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  1. Lew and Tom on the Trump phenomenon
  2. It wouldn't surprise me that Donald Trump is buying off the pollsters too
  3. Chris Wallace—here's your proof. Yes, Mexico DOES send illegals to the U.S.
  4. Radical Libertarian Trump Totally Cool with Raising Taxes
  5. Hillary gets off her tractor to discuss gun violence
  6. Biden beats Trump in latest Quinnipiac poll August
  7. Trump on Amendment 2
  8. That Time Donald Trump Had A Meeting With DREAMers And Said “You Convinced Me” On Immigration
  9. Trump 2016- 7. The Immigrant
  10. The Donald Exposed: A Reality Check For Trumpeteers
  11. Trump has supported nearly all of Obama's economic policy agenda
  12. Has anyone (modern era) been elected President without ever holding any other elected office ?
  13. 2016 is 1940, Trump is Wilkie, Rand is Taft
  14. Trump can save the US economy (maybe)
  15. Trump has only one issue on his website. Immigration.
  16. Trump defends torture.
  17. Trump. Premptive strike against North Korea.
  18. Trump supports Iraq war 3.
  19. Eric Cantor endorses Jeb Bush
  20. Trump on Ukraine today versus last year.
  21. Hillary Clinton Calls the GOP "Terrorists"
  22. Jeb Bush says “I have libertarian blood running through my veins”
  23. New Donald Trump Ad (Kimmel)
  24. Trump will win the legal Hispanic and Latino vote
  25. Top Jeb fundraisers leave campaign
  26. Trump says his Sister, a Pro-Abortion Extremist, would be “phenomenal” SCOTUS nominee
  27. Trump Bible Quotes
  28. Alex Jone’s Message to Rand Paul
  29. "I'm sick and tired of the political class."
  30. Isn't demanding that Rand's supporters second choice isn't Trump a little maniacal?
  31. Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll Aug. 23-26
  32. In New Hampshire, Christie Says He Would Track Immigrants Like FedEx Packages
  33. Best description of Trump.
  34. Justin Raimondo argues that Trump is a product of Empire
  35. Christie: Track immigrants like FedEx packages
  36. At least its True what Trump Said about the News Media
  37. Trump 2016 10. The Conspiracy
  38. Walker calls for Berlin style wall with Canada
  39. NJ Gun Rights Question Chris Christie needs to be asked!
  40. Murdoch comes really close to endorsing Carson
  41. I really am getting tired of the buzz phrase "anti establishment."
  42. Ben Carson ties Trump in Iowa poll
  43. Trump in 2014: "Central Park 5 Settlement a Disgrace"
  44. As Jeb Bush’s Poll Numbers Drop, Three Top Fundraisers Quit Campaign
  45. Two time loser jumping in? Will Romney save the day for Hillary?
  46. Stump 4 Trump in Davis Co., IA
  47. Donald Trump's American Dream!
  48. Mt McKinley
  49. New National Poll of GOP and Democratic Primaries Shows Big Leads for Trump, Clinton
  50. Inside the Trump-Bush melodrama: Decades of tension and discomfort
  51. The Economics of Bernie Sanders
  52. Trump against Iraq war, but when asked to name military advisor, Bolton is first name he drops
  53. Ben Carson supports mandatory vaccinations
  54. Top Hillary campaign staffers caught on video taking donations from Canadian
  55. Rand Paul Should Espouse More of My Political Philosophy
  56. Follow the Money? Not with Hillary, Follow Pat…
  57. Glenn Beck support for Ted Cruz
  58. CNN/Reagan debate moderator calls media biased
  59. Donald Trump is rich because his dad was rich
  60. Donald Trump Says He Hopes to Run for President Against Kanye West
  61. The Economics of Bernie Sanders
  62. Live stream links for the debates?
  63. RNC Loyalty Pledge
  64. Hacker offers Hillary's Sent Emails; 32,000 w/ subject lines...
  65. Republicans Like Obama's Ideas Better When They Think They're Donald Trump's
  66. The First Lady candidates . . .
  67. What’s the matter with the GOP candidates on foreign policy?
  68. The Jeb Bush Adviser Who Should Scare You
  69. More Republicans support universal health care when they find out Trump likes it
  70. Head to head Carson beats the trump by nearly 20%.
  71. Edward Snowden on Hillary's email server… and Trump
  72. Trump Signs RNC Loyalty Pledge Promising to Endorse Nominee “Regardless of Who It Is”
  73. Ted Cruz: Once Obama resigns, we can talk about clerk Kim Davis.
  74. Everything I hated about my own party all in one candidate called Trump.
  75. Donald Trump: I will know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah 'when it's appropriate'
  76. Still no positions posted to Donald J Trump Inc campaign website
  77. Justin Raimondo on Ben Carson's religious beliefs
  78. Biden gets serious!!
  79. Fox’s Gutfeld: Trump Should ‘Stop Running as Ann Coulter’
  80. Billy Corgan applauds Trump for 'f---ing' up the political class
  81. Laughter, the Best Medicine
  82. Jeffrey Tucker: Has Donald Trump Unleashed the Neo-Nazis?
  83. Poll: Trump beats Hillary head-to-head
  84. The idiocy of Donald Trump
  85. Trump has the uneducated prole vote according to the Washington Post
  86. Kasich Campaign Hit By Charter School Data Rigging Scandal
  87. Palin wants to nominate herself as Trump Energy Secretary
  88. John Hay Initiative: The Neocon Foreign Policy Walmart
  89. How Trump exposed the Tea Party
  90. Lawrence Lessig Enters the Presidential Race
  91. Rand harmed himself attacking Christie, NOT Trump.
  92. Feminazis sing a Christian hymn, replacing "Jesus" with "Hillary."
  93. Deep-seated anger helps Trump defy political gravity
  94. Seven Reasons Libertarians Will Use to Justify Their Vote in the Republican Primaries
  95. Speaking of Trump
  96. Is Trump a Phony?
  97. Paul Krugman: Trump Is Right on Economics
  98. Bush Poll Numbers Plummet to Single Digits in Iowa, N.H.
  99. Trump: I Will Absolutely Use A Nuclear Weapon Against ISIS (satire)
  100. Learning from Carter's 1976 win
  101. Donald Trump, When is Enough Enough?
  102. New YouGov natnl GOP poll- Trump 36, Carson 11, Jeb 8, Rubio 7, Cruz & Walker 6, Rand Huck K 4
  103. Jebby calls out Trump foreign policy flub . . . news coverage video
  104. Reagan Library Debate to exceed 24 million total with international CNN viewers ?
  105. Matt Taibbi: "Republicans Are Now Officially the Party of White Paranoia"
  106. Donald ‘I Always Felt I Was in the Military’ Trump Explains Away His Time During Vietnam War
  107. Guns Owners of America Endorses Ted Cruz for President
  108. Jeb Bush: Hillary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving people across the world
  109. Trump university almuni say Trump is a scam
  110. A man that tells it like it is. third party yet
  111. Trump: Bring Syrian refugees here - vid
  112. Trump lays a rotten egg
  113. Mike Tyson should have punched Donald Trump when he had the chance
  114. GOP Power Rankings
  115. VIDEO: Huckabee Campaign Physically Blocks Ted Cruz from Media at Kim Davis Rally
  116. SC Republicans to Graham: Drop Out
  117. First-grader named Donald Trump attacks Carly Fiorina’s looks
  118. Carson questions authenticity of Trump's faith
  119. An Anti-Trump Website I Made
  120. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz headline rally against Iran nuclear deal
  121. Bobby Jindal goes nuclear on Donald Trump
  122. Rand, Carly, Chris, John and Rick
  123. What I predict at the next debate
  124. CNN pushing Jeb, Lindsey and Jindal today
  125. Great article about Donald Trump's ignorant supporters
  126. Jeb Bush backs Gun Control on the State Level
  127. Trump: Cruz is Natural Born Citizen
  128. Breaking: Rick Perry to Drop Out of GOP Presidential Race
  129. California Psychic Medium Says Donald Trump Will Not Be President
  130. Perry supporter: Perry supporters will be going to Ted Cruz
  131. Doug Bandow - Is Donald Trump the Best the Republicans Can Do on Foreign Policy?
  132. Radical left winger would vote for Donald Trump
  133. Trump gave $100,000 to John Boehner in 2012
  134. Frothy's milkshake does not bring the boys to the yard.
  135. Voters in Three Early 2016 Primary States Want to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition
  136. Joe Biden: "I Am A Zionist. You Don't Have To A Jew To Be A Zionist"
  137. Comrade Sanders’ first visit to Atlanta a raucous ride
  138. Trump: Carson doesn’t have the energy to be president
  139. Trump: I truly understood the appeal of Ron Paul
  140. Old video but Jimmy Kimmel mocks Trump campaign ad
  141. Donald Trump: CEO's make too much
  142. CNN debate - Tapper to try to pit candidates against each other
  143. Senators Rand Paul, Cruz, and Rubio to attend Pope Francis address to Congress
  144. Trump Snubs Evangelicals
  145. Bernie Sanders praises gay marriage and abortion in speech at Christian conservative college
  146. Dr. Phil's accurate take on Donald Trump
  147. Reagan: Trump's no Ronald
  148. Trump calls Rand a Lightweight Senator . . .
  149. Club for Growth targets Trump with $1 Million ad campaign in Iowa
  150. Anti-Hitlery article
  151. Lincoln Chafee: The Heir Apparent to Ron Paul on Foreign Policy? - Rich Rubino
  152. William Kristol to vote 3rd party,....
  153. Standing out at the GOP debate
  154. John Hostettler likely to run for Constitution Party nomination
  155. Florida PPP 9/15 Poll, Majority want Jeb/Rubio to drop out, Rand < 1%
  156. New Hampshire poll: Ben Carson within 4 points of Donald Trump
  157. These Iowan Evangelical Voters Make Me Sick
  158. Carson's FB 'likes' are being manipulated upward at rocket speed, hundreds per minute
  159. Jindal: Trump is a madman who must be stopped
  160. Ted Cruz's Weird @%# Advertisement
  161. Alternative ways to stream the CNN debate w/o a PC
  162. Lindsey Graham roars out of the debate gates
  163. Fiorina and Trump are both right: They’re both pretty terrible at business
  164. Ann Coulter takes on Israel!!!!
  165. Funny Debate Memes/Tweets
  166. why does all the media want Carly ?
  167. National Review: Carly’s Night
  168. Glenn Beck: Carly Won!
  169. Eric Dondero: Fiorina Wins GOP Debate
  170. Jebby - "Trump, apologize to my wife"
  171. CNN Dem/Post Debate Analysis Group Ignoring Rand Paul While Push For Fiorina/Rubio
  172. Rand wins back some of Ron's base but the war wing found their women.
  173. The Debates and Republican Foreign Policy
  174. Trump v. Jeb highlights . . .
  175. Jindal destroys Graham
  176. Conversation w/Trump supporter (my uncle)
  177. Last night. A message from Marco Rubio.
  178. White House Campaign to Give Citizenship to Illegals Before Election
  179. Rand Paul & Iran Deal
  180. Carly Fiorina surges to 22% and first-place nationally after debate win
  181. Now That The Summer of Trump is Coming to a Close...
  182. Fiorina destroyed half the wealth of her investors yet still earned $100 million
  183. This election is a load of BS. As the one in 2012.
  184. Bernie Sanders wrote an essay saying that women fantasize about rape
  185. Carly Fiorina = Cruella Del Vil? Guest Staring Rand Paul
  186. What is "taxable" income under Trump's tax reform plan?
  187. Trump declines to correct man who says Obama is Muslim
  188. is Carson more anti-war than Rand?
  189. Ben Carson is the Chairman of the Board of a company named Vaccinogen; also a Bonesman
  190. Scott Walker: Media was going to crown Carly Fiorina GOP debate winner no matter what
  191. The GOP's Solutions to a World in Chaos caused by Military interventions
  192. Carly worked with the CIA during Bush years
  193. Secret Service code names . . .
  194. We Learn More About Cruella de Kil
  195. Lew Rockwell and Tom on the Second GOP Debate, 2015
  196. Trump calls for nation wide concealed carry
  197. Conservatives need a Strong Woman who can beat Joe Biden.
  198. Chris Hayes Wonders Whether Guy Who Told Trump Obama a Muslim Was a Plant
  199. The GOP Debate: Outsiders Versus Warmongers
  200. Debate with Bernie
  201. Clinton’s Pitching $350 Billion in “Free” College
  202. DNC Chair Stands By Debate Schedule: We Don’t Want to ‘Tax’ Our Candidates 'Too Much'
  203. My parent-barometer on the Republican primary
  204. ...which could open up the process to a convention situation...
  205. The Media Can No Longer Pretend That Trump’s Racist Birtherism Is Old News
  206. Walker pullout coming?
  207. Did the Donald Really Tweet This?
  208. Herman Cain on Judge Jeanine
  209. Fiorina takes Mackinac Island by storm
  210. Caption THIS!!!!! Rand w/Hillary Pic
  211. Scott Walker Cancels Stops to Focus on Iowa and South Carolina
  212. Two problems with Fiorina: what she has done in the past, and what she promises for the future
  213. Carson says a Muslim shouldn't be Considered for President
  214. All Kinds of Wrong With This Picture
  215. Reason: Bernie Sanders, First Libertarian Socialist?
  216. Looks like Carly Fiorina has her own private email server scandal. [Developing ...]
  217. Carly Was a Terrible CEO
  218. Bernie Sanders, Stalking Horse for War and Empire
  219. Scott Walker About to drop out. Confirmed by FOX News
  220. Fiorina’s Wasteful Military Expansion Plan
  221. Ann Coulter's perspective (video)
  222. TRUMP on Fox 2015.09.21 (Greta On the Record)
  223. Top Santorum aide: Trump has 'stolen something' from every candidate
  224. Superpower beat down: Paul vs Rubio
  225. Clinton's War on Drugs
  226. new poll, not good news
  227. Walker: I think he was told to drop out
  228. Caption This Bernie Sanders Photo...
  229. Fiorina heaps praise on Hillary Clinton in 2008
  230. Chris Christie Orders NJ National Guard Leader to Lose Weight or Else
  231. Reality Check: Marijuana Did Not Kill Carly Fiorina's Daughter, So What Did?
  232. New National Poll: Trump With Commanding Lead; Fiorina Already Back In Single Digits
  233. Chris Christie Tells NJ National Guard Leader to Lose Weight
  234. Biggest Bigot of 'Scream Queens' is Daughter of Jeb Bush Supporters
  235. Trump -Humble or Hubris-Nemisis Complex?
  236. CNBC GOP Debate on Oct 28th - Who will qualify?
  237. Carly's defense proposals ignore the facts on the ground, at sea, and in the air
  238. BOMBSHELL: Who Is Funding Carly Fiorina? One Of Her GOP ‘Rivals!’
  239. Trump Boycotts Fox News Citing Unfair Treatment
  240. Stockman: Clueless Carly———Crony Capitalist Warmonger With Flash Cards
  241. Ben Carson: Money pouring in after Muslim comments
  242. Why you Should NOT Vote For Bernie Sanders
  243. Citizens United Poll
  244. Fox News Poll 9/23
  245. Trump Threatens Pro-Paul, Conservative Group With Multi-million Dollar Lawsuit!
  246. Hillary Clinton slams Republicans on 'multiculturalism'
  247. Donald Trump wants the FCC to fine a critical Fox News pundit
  248. Trump: Rubio Sweats Too Much
  249. Quinnipiac 9/24 National Poll
  250. Reagan & Bush on Educating the Children of Illegal Immigrants