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  1. First case of China-linked coronavirus reported in US
  2. Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak?
  3. Rife Frequency for Corona Virus
  4. Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus
  5. Corona Self Care: What you can do NOW and what may help you fight a coronavirus.
  6. Nine South Koreans who tested positive for coronavirus visited Israel
  7. Iran deputy health minister: I have coronavirus ; Iran corona death toll highest outside China
  8. Silver, Gold and the Corona Virus
  9. Chelsea Clinton: 'Under Trump, America is less prepared for a coronavirus outbreak'
  10. President Trump’s press conference on Corona Virus
  11. Coronavirus: Trump to hold press conference 1:30 ET, Washington state confirms first US death
  12. Trump: Administration 'very strongly' considering closing southern border
  13. Is using hand sanitiser to beat coronavirus RUINING your skin?
  14. Coronavirus patient ignored self-isolation order to go to business event
  15. Anyone else more worried about panicked people than corona virus?
  16. Rand says he'll 'stay here all weekend' to get foreign aid cut included in coronavirus bill
  17. Pro-Israel group warns that some conference attendees may have been exposed to coronavirus
  18. CA official LICKS her finger during coronavirus press after warning people not to touch faces
  19. Senate approves $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus package
  20. Coronavirus vs. the Mass Surveillance State: Which Poses the Greater Threat?
  21. Cash spreading Corona Virus?
  22. Trump Administration Reverses Obama Regulation Responsible For Coronavirus Testing Roadblock
  23. Medical Doctor Complains that He Cannot Test His Patients for Coronavirus Because NO Test Kits
  24. Coronavirus and bottled water
  25. Coronavirus Patient-Zero in Italy Was Pakistani Migrant Who Refused To Self-Isolate
  26. Journalist Cheers Coronavirus for Killing “Old” Climate Skeptics
  27. CPAC attendee tested positive for coronavirus
  28. List your favorite flu fighting vitimin C fruits here
  29. Leader of Italy's co-ruling Democratic Party tests positive for coronavirus
  30. Tucker's advice for our leaders on Coronavirus
  31. Forced Quarantine: Italy
  32. Mercola analysis on Covid-19 and recommended use of Vitamin C
  33. AFP: 'Trump refuses to halt rallies' ; Ted Cruz to Self-Quarantine
  34. Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling The COVID-19
  35. COVID-19 Comparison of Nations
  36. Congress May Recess to Protect Against Virus
  37. WaPo: Rep. Matt Gaetz made light of coronavirus by wearing a gas mask. Now he is in quarantine
  38. Trump Might Be Sick
  39. County of Santa Clara Issues Order to Cancel Mass Gatherings
  40. Payments on mortgages to be suspended across Italy after coronavirus outbreak
  41. National Guard deployed to NY community with nation’s ‘largest cluster’ of coronavirus
  42. Health care workers among the most at risk; Several young doctors in China died of coronavirus
  43. Why didn't the US use the WHO produced test?
  44. Three TSA agents test positive for coronavirus as number of infected in US tops 1,000
  45. MerkeL: 70% of Germany could become infected
  46. Coachella Postponed Until October Over Coronavirus Concerns
  47. WHO Declares the Coronavirus Outbreak a Pandemic
  48. Video: CNN Envisions How Coronavirus Can Help Democrats Win
  49. Gov. Inslee bans gatherings
  50. Trump Address on Coronavirus - Europe Travel Ban!
  51. NY-Gov threatens hand sanitizer "price gougers" with prison made NY State Sanitizer
  52. George Carlin on germs
  53. FDA Warns Alex Jones
  54. Pentagon halts service member travel to countries most affected by coronavirus for 60 days
  55. Oil and Gas Industries Don’t Want Coronavirus Bailout, Just Market Balance
  56. Medicinal smoke can completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the ai
  57. Coronavirus Survives in Air for 3 Hours
  58. Possible travel restrictions within US.
  59. CA Authorizes to seize private assets due to Covid-19
  60. CDC test numbers
  61. Viral video shows NBA player touching reporters mics, phones before testing positive
  62. Coronavirus: Facts vs. Panic
  63. Dr. Richard Cheng who had Vit-C trending video on Youtube censored yesterday has re-hosted
  64. China’s Response to American Allegations on COVID-19
  65. Trump To Declare National Emergency
  66. Louisiana postpones presidential primary due to coronavirus
  67. Trudeau self quarantined, wife COVID-19 positive - Canaderr
  68. How to safely queue at supermarkets
  69. National Guard being deployed in multiple states
  70. Iowa Democratic Party delays county conventions over coronavirus
  71. Trump takes coronavirus test and expands travel ban to UK and Ireland
  72. Pentagon halts all domestic travel for troops
  73. US slams China over coronavirus accusation targeting US troops
  74. In the early literature, scurvy was directly linked to pneumonia.
  75. Neocons,Newt Gingrich Using Crisis to a Push Regime Agaisnt Iran Over CD19
  76. Serious Questions from Michael Landon
  77. U.S. Military Approves Coronavirus Camps Next To Major Airports
  78. Amazon Prohibits Man from Selling over 17K Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
  79. The coronavirus turns deadly when it leads to ‘cytokine storm’
  80. Passer-by destroys local media reporterette for "lying hype"
  81. De Blasio: Coronavirus ‘Is a Case for’ ‘Nationalization of Crucial Factories and Industries’
  82. Troops in Afghanistan Have Coronavirus Symptoms but No Tests, Congressman Says
  83. A third NBA player tests positive for coronavirus
  84. IODINE
  85. Spain has locked down the country
  86. How Many...?
  87. Covid-19 - manufacture of the pseudovirus, preplanning, Event 102...
  88. Because of Covid-19 we need "_________".
  89. GTA researchers make COVID-19 breakthrough, isolate the virus
  90. bat soup 🦇🍜 # Paul Joseph Watson
  91. “This Has been Around. A Lot of People Had This and Didn’t Realize It. "
  92. Illinois and Ohio Governors close bars and restaurants.....
  93. Some Races Have Lower Vitamin C Blood Levels; More Prone To Coronavirus?
  94. [Video] Coronavirus Caused By 5G?
  95. McConnell: Discussions underway on additional coronavirus bills
  96. 8 hours of a crowded line to be cleared at O'hare
  97. Mass Bars and restaurants clos for a month by order of Gov
  98. War on China? By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
  99. Just A Thought On All This
  100. Does the 2019 Coronavirus Exist?
  101. San Francisco Bay Area Ordered to Shelter in Place
  102. Martial Law Rumours
  103. China Had Cases of Coronavirus as Early as Nov. 17, But Still Covered It Up for Weeks
  104. "Coronavirus is the health of the state"
  105. Italians Must Fill out Paperwork to Buy Groceries, Visit Hospitals
  106. PREP Act Invoked Nationwide for the First Time in U.S. History – Will Martial Law Follow?
  107. Your Papers Please: Statists Call for Domestic Travel Restrictions in USA
  108. COVID 19, False Flag for 2020?
  109. AG William Barr Tells Prosecutors to Go After ‘Fake Cures’ for Coronavirus
  110. Oklahoma Enacts Price Controls After Trump’s National Emergency Declaration
  111. Potential 80% false-positive rate among asymptomatic close contacts of COVID-19 patients
  112. Covid-19 "testing" is MASS DNA COLLECTION.
  113. Fear Mongering The Crisis to Further Introduce Cashless society?
  114. Amazon Stops Shipments of ‘Non-Essential’ Items
  115. The Latest Coronavirus Data Is Out. The Number of New Cases Worldwide Declined.
  116. The "Chinese Virus" Now the New Buzz Term
  117. Reports from Italy and France on young people 'getting seriously ill'
  118. Philadelphia Ends Jail for ‘Non-Violent’ Criminals Because of Coronavirus Crisis
  119. Medical company threatens to sue volunteers that 3D-printed valves for life-saving coronavirus
  120. Corona Virus "Exercise" Scenario October 2019
  121. Has Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 Peaked in China?
  122. Rep. Mario Diaz-balart (R-FL) POSITIVE WUFLU
  123. Is the world going crazy?
  124. Rep. Ben McAdams, (D-UT) 2nd Congressman POSITIVE WUFLU
  125. What will you miss the most when the coronapocalypse escalates?
  126. This is NOT a SIMPLE CURE for C-Vi-Rus (or Is it?): DO NOT WATCH!!!
  127. As Italy quarantines over coronavirus, dolphins appear in Venice canals
  128. Mass disobedience
  129. People With Blood Type A May Be More Likely to Contract COVID-19
  130. EU's chief negotiator tests positive for COVID-19
  131. Entire Georgia Senate Self Isolating; One Positive WUFLU
  132. WUFLU Data
  133. The Latest “Coronavirus Death” in Florida
  134. Mass DNA Collection? Bill Gates Plans to Deliver Test Kits to Homes 2 Hours After Ordering
  135. Rachel MadCow "names and shames" states not doing martial law.
  136. The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020”
  137. Old malaria drug might prevent and treat COVID-19
  138. Copper kills coronavirus. Why aren’t our surfaces covered in it?
  139. 24 Hours - No New Cases In China
  140. What is herd immunity and can it stop the coronavirus?
  141. The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2
  142. 99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says
  143. CA-San Jose Shuts Down Gun Shop in First Action Against 'Non-essential' Businesses
  144. The Stupid has reached WV.
  145. China COVID-19 Actions, Cover-up or SOP?
  146. Martial law is coming...California in lockdown..
  147. WATCH: Tucker Carlson calls on GOP Sen. Burr to resign amid stock selloff
  148. MIT biologist says fear mongering on coronavirus will go down as biggest fraud to manipulate e
  149. In the Pandemic, It’s Every Nation for Itself - Patrick J. Buchanan
  150. Mike Rowe on the reaction to COVID-19....
  151. Stealth Internet Censorship - R/T Op-Ed
  152. Symptoms: what you might expect if you get COVID
  153. Coronavirus kills 4 members of New Jersey family
  154. Martial Law and No Food! Fake Rumor Mill Churning
  155. Trump eyes grounding jets, halting stock trading, and ordering shelter in place
  156. Hospital treatment of ~50 serious and critical COVID-19 infections with high-dose Vitamin C
  157. Virtual Rave!
  158. Italy: The Real Reasons a Chinese Virus Is Ravaging a European People
  159. Spring equinox & rise in solar uv radiation will bring epidemic to a halt
  160. Long vid discussing China
  161. BREAKING: California Governor Deploys National Guard After Ordering 'Stay at Home' Order
  162. Some ideas to mitigate the corona outbreak and for a gradual return to normal life
  163. Angela Merkel engages in ridiculous propaganda stunt in supermarket
  164. From Quarantine To Tyranny To Rebellion: Where Is The Line In The Sand?
  165. CorbettReport: Medical Martial Law 2020
  166. From masks don’t help to masks are most important
  167. Actor Credits Anti-Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine in His Coronavirus Recovery
  168. Promising Clinical Trial Hydroxychloroquine + Zithromax
  169. Observations
  170. Helping workers affected by coronavirus: Unemployment insurance or stimulus checks?
  171. Increase in child abuse with quarantine.
  172. How the CDC's Restrictive Testing Guidelines Hid the Coronavirus Epidemic
  173. Today's "virus rebels" tomorrow's "bio-terrorists"
  174. McConnell Loses VIrus Vote
  175. Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: 'We're going to be fine'
  176. Is There Something Wrong with This Picture?
  177. NYC COVID Sex Guidance
  178. None of this counts, right?
  179. Fire Fauci Now!
  180. Coronavirus reveals financial irresponsibility of Americans
  181. Trump Reacts to Romney Being in Isolation
  182. Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy - At-Home Treatment For Any Virus, Including Coronavirus
  183. The Cat Leaves The Bag
  184. White supremacists boogity-boogity weaponizing the bug
  185. Coronavirus and the Gates Foundation
  186. How is Japan reacting to COVID19: The Corbett Report
  187. KUWAIT: You Will Be Hung if You Leave Home Covid Positive
  188. SAUDI ARABIA: Decapitated by Sword if You Leave Home Covid Positive
  189. FL man -"Hydroxychloroquine saved my life."
  190. This is NOT Normal
  191. Quarantine: States, Feds and the Constitutions
  192. Has the corona virus been in the US longer than a couple of weeks?
  193. Chloroquine: What Do We Know?
  194. Man Dead, Wife Critical after Self Medicating on Chloroquine
  195. Tom Woods: Backlash building against the shut-everything-downers
  196. Lockdown Question
  197. "[QUOTE] It’s No Coincidence that Italy and Iran Have Been So Hard-Hit by the Wuhan Virus"
  198. India to enter 'total lockdown' after spike in cases
  199. Lab Factors Predicting COVID Survival Prognosis
  200. New York hospitals treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C
  201. Is there a Qanon connection?
  202. Nevada’s Governor Issues Emergency Order Barring Use of Anti-Malaria Drugs
  203. Tommy Robinson Stops Coronavirus Attack In The UK
  204. Those who intentionally spread coronavirus could be charged as terrorists
  205. Mapping the Coronavirus around the world
  206. 3,800 Americans Have Died Each Month Since September . . .
  207. Are statistics being overstated?
  208. CNBC November 2019: China's Latest Tactic. Call America Racist
  209. VIDEO: Hydroxycholorquine Saves Coronavirus Patient
  210. Nearly half of New York City's coronavirus cases found in adults under 45
  211. An Expert says the Response to the Coronavirus is 'Grotesque, Absurd and Very Dangerous''
  212. Doctor Fact-Checks Media On Coronavirus
  213. Coronavirus: How Soon We Forget – Same Playbook, Different Virus
  214. Adam Kokesh lists political demands. #WeAreNotAfraid
  215. Owen Shroyer confronts the Police State
  216. Corporate News Hides Ugly Truth Of Stimulus Bill
  217. County Risk Map in BEFORE Dear Leader!
  218. Taiwan says WHO ignored its coronavirus questions at start of outbreak
  219. What Taiwan can teach the world on fighting the coronavirus
  220. Bill Gates says six to 10 weeks of hardcore isolation nationwide is now necessary.
  221. James Dyson Creates Ventilator to Fight Coronavirus
  222. Dr Fauci Reversing Himself???
  223. NC in Lockdown
  224. Bill Gates Calls for Vaccine Certificates as Requirement for Travel
  225. 12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic
  226. CV-2 Alarmist Neil Ferguson walks back the Apocalypse
  227. The CDC now says face masks AND n95 respirators protect from catching SARS-2
  228. John Dennis: San Francisco Hospitals are NOT overwhelmed
  229. A legal way to reduce ventilator needs – advance health care directives
  230. Hawaii Has Had It Pretty Rough Lately
  231. First Infant Death In US Associated WIth COVID-19
  232. Trump Admin Names Gun Makers, Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwide
  233. Protests on the border to keep Americans out of Mexico
  234. Perspectives on the Pandemic with Dr. John Ioannidis
  235. Belarus ain't skeered
  236. Report from NY: Hospital not overwhelmed
  237. COVID-19 Survivor Jim Santilli Blasts Michigan Governor For Banning Drug That Saved His Life
  238. Duke U uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide to clean N95 face masks for reuse
  239. Coronavirus: Police left in 'absolute shock' after finding 25 adults and children at karaoke p
  240. Republican Challenger to Elizabeth Warren Exposes Fauci and Corona Fascism Plan - Dr. Shiva
  241. David Icke: The truth behind Wuhan Sars-Cov-2.
  242. MUST WATCH interview with the head epidemiologist of South Korea
  243. Video: How Would A Libertarian Solve The Pandemic Crisis?
  244. Increased public hygiene as an alternative to social isolation - health stats and economics
  245. Federal prison inmates dying
  246. Man Eaten by Crocodile After Violating Coronavirus Lockdown
  247. Report from LA: Hospital 'war zone' ...
  248. So much has changed. But then again, it ain't.
  249. AUTHORIZED: Hydroxychloroquine
  250. NYC Mayor De Blasio Will Punish Churches That Allow Worship Services