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  1. Some Memes
  2. Will President Trump put Hillary in jail?
  3. Broken system: Hillary won the popular vote yet lost the election...
  4. Do we praise Trump if he keeps us out of war?
  5. Hillary Clinton Tries To Explain Where It All Went Wrong - Live Feed
  6. Caught me on video.
  7. Someone has to do it
  8. Shillary won the popular vote
  9. Trump paid 63% less per electoral vote than Clinton
  10. God I'm glad the election is OVER!!
  11. Will this forum be returning to normal now?
  12. Trump Outperformed Romney in all Ethnicities
  13. Peter Thiel bets on Trump, wins
  14. Did Obama sabotage Clinton campaign?
  15. U.S. Presidential Election 2016: Voter turnout drops to near 50 per cent
  16. Petition to get Amy Schumer to leave
  17. Hillary Clinton failed to cash in on racial divisions Obama cultivated in last 8 years
  18. Woman loses job for being pro Trump
  19. DJIA up 260, traders yelled "lock her up" on trading floor
  20. Some Californians thinking of secession After Trump win
  21. Voto secreto Trump? Most Hispanics back deportation, want immigration cap cut in half
  22. Trump's Gen. Mike Flynn Was In Russia.
  23. Talk of CALEXIT Begins After Mango Messiah's Triumph
  24. Obama Reacts to Trump's Victory: We're All on One Team
  25. Good Morning, America. Welcome To Your White Supremacy
  26. Resist Trump's Hate: Protests and Rallies This Week
  27. Hollywood Fearful About Trump Victory
  28. Kremlin: We Averted WW3 with a Trump Victory
  29. The populism of the Republican Party
  30. Anti-Trump Demonstrators Take to the Streets in Several U.S. Cities
  31. It was too cruel, the hatred of war has been unleashed.
  32. CTR's last hurrah! A fitting end to Shillary's campaign - No *real* support
  33. Wikileaks: Soros' choice to replace Scalia on supreme court
  34. Assad Must Go List Updated
  35. Which Trump was elected?
  36. Will Republican Elites That Did Not Support Trump Have Any Price To Pay?
  37. Black Trump voter apologizes, regrets, voting Trump. (LOL)
  38. Liberals are rioting.
  39. God Lord. Hillary Backers are truly losing it.
  40. Up side
  41. Five Lessons from the 2016 Election
  42. Theory: 2016 Will End With Economic Instability And A Trump Presidency
  43. Trump Voter Beaten By Black Mob: “You Voted Trump. You Gonna Pay For That Sh*t”
  44. Libertarians are rioting
  45. I can't get enough SJW tears
  46. Clinton Camp Wanted Trump
  47. Leftists are Burning Pairs of New Balance Sneakers in Response to Pro Trump/Anti TPP Stance
  48. How Gary Johnson and Jill Stein (and Wikileaks) helped elect Donald Trump
  49. Pussy Riot Taking Credit For Anti Trump Protests
  50. Classes cancelled so students can cope with Trump win
  51. After Donald Trump victory, Oregonians submit ballot proposal to secede from the union
  52. Trump in comic form
  53. The Mainstream Media Must Be Held Accountable Or Summarily Dismissed
  54. Let's be honest. What was this election really about? Why is this happening everywhere?
  55. "The uneducated Republican or uneducated Trump voter."
  56. Trump posts a statement on Twitter about the protests
  57. How many of you understand the USA just elected a (potentially) brutal dictator?
  58. Awesome Rant from pro-Hillary Brit
  59. Riots?
  60. Jonathan Pie: Why Clinton lost
  61. Trump Saltmining Inc (Sargon of Akkad)
  62. Do we need some more polls?
  63. Bernie suggests Hillary should've acted more crazy to generate excitement/voter turn out
  64. Confederate Monuments Defaced in Richmond with Trump Related Messages
  65. DJT Calls Alex Jones and Thanks Infowarriors
  66. The Truth About the Trump Protests
  67. Federal Employees at the EPA Were Devastated
  68. College Students Given Play-Doh, Coloring Books To Cope With Grief From Trump Victory
  69. Trump Won Because 'Racism'? NO, YOU IDIOT!! | Louder With Crowder
  70. Highly Accurate Paul Krugman Prediction from Election Night
  71. First glimpse of Hillary Clinton since concession speech
  72. Trump win will have devastating effect on Speeching Fees for Clintons/Obama
  73. The Fall of the House of Clinton
  74. Protest Voters Are Being Blamed For Handing Trump The Presidency
  75. Some articles via the Guardian
  76. Glenn Greenwald: Democrats, Trump, and the Lesson of Brexit
  77. The Cognitive Dissonance Cluster Bomb
  78. Offical statement; I was wrong
  79. Look who's not accepting the results of the election.
  80. Will Trump sue his "sexual assault" accusers?
  81. Member of Hillary transition team banned from entering Russia
  82. A Special Thank You
  83. Black Panther on Trump and voting Democrat
  84. Planned P CEO Issues Email After Clinton Defeat, “We’re Devastated and Angry
  85. Shattered dreams in Clintonworld
  86. German Protesters Are Funny and Stupid.
  87. This Is Funny And Sad In Retrospect
  88. Ancap Eric July tells the rioters how it is
  89. Dear Liberal Friends
  90. Another Fake Liberal Attack
  91. Union Mgt Investigate Poor Showing For Clinton
  92. The Truth About the Trump Protests
  93. Trump an American Badass
  94. Reflections on Donald Trump’s Election
  95. Inmates Show Solidarity With Anti-Trump Protesters From Behind Bars
  96. Colin Kaepernick boycotted the election and the left is furious
  97. Fox & Friends calls out George Soros for funding riots!
  98. Bill Burr drops truth on Conan O'Brien about Hillary and Bilderberg
  99. Nigel Farage reacts to Donald Trump's victory
  100. Doug Casey on Why Trump Came Out on Top
  101. Hillary Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss
  102. The “pied piper” strategy
  103. The Democrats are the Urban Density Party
  104. How America Got [The Election] So Wrong
  105. Breathtaking MSNBC Propaganda 20 Days Before Election
  106. Who really got the popular vote?
  107. Rootless Cosmopolitans in D.C. Fear that Trump will Drain Their Materialistic, Shallow Culture
  108. Joss Whedon Calls For All Measures To Stop Trump
  109. Trump wants war with Russia
  110. It's Mourning In America!
  111. 3 Brief Minutes Of Trumpian Schadenfreude
  112. More than half of arrested anti-Trump protesters didn't vote in Oregon
  113. Clinton had to be "briefly restrained" after trying to attack her own campaign staff
  114. Limbaugh, etc. are celebrating but have no idea what is coming.
  115. The Decline And Fall of the Liberty Movement, Illustrated
  116. Trump Protesters Block Ambulance's Path and a Man Dies
  117. Dave Chappelle Defends Trump, Rips Clinton: ‘She’s Not Right and We All Know It’
  118. Donald Sutherland is anti-White
  119. Obama Hints He Won Because He Worked Harder Than Hilary
  120. Before the Meltdown
  121. Trump Name Removed From Manhattan Condo Complex After Residents' Petition
  122. Refreshing
  123. The Myth of the Decline and Fall of the Liberty Movement
  124. What's going to happen with Hillary Clinton and her legal problems?
  125. Why Would Anyone Want a President?
  126. Lindsey Graham calls on Congress to investigate Russia over U.S. election meddling
  127. Trump Victory Cruise Ship to Bahamas
  128. You're Still Crying Wolf (About Trump)
  129. Trump: The Anti-Globalist USA Champion or just another Con Man Riding a Trojan Horse
  130. Hillary Looks Like Death
  131. Only 32 days til election day!
  132. Trump is not nearly as great as the Trump Movement - Woods/Rockwell
  133. Secede and Decentralize: An Open Letter to Clinton Supporters
  134. NSA Chief: Nation-State Made 'Conscious Effort' To Sway US Presidential Election
  135. Rutgers "Beyoncé Professor" Loses It Over Trump Victory; Sent To Bellevue For Psych Evaluation
  136. After Election, the Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Crimes, FOUND DEAD
  137. In the Hip Hop world, Kanye says he woudl have voted Trump, Lupe releases a new single
  138. Do you believe in the pizzagate scandal?
  139. Delete this forum section
  140. What cha Really Need is a Spankin'
  141. MUST SEE VIDEO: Bill and Hillary Prematurely Celebrating on Election Night!
  142. Hillary Clinton Cannot Steal the Election From Trump
  143. CALL TO ACTION: Oath Keepers Pledge to Protect Electors from Terrorist Death Threats
  144. "Ending The Fed" website dominated "fake news" cycle of election
  145. America call bullshit on Cult of Clinton
  146. Where's Hillary?
  147. Communists and Socialists Going Bonkers Over Trump
  148. Kanye West Hospitalized After Controversial Comments
  149. Democratic presidential electors revolt against Trump
  150. Forbes Article on How Trump's Son-in-law Kushner Won the White House
  151. The Bubble
  152. Activists Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States
  153. MA-Hampshire college first half masts, then removes US flags due to politics
  154. Jill Stein raises 600k in one day, of 2M needed to fund recounts in WI - MI - PA
  155. Six Electors Vow To Break And Vote Against Trump
  156. If you like Reddit Drama after CEO tampered with user comments
  157. Why No One Pays Any Attention To The New York Times Any More
  158. Clinton Election Recount - Russia Blamed for Hillary's Loss! Jill Stein Helps Clinton
  159. Electoral College members harassed and threatened to change vote for Hillary
  160. Is Jill Stein's petition a cruel stunt to make Hillary revisit trauma of election defeat?
  161. Jill Stein's recount petition is nothing more then a Distraction.
  162. Man goes insane, sets himself on fire after Trump wins
  163. Boom, Clunk! The other shoe has dropped...
  164. What happens if the count count flips in HRC's favor ?
  165. Krauthammer on Trump win: Obama is "personally insulted", demolition of 8 years
  166. Hillary’s Actions Deserve a Special Prosecutor
  167. Over Three Million Illegal Immigrants Voted in 2016 Election
  168. Is this the real reason for the RECOUNT ?
  169. Donald Trump Impression
  170. Nixon didn't want a Special Prosecutor appointed, either
  171. No Recount in Wisconsin
  172. Hilly joins WI recount efforts - to be completed and re-certified in time ?
  173. I have a question about Gingrich comment about Romney.
  174. Guess what is this image ? :)
  175. Which Is Better: Jill Stein's '90s Folk Band or Her Chance of Being Elected President?
  176. Bloomberg Peddles Conspiracy Theory on Russian Involvement in Us Election
  177. Recalled "Madam President" Issue of Newsweek HITS eBay
  178. Obama: Clinton would have won in a landslide if only young people voted
  179. Mattis SOS
  180. Campaign for President: The Managers Look at 2016 - Harvard IOP
  181. Throne Sniffing: Newsweek Sent Out Wrong Election Edition Without Reading It First
  182. CNN Defends President Obama From Possibly Encouraging Illegals To Vote
  183. Only 14 days until the election!
  184. Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner
  185. "Did Jeb Bush Win the Election?" by Chuck Baldwin
  186. Today: Electoral College Trump Defector Writes Explanation In NYT
  187. Rogue electors brief Clinton camp on anti-Trump plan
  188. Astonishing Results In Ongoing Wisconsin Recount: 20 Vote Differential!!
  189. Two More Companies coming back because of Trump's win
  190. I accidentally slept with a Donald Trump supporter
  191. Families could pay up to $420 more for food in 2017, report finds
  192. MI Recount - sealed ballot box only had 50 of 306 ballots
  193. Congressman Calls Fox's Tucker Carlson A Russian Agent On Prime Time Television
  194. Obama questions the integrity of elections
  195. Something Has Emerged From Rand's State Of Kentucky That Explains the Trump Win
  196. Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House
  197. What explains ISIS being suddenly getting wiped out of Syria within days of Trump win news?
  198. Public DIY assessment says Media was trying to help Hillary win White House
  199. Obama is rushing to Trump-proof the White House
  200. TRUMP VICTORY COMPILATION - SJW, Feminist, Celebrity Meltdowns
  201. Secret FBI assessment says Russia was not trying to help Trump win White House
  202. Trump calls CIA assessment of Russian interference in U.S. election ‘ridiculous'
  203. Life Expectancy Lower for Trump Voters
  204. Van Jones’ PR Firm Working With Republican Electors Voting Against Trump
  205. John Bolton: DNC hacks could be 'false flag operation'
  206. CIA must show evidence Russia intervened in the election: GOP
  207. Trump vs the CIA and Main Stream Media
  208. White House Said Trump asked Russia to hack
  209. Obama considering nullifying 2016 election result via executive order
  210. Electors demand intelligence briefing before Electoral College vote
  211. Using fake intel to question integrity of elections/Will of the People an impeachable offense?
  212. Congressman behind WikiLeaks-Russia claims destroyed in interview
  213. The Incredible, Spineless Hillary Clinton
  214. In Wake of Hillary's Defeat, Donations to Clinton Foundation Dry Up
  215. Peek: Sore loser Obama wants to delegitimize Trump win as payback for Trump's Birther claims
  216. Intelligence Officer...Confirms Leaker Is with American Intelligence Services
  217. Keith Olberman finally goes over the edge..
  218. Breaking - CIA: Washington Post Russian Hacking Story Is “Outright Lie"
  219. US Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims
  220. Wikileaks: CIA Director Behind Russian Election-Hacking Charge is Democratic Partisan
  221. Electors could demand to interview media employees who secretly colluded with Hillary campaign
  222. She lost her job after calling Michelle Obama an ‘Ape in heels.’ Now she’s returning to work.
  223. Trump task force member and Pepsi CEO: "My employees were all crying after Trump won."
  224. Federal judge upholds fines for Washington's 'faithless' electors
  225. U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack
  226. Hollywood Celebrities Urge Electors Not To Vote For Trump
  227. TPTB Won't Go Quietly...
  228. Some Colorado electors may NOT vote for Hillary Clinton
  229. Electoral College - How it Works
  230. Reality Check on Supposed Russian Hacks
  231. Do you think Russia rigged US elections?
  232. Nobody was able to say NO to Ms. Clinton
  233. I’m so old, I remember when Democrats blamed Hillary’s loss on James Comey, not Russia
  234. Is Michigan Covering Up 75,000 Ballots Never Counted?
  235. It's Official: Clinton's Popular Vote Win Came Entirely From California
  236. Obama: Stop whining about election rigging
  238. Electoral College Elects Donald Trump As President
  239. This is an actual Bernie Sanders press release from his Senate Office
  240. Mick Mulvaney proves yet once again Trump is not a Hillary Plant.
  241. The Electoral College Stopped California from Picking Our Next President. That's a Good Thing.
  242. Biden: Clinton never figured out why she was running
  243. Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America
  244. Hillary and Bill Clinton, George W. to attend Trump inauguration
  245. All your bases belong to us.
  246. VP Joe Biden: "It's over"
  247. Biden's Open Mic After Trump Election: "God Save The Queen"
  248. Maryl Streep goes political at Golden Globes
  249. Its 2017 Facebook Friends/Leftists Still Crying Over Hillary/Obama.
  250. Bikers for Trump Ready to Stand up to Protesters