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  1. TX CFL Coordinator Debra Medina files to run for Governor of Texas!!!
  2. Debra Medina for Texas Governor 2010 Facebook group
  3. Debra Medina 4 Governor of Texas
  4. Debra Medina Creates Exploratory Committee
  5. Debra Medina announces exploratory committee for Governor of Texas!
  6. CFL's Debra Medina at Texas Tea Party
  7. The Medina Minute - Tea Party Day
  8. Press Release: Debra Medina speaking at ETF Dallas
  9. Former Nurse Debra Medina on the Swine Flu
  10. Medina Mounted Brigade
  11. Debra Medina for Governor of Texas in 2010
  12. Debra Medina on Blogtalkradio on June 19th
  13. Debra Medina on Blogtalkradio June 19th
  14. Phase 1 of New Debra Medina Website Up.
  15. First Poll with Debra Medina
  16. Another Debra Medina Poll (Freedom Watch)
  17. Get Debra Medina & Randy Brogdon (Pro-Liberty Governor candidates) on Freedom Watch!
  18. New Medina Minute
  19. End of Quarter Push for Debra Medina
  20. Medina for texas campaign launches ballot initiative drive
  21. Another Debra Medina Poll .... Vote :)
  22. Medina says Rick Perry sounding a lot like Ron Paul suddenly
  23. Get Debra Medina in the debates
  24. Medina campaign swings
  25. Debra Medina For Texas Governor Fundraiser - August 15, 2009 - 7pm-9pm CDT
  26. Great Medina Article!
  27. Why should someone not vote for KBH?
  28. Debra on Mark Davis Radio Show
  29. Fort Worth Star Telegram covers Medina
  30. Money Bomb - Debra Medina for Governor - Oct 2nd
  31. Money Bomb - Debra Medina for Texas Governor - Oct 2nd!
  32. Questions on Debra's race.
  33. Debra Medina on KLIF's Wells Report
  34. Ron Paul's letter introducing Debra Medina for Governor of Texas
  35. Paul: Medina Is a Friend, But That's Not an Endorsement
  36. Debra Medina Speech at Texas Sovereignty or Secession Rally
  37. 1.Debra Medina will officially launch her campaign for Governor of Texas!
  38. Why Medina Race Matters
  39. Harris County Patriots for Medina Campaign Kickoff
  40. The Ghoul stumps for his man crush.
  41. Rasmussen: Medina polling 3%
  42. October 2 Medina Money Bomb
  43. Debra Medina Money Bomb! Oct 2nd
  44. The red and the blue
  45. Medina Fundraiser Today
  46. Fundraiser Today
  47. Kick Perry and Kay B. Hutchison out!! Donate to Medina for TX Gov TODAY!!!! (Oct 2)
  48. One Final $500 Push
  49. Closed at $111,081
  50. Debra Medina supporter spotted!
  51. Hutchison gets Texas Farm Bureau endorsement
  52. Vote For Debra In This Poll !!!
  53. Vote in a poll for Debra Medina!
  54. Debra Medina meet and greet
  55. Tonight's speech in Austin???
  56. Debra Medina on Alex Jones Show 10-29-09
  57. Debra on how to stop the Federal Gov.
  58. Someone is matching $25 donations on Facebook
  59. Doa
  60. Great Debra Medina speech - HD video
  61. Debra Medina on "Freedom Watch" Tomorrow. (11/18/09)
  62. Liberty candidate for Tx Gov Debra Medina on Judge Nap
  63. [Youtube] Texas Gov. Candidate Debra Medina On Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano
  64. Debra Medina on the Jeff Bolton Show
  65. Poll: Who is your preference for Texas Governor in the Republican primary?
  66. Freedom Tour! Check for a town near you
  67. This Sat/Sun: "Take Back Texas Tour" with Medina & Sheriff Richard Mack
  68. In Texas, a showdown at the GOP corral-Wash Post
  69. Debra Medina not allowed into Debate!!
  70. Looks like Kilgore has dropped and endorsed Deb
  71. [VIDEO] Debra Medina on CBS 11 News
  72. Kinky Friedman drops gubernatorial bid!!!
  73. Article: GOP candidate Debra Medina aims for acceptance
  74. Medina Opponent slammed on Redstate
  75. Larry Kilgore, Texas Nationalist Movement, endorses Debra Medina for Texas Governor
  76. Medina Money Bomb
  77. Debra Medina money bomb is tomorrow!!
  78. Debra Medina Money Bomb - Help Donate!!
  79. US Border Watch Endorses Debra Medina for Governor
  80. Debra Medina, catching the eye of conservatives across the nation!
  81. Another Liberty victory -- Liberty candiated invited to Tx Gov debate!
  82. Debra Medina has been invited to the Debate
  83. Dallas News: Long-shot GOP candidate Debra Medina stirs up the Tea Party crowd
  84. Ft Worth Star: Debra Medina makes GOP debate more interesting - and possibly crazy
  85. They're Shutting Debra Medina Out AGAIN!!!!!
  86. Press Release: FAIR WARNING -- Governor Medina Will Secure the Texas Border
  87. Where to watch Medina debate on Jan 14th (list)
  88. "Long shot? Absolutely. Going to win? You bet!" - Debra Medina
  89. Debra Medina debate starts at 7pm CST TONIGHT (Jan 14)
  90. Debra Medina in Texas Governors Republican Primary Debate tonight on C-SPAN2 7pm CST
  91. Debra Medina kicked ASS
  92. Any Political Cartoonists Here? (Deb Medina Debate Idea)
  93. Press Release: Debra Medina victorious in first Gubernatorial debate
  94. Ron Paul Supporters in the news
  95. 2010 GOP Texas Gubernatorial Debate Spin Room (vid)
  96. Debra Medina - Jan 14 Texas Gubernatorial Debate (full vid)
  97. Hutchison calls on Medina's help against governor
  98. Governor Candidate Bill White (Dem) responds to Jan 14 GOP debate
  99. Great comments
  100. DFW News: No Losers, but Medina Probably Won Debate
  101. Impromptu money bomb for Medina NOW!
  102. [VIDEO] Undecided voters praise Medina
  103. Debate performance had an impact
  104. BELO, the company intending to shut Medina out of upcoming debate
  105. dont forget about that feb. 2 money bomb!!
  106. Go after local businesses who advertise on BELO stations?
  107. Texas: No clear winner emerges after first GOP Governor debate (Vote: Medina!)
  108. Protest BELO?
  109. Demand that debra medina be allowed in the belo / wfaa debate!!!!
  110. Medina on the Alex Jones show RIGHT NOW
  111. Local channels all over owned by BELO (they're blocking Medina from debates)
  112. medina/debate media thread! - articles and vids
  113. Dallas radio host leading charge to get Debra into next debate
  114. Dallas Morning News already burying web pages/comments in favor of Medina
  115. A word on Debra Medina and the debates
  116. [VIDEO] Debra Medina on Alex Jones TV: Debra Medina for Texas Governor 2010 01/15/10
  117. [VIDEO] Debra Medina on Alex Jones TV: Debra Medina for Texas Governor 2010! 01/15/10
  118. Petition to get Medina into Jan. 29th BELO debate
  119. Petition to get Medina into Jan. 29th BELO debate
  120. Contact info for WFAA to request Debra Medina's inclusion in the 1/29 Debate
  121. Local talk radio today
  122. Huffpo Disinfo Agent: Medina is just like Dick Cheney!?
  123. Fort Worth Star-Telegram praises Medina, urges Belo to include her in next debate!
  124. Just left Texas Nullification Rally... intense(ish)
  125. Houston Chronicle - Neutral to Slightly Positive
  126. 2nd Medina Petition for Jan 29th Debate inclusion (also Monday protest locations)
  127. More Positive Feedback From Houston
  128. [VIDEO] ~ Raw Video- Debra Medina Supporters Speak Out At Austin,Texas Rally
  129. Texas Monthly Poll (Should Debra be in the next debate?)
  130. Paul Burka: Debra's numbers are rising, she deserves to be in debates!
  131. Blog with list of Belo stations/papers/advertisers for boycott
  132. Medina up 8 Points in latest Rasmussen Reports Poll
  133. Medina invited to appear in The Belo Debate !!!!!!!!!
  134. need clarification on Medina position listed on Texas Tribune
  135. Texas Association of Business: Who should we endorse? ( Vote Medina! )
  136. Debra Medina allowed into the BELO debate!
  137. Promoting Medina?
  138. Vote to have Debra Medina on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch!
  139. What if no one gets 50%
  140. Would it be better for Medina to lose??
  141. Post Medina-Related Diggs Here!
  142. Open Suggestions for Debra's Debate
  143. New Poll: Texas Monthly: Early Post Debate Poll: Leaders Lose Ground
  144. Beck the Fake ignores Medina, endorses Rick Perry
  145. Contact Glenn Beck about Debra Medina
  146. Full video of the first Medina Debate
  147. Texas Association of Business Poll - Medina trailing Perry - Vote!
  148. Let's get Beck to talk about and endorse Debra Medina...
  149. Medina raises her profile in GOP race for governor
  150. Medina Tax Plan Draws Opponents
  151. Oh no she didn't!!
  152. Promoting Debra Medina on FreeRepublic.com
  153. Have you heard the news?
  154. Heard a Perry radio ad today, first one I've heard
  155. On Daily Paul - Debra Medina Money Bomb
  156. Google Trends
  157. Sheriff Mack and Debra Medina at Willie's Place March 6, 2010
  158. FreeRepublic.com afraid to vote TX Medina; she might lose if nominated
  159. Ft. Worth Star-Telegram Poll
  160. Texas Tribune: What Does Debra Want?
  161. Hutchison's own internal poll shows Debra won the debate - by a huge margin!!!
  162. Debra Medina Sulphur Springs Coffee Reception
  163. Suppose Hutchison keeps her Senate seat .....
  164. Debra Medina's speech for Vice Chair of Texas GOP - June '08
  165. Need Debra Medina Gun Ownership Flyer
  166. NRA Endorses Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry
  167. Medina Radio Ad
  168. Carried away by the ramifications of carrying a gun
  169. Debra on KLBJ AM 590 Tomorrow (Monday) @ 10:15am!
  170. Perry voter turnout project signs up felons
  171. Why Debra Medina's Candidacy For Texas Governor Should Be Nationalized
  172. Will someone please make a banner for the upcoming Medina moneybomb?
  173. [VIDEO] Debra Medina making a splash for Governor's race
  174. Is Medina beginning to gain ground in GOP primary for governor?
  175. If you live in Texas -- Feb.2 is last day to register to vote for Medina
  176. On Feb 2nd call local radio stations
  177. them SOBs...
  178. Excellent Campaign Ad from Debra Medina!
  179. Medina = Obama?
  180. "The Debra Medina Show."
  181. Submit Your Question for the Jan. 29th Belo Debate (Medina FTW!)
  182. Debra Medina Speaks at the State Sovereignty Symposium
  183. Jan 29, Debra Medina Debate Watch Party at Brave New Books (Austin, Texas)
  184. Jan 29, Debra Medina Debate Watch Party at American Legion (Victoria, Texas)
  185. Updated Medina Banners
  186. Debra Medina will be on Alex Jones today 01/28/10
  187. Perry's response to ATF shutting down TX gun shows - video
  188. Debra owns Perry apologist radio host
  189. Jan 29 Debate Watch Party at GUADALAJARA'S (Brenham)
  190. WSJ article on Debra: "New Face Upends Texas Governor Race"!
  191. [VIDEO] "What drives GOP gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina?"
  192. Live Radio Show from San Antonio Viewing Party
  193. Where to watch Jan 29 BELO debate (Press release)
  194. Medina banner
  195. Live Stream to the Debra Medina debate?
  196. Medina a wild card in governor's race
  197. Debate Stream
  198. Debra Medina Calls “Bullshit” on Perry Before Debate
  199. Belo chat on Medina
  200. Jan 29th Post-Belo STAY OFF OF MEDINAFORTEXAS.com!!!
  201. Jan 29th Belo debate (replay)
  202. Describe how Debra Medina makes you feel. :D
  203. The Debra Medina Song! ( Our Medina )
  204. Belo medina poll!
  205. Medina: 2, Perry/Hutchison: 0
  206. Video: Debra Medina - Texas Governor Debate - Jan 29, 2010
  207. Perry campaign paying to recruit voters
  208. Vote Medina in this poll [News 8 Austin]
  209. WFAA What Drives Debra Medina?
  210. Debra polling at 19% - only 7% behind Hutchison - in Texas House District 47!!!
  211. Another online poll.. (Debra at 65% so far)
  212. Fox reporter GUSHES over Medina's debate performance!
  213. [ARTICLE] GOP gubernatorial debate in Dallas reinfoces positions
  214. Debra Medina once again scores
  215. BurkaBlog: Perry clear winner in Belo Debate
  216. Medina T-Shirt BOMB!!
  217. "I always stand for life"
  218. Another TV reporter give big props to Medina!
  219. Huff Po on the debate
  220. Post-debate article
  221. www.debramedinaforums.com
  222. Debra Medina on the Lynn Woolley Show
  223. Sales Tax
  224. 10 Observations from the Belo Debate
  225. Art Laffer can redeem himself by endorsing Medina
  226. Perry more than Doubled State Debt!
  227. CBS-11, Dallas: Debra Medina, the Clear Winner of the Debate!
  228. Medina wins straw poll (480 votes cast) - Jan 30th
  229. KIAH Houston 39 poll reset, please vote
  230. Question: What is the current political attitude in Texas?
  231. Huff Post says Medina won by 68% then calls her nuts
  232. Whoa!!!!!
  233. Debra Medina live on Alex Jones Sunday Show coming up very soon! (1/31/10)
  234. Money Bomb Video?
  235. Feb 6, Tea Party Rally in Cleburne, TX | Medina is a guest speaker
  236. Still in disbelief..
  237. Perry's latest policy - no DL's for dropouts
  238. Public Policy Polling: Vote Texas in this poll for next Poll
  239. Media coverage of Medina moneybomb tomorrow
  240. Medina political cartoon in San Antonio paper
  241. Both Debates: Full YouTube Video
  242. Facebook Action - Friend Request Perry & Hutchison fans
  243. Money Bomb!!!
  244. BELO After Debate Presser with Debra Medina
  245. Rasmussen - Medina up another 4 pts. 16%!
  246. Debra "MEDINA 4 GOVNR" on major highway overpass in San Antonio
  247. How much has been raised today?
  248. If Medina doesn't win
  249. Lastest Medina Article - Houston
  250. Debra Medina on Houston PBS (taped Jan 21)