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  1. Dem Party in Kentucky doesn't want Ashley Judd
  2. Marc Victor (R-AZ) for Congress 2014 expects help from Ron Paul
  3. C4L: Petition to Congressman Kerry Bentivolio
  4. Bloomberg is backing Lindsey Graham
  5. Bob Barr planning comeback
  6. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli at CPAC 2013
  7. Congressman Labrador Addresses CPAC 2013
  8. Graham wishes Christie was at CPAC
  9. Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns won’t seek reelection in 2014
  10. dan fishman for us senate massachusetts
  11. Lee Bright “leaning heavily toward” announcing candidacy after Tim Scott runoff
  12. FreedomWorks Reveals the 2013 Recipients of the “FreedomFighter Award” - Rand, Lee, Amash
  13. Miller warns Alaska Libertarians of civil war, still deciding Senate run
  14. Dr. Robert Lowry-Liberty Candidate Challenging Rep. Gallego in 2014!
  15. Paul Broun will not support the Ryan plan
  16. NRO: Steve Stockman back in the saddle
  17. Looks like Mia Love is running in 2014
  18. Marc Victor is not running for Congress after all
  19. South Carolina District 1 special election tomorrow, 3/19 - Mark Sanford runnig
  20. Paul Broun Op-Ed: Ryan budget 'fails'
  21. Lee Bright leaning 2 make formal announcement of his candidacy not long after the April 2
  22. Congressman Duncan risked career voting against the Iraq war
  23. Rep. Tim Huelskamp on NDAA and bullet purchases
  24. Op-Ed: "Paul Ryan's Ax Isn't Sharp Enough" - Rep. Paul Broun
  25. Elkhart County sheriff takes a stand in Valley View dispute with city [Brad Rogers 2014]
  26. Sanford Ready for sprint to the finish
  27. Paul Broun pretty much getting kicked to the curb by the establishment
  28. Lee Bright was on Glenn Beck today
  29. Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Mark Sanford
  30. Broun profile by National Review
  31. Sanford, Bostic to Debate in Hilton Head April 1
  32. State Senator Lee Bright's Constitutional Carry Bill Hearing
  33. Breaking: Minnesota Talk Show Host Jason Lewis may run for US Senate against Al Franken
  34. Biden to campaign for Colbert Busch ahead of general election (against Sanford)
  35. [VIDEO] Former Rep. Connie Mack speaks at CPAC 2013, praises Rand Paul
  36. #ImWithMark
  37. SD Senate banking chair Johnson (D) to announce retirement
  38. Steve King update: 50/50 chance I run for Senate
  39. Former Rep. Joe Walsh starting radio talk show
  40. South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney: Mark Sanford surprises
  41. Curtis Coleman Running for AR Gov-Ron Paul Endorsed
  42. Rep. Phil Gingrey Announces Senate Campaign, Bob Barr to Make Announcement Tomorrow
  43. Rod Blum for US Congress- IA 1 (announced)
  44. Ron Paul ally Robert Lowry to challenge Rep. Pete Gallego in 2014
  45. Op-Ed: Penny Plan still beats current procedures - former Rep. Connie Mack
  46. Bob Barr Mounting Come Back
  47. Poll: Would you support Bob Barr?
  48. Rep. Trey Radel links to article describing himself as libertarian minded,tweets at Massie
  49. Any chance Gary Johnson could be convinced to run for Senate?
  50. GA State Rep. Charles Gregory is having a "Session is out Money Bomb"
  51. GayPatriot Will NOT Run in 2014
  52. RINO Lindsey Graham Will NOT Join Rand and Co. Filibuster on Gun Control Bills
  53. Santorum, Coulter back Bostic
  54. Sanford well positioned to win tomorrow's runoff
  55. [VIDEO] Sanford, Bostic battle in debate
  56. When will we have results for the Sanford vs. Bostic race?
  57. Commissioner John Douglas (R-GA 10) Ends Congressional Run
  58. Stockman says he will file a blue slip to automatically kill any Senate background check b
  59. Sanford wins GOP nomination for his old House seat
  60. W’s Least Favorite Republican Runs for Texas Governor
  61. For anyone in Louisiana...
  62. Colbert's sister wiped her twitter feed....
  63. TYT on Cuccenelli: "The Ban Blowjobs Governor"
  64. Bentivolio, Chaffetz tours border with Mexico ahead of immigration debate
  65. Sanford endorsed by Colbert-Busch's Democrat primary opponent
  66. Former MA Sen. Scott Brown Doesn’t Rule Out NH Run
  67. Gary Johnson Live Free campus events email
  68. Mark Sanford on the Rocky D show in Charleston
  69. Rep. Stockman Will Blue-Slip Gun Control Bill
  70. AP: SC Sen. Bright readies for possible US Senate run
  71. Puerto Rico born Labrador top Republican on immigration
  72. Senator Ted Cruz speaking in Tyler, Texas
  73. Ken Cuccinelli Open to Legalizing Marijuana
  74. Derrick Grayson "TMOT" Launches Exploratory Committee for Senate Run
  75. Gun grabbing governor, liberal senators hold fundraiser for Sanford opponent
  76. We found someone in WV
  77. Dan Bongino announces exploratory committee for Governor of Maryland
  78. Looks like Nancy Mace may be primarying Lindsey Graham-with Tom Davis's blessing
  79. Former UFC champion considers U.S. Senate run (IOWA)
  80. Georgia Senate Poll released
  81. Capito draws challenge from the right in West Virginia Senate race
  82. SC Dems Apologize to Sanford Over False Union Attack
  83. Anti-incumbent super-PAC returns with sights on new targets for 2014
  84. Primary Pat Toomey
  85. Sanford's opponent is dodging debates
  86. TMOT exploratory for US senate Georgia
  87. Blogger posts that Boehner may have a problem in the 8th district -
  88. Colbert's backers question the skills and hard work of South Carolinians
  89. Jordan Backs Landry Super PAC for House Conservatives
  90. Ron Paul has private meeting with Glenn Jacobs (Kane)
  91. Get 'If Babies had Guns they Wouldn't Be Aborted' sticker from Steve Stockman, $10donation
  92. Ga. Majority Whip to face Barr for U.S. House seat
  93. Alaska: Joe Miller Launching Senate Exploratory Committee
  94. MONEY BOMB for David Earl Williams III, candidate for Congress, April 18th-19th
  95. Lindsey Graham tanks among Republicans
  96. Sailing seems impressed with Paul Broun (Sailing: I am happy he voted against CISPA)
  97. Rod Blum on CISPA
  98. Will Steve Stockman try to get Obama impeached if he uses excecutive action to grab guns?
  99. PPP Polls SC-1 results will be out between 2 and 3
  100. DC: Tea-party favorite Joe Miller mulls another Senate run to fight government tyranny
  101. Barry Loudermilk Officially Enters GA-11 House Race!
  102. Seated Congressman Kerry Bentivolio Has Endorsement Withdrawn from Liberty Candidates
  103. Breaking: Max Baucus (D-MT) to retire...
  104. Elizabeth Colbert Busch to appear on South Carolina ballot twice
  105. Mark Sanford debates cardboard cut-out Nancy Pelosi
  106. Ron Paul endorses Mark Sanford for U.S. Congress (SC-1), 4/25/13
  107. Ron Paul Endorses Mark Sanford and Paul Broun
  108. Rep. John Kline won’t challenge Franken
  109. Write-in campaign launched for conservative alternative (SC/Sanford)
  110. Sanford/Colbert debate on CSPAN tonite 4-29 7pm
  111. Elkhart Sheriff Says He Won't Enforce Future Limits on Gun Rights
  112. Freepers on Sanford Debate
  113. Gov. Haley to take part in Mark Sanford fundraiser
  114. FreedomWorks endorses Mark Sanford
  115. Colbert-Busch Abortion Push Poll Rocks SC-1
  116. Lindsey Graham Endorses Mark Sanford
  117. Mark Sanford Releases New Ad: Vision
  118. Boehner endorses Sanford
  119. FreedomWorks Interview w/ Gary Johnson
  120. New Poll Shows Sanford, Colbert Busch Tied
  121. Liberty Candidate David Stockdale to Oppose Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN 5)
  122. Liberty candidate David Andrew Gay for Syracuse Common Council **MONEYBOMB**
  123. Mel Watt's NC District 12 will be an open seat
  124. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) tweets that he won't run for Senate in 2014
  125. Does anyone know anything about Mike McFadden? (Millionaire/potential Franken challenger)
  126. Tea Party Express to Hold Rally Today With Mark Sanford to GOTV for Tuesday!
  127. PPP Final Poll: Mark Sanford leads 47-46! Race could go either way!
  128. Actor Ken Wahl considering running for congress
  129. Colbert-Busch mugshot revealed
  130. Alaska governor ends race speculation
  131. Spread the News: Colbert-Busch Got Arrested (and had a messy divorce)!
  132. Washington Post: Cuccinelli Leads McAuliffe 46-41%
  133. Flashback: Mark Sanford on Lou Dobbs against REAL ID
  134. Jack Hunter: Mark Sanford is Better Than 99% of Congress
  135. Cooch up by 10 in VA
  136. Sanford condemns Colbert-Busch event with Rep. Clyburn
  137. NRCC will only commit to races where a win is almost guaranteed.
  138. Washington Post: "Sanford might win on Tuesday. That’s good news for Democrats"
  139. Pelosi is virtually running the Colbert-Busch campaign
  140. Tweeting for Sanford
  141. Federal Government to "Monitor" SC CD 1 Race Under Voter's Rights Act.
  142. Dave Weigel reports from SC-1
  143. Gateway Pundit Negative Ad on Colbert-Busch
  145. Boehner's not happy!
  146. Sanford: I Won't Run For Office Again If I Lose
  147. Paul Broun to testify on NDAA; plus Barrow will not run
  148. Justice Department to monitor special election in South Carolina
  149. [Speculation] Sources: Sanford Wins
  150. PPP Loses All Credibility
  151. Mark Sanford wins House seat; ‘2014 is everything’ declares Matt Drudge
  152. Travis Couture - Candidate for State Senate in Washington State - 2014
  153. Gary Johnson @ George Washington University
  154. Tim Huelskamp @ CPAC 2013
  155. EXCLUSIVE: Mark Sanford's tweets
  156. Local Media Furious: Sheriff Pledges to Not Enforce New Gun Laws
  157. Dave Weigel blogged Sanford prediction!
  158. Sanford Settles Trespassing Dispute with Ex.
  159. Sanford To Be Sworn in Next Wednesday; Dean of SC Delegation has "family emergency"
  160. The Most Vulnerable House Democrats Are...
  161. How Lindsey Graham defeated a nominating convention
  162. Establishment frets over Rep.-elect Mark Sanford
  163. Clueless Washington Post: "Why don’t South Carolina conservatives like Lindsey Graham?"
  164. Cuccinelli: GOP must fight for smaller government
  165. Idea: July 4th Moneybomb for Dr. Paul Broun
  166. Congressman Tom Price (R) not running for U.S. Senate in Georgia
  167. Would BJ Lawson move?
  168. Follow Mark Sanford's Chief of Staff on Twitter!
  169. Paul Broun Moneybomb (July 12th)
  170. Finding a candidate in Iowa
  171. Transcript of Sanford interview on FOX News Sunday...
  172. Alaska GOP Primary Poll: Sarah Palin 32%, Mead Treadwell 30%, Joe Miller 14%
  173. Fmr. Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) won't run for U.S. Senate in 2014
  174. Cuccinelli: 'On Your Side'
  175. Sanford swearing in on CSPAN right now
  176. [VIDEO] Mike Lee: "Remarks on the Late-Term Abortion Resolution"
  177. Rep. Sanford Gives Speech to Repeal Obamacare!
  178. Montana!
  179. Are the Establishment losing?
  180. Andrew Walter (AZ-9)?
  181. Mia Love officially announces 2014 congressional run
  182. Tuesday is our County primary
  183. Virginia GOP ticket will be: Cuccinelli-Jackson-Obenshain
  184. Karen Handel enters GA Senate race
  185. Lindsey Graham: "I'm a Ronald Reagan Republican NOT a Ron Paul Republican"
  186. Bob Barr launches new website
  187. Rep. Paul Broun to host expo in Monroe focusing on grants, loans for small businesses
  188. Glenn Jacobs (Kane) "not planning to run for office... at this time"
  189. Any liberty candidates running for Governor?
  190. Glenn Jacobs (Kane) supported by tea party in TN for Senate
  191. Feinstein is 79
  192. Rob Roark, a Ron Paul Republican running for City Council (Nov 2013) in San Marcos
  193. Laura Ingraham contemplating a move to SC...wants to primary pro-amnesty Senators
  194. TMOT announces U.S. Senate run
  195. [VIDEO] Kane (Glenn Jacobs) on Internet sales tax - Knoxville
  196. Bentivolio presses former IRS head to recite Constitution
  197. Casida exploring House run
  198. House Seat to Open Up (AL-1)
  199. CBS: Glenn Jacobs (Kane) Smack Down Sen. Lamar Alexander On His Voting Record
  200. Heineman Won't Seek Open Nebraska Senate Seat
  201. Rep. Mick Mulvaney on the Federal Reserve
  202. Looks like Benton is working his magic for McConnell
  203. Don Volaric of Michigan will be running again
  204. Joe Miller files to run in 2014 Alaska Senate Race
  205. Ronnie or Robert!
  206. Rep. Michele Bachmann NOT running for re-election in 2014
  207. Republicans press neocon to run for Senate
  208. Marianne Stebbins to run for Bachmann's seat?
  209. Kurt Bills for Congress 2014
  210. Bob Barr internal poll shows substantial lead in Congressional race
  211. Kane's Intellect Is A Win!
  212. Kane may be next Senator from TN
  213. Obama passes over Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) for FBI Director
  214. Gary Johnson on 2012: Cites Paul movement and apathetic pot smokers 4 poor results
  215. Carl DeMaio announces for Congress in CA (possible R pickup)
  216. Defeat Lamar Alexander Facebook Page Is Up
  217. Al Gore shoutout for Alexander
  218. Wrestler (Kane) to Bring the Political Pain to a RINO?
  219. Joe Miller Moves Forward With Senate Bid, Appears on Cavuto (+video)
  220. Rep. Tom McClintock speaking at YAF Conference at Reagan Ranch
  221. LePage visits the hood, talks to local children in poverty
  222. Derrick Grayson, or TMOT, on Israel and other allies
  223. Nancy Mace update
  224. Rep. Jim Bridenstine rails against Obama
  225. Gun Owners of America endorses Dr. Paul Broun for US Senate in Georgia.
  226. Jason T. Smith wins (MO-8)
  227. Rep. Stockman's Highway Advisor, Austin Armadillo
  228. Ron Paul endorsed Steve Lonegan enters NJ US Senate race
  229. Former State Rep. Likely to Run for Bachmann's Seat
  230. Matt Collins has major news
  231. Lou Gigliotti For US Congress Texas 4th district against 34 year incumbent Hall
  232. Ron Paul told me to push for Glenn Jacobs to run for US Senate:
  233. Lindsey Graham's World - by Nancy Mace
  234. Paul Broun's record, including abolishing TSA, might hurt him in GOP primary?
  235. Glenn Jacobs (Kane) holds fundraiser...
  236. Hello Liberty Lovers
  237. DC insiders claim Paul Broun is EXTREME!
  238. Like Nancy Mace 2014 on FB
  239. Candice Miller (Republican) 10th District, MI. (RINO/Neocon) Voting Record
  240. Ron Meyer (R) Running in VA-CD 11 Against Democrat Connolly
  241. SOPA-PIPA Just Won't Die
  242. The Hill-Rep. Raul Labrador: "Perils of the Patriot Act"
  243. Nancy Mace will be on Glenn Beck's radio program tomorrow!
  244. Lonegan rallying GOP in bid for U.S. Senate
  245. GOP governors you could support
  246. Michigan Politics - The Good - The Bad - The Ugly
  247. Derrick Grayson, or TMOT, supported the T-SPLOST tax
  248. Glenn Jacobs (Kane) speaks to CFL in Nashville!
  249. Paul Broun on NDAA, AUMF
  250. Steve Lonegan’s Street Fight