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  1. Reagan & Bush on Educating the Children of Illegal Immigrants
  2. War Profits Drive GOP Hawks: Wilkerson on GOP Debate
  3. South Park episode shows Donald Trump being raped and murdered
  4. Fiorina donated a lot of money to Hillary?
  5. Fiorina's long-held support for mandatory health insurance
  6. Report: N.J. Gov. Christie Has Spent Over Half of 2015 Campaigning Out-of-State
  7. Libertarian and Green Parties Sue Commission on Presidential Debates on Antitrust Grounds
  8. Creepy Uncle Joe Biden
  9. Hillary denies she launched the Obama 'birther' movement during tense 2008 Democratic primary
  10. New Iowa Poll: Trump loses to almost everybody in a head-to-head matchup
  11. CNN/WMUR New Hampshire D/R Polls 9/24
  12. "Settlements are a cancer"
  13. filing deadline for SC Republican primary is Sept 30th
  14. Ted Cruz Birthright Citizenship Flip Flop
  15. New data show Trump fever breaking
  16. Donald Trump seems to be a little cranky now that the polls don’t look so great
  17. Trump: Rivals Want to Start World War 3 Over Syria
  18. does Carly have serious money problems?
  19. Ted Cruz dropping out?
  20. Poll: Ben Carson, Donald Trump run neck-and-neck
  21. Breaking news: Stage collapse at Carly event
  22. Government finds new emails Clinton did not hand over
  23. Trump Releases Tax Plan
  24. Trump Proposes Replacing Obamacare with Government-Funded Universal Healthcare
  25. Carly Fiorina defends waterboarding
  26. How Republican Primaries Create More Pentagon Pork
  27. CNBC to limit debate participants?
  28. Carson Says He Would Consider Evidence That Suspect’s Religion Shows Probable Cause For Search
  29. Trump on 60 Minutes
  30. Ted Cruz gets support of Bob Barr, former Ron Paul organizers
  31. Townhall: Trump's Healthcare Plan: 'Obamacare on Steroids'?
  32. Georgia Republican Primary WSB/Landmark Poll 9/23
  33. Rand Paul: Ted Cruz ‘Pretty Much Done For’ in Senate
  34. Three Reasons Donald Trump will Drop Out before Iowa
  35. CNBC debate requirements announced
  36. CNN Alters Democratic Debate Criteria to Expand Stage, Allow Last-Minute Biden Entry
  37. Inside Carly Fiorina's California campaign meltdown
  38. Huckabee unveils impressive state leadership teams
  39. Ahead of primaries, Sanders raises more than $24 million in third quarter
  40. Politico: Third GOP debate sets off wave of anxiety
  41. Why Not Bernie Sanders?
  42. Fiorina supports attacking Russian jets if they attack FSA
  43. TRUMP: America shouldn't be policemen of the world
  44. How McConnell outfoxed Ted Cruz
  45. 'Beck Confronts Carly About Previous Criticism of Ted Cruz'
  46. Sanders Responds to OR Shooting: More Gun Control, More Mental Health, Less Media Violence
  47. Trump: "If I Tank, I'll Drop Out"
  48. Bush Down to 4% according to Pew
  49. Clinton, Fiorina, Kasich prepare for war with Russia. Any other takers?
  50. OAN/Gravis National 10/1 and South Carolina 9/28 Polls
  52. Illegal Aliens Could Elect Hillary
  53. Donald Trump: Communist, or Paleocon?
  54. Geraldo: Republicans are just pretending they’ll vote for Carson because HE’S BLACK!
  55. Do you agree with Geraldo's view that Republicans just pretending they’ll vote for Carson?
  56. Ben Carson goes viral
  57. Pew Research 10/2/2016 Poll
  58. 2016 betting odds on PredictIt
  59. this is how efficient the Trump campaign is-and its costing them nothing
  60. 5 Ways Donald Trump Perfectly Mirrors Hitler's Rise To Power
  61. Sanders draws 24,000 fans in Boston
  62. Ben Carson: Christians, Jews, Muslims all believe in God, Jesus preached love and acceptance
  63. Trump: Middle East would be more stable if Saddam, Gaddafi still in power
  64. from twitter: might explain Rand's poll numbers
  65. Dictator wannabe Hilliary will bypass Congress to violate second amendment
  66. Biden supports military draft
  67. Rand Paul Ad Design Contest
  68. Rubio and Brzezinski Advocate Direct Armed Conflict With Russia In Syria
  69. Playing the pity card: Biden himself leaked his son's dying wish
  70. Presidential candidate Clinton says removing Assad in Syria is No. 1 priority
  71. John Kasich Compares Expanding Medicaid to Fighting ISIS, Offers to Buy Bibles for His Critics
  72. Trump: "Eminent Domain is a wonderful thing"
  73. Early October polls round up
  74. Pollsters Criticize Use of Polling Minimums to Exclude Candidates from Debates
  75. Watch Donald Trump Completely Contradict Himself on US Troops in Iraq
  76. El Chapo Is Reportedly Offering $100 Million for the Capture of Donald Trump "Dead or Alive"
  77. Hillary Flip-Flops On TPP - Shuns Obama's Trade Plan After Publicly Supporting It 45 Times
  78. Bungling Surgeon Ben Carson Left Sponge In Patient's Brain — National Enquirer
  79. Gallup Quits Presidential Primary Horse Race Polling, Will Continue Issue-Based Polls
  80. Trump Calls Out NBC For Citing A CNN Poll Over Their Own Poll
  81. Donald Trump says Bergdahl should have been executed
  82. Bloomberg Politics: This Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America
  83. Ted Cruz: How U.S. must push back Putin in Syria
  84. Trump's twitter outreach is cheap, not likely to earn him votes
  85. Full interview: Dr. Ben Carson on the economy
  86. Hillary adopts new ‘goth’ look to appeal to youth
  87. Rupert Murdoch:"Ben and Candy Carson terrific", suggests Obama is not real black President
  88. Trump - The Art of Baloney
  89. Fox News back in love with Trump
  90. Marco Rubio accused of cheating on his wife during recent campaign event
  91. INFOGRAPHIC : Does Ted Cruz even Liberty!?
  92. Daily Show rips into Carson over shooting comments & Popeyes stick-up.
  93. Good Read: Make America Good Again
  94. Bernie Sanders: Gun Manufacturers May Need To Be Held Liable For Gun Crime
  95. Megadonors - the 158 families who have donated 1/2 of money this election
  96. Clinton’s (Democrat) Woman Privilege - Hidden emails reveal laughable technological illiteracy
  97. Ben Carson: U.S. Dollar ‘Not Based on Anything. Why Would We Be Continuing to Do That?’
  98. Hillary admits she is a robot
  99. First Democratic Debate - October 13th 2015 on CNN
  100. *UNOFFICIAL* First Democratic Party Presidential Debate Thread
  101. Ted Cruz's Neocon Team
  102. Ted Cruz's Neocon Problem
  103. CNN Reportedly Planning Less-Confrontational Format for Democratic Debate
  104. October 13th democratic debate thread
  105. Marco Rubio: Sheldon Adelson Puppet
  106. Biden is in. - (just kidding)
  107. Clinton Promises To Enact Agenda Whether Or Not She Elected
  108. Bernie Sanders Repeatedly Scolded For Attempting To Unionize Debate Moderators
  109. That passionate young woman who questioned Donald Trump in New Hampshire?
  110. Hillary Clinton's flip flops: from same-sex marriage to TPP
  111. It's official: the establishment has switched to Rubio
  112. Hillary bombs at 6% on Drudge debate poll now
  113. I predict Trump will be out before Iowa
  114. Justin Amash is more active on twitter than Rand (and anyone except Trump)
  115. Carson Shelves Public Campaign Events to Sell Books
  116. Bernie Sanders Has A Good Chance of Winning
  117. The View's Joy Behar: Bernie Sanders "Aroused Me" While Watching Democratic Debate
  118. Huckabee: Anti-Gay War Against Doritos (But Chick-Fil-A Boycott Was 'Economic Terrorism')
  119. Trump, Carson threaten to boycott next GOP debate
  120. Why Is Hillary Clinton So Unhappy?
  121. CNN Democratic Debate Mystery….How did Anderson Cooper know what O’Malley was going to say??
  122. are cabinet secretaries allowed to endorse? (Julian Castro endorsed Hillary)
  123. Stephen Colbert Makes Fun of CNN for Trying to Lure Viewers With Absurd Joe Biden Ploy
  124. Ted Cruz says John Kerry must resign for Israel criticism
  125. if Obama resigns Biden is a shoo-in for a full term
  126. South Korea? Trump's 'Where Are You From' Moment
  127. Jeb the Wheeler and Dealer: Roger Stone’s Astounding Allegations Against Jeb Bush
  128. Trump raises more money than Rand Paul
  129. Ben Carson just suspended his campaign so he can sell his book
  130. Clinton: Australian-Style Gun Control 'Worth Considering' for U.S.
  131. Jim Webb Accuses CNN of Rigging Democratic Debate to Benefit Sanders, Clinton
  132. Rutgers poll : Christie low ratings continue in New Jersey
  133. Huckabee 3rd quarter raises $1.24 million
  134. Donald Trump attacking Jeb Bush over 9/11 on Twitter right now
  135. Rand says Trump would be worst GOP nominee ever-I don't agree
  136. Trump vs. Sanders - Patrick J. Buchanan on the election he wants to see.
  137. Maher Skewers Sanders: How Can the Country Afford Your Plan? [video]
  138. important dates
  139. Clinton: Australian-Style Gun Control 'Worth Considering' for U.S.
  140. Hillary Clinton laughs when Jake Tapper asks about her email server
  141. Two major acts that the Clintons perpetrated, which have set in motion our greatest crisis
  142. Democrats just announced there's a bunch of free stuff at the bottom of this big hole
  143. Donald Trump: FCC’s Equal Time Rule Looms Over ‘Saturday Night Live’ Gig
  144. The Question Bernie Supporters Won't Answer
  145. Bernie Sanders want to raise taxes on everybody to fund family leave!
  146. Ted Cruz calls CFR a "Pit of Vipers"... after marrying one of the snakes!
  147. Jim Webb Mulling Independent Run for the White House
  148. Sanders In 1985: Sandinista Leader “Impressive,” Castro “Totally Transformed” Cuba
  149. Who Will be the next "Pump" or "Surge" Candidate
  150. Hits close to home: Sanders re-gifts a donation, plays it off as 'refusing' it
  151. Donald Trump loves China - video
  152. The Democrats' Denmark Fetish
  153. Leaked ABC/WaPo poll?
  154. Joe Biden decides he won't run
  155. With Biden out, which of these will benefit the most of it; Clinton or Sanders?
  156. Huckabee Conveniently Changes His Position On Pot!
  158. Back to the Future writer Bob Gale: Biff Tannen was based on Donald Trump
  159. Ben Carson says he would “intensify” the war on drugs
  160. Donald Trump retweet cites Iowans' 'issues in the brain'
  161. Patrick Cockburn says "Donald Trump Is Much Derided – But He Is Right About the Middle East"
  162. The grassroots Sanders forums make me feel kinda weird
  163. Lincoln Chafee ends Democratic bid for president
  164. Jeb Bush Orders Across-the-Board Pay Cuts for Struggling Campaign
  165. One Candidate Dares to Talk About the FED: They are Inflating a Bubble Soon to Burst!
  166. Reality Check: Should Rubio Be Fired For Terrible Voting Record?
  167. Carson Overtakes Trump in RCP Average of Iowa [Rand on the Move Up]
  168. Donald Trump Goes on Attack After Iowa Poll Shows Decline
  169. Trump Says Americans Won’t Vote For Another Black President Because Obama Was So Bad
  170. What are political implications of two birthers leading GOP race?
  171. Obama Announces He's Running for THIRD TERM?!?
  172. Ben Carson on "volatile" past, trying to stab a friend
  173. Dr. Ben Carson in his own words
  174. Poll: Rs view Donald Trump as most electable, Christie only candidate with net negative rating
  175. Trump questions if Ben Carson's 7th Day Adventist religion is real Christianity
  176. Marco Rubio Falls Apart When Asked Why He Has Missed The Most Votes In The Senate
  177. FOX News:BenCarson has an astronomical 84% favorable rating from likely Iowa Republicans
  178. DEVELOPING: Amidst insults to GOP voters JEB to drop out Monday
  179. Ted Cruz is 5' 8" Tall
  180. Bush family gathers to rescue Jeb
  181. 8 Bernie Sanders Memes That Went Viral On The Internet
  182. Dangerous Questions Dogging Hillary
  183. Polls: Military Intervention and Public Opinion, Who’s the Most Hawkish 2016 R Candidate?
  184. NYT: Who's Winning The Presidential Campaign?
  185. live streams for MSNBC and FBN debates
  186. Media Bias - Trump vs. Carson Poll
  187. Carson leads nationally, Trump continues to slide, Rand at 4% tied for 6th
  188. Questionnaire: See which 2016 Presidential candidate you side with
  189. Second choice Poll if Rand drops out after NH.
  190. Carson himself raised issue of violent past...and it's helping him.
  191. Jeb Bush advisers call Marco Rubio a 'GOP Obama'
  192. Jim Gilmore calls on Rubio to resign
  193. Clinton Funded by More CEOs Than All Other Presidential Candidates
  194. Rubio gives up on Senate: ‘He hates it’
  195. Carson: No Apologies For Using Fetal Tissue
  196. Next Debate: Fox debate rules could push Christie off main stage
  197. Ben Carson likens abortion to slavery, wants to see Roe v. Wade overturned
  198. CUFI's John Hagee prays for a Trump Presidency
  199. Breitbart - Carson: "I have not actually worked with fetal tissue."
  200. Fox Business GOP debate on Nov 10th - Who will qualify?
  201. New storyline
  202. Kasich Sold Pot During The Reagan Years
  203. Jebby! is 7 - 0 in fantasy football
  204. Jeb Bush
  205. NYT Op Ed: Gov. Christie, Time to Go Home
  206. Rick Wilson: Donor Class Must ‘Put a Bullet in Donald Trump’
  207. Ted Cruz's "Audiographic" Memory
  208. Jeb Bush's Campaign On Life Support After Rough Debate
  209. Ben Carson is Calling for a New Debate Format Without "Gotcha Questions"
  210. If I was running for President......
  211. ABC Dumps on Trump: He’s Got ‘Electile Dysfunction’ in Iowa
  212. Lindsey Graham Really Wants To Be Your Commander In Chief
  213. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski dubs Hillary 'pathetic' for playing sexism card
  214. First-Ever U.S Presidential Candidates' Forum Held Abroad in Jerusalem, Israel, November 2-4
  215. Jeb Bush Campaign Memo: 70,000 Phone Calls Yield 1,260 Supporters
  216. Take out the moron in charge
  217. Hillary Clinton ALREADY has the votes of 500 Democratic super-delegates locked up
  218. John Stossel has a say: The next GOP debate program line-up includes an hour for libertarians
  219. Ted Cruz huge bump from CNBC debate: Raises 1 million
  220. Debate Improvement Idea
  221. The Cruz Tax Plan
  222. Is it too late for another candidate to enter the race and win the nomination?
  223. Letter from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to NBC News
  224. RNC pulls out of NBC debate
  225. Politico: GOP Campaigns Plot Revolt Against RNC
  226. Republican Party head rages against 'crap sandwich' CNBC debate
  227. Ben Carson used to throw rocks at cars. So did you?
  228. Hillary Clinton was paranoid about "neocon monitoring"
  229. Progressives pass up Sanders for Hillary
  230. Derp derp Bernie supporters' logic
  231. Donald Trump claims an IQ of 156
  232. Paul Singer, Influential Billionaire, Throws Support to Marco Rubio for President
  233. Roger Stone Endorses Trump
  234. Jan Helfeld: Bernie Sanders' Character and View on Rights Exposed
  235. Hypothetical general election matchup: Rubio vs Hillary
  236. GOP campaigns vent at RNC on eve of debate summit
  237. Fall of the House of Bush
  238. BEN GINSBERG involved in GOP Debate changes!
  239. Stephen Asks Donald To Put His Millions Where His Mouth Is
  240. Question: Is this presidential election exciting and unpredictable?
  241. Question: I don't get it; What happened at the last debate that it's so controversial?
  242. Comparison of ISIS to SOME of the Ferguson protestors was correct
  243. Rothbard Would Have Loved Trump -- Read Murray’s In Defense of Demagogues.
  244. Yet another billionaire behind Rubio
  245. Marco Rubio is exploding in a key early state
  246. Is this hunting ? Cruz, Jindal, Santorum, and Huckabee go "hunting"
  247. New PPP poll: Bernie Sanders has completely collapsed in Iowa
  248. Ad for Fox Business GOP Debate Blasts CNBC’s Debate Questions
  249. The Biggest Loser Of The CNBC Debate Was Everyone
  250. Ben Carson caught on video claiming Mannatech supplement magically cured his prostate cancer