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  1. Schools versus Senior Centers:)
  2. More insanity in US Public Schools
  3. Excellent article on education in america and why it is so bad for us
  4. Video that gives some explanation about our screwed education.
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Banning "Mom and Dad" From Schools
  6. Congress sends their kids to non-governmental schools
  7. Why Dept. of Education Must Go
  8. Sign Of Times: NJ School Cameras Fed Live To Cops
  9. Protest Dept. of Ed. (NCLB) w/ School Walkout
  10. Government Schools: Not Just Bad For Poor Kids
  11. Politicians: "Education and morals begin at home.
  12. Federal gov't trying to shut down a religious school
  13. FEE: Origins of Federal Control Over Education
  14. FEE: Government Schooling: The Bureaucratization of the Mind
  15. Video: Why Public Schools Suck
  16. 10-Year-Old Arrested at School for Cutting a Steak During Lunch w/ Proper Utensil
  17. Judge Threatens to throw HomeSchool Mom in Jail...
  18. Homeschooling support of candidates
  19. Question: School Tax for people who have no kids?
  20. Intelligent Design/Creationism and why it doesn't belong in public schools
  21. School district plans to chip and track students
  22. The wonders of federally funded education.
  23. West Virginia weighing gun lessons for schoolchildren
  24. Why does Ron hate the Dept. of Education so much?
  25. Education
  26. JBS: UN Propaganda aimed at U.S. Schoolchildren
  27. Education in Finland. How Ron Paul would Respond
  28. Against School: How Public Education Cripples Our Kids, and Why
  29. Deputy Tasers High School Student Despite Orders
  30. Dozens of Students Arrested during school protest
  31. California: Judge orders homeschoolers into government education
  32. Arguments for homeschooling
  33. Regarding the recent California anti-homeschooling decision
  34. Oh....now we can't homeschool our own kids??
  35. Home Schooling ILLEGAL!
  36. Next on School Agenda: Teaching Communism
  37. Court's homeschool ban creating 'panic' in California
  38. Are Homeschooling Parents On Their Way To Prison In Cal.?
  39. more than 4500 cameras in chicago public schools!?!
  40. Why have public schools?
  41. 11 yr Old Girl Tasered at school
  42. Government Education...
  43. Federal Government Out of School's Policies?
  44. Teacher's Union Hinders Education
  45. Are American Schools Failing?
  46. SC Gov. Sanford, Education, Globalization, Economics...etc..
  47. Stupid in America - John Stossel
  48. Texas leads nation in abstinence education dollars
  49. 1 in 4 California high school students drop out
  50. Fox news loses credibility
  51. Texas Board of Education does its part to fantasize biology
  52. Inner city students paying for their own education
  53. History of Education in America - Private vs. Public
  54. Given that the federal Constitution says nothing about public schools...
  55. California Judge Overturns Court Ruling on Homeschooling!
  56. Higher Education Today
  57. SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2007
  58. IL school board bans Heinlein from library
  59. Public education: epic fail on us gov
  60. Alex De Tocqueville, Democracy in America. Need help for debate!!
  61. $350 million high school finally opens in LA
  62. Close the Government Schools
  63. Hillsdale College: No Government Funding
  64. Socialist Bias On Campus
  65. CRAP: Island fourth grader suspended for using broken pencil sharpener
  66. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND: The Football Version
  67. What homeschoolers wish the rest of us knew
  69. Governemnt funding versus average cost of college
  70. Bureaucracy? Need judge for who is right.
  71. Who Shall Teach: The Case for Separation of School and State
  72. A letter to the CHURCH - The Evil Economics of America
  73. Racine schools teaching Obama greatness
  74. HS student arrested for "terrorist" zombie story
  75. Department of Education - have a GOOD video that takes them on?
  76. college students are debt slaves (article)
  77. "Capitalism encourages psychopaths"
  78. School Choice Grassroots Campaign
  79. CT Porn teacher gains closure
  80. Will student loans be forgiven??
  81. Public Education Now Pushing The NWO via of Textbooks
  82. My Journey with the Kennewick Man
  83. Story of Stuff(Educational Video)
  84. CNN: Children Forced Into Cell-like School Seclusion Rooms
  85. “Public” Education: An American Outrage
  86. Being Homeshooled Next Year, Got Any Tips?
  87. Christians are being called to abandon the Luciferian Public Schools
  88. New "Zero Tolerance" Cyber-Bullying Law For Schools
  89. Are Public Schools Harming Your Kids? - Samuel L. Blumenfeld
  90. Liberty for All: A Libertarian's New Years Resolutions
  91. Chicago Public Schools Spent 70K on espresso makers
  92. Home Schooling Continues to Grow
  93. Home Schooling And Custody Cases
  94. Ind. teacher fired for taping shut student's mouth
  95. I'm Running for my local School Board, and you can help!
  96. International law question: US aid to Israel
  97. John Stossel: Is College Worth It?
  98. Oregon gives teens options on exit exams (No Longer Need to Learn English or Math)
  99. John Stossel: Stupid in America, How We Cheat Our Kids [ Public School System ]
  100. Top 10 Myths About Education Funding and Budget Reductions
  101. Family Tree
  102. NYC converts catholic schools into government schools :(
  103. The great college hoax
  104. Education for the Poor (Alternatives to public education)
  105. childrens's books in dumpsters: Washington madness(article)
  106. The fight to take back NYU, occupation at New York University--the latest flashpoint
  107. Race Cowards? In Academia, Certainly
  108. Argument for abolishing the DOE that will convince socialists
  109. Obama Details Plan for Overhauling Education
  110. College is a Rip-Off - ABC 20/20 with John Stossel
  111. Judge orders homeschoolers into public district classrooms
  112. Unique anti-kindergarten lawsuit endorsed in NH
  113. College: the American dumbass factory (article)
  114. Dallas school accused of staging fights
  115. Education Reform Will Control You
  116. Carnegie's Plan to "Alter" American Education (actual document)
  117. pay more, get the S.O.S. at college :P
  118. Free Market Education - lets hear some ideas
  119. "Indoctrinate U" preview
  120. G. Edward Griffin interviews Ex-KGB Uri Bezmenov on Ideological Indoctrination (1985)
  121. We'll Just Dumb Them All Down
  122. gov'ment teacher molestation case (with a murder twist)
  123. If public schools must exist then Liberty must be a MANDATORY SUBJECT!
  124. UNESCO and the Deliberate Dumbing Down of the Western World
  125. pay more, get less: the failed State at work :P
  126. College: the failed business model (article)
  127. another twist in Gov't "education" scam
  128. grade inflation / fraud in academia (article by economist Walter Williams)
  129. gov't schools corrupt? ya don't say! (article)
  130. Schools now giving out GPA's above 100%!
  131. article: "Will Higher Education Be the Next Bubble to Burst?"
  132. Homeschooling growing rapidly. Primary motivation no longer is religion.
  133. I guess our tax $ is going towards bribing kids for good grades
  134. Kansas Teacher Claims Conservative Views Led to Loss of Job
  135. John Taylor Gatto on CSPAN2 (long vid) w/ Freestate Project backdrop
  136. UN Treaty Jeopardizes Homeschool Freedom in Britain
  137. new results of the bursted college bubble (cheaper degrees)
  138. Government Control, Education And The Demise Of American Values
  139. What? Even Charter Schools Got "F's"?
  140. Student aid crime ring busted
  141. Teachers Paid to do Nothing
  142. My Case For Privatizing Education
  143. article: "The Military Invades U.S. Schools"
  144. The Dumbing Down of America
  145. Dr. Medford Evans: What Are We Teaching Our Children?
  146. Time To End The Monopoly In Education
  147. The purpose and origins of public education - John Gatto
  148. G. Edward Griffin: No Place to Hide - The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism (1982)
  149. Pam Probst - History of Government Schools (The Libertarian Alternative) (30 min. vid
  150. Tucker Carlson: Guess Which Words Are Banned from Your Kids' Textbooks?
  151. I made a survavalist show to educate people away from government dependence.
  152. state universities offering how-to seminars on Marxist revolution
  153. Must-Read Article on U.S. Education by C4Liberty Member Jim Quinn
  154. Principal Tells Kindergartner to Unclog Toilet With Hands
  155. Americans Score an “F” in American History
  156. Government Education: Enemy of a Free Society
  157. SAT Scores Decline in NYC Schools
  158. President to address our children Sept 8th
  159. University Perversity: America Taking the Stupid Pill
  160. 9/11 Education Plan
  161. End of the "Free Ride" for Public Education?
  162. Want the state out of your homeschool? Move to Alaska.
  163. How to Lower Costs and Improve Education?
  164. 1 in 7 U.S. adults are unable to read this story
  165. Education by Walter Williams
  166. U.S. Students Flunk U.S. Citizenship Test
  167. Are Schools Teaching Children to Serve Obama?
  168. Stupid in America 20/20 with John Stossel
  169. The Fourth Purpose (Please Comment)
  170. Indoctrinate U... anyone seen it?
  171. School sucks podcast: the end of public education
  172. upcoming Walter Block speeches
  173. 75% of dollars collected for federal education budget STAYS in Washington DC
  174. How Cheap Could Private Education Get?
  175. The Proper Form of Education
  176. Ron Paul's library
  177. School Vouchers: Secular Schools Only?
  178. Look what Texas is teaching about the Bill of Rights!
  179. Crowder Video on School Vouchers
  180. Why the Federal Government Should Get Out of Education
  181. Federal Researchers Find Lower Standards in Schools
  182. Duncan: States 'set bar too low' FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION
  183. FDR Court Packing Plan
  184. Obama Bribes States With Education Grants
  185. USA 101 for public ed kids or TV watchers:
  186. How Government Drives Up Tuition
  187. Compulsory Education And Permanent Childhood
  188. Democratic schools: education through freedom
  189. The purpose of public education - quotes from the elites (vid)
  190. Dumbo University By Patrick J. Buchanan
  191. More Students = More Debt
  192. "White Privilege"
  193. English literature and writing - teachers...
  194. Boys’ Educational Failure Is No Mystery
  195. More Than 70 Percent of Colleges Restrict Free Speech
  196. On the Front Lines of Global Warming Hysteria: Your Kids
  197. Radical Civics: Stuff You Need To Know About Politics; Didn't Learn In Public School
  198. Do your friends or family support Newt Gingrich? Watch this!
  199. Detroit News’ Bogeyman: Homeschooling Moms and Dads
  200. Effort Continues to Oust "Safe Schools Czar"
  201. Should logic be taught in public schools?
  202. Walter Williams: Untrue Beliefs | the facts tell a different story
  203. General William Selby Harney
  204. Obama Seeking to rewrite the No Child Left Behind law.
  205. 4-year-old suspended for long hair
  206. "In the real world, you don't go to the principle's office"
  207. How Conservatives Can Use "Education Reform" as a Campaign Issue
  208. Department Of Education - Michael McPadden for Congress
  209. Should Schools no longer be funded by Property Taxes?
  210. Next Obama Push: Nationalization of Education
  211. Race to the Top: Transparency is Missing
  212. U.S. Judge Grants Asylum for Homeschooling Family
  213. Educational Law for school assignment
  214. The Rhodes Legacy: Are Its Agents Shaping America's Destiny? | The Rhodes Scholarship
  215. Education is State/local not Federal
  216. The Goals Of The Moles
  217. Rival Groups at War
  218. No, Sir, That Ain't History: A Review of David Aaronovitch's "Voodoo Histories."
  219. Green Books for Kids and the Environmentalists' Meltdown
  220. Walter Williams: Black Opportunity Destruction | Ebonics hurt Black Americans
  221. Modern Edumecation | Spelling, Reading, Discipline nearly gone from Schools
  222. Why the Government Should Get Out of Education
  223. RI Superintendent fires every unionized HS teacher
  224. new curriculum proposal for N.Carolina high schools completely cuts Founding Fathers
  225. Obama Pushes New School Standards
  226. Evidence for Sex/Gender Differences in Cognition
  227. Report Finds College Students Fail Basic Civics Test
  228. Behind The Big News: Should we trust the Mainstream Media?
  229. To Test or Not to Test? That is the Multiple-Choice Question
  230. Wake County "Diversity Policy"
  231. Football players in trouble for "stealing" FREE newspapers
  232. City Budget Crisis Has Its Upside...Closing Public Schools!
  233. Does DPS leader's writing send wrong message?
  234. Beverly Eakman on the effects of the psychologized classroom, An Interview
  235. Proposed National Uniform Academic Standards?
  236. Was elementary education more balanced before the dept. of ed?
  237. Texas Board of Education removed Thomas Jefferson??
  238. Good article/blog post explaining the loan/tuition snowball effect?
  239. A Textbook Example of What's Wrong with Education
  240. Beverly Eakman: How To Counter Group Manipulation Tactics - an Overview
  241. Texas Board of Education Tries to Correct History
  242. No Child Left Behind Overhaul - Obama's Doublespeak
  243. Texas Textbook Massacre
  244. A Perfect Example of America's Education System.
  245. John Taylor Gatto On The Consequences Of Public Education
  246. Is Nick Jr’s Team Umizoomi teaching children to help….or steal?
  247. Obama's New Student Loan Program | Not in Americans' Best Interests
  248. Florida Action Item: Schools
  249. GASP! The Hutaree homschooled.
  250. Increasing Number Of Parents Opting To Have Children School-Homed