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  1. How the Public Schools Keep Your Child a Prisoner of the State - Video
  2. High School Shocker: Lesson Sheet Elevates Communism over "Capitalism"
  3. free market education as an anti-NWO tool
  4. Education in Nazi Germany: Modern-Day Parallels?
  5. Obama ‘pardons’ 10 states from No Child Left Behind requirements
  6. ADHD
  7. Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood (Trailer)
  8. Another solution to the blight that is the public school
  9. How California Educators Created an Educational Disaster
  10. Florida Action Alert To all Home School Families & Private School Families
  11. The school I once went to now resembles a prison
  12. Indonesians to Receive Master's Degrees Courtesy U.S. Taxpayers
  13. origin and evil of government schools(John Gatoo Vid)
  14. Let's work together and break down the Department of Education
  15. Federal Reserve "Propaganda" Curriculum Aimed at High Schools
  16. Education, Statism, & Future
  17. Walking Targets: How Our Psychologized Classrooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks
  18. [VIDEO] TEDxGlasgow - Pauline Dixon - How Private Schools Are Serving the Poorest
  19. How Will the Poor Be Educated Without Federal Funds
  20. Mark Cuban on The Education Bubble
  21. UN Treaty possibly bans homeschooling in the U.S.
  22. College loan VS Business loan.
  23. 10 Problems with American Education & How to Fix Them
  24. Children told to pledge allegiance in exchange for ice cream.
  25. Get rid of the 3 p.m. school day
  26. An Argument for Privatizing Public Schools
  27. Affirmative Action in School Discipline?!?
  28. 14 Wacky "Facts" Kids Will Learn in Louisiana's Voucher Schools
  29. :( I had to join the NEA and IEA today :(
  30. Psychology & Indoctrination for the Destruction of Critical Thinking in Public Schools
  31. Interest Free Student Loans
  32. The College Conspiracy - Video
  33. High School grads: Only 1/3 whites and 5% of blacks demonstrate competency in ACT key fiel
  34. Unionized Teachers Show Their Clout and Win
  35. Cali. Bill to reduce school suspensions
  36. Pro-Liberty columnists? (For English class)
  37. Patron of the arts situation available for female
  38. "Our Enemy The State" - initial impressions
  39. Teaching Tolerance, A Project of The Southern Poverty Law Center
  40. Public School Dilemma
  41. Florida Passes Plan For Racially-Based Academic Goals
  42. School District Application System Hacked
  43. Testing Milton Friedman (PBS Discussion / Debate)
  44. Educators Want "The Student Resistance Handbook" Banned
  45. Camp FEMA: American Lockdown
  46. The Truth About Public Schools | Sheldon Richman
  47. Obama's Secret Weapon: The Illiterate Vote
  48. [Video] Freedom Project Education: The Online School Revolution
  49. More public school fail - Feds: Teachers embroiled in test-taking fraud
  50. Home School Legal Defense Association: Ugernt Call To Action.
  51. How 19th Century Communists Formed a Secret Society to Promote American Public Education
  52. Mesa principal punishes students with hand holding-tough guys? (ahem...)
  53. Indiana changes training requirements for new teachers
  54. Profiting From a Child’s Illiteracy
  55. 200 years of school violence
  56. [VIDEO] Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo on the Spielberg Lincoln movie and secession
  57. Student Loan Crisis
  58. Readingate: The 100-Year Coverup of Educational Malpractice
  59. Abolish Public Education
  60. Starting Tonight: Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln: The Curse of Economic Nationalism
  61. Government Subsidizing Free On Line Courses For Home Educators
  62. How much truancy costs school districts
  63. Two 6-year-olds were suspended from an elementary school for playing “cops and robbers”...
  64. Teacher Problem
  65. Senator "ecoli evolve into a person?"
  66. Common Core: Children For Sale
  67. Obama's "Common Core of Standards": Final Step in Phony School Reform
  68. Obama Bribes States to Adopt National Education Curriculum | Common Core
  69. Atheist supports using tax credits to send students to religious schools
  70. Majoring in Minors: Turning Our Schools into Totalitarian Enclaves
  71. 7-year-old playing an imaginary game at school gets suspended for real
  72. What Black Men Think
  73. Anne Arundel teacher on administrative leave following viral video
  74. Crunker than most. Stay sexy. Stay high. Stay drunk. Stay trippy.
  75. Teacher Arrested at JFK
  76. WA man teaches science to students without federal dollars
  77. Eric Holder: Banning Homeschooling Doesn’t Violate Fundamental Rights
  78. OBAMA: Universal Preschool
  79. MI: House Bill 4250 intends to have Homeschoolers report attendence
  80. Enjoy the spoils of your victory.
  81. Texas Education Association uses taxpayer dollars to rally parents against school choice
  82. Public high school students - field trip to help pass legis. for disabled
  83. TX: School district with 1.5k students needs F/T truancy officer
  84. The Automotive Police State
  85. K-12 Student Database
  86. Fort Myers, FL: HS Student Disarms Gunman... Gets Suspended
  87. [Video] Public schools, gun control, and communism
  88. [VIDEO] Marketing Genius Seth Godin: Schools Created To Teach Us To Obey
  89. Frightening things afoot in public schools
  90. New school visitor rules limit hugs, homemade food
  91. Student Suspended For Refusal to Stomp on the Word “Jesus”
  92. CO: School officials laughing as they talked about hiding millions of dollars
  93. Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids: What You Need to Know
  94. Hitler banned homeschooling. Obama wants to deport German homeschoolers.
  95. Obama wants to deport Homeschoolers
  96. Dangers of CSCOPE -- Texas Public Schools Brainwashing Kids
  97. [Video] Ben Swann: The truth behind "Common Core" Education Curriculum
  98. Teacher’s resignation letter: My profession no longer exists
  99. What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success
  100. GOP Blasts Obama-backed National Education Standards | Common Core
  101. "If I would have done this, I'd be in jail and CPS would have my son."
  102. School Vouchers Are a bad Idea
  103. Homeschool bashing
  104. The modern school system was developed in Prussia to make obedient soldiers
  105. When TPTB own the children
  106. Pew Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz
  107. Backwoods Home helps save school band-attempted murder by teacher's union
  108. Iowa considering easing Homeschool laws
  109. Chalkboard Rebellion in the Golden State
  110. German Homeschooling Family’s Request for Asylum Denied by the U.S. Government
  111. MarketWatch: The biggest conspiracy of all?
  112. Inside the Multimillion-Dollar Essay-Scoring Business
  113. Children arrested for trivial things...
  114. From the horses mouth
  115. [Video] Common Core: The Progressive Takeover of American Schools
  116. Common Core State Standards=Government control of education
  117. The Ultimate History Lesson John Taylor Gatto
  118. Lawmaker says faith healing should be allowed in science class
  119. The US was complicit in the holocaust
  120. Action: Stop Common Core in Your State
  121. The Shocking Truth About Student Debt
  122. [Audio] Charlotte Iserbyt - Why Charter Schools are Dangerous
  123. 1986 - Separation of School and State - For a Sound Education and Individual Liberty
  124. 1985 - Foundations Busily Promoting "Global Education"
  125. 1993 - Outcome-Based Education: Skinnerian Conditioning in the Classroom
  126. 1995 - UNESCO: A Global School Board
  127. Utah legislator Wants to End Compulsory Education
  128. Mind Control "State Of Mind Film Full Version HD"
  129. Higher Education: Brainwashing 101
  130. The Benefits of a Classical Education
  131. 'Common Core' In Jeopardy As More States Withdraw
  132. US Dep of Ed ad money spent to suck ME (a foreigner) into student debt bubble
  133. Death to Homeschooling!
  134. Death to Homeschooling!
  135. Book Review - Education: Assumptions Versus History by Thomas Sowell
  136. Book - Inside American Education: The Decline, the Deception, the Dogmas by Thomas Sowell
  137. 1992 - Freeing Children to Learn
  138. Book Review: Is Public Education Necessary? by Samuel L. Blumenfeld
  139. Georgetown student demands more regulation on homeschoolers
  140. Nut-Free School Zone
  141. How Your Child Is Being Dumbed Down To Total Servitude
  142. The Civil War was really the great turning point
  143. School district seeks order for truancy that happend 9 years ago
  144. Common Core: A Scheme to Rewrite Education
  145. Orwellian Nightmare: Data-mining Your Kids
  146. Principal: 'I Was Naïve About Common Core'
  147. American Education Nears Its Collectivist Goal
  148. Ashton Kutcher's Speech to the Teen Choice Awards Goes Viral
  149. 1,500 Rally Against Common Core Tests at Comsewogue High School
  150. Will Jeb Bush's Support for Common Core Hurt Him in 2016?
  151. CFR.org: U.S. Education Reform and National Security
  152. New York Times' Keller Tries, Fails to Defend Common Core
  153. Florida State Rep. Ray Pilon Breaking Rank with Gov. Rick Scott, Opposes Common Core
  154. Indonesia: VIRGINITY tests to enter high school?
  155. Judge Sends Mother To Jail For Truancy
  156. Rabbithole
  157. Obama Targets Colleges for More Federal Control
  158. School officials have hired a company to monitor and analyze students' public social media
  159. Sun Around Earth or Earth Around Sun?
  160. Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’
  161. Great Dads Don't Homeschool
  162. The 10th Amendment
  163. Common Core Indoctrination
  164. STUDY: White People Show Hypocrisy On Meritocracy
  165. Schools want money, Individuals want rights...
  166. Jaden Smith: If Everyone "Dropped Out of School," Society Would Be "More Intelligent"
  167. Starnes from Faux-Newz
  168. NC Public School board bans classic...
  169. Inversely Proportional: Teachers Union Contract to Student Education
  170. Common Core National Education Outrages Teacher Coalition
  171. [Video] Common Core - Another Attempt to Maintain Homogenous Viewpoints
  172. Content Industry Drafts Anti-Piracy Curriculum for Elementary Schools
  173. [Video] Common Core: Dangers And Threats To American Liberty And Education
  174. Parent Dares Challenge Common Core, Hauled Away in Handcuffs
  175. Common Core teaching thug life
  176. Teach for America: A Secular Religion
  177. Two Cheers for American Education
  178. Where All the Children are Above-Average: the Gifted and Talented
  179. Louisiana Lawmaker to File anti-Common Core Legislation
  180. PA school district looking to get family physicians out of schooling decisions
  181. FL States Attorney looks to make an example of HS parents
  182. The real gender gap
  183. Expert Explores Link Between Federal Data Mining and Common Core
  184. Cursive: A Beautiful Diversity
  185. How Common Core Standards Threaten Education Choice
  186. Louisiana: St. Tammany School Board Seeks to End Common Core
  187. Opt-Out of Common Core?
  188. [Audio] Fight Obama's Radical Educational Agenda - Common Core
  189. Middle School Bans Tag, Cartwheels, Footballs, and More For Students' Safety
  190. WI Rep Hesselbein Ignorant of Common Core Medical Devices to Monitor Students
  191. Common Core Worksheet: Fix the 'Outdated' Bill of Rights
  192. Louisiana: St. Tammany School Board approves anti-Common Core resolution
  193. Sen. Tim Scott: Common Core Is a Threat to Education
  194. New York: Parents Outraged Over Common Core; Town Hall Events Nixed
  195. Common Core: Teacher's resignation letter: 'My profession ... no longer exists'
  196. Colorado Moms Push Back on Common Core, Data Mining
  197. Fourth Graders Learn About Their "White Privilege" - Thanks to Common Core-aligned Lesson
  198. [Video] Julie Borowski: The Truth About Common Core
  199. "Dear, Michelle Malkin: Here's the Way Out of Common Core" by Dr. Joel McDurmon
  200. “We really can’t change that,” Common Core Reading List OH
  201. [Video] Education Expert: Common Core Education is Social Engineering
  202. [Video] Dr. Duke Pesta Testifies Against Common Core in Wisconsin - On Fire!
  203. Under Pressure, Largest N.H. School District Backs Away From Common Core
  204. DOCTORS NOTE now required to send a packed lunch to school with children
  205. More Howlers from Accreditation
  206. [Video] Common Core: Teaching Kids What — Not How — to Think
  207. Wolfram Alpha Wants to Teach Your Kids Math
  208. The Miseducation of America - Documentary Video
  209. Tom Pauken: No more common core
  210. Textbook publishers ignoring Texas school board’s inane interventions
  211. [Video] Mississippi Sen. Chris McDaniel Vows to Fight Common Core
  212. Common Core: People vs. Big Government, Big Business, and Billionaires
  213. Common Core Advocates Placed on Defensive in Wisconsin
  214. Ben Swann's Smartphone Apps
  215. Common Core lessons blasted for sneaking politics into elementary classrooms
  216. [Video] FreedomWorks On Tap "Meet The New School System" AKA: Common Core
  217. Grandma Talks about Common Core
  218. Notes on the Pussification of America
  219. POP QUIZ: Kids, when you daydream about sex, do you think about...
  220. [Video] FreedomWorks: A Crash Course on Common Core
  221. Common Core Math: Learn the Distributive Property Via (Re)Distribution of Wealth
  222. Secretary of Education Takes Aim at "White, Suburban Moms" Over Common Core Criticisms
  223. More on Common Core: It’s about Snooping, Not Standards
  224. The Difference Between Practice and Theory (higher education article)
  225. Ivy League folks can't tell Dickens from the worst writer in history
  226. IA passes "See something, say something" rule on homeschoolers
  227. Attn 4th Graders: "white voters would never vote for a black president"
  228. Preparing America’s Children for Slavery
  229. UN Academic Impact Joins CFR to Infiltrate U.S. Classrooms
  230. Federal government books $41.3 billion in profits on student loans
  231. 'Preferred' pronouns gain traction at US colleges
  232. Huckabee urges states to back Common Core
  233. America Is Now DEAD LAST In Education! - Vid
  234. A Challenge to Our Beliefs - Thomas Sowell
  235. School Forces Parents To ID As Liberal Or Conservative
  236. Parents Stop Biometric Hand Scanner Program At Public Schools
  237. ACLU and Others Seek to Ban Tasers, Pepper Spray in Texas Schools
  238. Do you support RFID and Biometric tracking infrastructure in the Public system?
  239. Physicist Peter Higgs: No University Would Employ Me Today
  240. Parents face blowback from Educrats for opposing Common Core
  241. OH: Require Children's Services Review for Homeschooling
  242. Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes! - Vid
  243. Missouri Bill Mandates Parents Report Gun Ownership to School Their Child Attends
  244. Ben Swann - Teddy's Law Strips Parents of Rights to Homeschool
  245. Only 3 students in entire NJ district qualify as college-ready, what are Christie's thoughts?
  246. US Schools Attempted To Ban 49 Books In 2013
  247. American Schools Are Failing Nonconformist Kids. Here’s How In defense of the wild child
  248. Common Core = Common Idiocy
  249. [Video] Charlotte Iserbyt Exposes American Education, Common Core, Ronald Reagan
  250. Schools Are Prisons