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  1. Hillary and falling flags
  2. Disturbing Article On HILLARY CLINTON Blog (The one that pays people)
  3. I have a Question for some political veterans
  4. Bill Clinton: Sociopath, Rapist [WARNING: Graphic Details of a Sexual Nature]
  5. Please No Bobby Jindal
  6. Federal judge dismisses Hillary Clinton 'Filegate' suit
  7. Ron will not run in 2012, but Rand will run in 2016, according to an "inside source."
  8. If Bobby Jindal tries to run for President, here is how we stop him!
  9. Marco Rubio Disses The Tea Party Caucus?
  10. Mike Pence now the "conservative's" choice.
  11. Poll: Wisconsin governor Scott Walker rising in Republican eyes for President
  12. Allright I'm in. Ron Paul 2012. Rand is our 2016/20 candidate.
  13. Biden tells donors: Keep me in mind for 2016
  14. Martin Armstrong: 2016 - The Year From Hell -- A Third Party on the Horizon?
  15. Rick Perry: The Whole Gardasil Story
  16. Wayne Allyn Root's Plan to become President in 2016 or 2020 [VIDEO]
  17. Gardasil Mandate: Rick Perry's Own Words
  18. Birther movement's next target: Marco Rubio
  19. Conservatives turning on Bobby Jindal?
  20. Trump Blasts Ron Paul for Smacking him in Forum-Skip
  21. Trump disses Ron
  22. Newt Gingrich: Donald Trump manipulates the game
  23. Trump Blasts Huntsman, Paul, Rove
  24. Trump's Adviser Still Sending Out Solicitations For Support For a Third Party Bid
  25. Comprehensive list of Rick Santorum positions
  26. Donald Trump to Endorse Harry Reid
  27. A Preview of 2016 - Chris Christie
  28. GOP Considering Major Changes to Presidential Debates for 2016 -- 02/18/2012
  29. TNY on whether to have Republican primaries in 2016
  30. Will we have another chance in 2016?
  31. Gov. Chris Christie's 2016 Run Starts Monday...
  32. Looking ahead to 2016: Which Liberty Candidates for President and VP? (multiple choice)
  33. 2016: Christie Treated Like Rock Star In Israel, Meets With Netanyahu On First Day Of Trip
  34. Paul Ryan Running in 2016 (speculation)
  35. 2016: If not Rand, then who?
  36. Polling for 2016 is already underway
  37. They Couldn't Stop Rand Paul in 2016
  38. No Rand Presidency in 2016
  39. Hillary rejected VP slot to ready her own 2016 run
  40. 2016 Republican Iowa (PPP) Poll (edit: from May 2012)
  41. Ron Paul could make huge difference in ballot access for Libertarians in 2016
  42. the 2016 race for the Democrats
  43. the 2016 race for the Republicans (if Romney loses)
  44. Working from the left, what about Gov. Schweitzer (D) in 2016?
  45. Vanity Fair: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough setting up for a 2016 presidential run
  46. Jesse Ventura 2016
  47. Jesse Ventura 2016!
  48. Should we not run a presidential candidate in 2016?
  49. 2016: A Hispanic Liberty Democrat could win
  50. Rigged Elections - You have to see this everyone...
  51. The OFFICIAL 2016 thread!!!
  52. if Republicans want to win in 2016 they need to change to the Nebraska/Maine rules
  53. We have a shot at 2016!!!!
  54. Rand Paul Vs Jesse Ventura 2016
  55. Handicapping the 2016 presidential field
  56. The Blaze: The Republican Presidential Field of 2016
  57. DNC: 2016 Buzz Swirls Around Democrats
  58. GOP formula for disaster in 2016
  59. Let's list all the potential candidates for President in 2016
  60. JEB BUSH 2016
  61. Romney will not run again in 2016 says wife
  62. GOP insiders pick their 2016 candidate
  63. Bobby Jindal
  64. Al Gore 2016
  65. The anti-Marco Rubio 2016 Thread
  66. The road to 2016 will go through Rubio
  67. Jeb Bush considering 2016 run
  68. Republicans, including Ron Paul supporters,are fighting each other for the 2016 nomination
  69. Jeb Bush buzz grows over possible 2016 run
  70. Allen West hinting he may run for President in 2016 per twitter
  71. Sarah Palin Supporter wants to see 2016 run and win
  72. Revolution PAC Plans to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President in 2016
  73. Poll would you support Ron Paul running in 2016 considering Rand and others were running?
  74. Insights from Bobby Jindal
  75. Hints of rivalry surface as Rubio and Bush weigh 2016 presidential bids
  76. PPP 2016 Primary Poll (from Jan. 10)
  77. Bobby Jindal Sees Approval Rate Dropping
  78. Rahm Emanuel May Be Toying With 2016 Presidential Run
  79. Martin Armstrong: Republican Party Splitting In TWO – 3rd Party Rising for 2016
  80. Romney 2016?
  81. "Pick the new guy for 2016" Bracket
  82. Prediction: Jeb Bush will run for President in 2016
  83. 2016 Dem prez candidates
  84. NV and AZ want to be IA and NH for 2016
  85. Dems float 2016 Dream Ticket: Hillary-Michelle
  86. Dr. Ben Carson, Not Rubio to be Rand's biggest challenger. (Opinion)
  87. Is it too early for 2016 polls? (Nate Silver/538)
  88. Neurosurgeon’s Speeches Have Conservatives Dreaming of 2016
  89. POLL: Should Judge Napolitano Run for President in 2016?
  90. Scott Walker just hired a neocon
  91. Napolitano doesn't rule out 2016 run for president
  92. Mike Huckabee considering a 2016 presidential bid.
  93. Newt Heads to S.C., Wont ‘Rule Out’ 2016 Run
  94. Gov. Jindal is no leader; backs down
  95. Rubio's Chief of Staff has ties to Bank Bailout lobbyist
  96. Elizabeth Warren exploring a 2016 bid
  97. 6 Point Plan to End The Commission on Presidential Debates in 2016
  98. Barbara Bush on Son Jeb in 2016: ‘We’ve Had Enough Bushes’
  99. Cruz 2016?
  100. Benghazi mission was a 2016 Clinton photo opportunity
  101. Alan Kelly: deposition Hilary for Biden in 2016
  102. Be Prepared To Hear A Lot Of Things You Don't Like In 2016
  103. Jon Huntsman creating new PAC, testing the 2016 presidential waters
  104. Trump has spent $1m on 'election research' for 2016
  105. Looking to 2016, Iowa GOP Raves About...Scott Walker
  106. Romney 2016?
  107. Why I think Rand Paul will do better in 2016 presidential election than Ron Paul
  108. Joe Biden surrogates continue internal war against Hillary Clinton 2016
  109. Bolton mulling 2016 run?
  110. Hug of 2016 doom? Harry Reid embraces Marco Rubio following immigration bill vote [photo]
  111. The ~OFFICIAL~ 2016 Presidential General Election Prediction Thread
  112. Rick Perry Won't Seek Reelection in 2014, But May Still Run For President In 2016
  113. Rep. Peter King Mulls 2016 Presidential Bid
  114. Klobuchar to Iowa, 2016 speculation follows
  115. VIDEO: "Ron Paul TV Threatens Rand Paul 2016" (get your barf bags ready)
  116. John McCain, Undecided 2016 Voter
  117. "Broad Support" w/i RNC for Earlier 2016 Convention
  118. Video: Sure sounds like Scott Walker sides with Chris Christie over Rand Paul on national
  119. Rick Santorum Illegally Directed $1 Million : FEC Complaint
  120. What Ted Cruz could mean for the 2016 presidential race
  121. Bolton 2016?
  122. Rubio to Decide on 2016 in 2014
  123. Daily Caller Pushing Mike Pence in 2016
  124. Glenn Beck endorses Cruz for president 2016
  125. Is Ted Cruz the "controlled opposition"?
  126. Jesse Ventura May Run for President in 2016 with Howard Stern as His VP Candidate
  127. 2016 3rd Party Debate Plan
  128. Bobby Jindal fuels speculation again about his future plans
  129. Sen. John McCain Says He is Seriously Thinking About Running Again in 2016
  130. George Soros Signs On With Hillary Clinton 2016 Super PAC
  131. Christie becomes Republicans' best bet for 2016
  132. Jeb Bush On The Record
  133. Chris Christie On The Record
  134. Ted Cruz and Wife Heidi Nelson Cruz Bios
  135. Marco Rubio On The Record
  136. Paul Ryan On The Record
  137. Bobby Jindal On The Record
  138. Rick Santorum On The Record
  139. Politico: Poll: GOP 2016 pick a 4-way split
  140. Glenn Beck says he won't vote for Christie in 2016 if he gets GOP nomination
  141. RNC Subcommittee Meets this Week to Consider 2016 Presidential Election Changes
  142. Bernie Sanders 2016?
  143. Deace: Huckabee will run in 2016
  144. Dr. Ben Carson running?
  145. Toxic For 2016, Huckabee Abandons Support For Common Core
  146. Huckabee: 50-50 chance of running in 2016.
  147. Washington Times: Bush/Palin 2016
  148. Mike Pence On The Record
  149. Peter King On The Record
  150. Mike Huckabee On The Record
  151. Rick Perry On The Record
  152. John Kasich On The Record
  153. Jon Huntsman On The Record
  154. Mitt Romney On The Record
  155. 2016 Potential Presidential Candidates List And Information
  156. Ben Carson On The Record
  157. Gary Johnson On The Record
  158. John Bolton On The Record
  159. Drudge Report: Hillary Clinton 2016 - She Makes It Official?
  160. Hillary Clinton 2016; Official?
  161. Email scandal mars Christie's chances for presidency; governor apologizes
  162. Laura Ingraham claims Chris Christie is the ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT candidate
  163. 2016 straw poll.. and it begins
  164. Christie Scandal May Strengthen Jeb Bush for 2016
  165. More Christie staffers implicated in scandal
  166. Jeb Bush, Co-chair of Council on Foreign Relations Task Force: Urges Comprehensive Immigration
  167. Open Debates 2016
  168. Are you all-in for Rand Paul 2016?
  169. Christie administration held city's Sandy recovery funds 'hostage' to help developer
  170. Christie: ‘We will end the failed war on drugs’
  171. Scott Walker to Propose Nearly $1B in Tax Cuts in Wisconsin
  172. War Street Journal: Bolton 2016? There May Be Opportunity for Hawk in GOP Debate
  173. New RNC Rules Move Up 2016 Convention
  174. The 4 early states will be much more important in 2016 than 2012
  175. Romney Politely Ignores Paul & Cruz as Potential 2016 Candidates
  176. Mitt Romney Is the 2016 Republican Frontrunner
  177. GOP insiders back Rubio in 2016
  178. Is Christie out? If so, who is the new 2016 GOP Presidential Hopeful?
  179. It's over: Jeb Bush will be the GOP nominee in 2016
  180. Mitt Romney: ‘I’m not running’ in 2016
  181. Yahoo! News: Scott Walker is the new GOP leader, Rand Paul is #2 and rising
  182. Who is Ted Cruz?
  183. Ben Swann 2016 Presidential Poll
  184. To Those That Think Huckabee Can Win In 2016
  185. Casino Billionaire Sheldon Adelson To Buy Puppet Republican Who Can Win 2016 POTUS
  186. Coulter turns on Cruz, claims Romney is best candidate for 2016
  187. Jeb Bush to Decide on 2016 by End of Year
  188. Poll: Just 1 in 4 Republicans want Jeb Bush to run, many slam as 'RINO'
  189. Jeb Bush scandals story scrubbed by Mother Jones!
  190. Bob Schieffer: Romney may consider 2016 run if Jeb Bush doesn’t
  191. GOP Wants More Control over Picking 2016 Nominee
  192. GOP Woos Mike Pence for 2016
  193. Republicans Move to Limit Number of Presidential Debates
  194. Democrats need a real debate between Hillary Clinton's interventionism & Biden's Restraint
  195. All you need to know about Mike Pence...
  196. Former Clinton Spokesman: Hillary Could Pass on 2016 Run
  197. Christie calls for more aggressive foreign policy
  198. Portman Weighs Filling Bush Gap in 2016 Primary Field
  199. Jason Chaffetz: Mitt Romney Is Going To Run In 2016, And He's Going To Win
  200. Elizabeth Warren's 11 Rules To Live By
  201. Christie calls for 'forceful' defense of Israel, says Obama not 'decisive'
  202. Secret Service Has Codename for Bill Clinton's Mistress
  203. Michele Bachmann Says She Might Seek Presidency in 2016
  204. Santorum Admits He's Running For President In 2016 [VIDEO]
  205. Elizabeth Warren On The Record
  206. Hillary Clinton On The Record
  207. Gaza could be a huge 2016 issue
  208. Carson takes major steps toward a 2016 White House bid
  209. Carson entering fray will dilute vote. Rino will benefit
  210. Road to 2016 Victory Fund - Donate to the 1st step towards Rand Paul 2016
  211. Who is Most Likely to Become Potus in 2016?
  212. Paul Ryan / Condoleezza Rice
  213. In Iowa, Huckabee has message for those focused only on 'liberty' and low taxes
  214. 2016 Interactive Electoral Map (get to 270 votes)
  215. Clinton Knocks Obama's "Don't Do Stupid Stuff" Foreign Policy Approach
  216. RINO King: The Peter King Files
  217. Wrong Paul: The Paul Ryan Files
  218. Tax Hike Mike: The Mike Huckabee Files
  219. RINO Rick: The Rick Santorum Files
  220. 47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton: Part 1
  221. “Peace, progress, and prosperity.” - Hillary's campaign slogan.
  222. The Republican Presidential Agenda For 2016: Bomb! War is Peace! Intervention!
  223. Ted Cruz: We Need To Abolish The IRS
  224. GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Paul Ryan Works 'Every Day' toward Amnesty Bill
  225. Tracking Trips to Iowa and New Hampshire by Presidential Candidates
  226. Marco Rubio is balding. Will it cost him the presidency?
  227. All In The Family: The Jeb Bush Files
  228. Bob Corker 'Not Ruling Out' 2016 Presidential Run
  229. Jeb Bush is against medical cannabis in Florida
  230. Governor Perry indicted on felony criminal charges for abuse of power
  231. Here We Go Again: FOX NEWS Reports GOP Presidental Poll 8/15, Take A Guess Who's Missing
  232. Article from 2012: Ted Cruz supports the Patriot Act
  233. Paul Ryan as bus driver for Mitt
  234. Perry presses for greater US involvement in Iraq
  235. Romney endorses Ryan for 2016
  236. Rick Perry's 'crimes' pale in comparison to Bobby Jindal's
  237. Ryan: I'd drive Romney's bus in 2016
  238. Rand v. Hilary
  239. [Forbes re Zogby Poll Aug. 13-15] Hillary Wallops All Republicans
  240. Romney on 2016 Run: ‘Circumstances Can Change’
  241. a late June 2016 GOP National Convention getting set
  242. Unofficial Tea Party leading conservative is . . .
  243. Poll: Scott Walker Trailing Among Likely Voters In Wisconsin
  244. Santorum setting himself up as VP for Hillary against Rand
  245. Ben Carson Shouldn’t Run for President
  246. Ted Cruz: We ought to bomb ISIS back to the stone age
  247. Hillary Clinton is Just Plain Wrong on GMOs
  248. should Sen. Cruz be returned to his native-born Canada ?
  249. Ted Cruz: Revoke US citizenship of those supporting terrorist groups
  250. Clinton: I'll Decide on 2016 'Probably After the First of the Year'