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  1. Mark Levin: Scott Walker “more radical than Obama” on amnesty
  2. The GOP Elite Puts Its Foot Down
  3. Ted Cruz admits to smoking pot
  4. Poll: Nearly 40% of Likely Republican Caucus-Goers Consider Islam Inherently Violent
  5. Ben Carson Can't Explain Rand Paul's Vaccine Stance
  6. Graham rebukes Paul on vaccines
  7. Dick Morris: Walker could win
  8. Cruz seeks counsel from Sir. Henry Kissinger
  10. Is the Bush family calling in favors?
  11. Cruz to Liberty Movement: No Softballs
  12. More Christie corruption?
  13. Walker surges to top in New Hampshire Poll
  14. Carson on Measles, Vaccinations, illegals and Rand Paul.
  15. Jeb Bush, convert to Catholicism
  16. WSJ: What matters to evangelicals in 2016 (Thomas Jefferson)
  17. Chris Christie will not be GOP nominee: Nate Silver
  18. Politico discusses the longshot candidates
  19. Biden to make Iowa trip next week
  20. Is Scott Walker part of the Walker family of GHWB/GWB?
  21. GOP's 2016 War Primary
  22. Fox News basically just ran an hour long infomercial for Scott Walker
  23. Cruz pushes for US to arm Ukraine
  24. Scott Walker's Brian Williams Moment
  25. Looking for Jim Webb's 2016 vision? Check Twitter
  26. Jeb Bush Basically Just Doxxed Thousands of Floridians
  27. Kissinger Chooses Jeb as His Candidate
  28. Cory Booker (Dem senator and Rand Paul Friend) denies presidential rumors.
  29. Jeb Bush’s eye-popping event: $100k per ticket
  30. Who's the most Satanic potential GOP candidate?
  31. Michael Savage un-endorses Ted Cruz: "You are now finished... you are a neocon"
  32. Rick Perry Proves He DOES NOT Understand the 2nd Amendment
  33. Business Insider : Chris Christie's next scandal?
  34. The Warmongering Record of Hillary Clinton “I urged him to bomb..."
  35. Ted Cruz talks 2016 strategy with John Bolton over dinner
  36. Southern Poverty Law Center apologizes to Ben Carson
  37. Scott Walker is a pro-amnesty RINO
  38. GOP donors praise Jeb Bush for stance on immigration
  39. Going back to the future in 2016? (CNN/ORC poll)
  40. Clinton, Warren see opportunity in joining forces
  41. Inside the Long-Awaited Launch of the Jeb Bush Campaign.
  42. Bush jumps into privacy fight, backs controversial NSA program
  43. 19 out of 21 Jeb Bush foreign policy advisors are hawks from previous GOP administrations
  44. Report: Elizabeth Warren Secretly Met With Hillary Clinton
  45. Jeb Bush could raise more than $4 million in Chicago on Wednesday
  46. Scott Walker Is King of Kochworld
  47. The Warmongering Record of Hillary Clinton
  48. Walker Backed 2006 McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill
  49. Brent Bozell PAC: Jeb is Unelectable
  50. Iowans who tried to draft Christie in '12 no longer as eager
  51. Sources Believe Jeb Will Ride Amnesty Position To Success or Defeat
  52. Top GOP donors sign on for Lindsey Graham lunch
  53. Gov. Scott Walker: ‘I don’t know’ whether Obama is a Christian or loves America
  54. Scott Walker On The Record
  55. Jeb Bush : Ducking Questions About Iraq? Not So Fast
  56. Is it smart to support Bernie Sanders for Prez?
  57. Phyllis Schlafly assails GOP establishment for trying to coronate Jeb Bush
  58. ANTLE: Meet Hillary's Welfare Queens
  59. Fiorina to Clinton: ‘Flying is an activity, not an accomplishment’
  60. Clinton says she would push for inclusive problem-solving
  61. GOP Debate Moderator Hugh Hewitt Talks GOP Debate
  62. Jeb Bush says intelligence on WMD in Iraq was not 'accurate.' Invasion sparks rise of ISIS.
  63. votes on eminent domain by potential candidates?
  64. CPAC attendees plan to walk out on Jeb Bush
  65. Rand vs. the GOP Juggernaut
  66. Charlie Sheen says he'd like to run for PRESIDENT in 2016 with his father
  67. Today’s Republican Foreign Policy Scandal Is That GOP Elites Still Agitate for Pre-Emptive War
  68. Jeb Bush booed twice at CPAC 2015
  69. Jeb Bush- Hillary Clinton ticket for President?
  70. Jeb Bush: Repealing Obamacare Not a Top Five Agenda Item
  71. Hillary’s presidential chances threatened by her own blundering
  72. An Open Letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Regarding His Comments at CPAC
  73. Betting Site: Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Jeb Bush Odds to Get Republican Nomination
  74. Trump: I'm the Only One Who Can Beat Hillary
  75. Fox CPAC spin FAIL trump Trolls fox
  76. Hillary Clinton Probably Used AOL email account to Conduct Gov't Business, no official email
  77. Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules
  78. Carson just declared running
  79. As Jeb Bush Pounces On The Hillary Email Scandal, The Real Winner Is... Goldman Sachs
  80. Hillary Clinton ran own email servers from home
  81. Why do the leftist pundits want Jeb to win the republican primary?
  82. Ben Carson: Being Gay Is A Choice Because Of Prison Sex [VIDEO]
  83. Gov. Martin O’Malley likely to challenge Hillary Clinton
  84. Clinton lavished w praise after tweet: "want public to see email. Asked State to release them"
  85. Et tu, Rick? Gov. Perry Has Own Private Email Trail
  86. Ben Carson on Iran and Islam
  87. Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton could face jail time for emails
  89. Hillary Media Operatives Hype "Rape" for 2016 Run
  90. Cruz hits liberals on global warming, GMO food labeling
  91. Hillary Flashback in 1996: To Avoid Subpoenas I Didn't Write Anything Down
  92. Radio Host asks Cruz about his wife, the Goldman-Sachs Banker
  93. Clinton Pushes “Wage Gap” Myth While Paying Female Execs 37% Less Than Men
  94. Scott Walker on continuing the Ethanol Mandate
  95. Beyond Clinton, many 2016 hopefuls have used private email
  96. Looks like Hillary just killed her chances for being president
  97. WSJ: "Jeb Bush Facing Resistance From Some Conservative Voters" (42% of Republicans, actually)
  98. Democrats are not so fired up about Hillary Clinton
  99. 12 Reasons Why Conservatives Should Reject Scott Walker
  100. As POTUS, Sen. Graham Vows U.S. Military Force Against Non-Compliant Congress
  101. Iowa GOP moves Straw poll from Ames to BOONE - 8/8/15
  102. Hillary Clinton: A Pay-Phone Candidate in an iPhone World
  103. Hillary's E-Mails May Cost Taxpayers Millions
  104. Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and the Ill-Fated Wars They Supported
  105. NRO: With Bush faltering, Insider Buzz for Marco Grows
  106. Bernie Sanders? (D) Senator from Vermont
  107. Cruz wants all political donation limits lifted
  108. When will Jeb Bush drop out?
  109. Ted Cruz calls on next president to 'repudiate' Iran deal
  110. Senator Ted Cruz doubles down on keeping the socialist income tax!
  111. This chart shows Hillary Clinton is stumbling
  112. Straw Poll Shows Support for Paul, Walker, Cruz Among Texas Young Republicans
  113. Donald Trump to Announce?
  114. Scott Walker aide resigns following storm of criticism
  115. Stu Rothenberg: Rand Paul & Jeb Bush the two candidates with unquestionable staying power
  116. Here's Where 6 of the GOP's Likely 2016 Candidates Stand on Marijuana
  117. If Rand is not the nominee, would you vote for Hillary?
  118. Hillary Clinton: ‘We Really Need Camps for Adults’
  119. Walker’s Pandering Problem
  120. Please no more what-if/speculation threads until at least 2016.
  121. Bloomberg Focus Group Video : How NH Dems think
  122. Louisiana is so poor that Bobby Jindal’s budget won’t fund presidential primaries in 2016
  123. In states with the first 2016 primaries, Democrats ask: Where’s Hillary?
  124. Hillary Clinton staffs up in New Hampshire
  125. Ted Cruz to announce presidential bid on 3/23
  126. 20 Republicans who are gearing up to run for president
  127. Ted Cruz: I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support
  128. Publius Huldah: What Our Framers Knew: The Constitution, Vattel, and “Natural Born Citizen”
  129. NYT hit piece: Ted Cruz is "extreme long shot", "zero chance at winning"
  130. TedCruz.com Says: Support President Obama! [Mod Edit: Parody]
  131. 538: Let’s Be Serious About Ted Cruz From The Start: He’s Too Extreme And Too Disliked To Win
  132. Humor: Cruz parodied by The Onion
  133. Trump brings birther charge against Cruz
  134. So who does Cruz take votes from?
  135. Ted Cruz on Hannity TV show
  136. Critics, Fans Try Out #TedCruzCampaignSlogans
  137. Peter King if Cruz is Nominee: “I will jump off that bridge” (video)
  138. Cruz' wife Heidi Nelson Cruz to take "leave of absence" from Goldman Sachs during campaign
  139. Cruz: Media Coverage of Me ‘Backhanded Compliment,’ I’ll Go Straight to People
  140. can Cruz eat pork?
  141. Ben Carson just formed an exploratory committee
  142. The Silicon Valley libertarians behind Ted Cruz’s bank account (in 2 charts)
  143. Ted Cruz recruits from the Iowa Liberty Movement
  144. Ted Cruz Tells CNN: I'm Signing Up for Obamacare
  145. Digging on Walker has begun: Walker & Dark Money Politics
  146. Chris Christie: Liberty comes from God not government
  147. Ted Cruz: Don’t let ‘anti-science zealotry’ shutdown GMOs
  148. 2016 brawl breaks out on Senate floor
  149. Scott Walker Spoke to Phoenix Chamber of Commerce; No Cameras Allowed
  150. The SNL Archaeology of Hillary Clinton
  151. Heidi Cruz and the Concil on Foreign Relations "Building a North American Community"
  152. Chuck Baldwin: 'Ted Cruz: Pros And Cons'
  153. Republican Party trying to raise money for 2016 with "Official GOP Cheney Cowboy Hat"
  154. The View: Ted Cruz is an ignorant, racist, birther
  155. Marco Rubio may be announcing on April 13th
  156. There are almost 200 people running for POTUS 2016
  157. Fiorina says she will most likely run
  158. Iowa Gun Owners group to survey 2016 Presidential candidates!
  159. Michael Savage: Cruz can’t win because he has “weasely eyes”
  160. Marco Rubio's "supportive" Billionaire Buddy~
  161. Elizabeth Warren Gameplan: Break Up the Major Banks
  162. Questions Regarding the Presidency
  163. Senator Cruz is correct in supporting Mike Pence!
  164. Ted Cruz Wants to Double Immigration and Implement Biometric ID
  165. Meet Marco Rubio's campaign team:
  166. Cruz goes on the attack in religious freedom debate
  167. Ted Cruz attacks Rand for voting against NSA bill that didn't have enough reforms
  168. Christie: Tax revenue from legal cannabis sales is 'blood money'
  169. Cruz Raises 4 Million Dollars in 8 Days From Small Donors
  170. Karl Rove: Expect Early 2016 Primaries to Cost $50M to $60M
  171. Insiders pump the brakes on Cruz
  172. Hillary Clinton 2016 would be a big loser in Obama-AIPAC fight
  173. Dominance of national security shakes up race for White House
  174. Is Scott Walker the only one who isn’t for criminal justice reform?
  175. Hillary Clinton Is the Perfect Age To Be President
  176. Jeb Bush marked 'Hispanic' on voter application
  177. Rand Paul: 10 things to know about soon-to-be presidential nominee
  178. Is Rand Paul another Washington Machine's actor?
  179. Cruz Welcomes Rand to the Primary
  180. New Ted Cruz Super-PACS Take in Record Haul
  181. Ted Cruz Unveils Campaign Logo
  182. Rand Paul Blooms As Clinton Wilts In Colorado, Iowa, Virginia
  183. 'Draft Biden' movement imagines vice president in Corvette
  184. Google Trends for Potential 2016 Candidates - March 2015
  185. Request for Issues Matrix
  186. Hillary Clinton to announce on Sunday
  187. Bill Clinton Raring To Go
  188. Alex Wagner Presses Hillary PAC Adviser on ‘Semi-Circular’ Logic of Campaign
  189. Rand Paul attack ad converted into a Jeb Bush attack ad
  190. Ted Cruz calls Gays, Jihadists
  191. why is Rubio so confident he is giving up his senate seat?
  192. Brooklyn Hit With Anti-Hillary Street Art
  193. Wow! Anchors/shills invited to Hillary's "off the record" cocktail party yest (incl. Guthrie)
  194. Brooklyn Hit With Anti-Hillary Street Art...
  195. GOP Strategist: I Don’t Need Hillary to ‘Drown Me In Estrogen Every Time She Opens Her Mouth’
  196. Jonathan Karl: Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Has Taken a ‘Beating’
  197. Hillary's Official Announcement
  198. Hillary Clinton is a conservative republican (article)
  199. Hillary to Emphasize That Her Campaign Will be A Continuation of Obama's
  200. Rubio in, describes self as "strong third" (after Bush, Walker)
  201. The Tea Party Still Remembers the Sins of Marco Rubio
  202. SNL Lampoons Hillary's Announcement
  203. NBC’s Mitchell: Clinton Avoided Foreign Policy in Launch Because of Her ‘Missteps’
  204. Fox News Outnumbered: 'I wonder if people are informed voters in do their research'
  205. Rubio announcing now, LIVE STREAM
  206. Ben Carson to announce decision May 4 in Detroit
  207. Megadonor Paul Singer Fundraising For Marco Rubio
  208. Stewart Mocks Hillary’s Announcement: ‘StateFarm Commercial Gone Viral’
  209. Marco Rubio Comes Out of the Closet
  210. Marco Rubio on Hannity
  211. Ted Cruz Turkey Shoot (legal way to have a "raffle" fundraising event)
  212. On the Road With Hillary
  213. Hillary Unveils Logo
  214. Anyone catch this piece on Ted Cruz last night on the Rachel Maddow show
  215. Does Marco Rubio Get Marching Orders From Israel?
  216. Marco Rubio wants to double down on the most disastrous decade in U.S. foreign policy history
  217. LGBT "I'd Bottom For Hillary" Campaign
  218. JEB will be the speaker at Liberty University's commencement
  219. HRC: Same Sex Marriage Should be a Constitutional Right
  220. Chris Christie: I Will Crack Down And Not Permit Legal Marijuana as President
  221. Rubio defends his Washington Establishment kabuki tax reform dance
  222. Weekly Candidate Twitter/Facebook Growth Report
  223. Will Elizabeth Warren Replace Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential Candidate?
  224. Hillary: 'How Our Kids are Educated' is a 'NON-FAMILY Enterprise'
  225. Kimmel: People Comment on Fake Hillary Clinton Campaign Logos (Rand Mentioned)
  226. Entitled: Hillary Clinton Parks In Handicap Spot (and she doesn't tip)
  227. Here’s where Marco Rubio gets his campaign money
  228. Jeb Bush hearts Loretta Lynch
  229. Jeb compares the Bush political dynasty to the Adams family
  230. Looks like the huckster is in
  231. NHGOP FITN Republican Leadership Summit
  232. Adam Carolla ‘Supports’ Ted Cruz, Thanks Him for Anti-IRS Stance
  233. Hookers for Hillary
  234. Jim Webb critiques Clinton-era foreign policy
  235. Carly Fiorina to Announce She's Joining the Presidential Race (late April / early May)
  236. Lindsey Graham dove, and Ted Cruz nutcase
  237. Cruz Tries to Hijack Paulian Slogan
  238. Lindsey Graham says she's '91 percent sure' she'll get in 2016 GOP presidential primary
  239. Hillary Clinton=Granny Warbucks
  240. Christie sinks to new low in New Jersey poll
  241. Lindsey Graham: Rand is his Father's son and his views align with the Obama Foreign Policy
  242. Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton's Fake Populism Is a Hit
  243. Women of the World's Tina Brown Won't Comment on Clinton Foundation's Glaring Hypocrisy
  244. The Kochs primary is over and the winner is ...
  245. Kochs Signal Support for Scott Walker
  246. Scott Walker: the negative effects of a massive increase in immigration on American worker
  247. Hillary Refutes Obama Admin and Media Narrative in NH: The Economy Has STALLED OUT
  248. MSNBC’s Brzezinski Grills David Brock on Clinton Emails: ‘Are We Going to Do This Again?’
  249. Jeb's favorite part of Obama's Presidency? NSA Spying
  250. Koch brothers will offer audition to Jeb Bush