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  1. The Solution to Trump
  2. Time to Vote in an MD to repeal Obamacare ?
  3. Breitbart Staffers Believe Trump Has Given Money To Site For Favorable Coverage
  4. Fox News Propaganda: "Body Language Expert" says Chris Christie more "Likeable" than Rand Paul
  5. Forbes debunks Trump's claim that Single-Payer 'Work Incredibly Well' in Canada & Scotland
  6. Are Presidential Contenders Wrong to Admire Abraham Lincoln?
  7. Senior Ben Carson Adviser on Red State Snub: This ‘Smear and Outright Lie’ Will Not Stand
  8. Martin Armstrong: Did Fox Try To Politically Assassinate Trump in the Debates?
  9. George Will: Trump Supporters Will Not Hold the Rest of Us Hostage
  10. Good Nate Silver analysis on why Trump has zero chance at getting the GOP nomination
  11. Trump, Facing Potential Ban from GOP Debates, May Pledge Not To Run As Independent
  12. Christie misstates facts on 9/11 during heated debate with Paul
  13. Teflon Don -- Lead Grows
  14. The Totalitarian Left Paved the Way for the Trump Monster
  15. FNC Increased Security After Public Barrage of Megyn Kelly
  16. Prevent Megyn Kelly From Hosting Any Further REPUBLICAN Debates.
  17. Trump Instagram negative ad: "Enough is Enough - No More Bushes!"
  18. Polling is just name recognition. More coverage = higher polling
  19. Test out candidates platform with this computer political simulation game
  20. Rick Perry Stops Paying South Carolina Staff
  21. LA Times: FOX News Debate Anchors Actively Planned Zingers-Prepared to Escort Trump From Stage
  22. Trump Gave $10,000 To Rand Paul To Support Guatemala Charity Eye Surgeries
  23. Donald Trump and Eminent Domain
  24. Trump wants boots on the ground. hit him on the issues.
  25. The dumbest line in the Presidential Debate
  26. Is Donald Trump the new Ron Paul? [PODCAST]
  27. (Another) caption this photo thread
  28. When Trump pays politicians, they do whatever the hell he tells them to do
  29. Cruz: Foolish For GOP To Criticize Trump
  30. Trump Opposition Research Thread
  31. Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump’s ‘Outrageous’ Comments Are Part of a Republican Theme
  32. Bernie Sanders: 'I do not have dual citizenship with Israel'
  33. WaPo: Cruz, Walker, Christie most Trump-like candidates, Rand least
  34. Donald Trump Gets Massive Cheer from Daily Show Audience
  35. Poll: Trump Surges to 32% Nationally After Debate Controversy
  36. Ben Carson's tax reform: keep the socialist income tax
  37. Rick Perry Calls Trump a Cancer; Perry stops paying all of his staff as fundraising dries up
  38. Trump: I Want To Put H&R Block Out of Business
  39. Republican Adviser Lets Mask Slip: Trump Supporters are Peasants
  40. Trump Open To Idea of Continuing Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood
  41. Trump just stated he is open to funding planned parenthood... Is this the final straw?
  42. Alex Jones: Rand, stop listening to your advisers, act more like Donald Trump.
  43. A Call for Anti-Trump Memes/Photos
  44. Trump: "Iran.. gives plenty of money to ISIS!"
  45. News out of Iowa
  46. Jeb Bush45 and VP posers body language thread
  47. 2016/08/11 GOP Frontrunner LIVE from Michigan
  48. What Donald Trump reminds me of
  49. Donald Trump has ties to mafia
  50. Jeb: I support embedding special forces with Iraqi forces and FSA in Syria.
  51. Hillary fund raisers could lose big money if media owners took Trump out too soon
  52. Bernie Sanders ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire 44-37
  53. The two party system and Trump
  54. Mike Huckabee Compares Obama to Hitler
  55. So will Donald Trump start a third party known as the "Costa Nostra Party"?
  56. Did Hillary's email gate just hit the fan
  57. Calling out the lack of Principle in Trump
  58. Donald Trump: 'I keep whining and whining until I win'
  59. Donald Trump walks out over questions about mafia connections during BBC Panorama interview
  60. FOX flies the white flag
  61. Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton in the polls for NH for the first time
  62. Admittedly Republican Voters Are Dumb
  63. Jesse Ventura open to playing second banana on Trump ticket
  64. Rand Paul pulls out his Trump impression
  65. Trump: People ‘can pay a higher percentage’ taxes ‘as they make more’
  66. Trump would get 43% as 3rd party?
  67. Sanders: Make Election Day a holiday
  68. ‘Why Some People Enjoy Trump’
  69. antiwar.com goes negative on Trump-in a big way.
  70. The one big reason neither Donald Trump nor Bernie Sanders can keep this up
  71. Megyn Kelly, Queen of Narcissism, Gets a Pass
  72. Judge appointed by Clinton tosses case against Clinton
  73. Jeb gets shouted down
  74. Ben Carson Once Did Research On 17-Week Aborted Fetal Tissue
  75. Donald Trump Endorsed Netanyahu
  76. Should I do this?
  77. Does Donald Trump really care or even know about Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws?
  78. Jeb Bush defends George W.’s Iraq War legacy
  79. Insurgents Versus Party Regulars
  80. So Ben Carson worked with aborted fetuses for research...
  81. Behind The Scenes Of The Donald Trump - Roger Stone Show
  82. Jeb Bush Linked to Drug Cartels, Money Laundering
  83. Trump to seek tax reform advice from Laffer and Steve Forbes?
  84. (Another) Rand VP choice thread - Condi Rice
  85. The worst thing about Donald Trump
  86. How to win every single election ever?
  87. So it turns out Ted Cruz's father is crazy
  88. Mexico refuses to pay for wall
  89. Donald Trump’s companies import cheap labor via H-2 visas
  90. Rand Paul Saluted Donald Trump in His New Book
  91. Jeb Bush Quits the Paleo Diet
  92. FNC 7pm Greta Opens to Live Trump Press Conference Bashing Rand
  93. GOP debate full transcript
  94. Donald Trump just fell right into Rand Paul's trap
  95. The next debate
  96. Christie might pull out
  97. Trump-Sessions Immigration Plan - Trump Consulting With Jeff Sessions On Immigration Plan
  98. Trump fans are children?
  99. Rick Perry will be first to drop out-Politico
  100. Trump arrives in Iowa with Helicopter
  101. Palin vs. Erickson & Redstate in Major Dustup
  102. Trump: Bush is a Puppet to his Donors
  103. The Ron Paul coalition is breaking up
  104. Trump car listed on ebay
  105. Scott Adams: Trump - Clown Genius
  106. Jesse 'The Body' Ventura OK with Bernie Sanders tag team ticket
  107. Trump Mocks Reporter Kasie Hunt
  108. Trump Wins Iowa State Fair Straw Poll
  109. The Peace Candidate - Lincoln Chafee
  110. Trump Admits To 'Buying' Politicians
  111. Any Difference Between Rand and Carly?
  112. 2016 Election Map Scenario
  113. Trump says that he looks for advice from John Bolton
  114. Why is it ok with the media for Carla Fiorna to attack Donald Trump but not for Rand Paul?
  115. Trump: Romney’s ‘crazy policy of self deportation’ cost votes
  116. A Mexican Manual for Illegal Migrants Upsets Some in U.S.
  117. Trump on Meet the Press
  118. Trump supports affirmative action
  119. Trump International Towers - Dubai or Fort Lauderdale or ?
  120. Trump is no longer a joke........Establishment Resigned That He May Capture Nomination
  121. What do the Republicrat Presidential Candidates Think About 'The Israeli Nuclear Agreement'?
  122. PJB: GOP Elites Call For Purge of Trump
  123. Kasich’s Foreign Policy Positions: Boots on the Ground vs. ISIS, Arm Syrian Rebels
  124. Scott Walker Hands $250 Million in Taxpayers’ Money to Billionaire Bucks Owners
  125. What Mexican Criminals Think About Donald Trump
  126. Clown Genius Trump is "rape drug" level nefarious hints Dilbert creator
  127. Walker gets heckled at Iowa Soapbox
  128. Question about Hillary's Emails...
  129. The Motivations For Trump Voters Vary Greatly
  130. USA Today : Biden likely to run
  131. Poll: Trump on top, Carson in second
  132. "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."
  133. Donald Trump on the need for NSA phone data collection (video)
  134. Trump wants to deport American citizens
  135. PJB: Immigration --- The Issue of the Century
  136. 2010: Thirty Years of the Refugee Act of 1980
  137. The Mistake
  138. Bush, "There are like 10 things I would change in the Constitution..."
  139. Rand Paul: yes or no? Tom Woods show.
  140. Hillary Server Kept in a Bathroom Closet
  141. Libertarian Candidates for President 2016
  142. Ohio Sec. of State: Sore Loser Law Blocks Independent Run By Trump If GOP Bid Fails
  143. Jeb Bush sinks to 35/57 favorable rating
  144. Bobby Jindal draws parallels between ObamaCare and WalkerCare
  145. citizenship was taken from Filipinos on July 4 1946
  146. This is priceless
  147. Daily Kos Diaries: Breitbart Hates Charity (And Rand Paul)
  148. Pro Rand Paul mention in article on his stance on legalizing majijuana
  149. Kimmel Kartoon - Donald Trump is Batman
  150. Glenn Beck, has now officially declared: Cruz is his man.
  151. UnPresidential Trump Trails HRC by Only 6 Points in New Poll
  152. Poll: Majority of Americans Want to Build Wall; Deport Criminal Illegals
  153. Why Latino Children Fear Donald Trump More than the Chupacabra
  154. The GOP presidential field's dangerous fantasy on Iraq and Syria
  155. How many illegal aliens are in the country?
  156. "FIRST REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015" — A Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate
  157. Trump owns Sanders $$$ This is funny
  158. Trump flattening GOP rivals
  159. What Walker and Rubio don't want you to know . . .
  160. Extensive List of Trump Enemies
  161. 'Deez Nuts' out-polls Walker, Fiorina, and Huckabee in North Carolina
  162. Trump and Cruz Campaigns Cozying Up
  163. "FIRST REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015" what you missed
  164. Bob Woodward Compares Clinton Emails To Nixon Tapes, Warns "Answers Won't Be Pretty"
  165. Donald Trump calls out Mark Zuckerberg on immigration
  166. I'm not a Trump fan, but....
  167. GOP POTUS will have to change out congressional leadership to get things done
  168. Joe Biden picks up two endorsements
  169. Jeb Bush wants “a new arrangement with Silicon Valley” to ease crypto
  170. Anti-Trump Ad Blitz Planned By Establishment
  171. Jesse Ventura: Trump’s Border Wall Plan Would Make U.S. “Look Like a Prison”
  172. Trump needs a football stadium
  173. Hillary . . . White House or the "Big House"
  174. Jeb Bush goes Trump: 'Anchor Babies' isn't offensive
  175. Feeling sense of 'urgency,' Walker says he'll get aggressive
  176. Donald Trump Inspired us to Beat Up, Urinate on Hispanic Man, Suspects Say
  177. Trump On CNN Interview: Iran Deal bad, we should invade Iran take their oil.
  178. Do candidates support and defend the right to gamble?
  179. Radical Islam and the war against Christianity
  180. How Trump will handle Putin
  181. The Candidates on Foreign Policy
  182. Ralph Nader accused Rand Paul of not challenging 'corporate managed trade'
  183. Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition
  184. Trump rejects beating of homeless man by pair who cited him
  185. Korea?
  186. A factor behind Bernie Sanders' appeal: Changing attitudes toward socialism
  187. Twenty times Trump has changed his mind since June
  188. Matthew Richer: Trump Can Seize NH if He Campaigns Against the Refugee Racket
  189. on Drudge.. shock poll!
  190. Donald Trump’s campaign of terror: How a billionaire channeled his authoritarian rage
  191. Trump Effect Spilling into Arizona Senate Race: Old Dog McCain Falls Behind Upstart
  192. Trump rally on Fox/CNN, attacks US defending Korea, Japan, Germany
  193. Trump just proposed 35% tariff on Mexico
  194. Trump's Rally Can't Fill Even Half The Stadium
  195. LOL just posted on Jeb Bush Facebook, and post not accepted.
  196. Donald Trump: Putin would return 'total traitor' Snowden if I'm president
  197. Reality Check!: Mike Huckabee & ethanol subsidies
  198. What Huckabee is trying to explain . . .
  199. New York Mag: Trump Won’t Quit Until He Takes Down Bush
  200. Jimmy MacMillan endorses Deez Nuts
  201. Which two issues are going to be most important for GOP Primaries voters?
  202. Trump 2016- 2. The Bankrupt
  203. Where Did the Candidates End Up Rating on Birthright Citizenship?
  204. Will Rubio will run for Senate anyway, despite saying he won't?
  205. all primaries from March 15th on are winner take all
  206. Alabama Tried A Donald Trump-Style Immigration Law, It Failed In A Big Way
  207. Jeb Bush Photoshop Fail
  208. Ben Carson calls for drone strikes on border 'caves'
  209. Carly Fiorina a favorite of Sheldon Adelson
  210. Trump- What's the Deal -watch free online
  211. Trump Once Saved A Woman's Farm from Foreclosure
  212. Distinguished Preacher writes about Trump
  213. Cruz Rallies Failed 2014 GOP Senator Primary Challengers
  214. This is a real good example the media support of Trump
  215. Trump 2016- 3. The Lawsuits
  216. Trump Has Americans of Different Stripes Awakening From Their Political Correctness Spell
  217. Biden run a help to Hillary - BS
  218. Trump Takes on Hedge Fund Managers..
  219. Republicans have themselves to blame for Donald Trump
  220. Jeb Bush clarifies on anchor babies "frankly it's more related to Asian people"
  221. Chris Christie "Law Enforcer" New Ad
  222. Cuban: Without a Killer in the Race, It's Trump Race To Lose
  223. Virginia, North Carolina GOP move to block Trump from primary ballot
  224. RCP average. Trump peaked and heading down.
  225. Dumb Michigan Poll that only polled Clinton to Bush and Trump
  226. Bernie Sanders: “Why Not $500 Dollars an Hour” Minimum Wage
  227. Perry resumes paying some staffers, but loses Iowa chairman
  228. Jeb's wife kissing up to Adelsons
  229. Glenn Beck will not back Trump if he is the nominee
  230. Trump Continues To Pile on Megyn Kelly
  231. New Trump Centric Focus Group by Frank Luntz has A Vastly Different Outcome Than First
  232. Hey, Trump supporters: Remember your boy Ken Cuccinelli?
  233. Trump: We have to give strength and power back to the police.
  234. Donald Trump Is A Democrat (operative)
  235. PJB: Trump's New Nationalism vs. the Party of Davos
  236. Charles Gasparino: Market Uncertainties Could Pave the Way for a Trump Presidency
  237. Oh my: Trump 35, Kasich 11, Fiorina 10 in New Hampshire — with strength head-to-head,
  238. 57% of R's Think Trump Will Get R Nomination!
  239. Barbara Bush supports trump, tells jeb to go home
  240. Woman sees messiah trump's face in butter
  241. Fearing Trump Indie Run, State GOP Leaders Mull Tying Party Loyalty Oath to Ballot Access
  242. Graham Vows To Beat Trump's Brains Out
  243. Bernie Sanders and the Leaky Bucket of Income Redistribution
  244. PPP NH Poll: Trump 35%, Kasich 11%, Fiorina 10%, Bush/Walker 7%
  245. Trump donated 60000 Dollars to a super Pac supporting mitch mcconnell
  246. Trump: “If I’m Going Down, Then Bush Is Going Down with Me”
  247. Univision anchor (Jorge Ramos) interrupts Trump - daughter works for Hillary's Campaign
  248. Former Trump adviser: Romney thinking about getting in [Go Mitt, Go!]
  249. Ted Cruz Not Happy With Question From Megyn Kelly, Says It’s What ‘Liberal...’ Would Ask
  250. Donald Trump Still Is The Best Of A Bad GOP Lot On Foreign Policy