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  1. Tom Cruise as CIA’s Barry Seal in ‘Mena’: movie could derail Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush
  2. Rand Paul promises to keep the despotic “income tax” alive!
  3. Carly Fiorina is correct: ‘Our Current Tax System Is in Desperate Need of Reform’
  4. is Sander's "free" college back door to national service?
  5. Poll: Paul slides among GOP primary voters
  6. Ben Carson on Dylann Roof shooting: Last night evil walked the streets of Charleston
  7. Bush Now the Majority Choice of Republicans in WSJ Poll
  8. Poll: Bush, Rubio have Broadest Appeal
  9. Bernie Sanders, Socialist. The next U.S. President?
  10. Here's where GOP candidates stand on the Confederate flag
  11. Question Hilary should be asked
  12. Donald Trump Has The Right Enemies
  13. Ted Cruz changes his mind on TPA
  14. New Hampshire poll: Trump surging
  15. Rubio Casts Deciding Vote For TPP Without Even Reading Text of Bill
  16. Interesting graphic of 2016 field (from 538)
  17. Election Analysis
  18. Hillary Called ‘Racist’ For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’
  19. Jindal announces
  20. Christie to announce on 6/30
  21. Donald Trump On The Record
  22. Trump Campaign Offered Actors $50 to Cheer for Him at Presidential Announcement
  23. Trump was only one to link Judas Roberts to Bush
  24. Is Chuck Baldwin Going to Run for President?
  25. Trump success terrifies GOP
  26. Trump: U.S. Paying Too Much for the Defense of our Allies
  27. I think Trump just shot himself in the foot
  28. Jim Webb statement on the rebel flag, June 24 2015
  29. Ted Brags
  30. VA GOP decides to have a hold a March 1st primary
  31. Hillary Clinton Admitting She is AGAINST Gay Marriage and FOR Iraq War
  32. Jindal: 'Let's just get rid of the court'
  33. Bernie Sanders Predicts He'll Win White House
  34. Bobbie v. Hillary for USA President ?!?!?
  35. John Kasich to announce presidential bid July 21
  36. Ted Cruz has moneybombs too
  37. Gun Owners of America Tele-Town Hall Meeting with Ted Cruz
  38. How Media Interest In The GOP Candidates Compares To Public Interest
  39. NBC: Done With Donald Trump, Miss USA, Miss Universe
  40. Encouraged by NBC ban, confederate flag ban, twitterers ask for Trump boycott cuz he's racist
  41. Joe Biden may run for president
  42. Jeb Bush: Confederate Flag is Racist
  43. Coulter: 'I'm Offended' is Not an Argument Against Trump
  44. Christie not getting much Drudge love
  45. Christie announces change to N.J. gun policy on eve of 2016 kickoff
  46. Peter King announces he's not running for president
  47. Ben’s Startling Money Haul
  48. Christie’s Hawkish Errors
  49. Poll: Trump shoots up to 2nd Place in Iowa
  50. Rand Paul Makes History As First Major-Party POTUS Candidate to Seek Pot Industry Donors
  51. Bobby Jindal and Carly Fiorina could very well be a winning ticket!
  52. Picture of crowd for Bernie Sanders in Madison WI
  53. Rubio ads on TV and radio?
  54. Trump: Last Thing We Need is Another Bush
  55. Rubio Breaks Silence On Reports Of H-1B Abuses
  56. This Is The Only 2016 Candidate Committed To Reducing Legal Immigration
  57. Jim Webb Joins 2016 Race
  58. National Democratic Primary Poll: Hillary Clinton At 75%
  59. Corrupt Narco State Angry At Trump Over Comments
  60. Can Ron Paul be Rand Paul's Vice President ?
  61. Does Clinton Rival Martin O’Malley Have an Email Scandal of His Own?
  62. Latino Leaders Demand GOP To Remove Trump
  63. Hillary to Jewish donors: I’ll be better for Israel than Obama
  64. The Top 10 (July 3, 2015)
  65. Trump's political donations
  66. The President of Venezuela Called Donald Trump ‘Mentally Ill’
  67. Trump and Empty Suit Rubio Exchange Blows Over Amnesty and Illegal Immigration
  68. Ted Cruz has raised 51 Mil
  69. Trump soars to top of poll of polls
  70. Clinton campaign ropes off reporters at New Hampshire parade
  71. What's the real reason behind the left's Trump freakout?
  72. Bernie Sanders is a Sell Out - Guts Audit the Fed Amendment
  73. Bernie Sanders Speaks
  74. Could TN be a factor in the 2016 Republican Presidential primary?
  75. Jeb Bush Family Value$
  76. WTF?? 51million, 8 million raised??? From Cruz/Rubio etc..
  77. Trump Now First Nationally After Taking On Mexico
  78. Fox News Gives Donald Trump a Big Boost
  79. GOP; who supports Small/Large Govt?
  80. 'People should and do trust me,' says Hillary Clinton
  81. Gov. Scott Walker administration helped draft anti-transparency provisions
  82. Speculation Thread: Who will drop out of the race before Iowa?
  83. Ben Carson: Trump is right on Sanctuary Cities
  84. Walker Not Being Truthful on Immigration Position
  85. Ted Cruz won’t criticize Disney for making American workers train foreign replacements
  86. Donald Trump: "I'll win the Latino vote"
  87. Lindsey Graham Wants 10,000 Troops in Syria (also slammed Rand Paul and jabbed Ted Cruz)
  88. Rand Paul should take my immigration proposal!
  89. Jeb Bush: People need to work longer hours
  90. Sanders: 'We have got to apologize for slavery'
  91. Trump: Krauthammer wanted to invade Iraq and stay there forever
  92. What will the main issues be in 2016?
  93. Rand Super Pac Attacks Rand Super Pac
  95. Jeb!’s haul: $114 million
  96. Bernie Sanders Gets Biblical On Wealth Inequality
  97. TRUMP NBC interview very entertaining
  98. Donald Trump
  99. Trump’s Got the GOP by the Balls
  100. Donald Trump Vs. Bernie Sanders
  101. Limberbutt McCubbins Is Running For President
  102. If Hillary makes it to the White House, so will Huma Abedin
  103. Critics push back against controversial 2016 candidate Trump
  104. The Daily Cruz
  105. Jeb Bush Super PAC Receives 103 Million From Establishment Sources!
  106. Bernie the Bomber’s Bad Week
  107. 18 Republicans Donald Trump Has Insulted
  108. Ted Nugent Takes Ari Fleischer to Woodshed; Defends Trump as Product of Voter Revolt
  109. Ted Cruz gets obliterated by Chris Matthews
  110. Hillary: "As President, I will fully support Israel killing 200,000 Gazans next war"
  111. Trump is serving the neocons trashtalk Ron Paul was too classy to give them.
  112. Bernie Sanders: The Cable Bill Is Too Damn High
  113. Carson: Trump a 'possible' veep
  114. Trump Press Conference with Families of Slain Victims
  115. Rubio Escapes From Q&A Session with Libertarians
  116. One Advantage Donald Trump Has
  117. Will Donald attack Rand?
  118. Chris Christie for President? Or: The Sopranos Go to Washington
  119. BlackRock co-founder: Bush has more $ than all GOP competitors combined
  120. Bernie Sanders, a supporter of selective war crimes
  121. Hillary-Jeb RCP average is 47.4-41.8, could Hillary realistically win by 6%?
  122. Trump's speech in Phoenix, Arizona
  123. Arizona Chamber of Commerce Wants Trump Gone
  124. Breitbart Primary Poll July Voting
  125. Donald Trump on The Federal Reserve (A Compilation)
  126. Marco Rubio waste his money on luxury
  127. Donald Trump is right about ISIS
  128. PJB: Trump Making Other Republicans Look Like Whimps
  129. Reuters poll: Bush 16%, Trump 16%, Christie 9.5%, Paul 8%, Carson 7%, Walker 6%
  130. National Review: On the suicidal appeal of Donald Trump to True Conservatives
  131. Jonah Goldberg defends self against Trump attacks in National Review hit piece
  132. Trump's Electability (or lack thereof)
  133. Hillary wants a woman on Bill ?
  134. Chris Matthews: Donald Trump Can Be as Dangerous as Saddam Hussein
  135. Lindsey Graham Not Happy Over Debate Restrictions
  136. Trump a wrecking ball for GOP - Lindsey Graham
  137. Robot + Zombie = ?
  138. Donald Trump STEAMROLLS NBC Reporter
  139. Will Trump steal the thunder on tax reform and expose establishment candidates?
  140. The Australian Mogul Speaks..........Trump is Wrong on Immigration
  141. Donald Trump says the Darndest Things
  142. Scott Walker Declares Presidential Candidacy, Looking to Regain Momentum
  143. GOP Strategists Advise Jeb Not To Engage Trump in Debates
  144. Escaped Mexican drug lord threatens Donald Trump
  145. Hillary Clinton takes aim at Uber economy in speech
  146. What Does Trump Stand For?
  147. HuffPo Polls: Donald Trump in First Place
  148. Ted Cruz targets sanctuary cities after California murder
  149. Donald Trump rockets to top of polls
  150. Donald Trump explains how he exploits Relationships, and the Legal System to bully a profit
  151. Newsmax List of Top Gun Rights Advocates
  152. TRUMPED: The Donald, The Widow and Eminent Domain
  153. Cato analysis of Scott Walker as Wisconsin governor
  154. Donald Trump is a distraction
  155. What are key differences between views of Jeb Bush and GW Bush?
  156. 'The Body' Endorses Bernie Sanders
  157. Isidewith quiz
  158. Bernie Sanders: Jesus was a Socialist
  159. Trump is jeopardizing the North American Union -- Thank God
  160. Lindsey Graham charmingly, succinctly explains why the GOP is wrong on climate change
  161. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Teaming Up?
  162. 'C-SPAN to preempt first GOP debate'
  163. The arrow on Hillary's logo will direct many sheep in the near future
  164. Campaign Financing -- All campaigns
  165. McCain: Trump Reinvigorated the Crazies of the Party After We Had Repelled Them
  166. Video: The 8% Solution For Reforming Corruption
  167. Trump is almost opposite of a libertarian, dangerous, petty, authoritarian
  168. Top donor to Bush is Goldman Sachs, second is firm run by George Walker
  169. Transhumanist Party - Zoltan Istvan for president
  170. American Conservative: Trump Leads A Failed Field
  171. Jeb Bush Uber Driver to vote for Hillary Clinton
  172. Trump wants McCain defeated in thee primary
  173. Trump attacks McCain: 'I like people who weren't captured'
  174. Will Trump apologize to John McCain?
  175. Prediction: Trump gets ejected from the Republican Party
  176. 2016 Endorsement Primary
  177. Trump: I Don't Think I've Ever Asked God for Forgiveness
  178. Donald Trump Says He Does Not Owe John McCain Apology
  179. Trump: McCain Should Apologize
  180. Rubio: Trump's comments about McCain disqualify him from presidency
  181. When Neocons Circle Around Their Own.....Cotton Says Trump Should Apologize to McCain
  182. Hillary Rushes To Defend Co-patriot McCain From Trump Comments
  183. Why Donald Trump Is Leading the Pack
  184. Obvious Bias of The Media, An Example
  185. Trump supported path to citizenship, said Romney was “mean-spirited” on immigration
  186. GOP & Republican Candidates Calling Trump to be disqualified Over McCain Comment?
  187. Trump a draft dodger?
  188. Bernie Sanders Continues to Draw the Biggest Crowds of Any 2016 Candidate
  189. Pitbull Chides Trump
  190. Fox's Coming War Against Donald Trump
  191. Donald Trump to Michelle Malkin: You were born stupid!
  192. ABC News Poll Reveals Trump To Be Stealing Votes From Paul & Cruz
  193. Donald Trump takes double-digit lead over the GOP presidential field
  194. The Clinton Chronicles
  195. Nomination horse race, or pepsi challenge?
  196. Donald Trump says Snowden ought to be Assassinated
  197. is Trump a fascist?
  198. Potomac: Bush 50% chance of winning nomination, Rubio 20%, Walker 25%, Trump 0%
  199. Hillary Clinton hires Monsanto lobbyist to run her campaign
  200. WND Unearthing McCain's POW Treachery (Trump Related)
  201. John Kasich Enters Crowded 2016 Race Facing Job of Catch-Up
  202. Why doesn't Rand Paul mention the Bill of Rights Preamble?
  203. Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump is a ‘jackass’
  204. Donald Trump gives out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number on live TV
  205. Des Moines Register Calls For Trump To Withdraw From Presidential Race
  206. CNN: John Kasich's Wall Street ties could haunt 2016 bid
  207. The Republican poll nightmare that is Donald Trump, in four charts
  208. Who will likely get the Republican, Democratic and 3rd party nominations?
  209. Trump Trolls Perry
  210. Hilliary trails all Republicans in swing States
  211. John Kasich responsible for the most anti-liberty legislation in American history
  212. Comprehensive List of Donald Trump Positions
  213. Trump Roasts Last 3 Presidents in Latest Tweet
  214. Look Who’s Defending Donald Trump
  215. Another campaign song thread
  216. CAGOP: Governor Scott Walker To Headline CRP 2015 Fall Convention
  217. Exclusive: Trump threatens third-party run
  218. GOP Strategists Plot to Ban Donald Trump From Debates
  219. LIVE! Trump on the Border
  220. Trump: 'I think I'll get the nomination'
  221. Should Rand Paul attack Donald Trump when he asked what he thinks of him?
  222. Glenn Beck Program Bans Any Talk Of Trump
  223. Clinton on candidacy: 'One of the merits is I am a woman'
  224. Walker: Trump Shouldn't Denigrate American Heroes Like McCain
  225. Hillary under criminal investigation by DOJ - again!
  226. Ted Cruz Calls Mitch McConnell a Liar on Senate Floor
  227. Sanders Sponsors $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Bill, Pays Interns $12 Per Hour
  228. Who are your favorite candidates?
  229. New YouGov Poll: Trump Surges to 28% After Attacking McCain
  230. Is it really illegal for a candidate to host a sweepstakes?
  231. Walker Team Goes After Trump in Fundraising Mailer
  232. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.
  233. Ex-Gov Perry beats one of the felony indictments this week
  234. Looks Like Biden's Running
  235. What Donald Trump left off his campaign website perfectly explains his entire candidacy
  236. Trump Interview With Michael Savage
  237. On Trump, Murdoch has lost control of Fox News Chairman/CEO
  238. Trump: "Ron Paul is a joke"
  239. Trump's suggestion on what to do with Snowden: kill him.
  240. I beat China all the time-Donald Trump
  241. Trump: I support the ban on assault weapons
  242. Among some POWs, Trump strikes unexpected chord
  243. Trump Takes Aim at Walker on Twitter
  244. Trump: "All freedoms flow from national security"
  245. Trump: WRT to capital punishment "lethal injection is too comfortable"
  246. NBC/Marist Poll released 7/26 Iowa & NH
  247. Nate Cohn: Trump's Campaign Went from Boom to Bust
  248. What would happen If Bernie Sanders was Elected for POTUS?
  249. 25 people, places and things Donald Trump has denounced
  250. Can't people see that Donald Trump is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION?