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  1. You Call That a Debate?
  2. Protester Interrupts Bill Clinton With A ‘Bill Clinton A Rapist’ Sign
  3. Hillary’s Closest Aide, Huma Abedin, Worked to Spread Radical Islam
  4. Hillary's Townhall in Haverford PA Where She Stages Question with Child Actor
  5. Donald Trump Often Made Donations to State Attorneys General Reviewing His Business
  6. Hillary Threatens War With Russia - Video
  7. Bill Clinton: Obamacare 'craziest thing in the world...
  8. Samantha Bee Doesn't Care if We Know the Real Hillary Clinton
  9. New Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads in.... Arizona??
  10. The final humiliation
  11. Donald Trump’s Slip in Polls Has G.O.P. Worried About Congress
  12. Forget MSM Polls - Trump Leads Electoral College - UPI
  13. Wikileaks: Hillary Asked "Can't We Just Drone This Guy?" About Assange
  14. Storm Chasers! Hillary Clinton Buys Weather Channel Campaign Ads During Hurricane Matthew
  15. What if they are both statists?
  16. If Trump-Putin joined forces against ISIS, which side would Hillary-Obama team take?
  17. How Russia Wants to Undermine the U.S. Election
  18. Clinton campaign money-laundering and FEC/RICO violation scheme unearthed
  19. Newspapers Shun Trump - Not A Single Endorsement From Top 100
  20. He fought in World War II. He died in 2014. And he just registered to vote in Va.
  21. Emails show Clinton ties to Russian oligarch under investigation
  22. US Officially Accuses Russia of Hacking to Influence Election
  23. Evan McMullin To Announce Republican Strategist As Running Mate
  24. WAPO: Vulgar video of Trump Recorded in 2005
  25. Trump's Ground Game Footprint Remains Small
  26. Trump vs Clinton - The Window of Opportunity
  27. Hillary and "deplorable" advertising in the USA for the autumn of 16'
  28. Wikileaks Release: The Podesta Emails
  30. Clinton: "My Dream Is a Hemispheric Common Market with Open Trade and Open Borders"
  31. Hillary Clinton: “I’m Kind of Far Removed From Struggles of Middle Class”
  32. Donald Trump Says Central Park Five Are Guilty, Despite DNA Evidence
  33. CNN Anchor’s Stunned When Fact Checker Confirms Hillary’s Corruption
  34. 81 years since the last World War
  35. It Turns Out Sanders Was Colluding With Clinton All Along
  36. Vulgarity Poll
  37. Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It's okay to call my daughter a 'piece of ass'
  38. Trump’s dirty talk versus Hillary’s corruption
  39. Bad news for Hillary Clinton 2016: Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter
  40. Suspected War Criminal Condi Rice: Trump should withdraw
  41. Pence to quit?
  42. Kathleen Willey calls for Hillary to resign from campaign
  43. replacing a presidential nominee is easier than you may think
  44. trumps done imo. its gotta be over. (im laughing because i knew it would happen)
  45. Reports: Cruz considering withdrawing Trump endorsement
  46. I demand an election do-over
  47. Clinton admitted she’s for ‘open borders’ in paid, private speech: WikiLeaks
  48. Clinton hints at military draft
  49. It's gonna be a heck of a month . . .
  50. Drudge Report Banner calls Paul Ryan (Pussy-whipped) & Ryan with gay manlove mouthful face
  51. Podesta Emails Reveal HRC Illegal Coordination With David Brock Super PAC
  52. Latest Deception Plot leaks: Hillary Clintons political career done for good?
  53. OFFICIAL 10/9/2016 Presidential Debate Thread
  54. BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Thinks African Americans are Losers
  55. Joe Biden, Groper-in-Chief, Accuses Donald Trump of ‘Sexual Assault’
  56. Obama and Hillary hurtling US towards war with Russia but media prefers to talk about grabbing
  57. Hillary Clinton to ask Bill Clinton to stop campaigning for her?
  58. Lie as much as you all wanna
  59. Another 90 minute "debate" tonite ?
  60. Vulgar President Trump . . .
  61. African American woman & LEGAL immigrant from South Sudan has endorsed Trump
  62. Trump "Obamacare a disaster"
  63. What did you think of the debate?
  64. I can go with locker room rhetoric
  65. In entire US history, has a Presidential candidate or ex President ever gone to jail?
  66. Could Trump win Colorado ?
  67. "Because you'd be in jail!"
  69. Is it Worth It To Elect Trump To Send Hillary To Jail ?
  70. Robert De Niro Rips into Donald Trump: He's A Pig, I would like to punch him in the face!
  71. Michelle Obama Slams Hillary Clinton as Unfit for the White House
  72. Was Hillary's Gender Q&A Scripted?
  73. Did Last Night Signify a 'Salting of the Fields' Moment for Trump?
  74. Donald Trump at Debate: Hillary You Are No Abraham Lincoln. You are a Liar
  75. The little people have had enough - not just here, but in America too
  76. House Speaker Paul Ryan Says He Won’t Defend, Campaign With Donald Trump
  77. Frustrated by Trump's fight back, Hillary campaign slipping towards chaos and meltdown?
  78. Preliminary Post- Debate Polls
  79. Why Trump’s scorched-Earth campaign could burn down the GOP
  80. Poll: 13 percent prefer meteor hitting earth over Clinton, Trump
  81. Glenn Beck Goes Full Blown Mormon CIA..................Tacitly Endorses HRC
  82. Hillary: "You Need to Have a Public and Private Position on Policy"
  83. Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Cozy Press Relationship
  84. What is Hillary's Private Position on Obamacare?
  85. Glenn Beck: Electing Hillary Clinton ‘Is a Moral, Ethical Choice’
  86. Hillary's Public Position on Goldman Sachs role in mortgages scam?
  87. Hillary's Private Position on Bill Clinton's alleged sexual assaults on women
  88. BRAZILE BUSTED: DNC Chief Leaked Sanders Info to Hillary...
  89. Hillary Backers and Supporters Backed the EU side in the Brexit EU referendum
  90. WikiLeaks Posts 2,000 More Emails From John Podesta
  91. Fed up with Trump and Clinton, some voters weigh options
  92. Insane Hillary Clinton
  93. Alex Jones: 'Hillary a Fly-Attracting Demon'
  94. Mike Cernovich Sends Menacing Letter To Preibus to Get the State GOP Saboteurs in Line
  95. Clinton knew Saudis & Qatar were funding ISIS!
  96. Same people behind Ron Paul racist smear behind Trump sex smear
  97. Bill Clinton's Reaction To Trump Bringing His Sex Victims to Debate
  98. Democrats Were Worried About Rand Paul, Leaked Email Reveals
  99. The Race is Over!!!!
  100. Banana-Republican Gets Peeled
  101. Wikileaks Releases Another 1,100 Emails From John Podesta In Third Data Dump
  102. Beginning of the end?
  103. Anchor: SS Banned Flash Photos At Debate For Fears It'd Trigger ‘Hillary’s Seizure Disorder’
  104. New leaked email: Hillary "hates everyday Americans".
  105. Wikileak: Hillary Clinton's mega donors are financing ISIS
  106. WATCH: 10 Thousand Trump Fans Shout "CNN SUCKS" At Rally
  107. Hillary Clinton: Rape Enabler
  108. Political Pollster proves that Polls are being Skewed towards Hillary to create narrative!
  109. Just a reminder: 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason
  110. Wikileaks: Rothschild supplied Hillary's economic policy to NYT before she ran
  111. Hillary's Backer's last hope? Early Voting.
  112. BOMBSHELL: Hillary Strategist says Hillary PERSONALLY deleted emails!
  113. "We've all been quite content to conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry."
  114. Erection 2008: Video Surfaces Of Obama Flaunting His Junk to Reporters on Campaign Plane
  115. Would Hillary Clinton drop Obama from her campaigners list?
  116. CORRUPT MEDIA Lies About Hillary’s OSU Rally to Make Her Appear Popular
  117. Leaked: Clinton Promises Bankers to Stand Against Pot Legalization ‘In All Senses of the word"
  118. COLLUSION: DOJ + Clinton Campaign caught redhanded
  120. Another Protester yells 'Bill Clinton's a rapist' at Hillary rally
  121. How big is Hillary Clinton's lead in the presidential race? It depends on the poll
  122. Hillary Backers Are Desperate and it shows when they say emails are FAKED.
  123. Trump Tries to Intimidate Republicans Into Sticking With Him
  124. Early Voting Could Point to Hillary Clinton Victory Well Before Nov. 8
  125. Maybe Rush Limbaugh finally gets it
  126. Breitbart Boss Stephen Bannon Bragged in 2015: ‘I’m Trump’s Campaign Manager’
  127. Bill Clinton Mocks Trump Supporters As Standard Rednecks
  128. Leaked: Only a well-financed concerted campaign portraying him as a bigot can beat Trump!
  129. Now Take The Test, The Results Might Surprise You.
  130. New Emails Reveal "Friends Of Bill" Got Special Access From State For Haiti Recovery Contracts
  131. Trump Posting About The New Wikileaks Leaks on his twitter.
  132. WAPO: Trump blasts Clinton, Department of Justice over leaked emails
  133. The 2016 electoral map is rapidly slipping away from Donald Trump
  134. MSNBC Morning Joe Scarborough NBC Poll Showing Donald Trump Losing Badly Was ‘Cooked’
  135. Report: Trump Told 6 Weeks Ago About GOP Plot to Sabotage His Campaign
  136. McMullin polling at 22% in Utah, statistical tie with Clinton/Trump
  137. Clinton Cash: The Graphic Novel
  138. UN "Commissioner for Rights" says Trump is dangerous.
  139. Billy Bush’s guy talk, lewd Trump tape long known to NBC
  141. Debate bounce: Trump-Hillary tied in latest poll
  142. LP Chair Invites Outraged Trump Loyalists to Split Their Tickets
  143. Exclusive: Interview with Bill Clinton's alleged son, Danney Willams
  144. The New Deplorables: Top Clinton Aides Mock Catholicism, Evangelical Christianity
  145. What's your opinion on Super PACs?
  146. Paul, Trump, and Sanders Show Elite Control of Society Has Fractured
  147. HIDDEN CAM: Clinton Staffer Says I Could “Grab [Her] Ass” and Not Get Fired
  148. 16-year Old Girl Claims Former President Bill Clinton is Her Father
  149. Former teen beauty queens: Donald Trump barged in on us changing
  150. Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately
  151. Trump backers tweet #repealthe19th after polls show he'd win if only men voted
  152. Is the intensity of the Hillary Clinton campaign becoming too old and black?
  153. Podesta: Bill Clinton Fondled Chelsea's Babysitter
  154. Lol - 4chan just hacked John Podesta's twitter
  155. Trump accuser Mindy McGillivray is not credible,troubled person.
  156. You're So Vain: Carly Simon's anti-Trump ad
  157. If Trump and Clinton were Trapped In Boat In The Ocean- who would survive?
  158. Organizers invite Clinton accuser to rescheduled pro-Trump rally at Independence Mall
  159. Fun 20s Video Of Hillary Getting Owned
  160. Mindy McGillivray Trump Accuser has Has a Criminal Record. Now Wants Hillary to win.
  161. Podesta Email Accuses Obama of Caucus Fraud
  162. Hillary's America finally out on line
  163. Hillary Clinton, Corrupt Authoritarian
  164. Wikileaks: Needy Latinos and 1 easy call.
  165. FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insider
  166. I used to Google for news. Not anymore. 2016 is a turning point.
  167. Trump told us the truth years ago
  168. Debate Moderator Raddartz Distorted Syrian Reality to Mislead Public
  169. New Emails Reveal More Collusion b/n State Department and Clinton Campagin
  170. Does 'The Apprentice' Producer Mark Burnett Have Moral Obligation To Release Trump Tapes?
  171. Trump says his 2016 campaign could be his ‘single greatest waste of time, of energy and money
  172. Betting on the election at PredictIt
  173. Rep. Bridenstine on Paul Ryan, Presidential Race.
  174. So wikileaks says Rand Paul was considered a threat.
  175. The George W. Bush White House ‘Lost’ 22 Million Emails
  176. Trump accuser an old lady
  177. My thoughts On The Alleged Trump Accusers?
  178. How Evan McMullin Could Win Utah And The Presidency
  179. By far the best thing I've seen today
  180. Caution Graphic.. LIMBAUGH: First Lady A Hypocrite...
  181. On The Bright side The Podesta Emails More Are Still Expected to be out.
  182. Donald Trump attacks former Toronto Star reporter’s credibility over assault allegation
  183. WSJ: The Press Buries Hillary Clinton’s Sins :eek::eek:
  184. President Obama says GOP 'stood by' while Donald Trump happened
  185. Trump Inspired by Ron Paul!
  186. Trump's "Moment of Reckoning" Speech
  187. Hillary Clinton Inspired by Ron Paul!
  188. Hillary, Obama, Pence and body images of 11 year old girls
  189. Vice-chairman of Soros' OSF also chairman of "Smartmatic", manufacturer of US VOTING MACHINES!
  190. McMullin thinks he's an ultra-libertarian
  191. Trump denounces 'lies and smears' as more women come forward
  192. Journalist committee brands Trump as threat to freedom of speech.
  193. Perkins Coie LLP illegally coordinating super PAC meetings with Clinton
  194. Elect Hillary For More Mess! Libya coup attempt
  195. Wikileaks: Tulsi Gabbard Subject: Disappointed
  196. Our Sample Ballot Arrived Today
  197. Michelle Obama: Hillary Clinton is not a good role model
  198. International design competition for a US - Mexico border wall
  199. The Truth About Trump's Sexual Assault Allegations
  200. Trump dismantles teleprompters
  201. Historic candidate JILL STEIN: Hillary Could Start Nuclear War...
  202. The Crooked-Clintons and the Criminals They Serve: A Story of Guns, Drugs, and Aluminum
  203. I think it would be legit to add the neocon Evan McMullin to this
  204. Trump's Promise to Jail Clinton Is a Threat to American Democracy
  205. Why is the MSN not playing the hypocrisy of Michelle Obama!!!!
  206. Funny! Drug test before debate
  207. Wikileaks: "...regarding an appointment Mr. Podesta has with Michael Drosnin."
  208. Jimmy Kimmel Children's Book for Hillary Clinton
  209. Can't wait for this election to be over...
  210. Performance Enhancement Drugs: Do you support or oppose drug test before next debate?
  211. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  212. Hillary Getting A lot of Hate On Her Facebook page.
  213. More Libertarian than Conservative
  214. This Billionaire Supported Ron Paul In Both 2008 & 2012, Now For Trump!
  215. NYT: Trump's Polling Has Not Collapsed
  216. Baba Vanga prediction. Obama the last President of the USA
  217. Final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will focus on immigration, Supreme Court
  218. Rupert Murdoch pushing unknown Mormon
  219. Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton’s Souped Up Van Has a Bed
  220. New Polls show Trump is regainning to Hillary by few votes. Leaks affect?
  221. Dems firebomb Repubs headquarters
  222. Donald Trump's 'rigged' election claim targets the media. Leftists in Desperation.
  224. Do you believe US media polls are manipulated?
  225. Trump's Love of Polls
  226. Once There was a Man Named William Jennings Bryan
  227. Drudge Warns
  228. Trump Gaining On Hillary Must Win States. Reuters/Ipsos Polls show.
  229. Wikileaks Activates "Contingency Plans" After Unknown "State Party" Cuts Julian Assange's Inte
  230. FBI Report on Hillary : Hillary Mind Controlled by Abedin
  231. Video just released...Rigging the Election
  232. FBI Official: State Dept. official offered 'quid pro quo' in Clinton email scandal
  233. FBI Official: Clinton Frequently Insulted and Embarrassed US Ambassadors
  234. National security risk verified - it is over for Hilly now
  235. The Election Has Already Been Decided
  236. Hillary Called Black Servant the 'N-Word' Claims Former Clinton Chef
  237. Politico's Chief Correspondent To John Podesta: "Don't Tell Anyone I Did This"
  238. CNN says it's ILLEGAL for you to read the Wikileaks/Hillary Clinton emails
  239. Trump Statement on Collusion and Corruption
  240. ‘Make Soros Happy’: Clinton Campaign Discusses Importance of Pleasing Billionaire in Leaked Em
  241. 200 fans leave Amy Schumer show after "anti-Trump" tirade
  242. Policy News
  243. "Emails: DNC Staffers Annoyed At Having To Commemorate The Holocaust"
  245. MILO's Hilarious Take On #HillarysHealth
  246. Trumps seeing the Light
  247. Wikileaks john.podesta : Bitcoin's libertarian Ayn Rand schtick
  248. we need a 15 hour debate
  249. Which 3rd party candidate to vote for?
  250. Trump - Hillary tied in Ohio polling