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  1. Debra Interview WBAP 820 Dallas 2/18/10 8:30 am CST
  2. Great comments on Dallas Radio about Medina/Beck issue
  3. Media strategy
  4. Told you Glenn said she was for States Rights.
  5. KTRH: Should Glenn Beck apologize to Debra Medina?
  6. "Take Back Texas" Rally in Texas w/ Medina & Sheriff Mack THIS SUNDAY
  7. Article on Medina: The Nation
  8. Did Rick Perry's Clear Channel Connections Sink Debra Medina?
  9. 1 more vote for medina!
  10. No new polls since the Beck incident....
  11. Oh Dear God...
  12. Some conspiracy theories are more equal than other conspiracy theories
  13. Rick Perry on autobloggreen
  14. Activities this Weekend
  15. Would Medina pardon people who refuse to pay property tax?
  16. KLIF 570 Radio: Glenn Beck Manipulated the audio of the Medina
  17. Glenn Beck defends Medina Interview on KTRH in Houston Texas
  18. [VIDEO] Former Perry Staffer Speaks Out About Beck Medina Interview
  19. [VIDEO] Debra Medina & Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project - Signs Contract 11/04/09
  20. Debra Medina, Glen Beck and the Northwoods Truthers by Jacob G. Hornberger
  21. Debra Medina, Glen Beck and the Northwoods Truthers by Jacob G. Hornberger
  22. [VIDEO] WE TEXANS - 12 Days Till Victory! "This girl is right on!"
  23. Beck Is Toast - Caught In Major Career Ending Lie & Manipulation!
  24. Texas Observer: Republican of the People
  25. Blog: Medina upcoming polls (was 'fading')
  26. Fired Up about Medina
  27. Convert people to Debra CHALLENGE
  28. Medina Signbomb!
  29. Article: Medina in Fort Worth conservative rally
  30. Debra Medina in Rockwall, Texas - Feb. 19th [Video]
  31. facebook page slamming Medina and Ron Paul over 9/11
  32. Cute Medina Ad :)
  33. Another Good Ad
  34. 11 Days to Victory
  35. Debra Medina at High Noon in Cow Town
  36. Hot of The Press: Debra at Liberty Jam
  37. Starting to hear Medina Ads
  38. Can the Obamacare comeback help Medina?
  39. Conservatives cheer Medina's message in Ft Worth!
  40. PPP: Medina leads with people who don't think she's a "truther"
  41. Medina on Rick Sanchez The List
  42. Debra Medina: Constitutional David Takes on Two Goliaths
  43. 10 Days to Victory
  44. University of Texas defies TX Election Laws & Steals Campaign Sign
  45. KWTX Poll
  46. Gov Perry annoints Dr. Savage and Admiral In the Texas Navy...
  47. KPRC Poll
  48. PPP: Medina at 20%
  49. Debra Medina May Use 9/11 Glenn Beck Blackboard Education Tactic
  50. Rasmussen on Texas Race
  51. Media tries to say Debra Medina Praises the "IRS Plane Terrorist"
  52. Inferring Medina's "truther" support base from PPP poll data is flawed
  53. KTSA Poll
  54. Rasmussen: Debra Holds at 16
  55. Dallas News: More than half of Hispanics identify as conservative
  56. Mea Culpa
  57. Downloadable fliers ?
  58. New Video - Channel 11 News
  59. NPR Covers Texas GOP Primary On Front Page
  60. Another reason to hate Glenn Beck
  61. "Calling Dems to vote for Medina" letter to the editor
  62. new voters?
  63. Early Voting Turnout
  64. 9 Days to Victory
  65. A new attack on Medina
  66. My campaign plan
  67. Medina on Freedom Watch
  68. "Decision For Texans" Gubernatorial Debate
  69. Debra Medina and the Power of Nightmares
  70. [VIDEO] Debra Medina Up Close - KHOU 11 Houston, Texas 2/24/10
  71. Debra Medina on "America's Nightly Scoreboard"
  72. Governor Rick Perry—A Friend Of Acorn And Of America When He Finds It Useful To Be So
  73. Rasmussen: Medina now down to 16%? WTH!
  74. BREAKING: KTRK ABC Houston To Investigate Rick Perry TXDOT Money/TTC Toll Road
  75. C4L letter on guv race - candidate survey
  76. The 3rd Texas Gubernatorial Debate
  77. KLBJ Poll
  78. Austin American-Statesman Poll
  79. Glenn Beck And Alex Jones Working Together To Destroy Debra Medina's Campaign For Tex
  80. Who ARE All Those Early GOP Primary Voters?
  81. Debra Madina in Denton, 2/25
  82. Tea Party is seeking to bag GOP with grass-roots tactics
  83. Letter of Support: Sandra Beene, TX Minutemen co-founder
  84. Kay must be on our side :)
  85. We Texans - 3 Days Till Victory
  86. [TUBE] Medina, Texas Braveheart!
  87. Didn't Kay Bailey Hutchinson vote FOR the bailout?!
  88. Medina on Drudgereport!!!!!
  89. Virtual Phone Bank for Medina
  90. How do I vote in the primary on March 2nd?
  91. Medina, First Female President?
  92. Debra Medina, new star of America's right
  93. Body Guards for Debra?
  94. Medina, White earn our gubernatorial endorsements
  95. Great turnout talking point!
  96. Hitler finds that Glenn Becks sabotage of Debra Medina backfires
  97. Resolution Suggestions
  98. Election night - live count, good sites etc?
  99. MSNBC about to do a thing on the TX governor's race
  100. New interesting numbers !!!
  101. Digg this - Debra Medina Firing Up the Race for Texas Governor
  102. Help with Medina e-mail
  103. Calls for Debra--question
  104. Predictions for tomorrow's Texas primary..
  105. Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Conservative When It Counts? (Only during election time)
  106. Debra Medina's Pre-Election Day Message
  107. where are the places to vote
  108. The power of life and death rests in the tip of the tongue. Make those calls!
  109. Ahhhh, it's Texas Independence Day
  110. Attend Your Precinct Convention
  111. who can tell me where I need to go for my precinct convention?
  112. Fox reporting on TX race - leaves out Debra!
  113. ABC News: "Medina unknown but Tea Party favorite"
  114. [VIDEO] ~ [MSNBC Coverage] "Medina doesn't have the money" "mentions the 9/11 radio"
  115. I just voted for Medina, so did my wife
  116. Medina supporter arrested at Watauga polling site, police say
  117. When does voting end?
  118. NZ Herald Article on Medina
  119. Politico Texas Gubernatorial Poll
  120. early results up
  121. S----
  122. 3rd party
  123. What % did Ron Paul get in TX?
  124. Was PPP before Glen Beck or after?
  125. So, I'm Chairman of my Precinct Now.
  126. Precinct Convention Experience
  127. Media and Sheeple
  128. Things to be positive about regarding Medina's results:
  129. If Medina does not win.
  130. What a B$&#@!!!!!
  131. How many of Debra's Precinct Resolutions did you get passed?
  132. Hutchison conceded to Perry
  133. New Agenda for Medina volunteers moving forward
  134. David P. Simpson, Liberty Candidate, Beating Incumbent
  135. Perry's vote total just dropped 1%
  136. Steve Mueller Texas Rep. District 9 - Winning
  137. Medina makes the CBS Evening News - "the tea party candidate"
  138. Republican propositions on primary ballot
  139. It's my fault - sorry I let yall down.
  140. Over 700,000 votes cast for Perry?
  141. Kay "Bailout" Hutchinson was a setup to keep Perry safe?
  142. [RESULTS] (so far..)
  143. David Simpson - Ron paul supporter?
  144. Governor 51%!
  145. County/District Resolution Committee
  146. Debra Medina Defiant in Defeat
  147. Debra Medina for TX-14 U.S. Congress in 2012!
  148. Senator Medina
  149. Medina refuses support of GOP ticket, suggests third-party activity
  150. Debra Medina: "A Huge Texas Thank You"
  151. Problems with Medina
  152. Have Medina signs? - Debra wants them back!
  153. Lieutenant Governor?
  154. Why Perry Won
  155. Whose Forum Should Take Medina's Place?
  156. Nice guys (or gals) finish last
  157. Shouldn't this forum be archived elsewhere?
  158. Is she still campaigning?
  159. [5/14/10] Debra Medina: BIG news coming on K-SKY 660 AM, Dallas...
  160. contact for debra