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  1. Medina beating the Democrat.
  2. Awesome Medina banners!
  3. Radio ad I'd chip in on to have running...
  4. Suggested response for Medina if challenged on abortion...
  5. Call Joe Pags
  6. Would Ventura Endorse Medina?
  7. Medina's Fundraising Hits 500K
  8. Palin, the tea party leader, campaigning for Perry
  9. Medina in the news
  10. Email from Feb 2nd Medina Money Bomb
  11. Debra Medina on Freedom Watch 2/4/2010
  12. Endorsement?
  13. Does This Pickle Have More Friends than Rick Perry?
  14. Debra Medina on Freedom Watch Video Link
  15. Perry staffers jumped to Medina's campaign?
  16. GOP12.Com
  17. What constitutes a run-off election?
  18. Michael Berry
  19. Hot Air gives Debra some nice coverage
  20. In my inbox: Feb. 15th moneybomb
  21. Houston Chronicle OpEd - Eliminating the Property Tax
  22. UT professor about Medina - Nullification a constitutional fiction
  23. 'Nother Medina cartoon
  24. Austin Free Press article on Medina in the Primary
  25. Debra Medina at Feb. 6 Tea Party - Cleburne, TX
  26. Debra needs votes in this poll
  27. Medina says race all about principles — and she’ll win
  28. Medina has picked up steam and may throw the race into a runoff [Wall Street Journal]
  29. PPP Poll
  30. PBS (2007) "The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard" (kinda like the Amazing Mrs. Medina)
  31. Rick Perry Campaign Staffer Publicly Switches Support to Debra Medina
  32. Beck not so fond of Rick Perry anymore?
  33. "Independent Texans" organization endorses Medina
  34. Texas conservative base shifting towards Medina
  35. if anyone cares...
  36. Medina at 24% in PPP Poll!!!
  37. Dallas Business Journal poll
  38. Sign Wave planning
  39. another poll - biz journal
  40. How many family and friends can you convince to vote for medina?
  41. Medina to have Webcast Town Hall meetings
  42. prop/sales tax issue - what about existing local bonds?
  43. Medina needs to attack
  44. NEW Medina MoneyBomb! Texas Constitution Day - Feb 15!!
  45. Chris Matthews Attacks Debra Medina Video
  46. Full Page Write Up on Perry Front Page Austin Paper
  47. Medina Front Page AOL.com
  48. Debra on Beck 02/11 @ 10am
  49. Paul Burka: $2M = Medina win
  50. PPP: Medina vs White = 44% to 38%, as competitive as Perry
  51. Its closer than you think
  52. Texas governor to campaign for Paul in 2012?
  53. Did we just pass up KBH?
  54. Dallas News Blog: "Debra Medina's appeal"
  55. More polling
  56. libertarian party / constitution party of texas both fielding candidates?
  57. Replays of the debates for those who missed them
  58. Need votes for Debra in these two polls
  59. Craigslist: Please post FREE ads for Medina
  60. Who can make some banners for Medina's next Moneybomb?
  61. 950 AM Houston - Question of the Day Poll - Does Debra have a shot?
  62. Debra Media/ Glenn Beck segment (youtube)
  63. Debra Media/ Glenn Beck segment (youtube)
  64. A letter to Glenn Beck
  65. Damage Control
  66. Medina's response after the jump.
  67. How Medina could flip this
  68. The Dallas Morning News Blog on Glenn Beck's 911 Question
  69. Ron Paul answering the same question as Medina did.
  70. Oh @#$%!! A insider birdy told me that....
  71. Medina press release in response
  72. Medina going on Glenn Beck (a parody)
  73. Sophia advised us on Jan 19 that Beck endorsed Perry
  74. What if we boycott Beck's sponsors?
  75. Debra Should have done the Talkmaster, Neil Bortz
  76. Inch by Inch Inspirational Speech - We need to get pumped!!!
  77. Ron Paul vs Giuliani - Debra vs Beck
  78. URGENT: Contact info for Debra's campaign needed
  79. I support Debra Medina
  80. Debra Medina online today 3:30 pm
  81. Glenn Beck Interviews Rick Perry
  82. Nationwide Radio Show Host ALL OVER Medina/Beck!!!
  83. Lew Rockwell says robocalls from Perry made only 90 minutes after the Beck interview
  84. Could the Beck interview actually work for us?
  85. Medina Money Stats for the day...
  86. Calling every texan here
  87. Mike Church (satellite radio show host) supports Medina and attacks Beck!
  88. KBTX Online Poll: Please Support Debra Medina!
  89. Medina coming on live at www.klif.com
  90. Perry, KBH blast Medina
  91. Medina will be on Joe Pags Now - Listen Live
  92. Examiner.com: Did Glenn Beck set up Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina?
  93. AP Story on Medina's Answer to Beck's Question
  94. Transcript of Beck/Medina Interview
  95. Meetup Groups Activate Throughout Texas
  96. Beck/Medina interview makes it to the Yahoo homepage
  97. Perspective
  98. What Will Debra Medina's Poll Results Be? (Guess Here)
  99. Google
  100. Texans against Glenn Beck (Facebook group)
  101. All is not lost.
  102. Local Interviews (Have these been on tv or just the website?)
  103. Medina responds on KLIF 570
  104. Please DIGG! Glenn Beck obscures Texas Governor’s Race with 9/11 Question
  105. Don Harrold interviews Debra Medina - February 09
  106. Christian Science Monitor Article
  107. Medina is a MARVEL! - Look at Opponent Spending
  108. Beck's tactic will not hurt Medina much
  109. FEMA Attacks Medina!
  110. On a lighter note - very interesting biographical article on Debra Medina
  111. After Quick Rise, New Scrutiny Of Medina's Views
  112. Any Medina media appearances today?
  113. Debra Medina’s Texas-size Momentum
  114. KTSA "post Beck" Poll about Debra's chances now - Please vote!
  115. Politico: Debra Medina's Texas-size momentum - Feb 12
  116. Beck just spoke about yesterday's interview
  117. Pledge for the Debra Medina Moneybomb on FACEBOOK
  118. Palin a 9/11 truther?
  119. The Austin French Kiss - Brokebeck Mountain
  120. Letters to the Editor
  121. Palin is a 9/11 Truther, not medina
  122. New Poll: UT and Texas Tribune: Bailout 21, Medina 19
  123. MEDIA ADVISORY:Request For Coverage - Debra Medina holds press conference in Houston
  124. WHERE can I donate to this wonderful patriot?
  125. Debra Medina Schedules Press Conference to Stop Hemorrhaging Caused By Beck Interview
  126. This may be good for her
  127. Ft. Worth Star-Telegram "post-Beck" Poll on Medina's chances now
  128. What Debbie Shoud say at the Press conference
  129. Live Feed Appears to be up (link)
  130. Live Feed, NO AUDIO?!?!? N E 1 Else?
  131. New Texas poll out today
  132. 9/11 widows call for new investigation...
  133. Medina signs during Glenn Beck's keynote CPAC speech?
  134. Medina interview Mike Church Show 2/12
  135. What's wrong with questioning one's government?
  136. WE TEXANS - 19 Days Till Victory - New Campaign Video!!!
  137. Show us the emails!
  138. Why isn't Perry's association with the NAU and superhiway all over the tv/ads etc?
  139. [VIDEO] WE TEXANS - 19 Days Till Victory! Glenn Beck & Blowback!
  140. Debra's Democrat rival now questioning events of 9/11!!!
  141. BREAKING: Fort Worth 912 President comes out in support of and to the aide of Debra M
  142. Glen Beck lost a lot of viewers
  143. Mike Church interviews Medina 2/12 (after Beck incident)
  144. ABC13 video interview of Debra Medina after 9-11 Glenn Beck Interview!
  145. 912 Project Forum
  146. A Day with Debra Medina
  147. possible good response for Medina on 9/11 situation
  148. We need Judge Napolitano on a Medina Rally
  149. Perry Campaign Spreading 9/11 Truth Lies back on Jan 19th
  150. Beck is to Medina as Rudy is to Ron
  151. Hannity Forums discussing Medina?
  152. [VIDEO] Houston press conference to address 9/11 comments
  153. Kevin Crouch (former Perry staffer) is standing strong with Debra
  154. Palin for 9/11 truth
  155. Farouk Shami may have saved the day!
  156. Two birds...one stone
  157. Strong signal that Medina campaign is moving ahead full force
  158. Adrian Murray, Fort Worth 912 President re: Supporting Medina
  159. Veterans Today article
  160. Austin paper does a more subtle Beck job on Medina
  161. Don't MESS with Texas spontaneous Medina Money Bomb!
  162. [VIDEO] Fox News: The New Sarah Palin.... Debra Medina mentioned at 5:13
  163. Medina vs Beck – Language Diversion Translator, 911 = Nullification?
  164. Medina's Donations Ticker - where is it?
  165. Medina on Freedomwatch?
  166. Fox News : Debra Medina is the new Sarah Palin video here :
  167. re
  168. Some Encouraging News
  169. 18 Days to Victory
  170. Campaign site down?
  171. Houston Chronicle endorses KBH....same day as Dallas morning news
  172. Debra Medina at Local Tea Party Event
  173. President of Fort Worth 912 project posts anti-Beck video on his Facebook wall
  174. Funky Cold Medina Video
  175. Psychic or Perry Plant?
  176. What is Medina's position on personal property tax (aka car "registration")?
  177. Houston Straw Poll results
  178. Debra Medina, will you be my valentine?
  179. Now Bill White (D) is keeping it in the news
  180. The big question about KBH supporters
  181. The time has come for all talk radio hosts to bring up RON PAUL REPUBLICANS
  182. Debra Medina Press Conference Houston, TX - February 12th
  183. Conservative Talk Host Defends Medina; Becks an “Absolute Phony”
  184. Debra Medina still Hot on Google! - Feb 14
  185. Houston Chronicle pissed me off
  186. Glenn Beck & Rick Perry Do The Texas Two Step
  187. Dallas Morning News Poll
  188. Rick Perry was a Democrat until he was 40 years old.
  189. Please Vote in this Poll!
  190. Bombs Away!
  191. Medina said she didn't believe in 9/11 truthers. You'll see that if you listen closel
  192. The YouTube that will SAVE the Debra Medina Campaign
  193. Decent NYT Article on Debra and the Governors Race
  194. No Twitter updates from Debra since 2-11-10
  195. ACTIVISTS NEEDED:Help spread the word on the Medina moneybomb (MISSION COMPLETE)
  196. 950am Houston Poll - Vote Now! - Does Debra Have a Shot?
  197. When does that radio host come on today (KLIF) that loves Debra?
  198. Article: The Glenn Beck/Debra Medina Sucker Punch
  199. MSN Money - BizPulse: Readers vote Debra Medina
  200. Counting the votes
  201. Perry's online army
  202. Talk radio host calls Beck out as a Phony
  203. DailyKos Poll: Medina still at 17%; Leads in Very Favorables
  204. Converting Beck, Palin, Rush, Hannity fans into Medina & real TeaParty supporters...
  205. Debra Medina, Glen Beck and the Northwoods Truthers from FFF
  206. Is There a Digg to Promote the Moneybomb?
  207. The Judge praises Debra today in Plano
  208. Debra Medina's Live Townhall meeting - 2/15 at 6:30 CST
  209. The Importance of the Independent Vote
  210. New Youtube: WE TEXANS - 17 Days Till Victory
  211. San Antonio Business Journal Poll
  212. Vote in poll
  213. Official Debra Medina Facebook page disappears?
  214. Glenn Beck questions 9/11. Video
  215. GREAT YOUTUBE: Glenn Beck the connection to the Texas Gubernatorial Race
  216. “Southern Avenger” Double Shot – Tom Woods and Debra Medina 2/16/10, 12noon EST
  217. "Liberal leaning Medina?!?"
  218. Early Voting Begins Today!!
  219. TNA - Debra Medina: Ready to Mess with Texas
  220. Peter Morrison Report endorses Medina!
  221. New American Debra Medina article today...
  222. Door to door results
  223. I only saw Debra Medina signs
  224. Beck compares Medina to a flat-earther
  225. medina sign
  226. 17 Days To Victory (vid)
  227. Joe Pags E-mail exchange
  228. Do you have a Debra Medina bumper sticker yet?
  229. Debra Medina is being "Pauled" by media.....
  230. Early Voting
  231. Early Voting
  232. Facebook Group: If Debra Medina wins I'm moving to Texas!
  233. DMN has finally shown its true colors
  234. The Souther Avenger - Interview with Debra Medina 2/16/10
  235. Chris Matthews arguing with Tea Partier
  236. down ballot
  238. Lets contact Anderson Cooper to have Medina on...
  239. Debra Medina ON RIGHT NOW 9:33 cst
  240. Im about to vote for Medina
  241. Find out about your other local candadates here
  242. [VIDEO] Who is Debra Medina?
  243. Secret weapon for Medina... Democrats!
  244. Houston Local Fox Nes Poll - Be Sure To Vote
  245. I knew this was out there!
  246. [VIDEO] Why Texas Needs Medina For Governor
  247. Dallas News: Perry supporter planted fake pro-Medina comments on our blog
  248. Interesting Diary/Post on DailyKos
  249. Debra Medina Facebook page: Over 20,000 fans!
  250. Neo-Con Hierarchy Launches Dirty Tricks Campaign Against Real Constitutionalists