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  1. Political Action Committee Treasurers
  2. 527
  3. More Money For Ron Paul - FEC Independent Expenditures
  4. Supreme Court's McCain Feingold Ruling 6/25/07
  5. 501(c)(x), PAC and Corporation Questions
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  12. PAC - Political Action Commities
  13. Meetups and the FEC
  14. Should our local meetup start a PAC?
  15. foreigner donations?
  16. Automated polling legalities?
  17. Cable TV advertising Question
  18. Anyone knowledgable about Article 501c3?
  19. Rules regarding web advertising donations
  20. Would It Be Illegal To... mailboxes
  21. Shipping products from a business with leaflets?
  22. Anyone see a problem with me buying decals for people?
  23. Disturbing ad legality
  24. Putting slimjims in mailboxes, is it legal? [Admin- no, don't do it- thanks :)]
  25. Just a reminder what WE are up against
  26. I probably need a lawyer...
  27. Not Campaign but Fed Anti-Trust Legal
  28. Flyer with $1 tip attached, at bars, legal?
  29. Legal to setup booth in front of precinct?
  30. Is it Ok to promote Ron Paul on dollar bills?
  31. Dropping dollars from blimp???
  32. is there no recourse?
  33. Question...
  34. They fine the official campaign a $1000 per...?
  35. Advice-Election Fraud
  36. Censored on campus. What law did I violate?
  37. need help w/ copyrights
  38. Optical Scan Machines Violate Federal Law!
  39. Bizarre injury is confusing my legal options
  40. Setting up my will and trust
  41. December 21: good day for activism in the upper midwest
  42. Tucson, Arizona. college demanded I be searched to attend public meeting
  43. Citizenship denied child of military couple