching moments from Goldwater
  67. Who was the special guest at 2:50pm?
  68. the GOP convention looks so pathetic
  69. RP mentions NWO in speech
  70. Doug Wead's speech [Video]
  71. Ron Paul just said tax protestors are part of our movement!
  72. REvolution CAll
  73. Hundreds gather for Ron Paul rally in Minneapolis
  74. Bill Kauffman's Speech [Video]
  75. Whatever happened to Sarah Evans?
  76. Universal Soldier - > Universal Champion of Liberty
  77. Ron Paul's Speech - Your Reactions?
  78. Sign up for Campaign for Liberty NOW!!
  79. Cspan vids from 12 to the end.
  80. Rally for the Republic- YOUTUBE Suggestions
  81. Jesse Ventura speech at the rally
  82. Ok I broke down and ordered the DVD from C-Span
  83. Adam Kokesh Speech [Video]
  84. Thousands rally at Ron Paul convention - CNN
  85. Favorite 3 speakers!
  86. Still No Endorsement
  87. DIGG THESE NOW!... Pretty Please
  88. Comcast replaced C-SPAN2 w/ random sports channel during Ron Paul speech
  89. What happened to Tucker Carlson? Did he get pissed off? and not come back?
  90. Positive video coverage from Washington post
  91. End the fed
  92. Did you miss the Rally for the Republic??
  93. Bruce Fein Speech [Video]
  94. My Frivolous Comment
  95. Did anyone else cry?
  96. CFL Leadership Summit American Flag - protest, or error?
  97. Ventura - looks like Benjamin Franklin?
  98. cspanjunkie.org has some speeches from the rally
  99. Jesse Ventura's opinion on the Ron Paul rally
  100. Ron Paul and Ross Perot
  101. Where's Ron Pauls Speech on Youtube?
  102. Just a heads up to my fellow RP friends
  103. Police Presence at RNC! - (Email I received)
  104. Ventura trying to take over Ron's Organization?
  105. Any talk of Rally For Republic on day after news shows
  106. Photos from the Rally
  107. DIGG Please: Ron Paul Article on CNET
  108. Awesome!
  109. Pictures off Flickr
  110. ABC News quotes Iowa delegate.
  111. RPF pictures??
  112. John Tate
  113. ABC News misrepresents Minneapolis RNC - Uses footage of R4R
  115. Rally for the Republic Photos
  116. Abc uses c4l r4r picture to promote mccain and palin!
  117. msnbc
  118. CNN interviews a bus that sounds just like Ron Paul...
  119. WSJ on the rally
  120. RP just on Neil Cavuto
  121. Ron Paul on AOL front page elections!!
  122. 2 cute girls from Rally from the Republic
  123. mccain vote by acclimation
  124. Jimmie Vaughan video at the Rally.
  125. Jesse Ventura speaks about 9/11 at Rally For The Republic
  126. My Pictures from the Rally
  127. Jiimmie and Aimee at the after party - YouTube
  128. ron paul and aimee allen annouce official tour
  129. Let's kick some Paultard's ass.
  130. Jesse Ventura speech tops Google Video list!
  131. Nice coverage by nytimes + short video
  132. A must watch
  133. Giuliani: No more big government
  134. The RPN is making me physically ill
  135. Palin is using a screen prompter
  136. McCain Partied across from R4R last night
  137. Let's get ready for the I told you so
  138. Sad Rally Story
  139. Are You As Excited As I Am ?
  140. Vahalos: The Convention The Audience Didn't See
  141. "end the fed"
  142. Ron Paul wins in the long run as GOP self destructs [digg this video]]
  143. Did anyone get a video of Grover Norquists talk?
  144. Text of Jesse Ventura's Speech at Ron Paul's Rally For the Republic
  145. I was at the Leadership summit and will answer what I can
  146. Russian Media Covers Ron Paul Rally
  147. Leadership Summit\Real Politics questions?
  148. The Real Politics class?
  149. What if
  150. shemdogg's trip to MN (incu/ ronstock, etc.)
  151. Tucker Carlson & Truthers
  152. Walker, Texas Ranger Shoots For Palin, Ron Paul
  153. RON PAUL has always said COmmisioned are from to cover up ala 9/11
  154. Heavily armored riot police at RNC
  155. Did anyone see the Israel commercials?
  156. John McManus speech at the Rally
  157. Rally For The Republic DVDs
  158. Congressman: "I don't know what FISA is"
  159. Tom Ridge affirms the next Draft
  160. Sights and sounds of rally
  161. acptulsa's excellent adventure
  162. I'm in tears.
  163. Ron Paul on Colbert [video]
  164. Letter from a Cuban
  165. Langford Park Picnic photos/videos???
  166. Minneapolis Protest(RATM & Target center)
  167. Ron Paulís Twin Cities event attracts key O.C. contingent
  168. The John Birch Society at Ron Paulís Rally
  169. Adam Kokesh Rally For The Republic Speech & RNC Protest (Video)
  170. NE1 Confirm: HDNet's "Dan Rather Reports" coverage of RP & the Rally For the Republic
  171. RPF's "Bryan" and the MOSSAD
  172. Am I the only one not impressed with Ventura and Kokesh?
  173. Ron Paulís Rally for the Republic Videos
  174. Huge List of Videos From Rally For The Republic / Twin Cities Events
  175. Story on Ventura, Tucker
  176. Alleged Terrorist Monica Bicking In Custody
  177. Who was the guy who helped us at the store until the wee hours?
  178. Digg it!!! BJ Lawson's comments on The Rally and GOP
  179. Leadership Summit Photographer Pics?
  180. Anyone have notes from the political training school?
  181. Rockthedebate
  182. Lessons learned after your MN experience?
  183. Where are all the pictures from the Rally and especially the convention?
  184. Why Truthers Started Chanting? Another Perspective.
  185. JBS: 10,000+ Gather in Minneapolis to Rally for the Republic
  186. Fuc---r Carlson Didn't even say bye to Ron Paul
  187. New NOW on PBS interview with Ron Paul
  188. DVD of the Rally available for download
  189. Russia-China: SCO Military Alliance Challenges US-NATO Unipolar World
  190. Ron Hints at the "Announcement" in this video:
  191. Eugenics Quotes: and why we need to vote in Chuck Baldwin.
  192. CFL should promote Constitution Day to the media!!!
  193. Barry Goldwater Speech
  194. GOA Submits Appeal On Behalf Of Olofson
  195. Radio Reports on the Rally
  196. FNC video on the rally
  197. R4R weekend summary
  198. Galleries of photos from the Rally
  199. My CFL videos
  200. Aimee Allen - waving flag
  201. Campaign for Liberty in the News
  202. New American Mag: Ron Paul's "Rally for the Republic"
  203. Sugar Daddy Government: Another Bailout Picks America's Pockets
  204. Here's a question! How do we draw a line for them that they know we're serious about?
  205. Buck for Chuck on Revolution Broadcasting. http://www.revolutionbroadcasting.com/
  206. Our Republic Raped and Still No Revolution!
  207. Chuck Baldwin Follows the CP
  208. Constitution Partyís Chuck Baldwin Set To Dent ĎBig Boxí Candidates
  209. Thank you, dr. Ron paul
  210. The problem with the bailout and our country store