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  1. Trump: I Pay My Own Way Unlike My Competitors
  2. [Satire] Chris Christie Hospitalized After Ten Minutes of Running For President
  3. Carly could be on bubble for Fox debate
  4. Hillary Clinton Pledges to Install 500 Million Solar Panels if Voted President
  5. Donald Trump tweets image of Nazi soldiers inside the U.S. flag, then deletes tweet
  6. Senate GOP leaders slam Cruz for calling McConnell a liar
  7. [VIDEO] CNN panel: why Trump voters like him
  8. Santorum Backs Off Pledge to Crack Down on Internet Porn
  9. Jackson County Oregon Straw Poll Results (with 441 participants)
  10. Who here would have loved to see Irwin Schiff run as a Republican when he had the chance?
  11. Judge Napolitano: I love the way Trump is Stirring the Pot
  12. Trump bows out of Aug 3 NH forum
  13. The First Republican Debate
  14. Trump Accused of Rape
  15. Poll: Half of all GOP Voters Don't Feel Represented By D.C.
  16. Most GOP Voters Prefer Deportation
  17. Did you know there was a Donald Trump Forum?
  18. Chris Christie yells at voter "I'm still waiting for one fact from you about me being anti-gun
  19. Donald Trump's lawyer threatens reporter over ex-wife's claim: 'You cannot rape your spouse'
  20. Bernie Sander is a Zionist Israel A...kisser!
  21. What That Campaign Logo Is Really Saying
  22. GOP Grassroots Rebellion Underway
  23. Ivana Trump rejects rape allegations, says she and Donald Trump are ‘the best of friends’
  24. Trump Way Back in 1988 Predicting America's Demise
  25. Bernie Sanders Calls for Sweeping Gun Ban That Would Outlaw All Self-Defense Firearms
  26. Michael Scheuer: Can the U.S. governing elite not know how deeply it’s hated?
  27. Jeb Bush Dealing Hopium
  28. Trump: I Would LOVE Sarah Palin in My Cabinet, “She’s a Special Person”
  29. How Far Will Trump Go?
  30. Donald Trump Said Gold is Better than The Dollar
  31. Christie Warns Colorado Pot Smokers: ‘Enjoy It’ While You Can
  32. Turning Point on Trump: Attack, Attack, Attack!
  33. The Donald: Jeb Bush is 100% Controlled By Lobbyists
  34. A preview of what Bush people might try on Rand
  35. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker visits Pat’s and Geno’s amid protests, bad cheesesteak orders
  36. Bernie Sanders Vox Interview
  37. POLL: Trump Leads GOP Field Among Hispanics, Records 34% Favorability
  38. Trump Jumps To Lead in Florida Poll
  39. Trump Channeling Reagan?
  40. Shock poll: Donald Trump leads Jeb Bush 26-20 percent … in Florida
  41. Gilmore 17th candidate to enter GOP race
  42. Rubio’s Costly, Confrontational Anti-Iranian Policy
  43. Bernie Sanders explodes a right-wing myth: ‘Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal’
  44. Rubio defends murdering dentist?
  45. Bill Clinton Has A New Blonde Mistress
  46. Millions upon millions of jobs under a President Trump
  47. Sanders house party draws 100 thousand people
  48. Kochs Freeze Out Trump
  49. Trump lowers expectations "I’m not a debater"
  50. Hillary marriage 'is a total fake'
  51. Trump: Immigration Double Standard is Sickening
  52. Trump to enter into RNC data agreement
  53. Jeb Tied To Planned Parenthood in a Big Way
  54. Translating Donald Trump's "Something Terrific" Healthcare Plan
  55. Trump on the Kelo v. New London decision: "I'm one hundred percent in favor of it"
  56. Trump Doing Well With the Exception of Women
  57. Krauthammer: I underestimated Trump and mistakenly thought he was a Passing Fad
  58. Trump Demolishing Walker in Iowa (Gravis Marketing)
  59. One up-manship just went hardcore... Huckabee
  60. Sarah Palin: Trump Stumps Media Kingmakers
  61. Bernie Sanders criticizes ‘open borders’ at Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  62. Arizona Poll (2015/07/30)
  63. How accurate is polling in terms of predicting election outcome?
  64. Trump: Crimea is Europe's Problem
  65. Will you watch the Aug 6th GOP Debate?
  66. more candidates?
  67. Meet the GOP's $5 million donor club
  68. Favorite soundbites from all presidential debates from all political parties?
  69. Trending story about Trump right before debates regarding hiring of Foreigners
  70. Small Pool of Rich Donors Dominates Election Giving
  71. REVEALED: Donald Trump's companies have sought visas for more than 1,100 immigrant workers
  72. Trump: The Biggest Loser
  73. Breitbart calls Trump mushy on immigration, commentors follow suit
  74. As a debate question : Does nuclear capability inside of Israel count toward USA stockpiles ?
  75. Huff Post and FOX polls 2015.08.01
  76. Fiorina targets Bush
  77. Is Rand Paul struggling because he isn't libertarian enough?
  78. Karl Rove on Fox News Sunday August 2
  79. Set up a debate watching party in your city!
  80. ex-Gov Perry needs to learn Johnny McCain role in quashing POW records
  81. Jeb Bush was director of philanthropy that gave tens of millions to Planned Parenthood
  82. "There is no other pill to take so swallow the one that makes you ill"
  83. Carson: 'Black Lives Matter' is political correctness 'going amuck'
  84. Jeb Bush was pot-smoker and self-described socialist
  85. Democrat debates vanish: 6 scheduled, none in works
  86. POLL: GOP Presidential Primary (all polls)
  87. Starbucks' Howard Schultz Urged to Challenge Hillary
  88. it's happening!!!! 36% of Republicans willing to cross over to 3rd party for Trump
  89. Ted Cruz cooks bacon with a machine gun
  90. Trump: Taxes Suck (Paraphrased)
  91. Trump: (On Lobbying) I was Part of The Problem, But I Feel I Can Fix It
  92. Why Ron Paul Supporters Should Vote For Bernie Sanders
  93. Sen. Graham moved up in Air Force Reserve ranks despite light duties
  94. Chris Christie booed loudly at Haskell Yesterday
  95. TRUMP: examples of big government tendencies
  96. TRUMP: examples of authoritarian tendencies
  97. TRUMP: examples of fascist tendencies
  98. Supporters of Trump are missing something REALLY BIG HERE!
  99. Monmouth Poll: Real Estate Mogul EXPANDS Lead in GOP Primary (RNC Cockroaches Fret)
  100. Trump in 1990: Legalize ALL DRUGS
  101. Debate Stage as of August 2nd For FNC Debate
  102. Fox News Has Reportedly Picked Which Polls Will Set The GOP Debate Field
  103. A Huckabee supporter
  104. GOP Debate(s) live on-line stream
  105. So when does Kasich drop out ?
  106. Fox allstars continue to over rate Rubicon
  107. Trump polls highest ever in new FOX News poll.
  108. Howard Schultz (Starbucks CEO) thinking about Dem run
  109. Bernie Sanders and What You Need to Know
  110. Mark Everson files FEC complaint on Fox debate exclusion
  111. Poll: Clinton's favorability takes a major hit
  112. BERNIE: "Publically Financed Elections to Topple the Oligarchy"
  113. Gary Johnson: Trump Primarily Appeals To Hardcore Racists
  114. The winners of last night's GOP Presidential Forum
  115. Harvard Study Laments That Alt. Conservative Media is Destroying the Republican Party
  116. Trump about Iraq lies
  117. Rubio: "I don't support any additional intoxicants"
  118. Trump: Shut Down Government To Defund Planned Parenthood
  119. Bush Fails To Inspire Voters
  120. Two Major Neocons Were the Only Candidates To Attend Southern Baptist Forum
  121. Santorum Campaign Drowning; Operating Without Campaign Manager
  122. I would trust Trump the least of all the candidates
  123. is Trump your 2nd choice?
  124. Trump Turns Tables on Gawker After They Publish His Cellphone Number
  125. Fox News Gang of Ten (or Eleven) for August 6
  126. Donald Trump is the least electable candidate, loses to Hillary by 15%
  127. Donald Trump and What You Need to Know
  128. GOP Primary Sparks Billionaires’ Feud Between Donald Trump, Koch Brothers
  129. Trump Video & Audio
  130. Fox News Aug 6 debate candidate field announced
  131. Sen. Bernie Sanders: Ban All Guns Used For Self-Defense
  132. this is why immigration is the winning issue for Trump.
  133. 92-year-old registers to vote for first time, says she will vote for Trump
  135. Is Rand Paul Missing His Giuliani Moment?
  136. Scott Walker's neoconservative connections
  137. Gov. Christie special requests for Fox debate
  138. Secretary of State Clinton highlights
  139. Is Huckabee in denial about Israel nuclear bombs . . . still ?
  140. Bill Clinton called Trump ahead of his 2016 launch
  141. Cruz To Campaign With McDaniel
  142. Sanders soars to statistical tie with Clinton in New Hampshire
  143. Dianne's Predictions
  144. Big Donors To Paid Candidates: Take Out Trump!!
  145. FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails is ‘criminal probe’
  146. Carly Fiorina supported Wall Street bailout and worked for McCain
  147. Megyn Kelly: FNC Debate Hosts Have Secret Plan if Trump Doesn't Abide By Debate Rules
  148. MFP's Stone Cold Debate Locks
  149. Scott Walker is Not Who He Seems
  150. 10 Ways to Make The U.S. Economy Work for Everyone, By Bernie Sanders
  151. The Economist debate analysis + Q's candidates would love/hate to be asked
  152. Advice for Rand and his team in tonight's GOP debate: FOX Aug. 6, 2015
  153. Republican Civil War: Jeb Bush Calls Donald Trump a "Baffoon", "Clown" and an "Asshole"
  154. Trump's campaign has erupted into "civil war": media reports
  155. Jeff Sessions Lays Out America’s Mandate for GOP Debates on Immigration, Trade
  156. Barney Frank trashes Bernie Sanders .
  157. Georgia Gun Owner Lays Out Chris Christie's Anti-Gun Record
  158. #PantSuitPower 10/13/15 Nevada: 1st Democratic Debate
  159. Live Chat: Aug. 6th Debate (5 & 9pm)
  160. Geraldo Threatens to Fight Trump Adviser Over Racial Tweets
  161. Debate App
  162. Steve Schmidt: Trump is Popular Because Society is Unraveling
  163. WaPo: Bill Clinton encouraged Trump to run
  164. Cord cutters revenge: Are Fox News & GOP looking to become obsolete?
  165. Carly Fiorina: the unregulated internet has to end
  166. Was there anything to like one the 5pm debate?
  167. Fox News pushing Carly as undercard winner
  168. Karl Rove: Univision is biggest backer of Carly
  169. Who backs Carly Fiorina?
  170. Trump won't pledge to support Bush
  171. is Justin Raimondo (antiwar.com) supporting Trump?
  172. Fox owner hosted fund raiser for Hillary Clinton, his daughter hosted fund raiser for Obama
  173. Did Trump help or hurt himself politically in debate today?
  174. Trump is a Narcissist
  175. Cruz gaffe in closing statement in debate
  176. Trump declares war on Fox, especially Kelly
  177. Huckabee is still lying about the “fairtax”
  178. It is only the Bill of Rights . . .
  180. TRANSCRIPT: Fox News "underdog" GOP debate: August 6, 2015
  181. TRANSCRIPT: Fox News GOP 'main' debate: August 6, 2015
  182. TRUMP in FOX GOP debate August 6, 2015: ObamaCare
  183. Trump Recalcitrant in Debate...................Honey Badger Doesn't Care
  184. Trumped: Rand Paul Gets Less Than Half the Time of ‘The Donald’ During GOP Debate
  185. Chris Christie: 9/11!!!
  186. 2016 Republican debate schedule
  187. Fox News Couldn't Kill Trump’s Momentum and May Have Only Made It Stronger
  188. NYT: Trump's worst moment was "I don't think you heard me" jab at Paul, who uses hearing aids
  189. TRUMP in FOX GOP debate August 6, 2015: 3rd Party
  191. Ann Coulter: "Ted Cruz..not a Natural Born Citizen"
  192. Rush: It was FNC That Got the Orders To Take Out Trump
  193. Fox has no shame
  194. Glenn Beck: Trump is a Son of a Bitch
  195. La Raza Praises Bush; Dumps on Trump
  196. Wow CNN Early Day Was Bashing Trump Like a Mad Dog.
  197. Rove Liked Everyone But Rand and Trump
  198. Leave Donald Trump Alone!
  199. FOX taking heat for attacking Trump in GOP debate
  200. Jeb Bush rates his debate performance: I thought I did great
  201. Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods Discuss the 8-6-15 GOP Debate
  202. I Have Disinvited Donald Trump to the RedState Gathering
  203. Should Donald Trump Boycott Fox News Debates?
  204. Is Donald Trump a Hillary Plant?
  205. View on the candidates performances.
  206. Chainsaws, guns and blenders: 2016 Republicans go viral with crazy antics
  207. Trump IS Toast
  208. Rand Paul's tax tyranny!
  209. Iowa and New Hampshire primary voters are not low information voters
  210. FOX News is One of Top 10 Largest Donors to the Clintons
  211. Recording Of Megyn Kelly Talking Sex
  212. See ya' in Simi Valley . . . top ten ONLY debate
  213. Trump policy specifics
  214. [VIDEO] Chris Christie ignores gun control question
  215. A good sign from PPP on Christie
  216. [VIDEO] Progressive Brothers Reveal the FoxNews Scam on Election
  217. A different, beautiful kind of take on the debate
  218. Mark Levin Goes Off on Fox, Megyn Kelly over Debate
  219. How many on-stage Thursday night have a vote in Iran "deal" (?)
  220. That Time Donald Trump Praised Obama's Stimulus Package On Fox News
  221. Has Trump been legitimately attacked yet by a true immigration hardliner? Nope.
  222. Trump menstruation jibe on CNN at Megyn Kelly gets international attention
  223. Trump statement on Redstate gathering / Kelly incidident
  224. Subliminal messages during the debate - FLUNK
  225. ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters DRIVE Bernie Sanders From His OWN Campaign Event!
  226. WaPo: The one reason Donald Trump was the clear winner of the first GOP debate
  227. Fox GOP debate had record ratings . . .
  228. Rand attacking Trump during the debate. discuss.
  229. Trump Declared Dead For Second Time...........Read All About It
  230. Mark Steyn Defends Trump's 3rd Party Option
  231. Is Trump the only candidate who expresses his views without worrying about donors?
  232. Sanders Event Interrupted by "Black Lives Matter" Protesters
  233. A Guide To The Radical Left Wing Ideology And Flip-Flops Of Fake Conservative Donald J. Trump
  234. Carson: Trump Candidacy Puts Supreme Court At Stake
  235. Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods discuss the GOP debate
  236. Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Told to Destroy Emails
  237. Trump makes Jeb Bush 'The serious and thoughtful alternative'
  238. On human blood, Trump comment was 100% right
  239. Chris Christie says the Founders’ reason for creating America was “completely ridiculous”
  240. Interesting Theory on Trump's role in 2016.
  241. Trump: ‘I’m So Good-Looking’
  242. Redstate : Andrew Breitbart and Malkin warned conservatives like Donald
  243. Bernie Sanders Oppo thread.
  244. What this nomination will boil down to
  245. Murdoch is the problem. he is the puppetmaster
  246. From now on after this post how about we ignore the Trump trolls?
  247. You wanna know why?,..I'll tell ya
  248. Bill Clinton Reassures Cousin Jeb: This Trump Thing Will Be Taken Care Of
  249. Trump's game? "I Don't Think I've Ever Asked God for Forgiveness." (NOT A RELIGION THREAD)
  250. Townhall Media: Townhall, RedState (gatekeepers)