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  1. Dems against Hillary (Facebook page)
  2. Hunting witches in Wisconsin
  3. Clinton Cash author going after Jeb next
  4. A Tough Road Ahead
  5. Rubin attacks Walker on immigration
  6. The Onion: Who Is Marco Rubio?
  7. Hillary takes Millions in Personal Kickbacks for providing Uranium to Russians
  8. Why do the debates begin so late?
  9. The Disastrous Clinton Post-Presidency
  10. Iron President 2016
  11. Hillary Furious as Thousands of Americans Send Cigars to Her Office
  12. How Long Will Democrats Stand By Hillary in Face of Financial Disclosures?
  13. when will gowdy get to interview hillary?
  14. Lindsey Graham: 'I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America'
  15. The Official Progressive Defense Against Hillary's Cash
  16. The Ted Cruz Blimp, Coming to a Sky Near You!
  17. Clinton Cash Author: Next Victim Jeb & Other GOP Candidates
  18. NV and CO considering switching to primaries instead of caucuses
  19. Pledge not to attack Hillary for her looks.
  20. Clinton Cash ... "The Tangled Clinton Web"– Fox News Reporting [COMPLETE]
  21. Walker Responds to Cruz: 'I'm Going to Stand With the American Worker'
  22. Clinton's Slush Fund? $140 million in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid.
  23. Who will be the candidate(s) to beat in the R primary?
  24. Next Wave of GOP Presidential Candidates: Carson, Fiorina, Huckabee
  25. Webb joins Democrats questioning Obama trade plans
  26. Hillary Changes Her 2016 Campaign Logo to Gay Flag
  27. Bernie Sanders to Announce Presidential Run
  28. Cruz stakes out spot in 2016 Patriot Act fight
  29. Young voters want a Democrat in the White House in 2016
  30. Citing Baltimore unrest, Hillary Clinton calls for police body cameras
  31. Rand ahead in endorsements, Jeb behind (538)
  32. Ted Cruz seeks ground between Rand Paul and Marco Rubio on NSA spying
  33. Presidential contenders use Baltimore riots to intro political talking points
  34. Media pumping up Carly Fiorina in Iowa
  35. Ben Carson: Impeach Justices If They Back Gay Marriage
  36. How can I watch the debates live?
  37. Yahoo news compares Barnie Sanders to Ron Paul
  38. Bernie Sanders Makes More In 24 Hrs. Than Rand, Cruz, or Rubio, From Small Donations.
  39. Hustler’s Larry Flynt Endorses Hillary Clinton For President
  40. Anyone notice how Bernie Sanders is being Marginalized like Rand and Ron Paul?
  41. Santorum on Bruce Jenner: ‘If He Says He’s Woman, Then He’s a Woman’
  42. Bernie Sanders raises $1.5 Million on First Day
  43. Stephen King & Hillary Clinton
  44. Hilliary Clinton against marijuana
  45. Yahoo AP accidently admits polls supporting Hilliary are fake
  46. Ben Carson Official Announcement Monday (5/4)
  47. Primary Debates - Who's on stage?
  48. Fiorina: first call as President will be to Netanyahu
  49. Huckabee - Tax and Spend Liberal
  50. Chris Christie's bad gun record
  51. Former HP CEO Fiorina enters 2016 race, takes shot at Clinton
  52. Who is the best female republican politician?
  53. Genius plan by RNC and Tea Party for 2016 General
  54. Democratic Party announces six presidential primary debates
  55. Mike Huckabee becomes 8th candidate in presidential race and appeals to southern Christians R
  56. Endorsements
  57. NYT poll: Republican voters show most openness to considering Rubio, Huckabee and Bush
  58. Mike Huckabee calls on senators in 2016 race to resign their current seats
  59. Huckabee thinks Americans are only good for building tanks, planes, bullets and bombs
  60. Rand Paul Apparently Paid $100,000 for RandPaul.com
  61. Rick Santorum planning May 27 presidential announcement
  62. Jeb Bush leads GOP pack in New Hampshire
  64. Hillary Vows ‘to Go even Further’ than Obama on Exec Amnesty
  65. Carly Fiorina Is Not the Anti-Hillary
  66. Jeb: George W. Bush is a top foreign policy adviser
  67. the electoral rules must be changed-do the math
  68. Poll 60% of Republicans won't vote for Bush?
  69. Chris Christie spent $85K in taxpayer cash for luxury boxes at sports arenas between 2010 and
  70. Sheldon Adelson in court, ties to Bill Clinton
  71. Poll: Clinton trails Bush, Paul and Rubio in NH
  72. Jeb Bush: I, Too, Would Have Authorized Iraq Invasion
  73. Article: Ben Carson Takes a "Biblical" Approach To Taxes
  74. Bloomberg NH Poll: Jeb Loses Lead, 5 Now Vie for Top Spot Read Latest Breaking News from News
  75. Ingraham Bashes Jeb Bush: ‘Has to Be Something Wrong’ with Him to Still Support Iraq Invasion
  76. Ted Cruz endorses "fast track"
  77. Megyn Kelly's interview with Jeb Bush
  78. Day 30 of HILLARY's Self-Imposed Media BLACKOUT
  79. Marco Rubio is very liberal with his plans for Europe and Beyond!
  80. Jeb Bush Annoying Conservatives Again By Not Promising To Never Raise Taxes
  81. Fivethirtyeight Blue wall doesn't exist
  82. Alert: Jeb Bush Won’t Go to Iowa Straw Poll
  83. Hillary's Super PAC to openly violate FEC regulations by coordinating directly with campaign
  84. Jeb Bush disavows Iraq war support
  85. GOP explores special debate rules to include low polling candidates like Fiorina and Carson
  86. Rick Santorum wants to know if he should run for POTUS.
  87. College Student to Jeb Bush: ‘Your Brother Created ISIS’
  88. John Bolton will not run for president
  89. Marco Rubio: A Demographic on Steroids
  90. Jeb Bush clears air on Iraq war stance, says he would not have authorized invasion
  91. Hillary voted for Iraq
  92. Dems Positioning Michelle Obama to Run Against Hillary?
  93. Rubio Charged Thousands in Personal Expenses Through Republican Party Expense Account
  94. The First Real GOP Debate Of 2016 Is About The Patriot Act
  95. Rick Perry Expected to Announce Presidential Run on June 4th
  96. [Video] No Wonder Hillary Clinton Loves Henry Kissinger
  97. George Stephanopoulos and the ridiculous concern for "objectivity"
  98. Marco Rubio starts petition to KEEP the NSA
  99. Clintons Earned $30 Million From Paid Speeches And Book Sales
  100. ‘They do kiss my a**': Trump says Clintons schmoozed him personally for foundation donations
  101. Fox’s Chris Wallace Grills Rubio on His Iraq War ‘Flip’
  102. ‘The Five’ Suggests Obama is Purposefully Weakening America, Liberal Bob Beckel FLIPS OUT
  103. Chris Christie: Moar DOD $$$! Moar Survelliance! Moar Intervention!
  104. Graham all but in presidential race, will have announcement June 1
  105. Bobby Jindal Announcing Exploratory Committee Today
  106. Santorum: "Load up the bombers and bomb Iran back to the 7th Century"
  107. 10 Ridiculous Quotes by Lindsey Graham
  108. McCrash on Cavuto Right Now - Spouting Some New Nonsense
  109. State Department Proposes January 2016 Release of Hillary Clinton Emails
  110. Martin O'Malley Surging Dem for POTUS?
  111. L Graham --> "I would literally use the military to keep them (Congress) in if I had to."
  112. Hillary Clinton says her Iraq war vote was a 'mistake'
  113. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence won't run for president
  114. Jeb destroyed his own brother, he now is exposed as a RINO liberal shill.
  115. Walker comes out against 4th Amendment, supports NSA program
  116. Hillary Clinton Gets Snippy With Reporter For Asking Question
  117. Cruz and Perry Noncommittal as Iowa Straw Poll Talk Heats Up
  118. Fox News and Facebook To Host GOP Debate
  119. Rubio Demands More Foreign Workers
  120. Why Won't Cruz Show Up For His Job?
  121. Huckabee will be skipping Iowa Straw Poll
  122. Fox, CNN to pick top 10 in polls for GOP prez debates
  123. Libya-related messages from Hillary's email
  124. CNN, Fox News Reveal Qualifications for First GOP Presidential Primary Debates (not Graham?)
  125. Bush Takes Bait & Counters That the Patriot Act is Necessary
  126. Hillary’s agribusiness ties give rise to nickname in Iowa: ‘Bride of Frankenfood’
  127. Wouldn't it be funny if someone ran a sarcastic presidential campaign?
  128. Scott Walker: I Don’t Stand With Rand
  129. Christie: Patriot Act debate is ‘dangerous’
  130. Huckabee stands by Duggars: ‘Inexcusable’ but not ‘unforgivable’
  131. Sen. Mike Lee: Chris Christie's PATRIOT Act Defense Is "Tantamount To Political Pornography"
  132. Someone send Santorum a Kleenex or baby wipes.
  133. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham vote to give Obama fast-track trade authority
  134. It seems three tiers are emerging in the GOP
  135. How much longer will Hillary Clinton running her campaign like Osama bin Laden?
  136. Do you think neoconservatives are going to officially run?
  137. Hillary Clinton's web store is now selling an 'everyday pantsuit tee'
  138. Sanders just announced
  139. Santorum Announced 2016 Run
  140. Clinton sums up 40 years of US Foreign policy
  141. Bobby Jindal reaches peak stupid
  142. Chris Christie’s Position on NSA Spying Is "Ridiculous."
  143. The farce is complete: FIFA, Qatar donated to Clinton Foundation
  144. George Pataki announces run for 2016 GOP presidential nomination
  145. Chrome Extension Replaces ‘Jeb Bush’ & ‘Marco Rubio’ with ‘Florida Man,’ Makes Political News
  146. Someone Wrote a Rap Song for Ted Cruz
  147. Bernie Sanders: A 90% tax rate sounds fine to me
  148. Herman Cain: Santorum announces doomed presidential bid in interview with pretend journalist
  149. Bernie Sanders: Don’t Need 23 Choices of Deodorant, 18 Choices of Sneakers
  150. Fox News is up Rubio's posterior
  151. Visualizing The Gop's 2016 Bracket
  152. Show me the money: Corporate media set to win election cycle
  153. Ted Cruz: No Federal Money For Schools That Boycott Israel
  154. Martin O'Malley Announces 2016 Presidential Candidacy
  155. Hillary closer to hispanic Vice-President choice ?
  156. Rubio, Walker, Bush, Huck, Graham: Skipping Iowa straw poll
  157. Graham's entry into race could help Rubio, hurt Paul
  158. Dick Cheney Ramping Up New Policy Push
  159. Rand Paul Was an Actor in 1920s Hollywood (Says a psychic who examines the 2016 candidates.)
  160. Lindsey Graham announcement - live now (10:10am c)
  161. Is Hillary an alcoholic?
  162. Huckabee Promotes American Workers, Slams H1B Visa Fraud and Abuse by Tech Companies
  163. Scott Walker fully supports unconstitional use of "Patriot Act"
  164. Ted Cruz knocks Scott Walker's immigration position
  165. Scott Walker not looking for rape or incest exemptions in Wisconsin 20-week abortion ban
  166. 2016 Presidential Predictions
  167. Lindsey Graham's Got a Simple Platform: War!
  168. Huckabee: Wish I Could Have Said I Was Transgender In High School So I Could Shower With Girls
  169. Bernie Sanders Explains Why "Socialist" Isn't a Dirty Word - Late Night with Seth Meyers
  170. Clinton to autograph seeker: ‘Go to the end of the line’
  171. Chris Christie steps up criticism of The Fed's 'easy money' policy
  172. How often the 2016 candidates agreed (and disagreed) in their Senate votes, charted
  173. The "I love Israel more than you do" contest
  174. Lindsey Graham Thinks U.S. Forces Should Stay in the Middle East Forever
  175. 5 Lindsey Graham Votes That Should Concern You
  176. Rick Santorum's crucial message for the Right
  177. Scott Walker: ‘I hope in the future we’ll re-establish the Patriot Act’
  178. ‘Enough talk!’ Ted Cruz pushes for US embassy to Jerusalem
  179. Lincoln Chafee cites "Project for a New American Century" in presidential announcement speech
  180. Rick Perry's in for 2016
  181. Graham: 'Don't vote for me' if you're 'worn out by war'
  182. Scott Walker proposes $55M-$80M of state funds to build NBA arena
  183. Frothy is running for president again?
  184. Hillary Clinton calls for automatic, universal voter registration for everyone aged 18
  185. Jeb Bush’s Super PAC Donors: Titans, Tycoons and Lobbyists
  186. Jon Stewart Celebrates Perry’s 2016 Run: ‘Prayer Really Does Work!’
  187. Fake candidate Lindsey Graham doesn't know his own campaign website address
  188. NYT: In Iowa, Walker may have to spend time/money to compete against "long shots" Carson, Cruz
  189. Lindsey Graham nagged by Iowa Gun Owners
  190. Scott Walker embraces the worst king of corporate welfare
  191. Rick Perry says Social Security is unconstitutional
  192. On Scott Walker's performance in Iowa: 'Unless he really screws up, he should win' (Reuters)
  193. Wallace Challenges Santorum on Debate Cut-Off: Why Not Just Improve Your Numbers?
  194. The Economist: Perry's rivals would be fools to assume he's too much the fool to pose a threat
  195. In Raleigh, Donald Trump all but announces presidential bid
  196. Ralph Nader: Hillary Tried To Overcompensate For Gender With Shocking Militarism
  197. Scandals Only Make the Clintons Stronger
  198. Chris Christie would crack down on legalized marijuana as president
  199. Election/Nomination Predictions on Predictit.org (a new Intrade)
  200. GE Aviation Presses Kasich as Ex-Im Becomes Republican Test
  201. RUBIO: Well, it’s not nation-building. We are assisting them in building their nation.
  202. Politico: Jeb Bush shakes up his campaign team
  203. One voter shows up at Santorum event in Iowa
  204. Jeb Bush Separates From Field in the Granite State (8 points ahead of pack)
  205. Voldermort is polling better than Jeb Bush
  206. Bachelor Lindsey Graham promises a 'rotating first lady'
  207. Chafee: Let’s Go Metric, Bring Snowden Home
  208. Those Pumping Rubio, Crying Victim Over Crony Capitalism/Fiscal Irresponsibility News
  209. Rubio's History of Corruption/Crony Capitalism. No, let's talk boat.
  210. Fox News Will Host GOP Candidate Forum Before Primary Debate
  211. Marco Rubio Voted For Florida's "Scarlet Letter" law
  212. Ted Cruz poopstorm on FR (TPP)
  213. “Say No to Obamatrade": Conservative radio hosts (Levin, Larson, Hannity) turning against TPP
  214. Iowa Straw Poll Canceled
  215. Ted Cruz Throws Himself a Pity Party
  216. Walker Comes Out in Favor of Obamatrade as well
  217. Sanders floats top tax rate of over 50 percent
  218. Fox News Expands Debates with Forum for Second-Tier GOP Presidential Candidates
  219. Steve Lonegan to head up Cruz presidential campaign in New Jersey
  220. Why Slavery Is Here to Stay
  221. Leaked: Hillary Friends & Allies Talking Points
  222. Bush staffer ends up sitting next to Rand on airplane
  223. Most of the 2016 attack ads have targeted Hillary
  224. #ObamaTrade: Ted Cruz is dangerously wrong about Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)
  225. Hillary Clinton Paid by Jeb Bush’s Education Company
  226. Mitt Romney: Republican presidential ticket could be 'two women'
  227. More Free Republic Anger Towards Cruz
  228. Hillary Clinton's Official Spotify Playlist
  229. Jeb tweets his logo.
  230. Playing to the Party Base?
  231. Ted Cruz: First President of the North American Union?
  232. Jeb Bush Officially In; Announcing On Snapchat
  233. Jeb Bush To Repackage His Brother's Compassion Conservatism Mantra
  234. Donald Trump will declare $9 billion in assets as he reveals 2016 plans
  235. Jeb Bush Increased Spending 31.9% while Governor of Florida
  236. “Rent a Crowd” Company Admits Politicians Are Using Their Service
  237. Trump just announced he's running for President
  238. Digging up the Past....Hillary Recounts FDR's Four Freedoms at Randall's Island Event
  239. 'Where's My Latte?' - Romney Rips Hillary
  240. Hillary Clinton: 'I worked well' with Lindsey Graham and John McCain
  241. Donald Trump has the least interventionist plan
  242. Donald Trump isn't actually running
  243. Trump vows to press Ford to cancel Mexican plant
  244. Is Ted Cruz really eligible?
  245. Mediaite: Trump Campaign Reportedly Hired Actors at $50 a Head to Attend Campaign Launch
  246. Trumps leaves door open to 3rd party run
  247. Donald Trump Attacks Neocons
  248. Hillary's campaign stumbles on trade
  249. Why is there so many Bernie Sanders Supporters on Youtube
  250. Seven Reasons the GOP Should Fear Donald Trump