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  1. Trump Want$ Yuuuge Increa$e In War Machine
  2. Trump beats Clinton in recent CNN poll
  3. Clinton Campaign Stunner–Dismal Attendance For Hillary Clinton Key Note Address in Kansas City
  4. Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary's Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims
  5. Trump Supporter Attacks Muslim Mothers And Babies
  6. I predict Hillary will make history
  7. Hillary Clinton just left 9/11 ceremony w/medical episode
  8. Martin Shkreli is on periscope looking for HRC at Chelsey Clinton's place
  9. Hillary’ New National Security Team A “Who’s Who” of Neocon Psychopaths
  10. Will it be Kaine or Biden?
  11. The Startling Symbolism of Hillary Fainting on 9/11 at GZ. Is the New World Order Collapsing?
  12. Meet a Hillary impersonator
  13. Hillary Clinton cancels California fundraiser trip amid speculation about her dropping out
  14. Actually voting for the 2016 election has already started
  15. Could Trump beat Biden?
  16. NY Post: Hillary Clinton’s health is now a real issue
  17. Breaking News-- RCP has HRC lead down .1 [edit]
  18. Tom Brokaw: Hillary Needs A Neurological Exam
  19. Why Did Hillary Clinton Lie About Her Health?
  20. Pro Hillary Clinton Fed Gov's speech against rate hike moves Dow up by 200+
  21. Trump: Acquiring plunder is what he thinks U.S. foreign policy is for.
  22. Clinton Campaign unveils new logo
  23. Chaffetz SLAMS FBI Agents Right From The Start Of Hearing On Hillary Clinton Investigati
  24. Who Else Is Going To See the New Clinton Movie?
  25. Is Hillary Clinton's campaign staff endangering her life?
  26. Hillary Clinton On Anderson Cooper yesterday lied again.
  27. Hitler is told that Hillary Clinton has fainted on camera on 9/11
  28. Polls: Trump's chances of winning election rising
  29. Did Hillary have a Nurse with her at 9/11 ceremony?
  30. Hillary explains that Pepe the frog is a "white supremacist"
  31. Kaine 'ready to become president' if necessary, says former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland
  32. The WaPo's Latest Theory: Putin Poisoned Hillary
  33. TV anchor accidentally reports Hillary Clinton died
  34. Most US voters do not buy Clinton campaign’s reason for ‘fainting’ episode
  35. Unauthorized bystander : The Making of Hillary Clinton’s Most Unwanted Viral Video
  36. Secret Service Agent Tells All - Hillary Clinton is CRAZY - Gary Byrne - Full Interview
  37. DNC Leaks 2.0
  38. Hillary's health, Obama staying in DC after Presidency
  39. Trump +5 In Ohio Bloomberg Poll
  40. Trump Outlines Child-Care as a "Right"
  41. Leak: Dem Megadonor Tells Colin Powell The Clintons ‘Hate’ Obama; Obama won't mind if HRC lost
  42. Trump a 'National Disgrace,' Colin Powell Wrote in Hacked Emails
  43. Everything Hillary Touches She 'Screws Up', Powell Wrote In Hacked Emails
  44. We the Deplorables - Deplorably, Trump is Going to Win
  45. So tired of hiding behind "not voting for Trump, but..."
  46. Bohemian Grove Attendees Will Vote Against Trump, Some Support Third Party Candidate
  47. This Video Will Get Trump Elected
  48. Hillary Clinton - Ground Zero Analysis
  49. Unreal As Expected of CNN lol CNN Questions Trump's Health Ignores Hillary's Health Concerns
  50. Summarizing the people here
  51. Donald Trump Wants Peter Thiel On The Supreme Court, Sources Say
  52. Clinton suggests that she would consider dropping Garland for SCOTUS
  53. [Video] New Hampshire Doctor on Hillary's Medical Condition
  54. Wow Hillary Sounds Horrblie.
  55. The Status Quo vs. Donald Trump
  56. *Snicker* "StillD***ingBimbos.com" redirects to HRC's Campaign Site
  57. Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors
  58. HRC's New Book Is A Flop Of Mega Proportions
  59. Hillary Clinton Takes Aim At Voter Towards Third Party lol
  60. Trump Campaign Says He Believes Obama Was Born in the U.S.
  61. Jill Stein: Hillary Clinton Wants To Start An Air War With Nuclear-Armed Russia Over Syria
  62. Clinton Crowd Begs Four Years
  63. Supporters parade for Donald Trump in The Villages
  64. Shock poll: Hillary Clinton's "transparent" rating drops to 37
  65. After reading this tweet put out by Clinton, I had to scratch my head.
  66. Hillary Clinton Rally in Greensboro, NC (9/15/2016) Hillary Clinton Greensboro Speech
  67. Are you voting for Trump in November?
  68. Hillary Falling, Bill Clinton driving?
  69. We Started A Political Revolution In 2008......I believe this is the end result of that.
  70. Haitian Pres. Bernard Sansaricq Exposes the Clinton Foundation: “Hillary tried to bribe me!”
  71. Jimmy Fallon Greets Hillary Wearing Surgical Mask
  72. NYT: Hillary Clinton Is Getting Surprisingly Little Extra Lift From Blacks and Hispanics
  73. Bill Maher Spars with Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway
  74. Are Hillary's rallies being faked?
  75. I Won't Vote For Trump But I Want Hillary To Lose
  76. Clintons Birthday Bash Influence Sale
  77. Clinton didn't start the birther thing 😇
  78. Obama: Low Black Voter Turnout Would Be 'Insult to My Legacy'
  79. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  80. Do you think Hillary Clinton campaign mothered birther movement?
  81. Obama angrily berates black caucus: You 'insult' my legacy if you don't turn out for Clinton
  82. Pence chooses Dick Cheney as his VP role model
  83. Bill Clinton's longtime pal: Hillary 'losing her mental capabilities'
  84. Jane Goodall compares Trump debate style to chimpanzees
  85. CNN complains that mocking the media undermines American democracy, compares it to Iraq
  86. 176 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn't Be President
  87. Internet disinformation worse than MSM?
  88. Jill Stein insists Trump is less dangerous than Clinton
  89. JEB! can't get crap right
  90. Allegations of Fraud Surface Over “One Time” Donations to Hillary that Occur Repeatedly
  91. Trump: Hillary Started “Birtherism.” Liberal Reporter: Trump is Right
  92. Redditors May Have Just Found A Smoking Gun In Email Scandal
  93. Trump Calls It 'Sad' That N.Y. Bombing Suspect Gets Medical Care, Lawyer
  94. Donald Trump Jr. compares Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles
  95. George H.W. Bush to vote for Hillary Clinton
  96. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton ‘Has Significant Health Problems’
  97. First debate September 26 will focus on three topics
  98. Trump Blames Freedom of the Press for Bombings
  99. Hillary Clinton - Fashion Icon
  100. The spread between Johnson and Stein is Clinton's margin of victory.
  101. Hillary Clinton Unexpectedly Postpones NC Fundraiser "Without Reason"
  102. Trump tells Egypt: 'High regard for peace-loving Muslims'
  103. Hillary’s New Epic Meltdown: Screams she Fears “Swinging from noose”
  104. Impressive and Positive latest Trump Ad
  105. Trump: 'There’s nothing like doing things with other people’s money'
  106. Impressive and Positive latest Hillary Ad
  107. Everybody is nodding so much these days.
  108. Trump Campaign uses the N-Word!
  109. World's Shortest Political Essay
  110. Soros ‘October Surprise To End Trump’:Campaign To Register 8 Million ‘Global Citizens’ To Vote
  111. Eminent Domain and Donald Trump
  112. Donald Trump Proposes Nationwide Use of Stop-and-Frisk
  113. Hillary Asks "Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead" In The Polls? Trump Responds
  114. NYTimes Opinion Piece: The Folly of the Protest Vote.
  115. What Happens on Election Day? - Some Crude Chart Analysis
  116. Commission: Both Candidates Must Stand for First Debate
  117. Drug Trafficking And The Clinton Crime Family
  118. Ted Cruz to Endorse Donald Trump?
  119. Former RFK Speechwriter: Why I'm voting For Trump
  120. Trump's plan to seize Iraq's oil: 'It's not stealing, we're reimbursing ourselves'
  121. Mark Cuban to take his trolling of Trump to the front row of Monday's debate
  122. Trump official resigns after racism comments
  123. Latest Rasmussen poll: Trump 44%, Clinton 39%, Johnson 8%, Stein 2%
  124. Farage: Clinton is in for a big shock
  125. I Don’t Need Any Brain Function Tests, Says Hillary Clinton
  126. Why I Am Not Voting For Trump
  127. Ted Cruz to Vote Trump (Confirmed)
  128. No Step Stool for Hillary
  129. RAP NEWS Video : Hillary vs Donald + Johnson/Stein
  130. Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal
  131. PBS Frontline - Runs Trumps Trigger Moment
  132. Schweizer Confirms: Clinton Foundation Gives Only Six Percent to Charity
  133. Hillary Clinton Between Two Ferns
  134. Obama's Pastor: Hillary Clinton is no Obama
  135. Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate
  136. Hillary Clinton is an Ameriphobe
  137. A new study says Trump would raise taxes for millions. Trump’s campaign insists he won’t
  138. Is It Time For Libertarian Gun Owners To Rethink Who They are Voting For ?
  139. Trump is spamming PA with ads.
  140. Hillary Clinton's self-claimed stepson has started FB campaign to meet his father
  141. Jill Stein Seeks to Woo Young Voters From Clinton
  142. Top Amazon Reviews of Hillary's Book (Humor)
  143. New York Times: Our endorsement is rooted in respect for her intellect, experience and courage
  144. Immigrants applying for citizenship in high numbers may swing the November election
  145. Bill Clinton Alleged Sex Victims ‘Could Fill The Entire Audience’ At Presidential Debate
  146. Full Interview: Bernie Sanders On CBS's "Face the Nation" | September 25, 2016
  147. ** The Official Unofficial Debate Thread - Sept 26, 2016 **
  148. FBI Agents Used As Pawns to Protect Hillary
  149. Well, There You Go, Trump Fanatics
  150. POLL: Who lost the debate?
  151. Green Party's historic candidate Jill Stein escorted off debate premises
  152. There are drug tests before Olympic games but no drug tests before Presidential debates
  153. As Donald Trump rises in election polls, Mexican economy feels the squeeze
  154. Obama’s Conflict Tanked the Clinton E-mail Investigation — As Predicted
  155. Did Donald Trump take a dive last night?
  156. Majority of snap polls show Trump won debate by a landslide
  157. Hillary Clinton: ‘Implicit Bias Is a Problem for Everyone, Not Just Police’
  158. Trump gets Secretary Clinton to admit "mistake" - yuuge!
  159. Debate lying: Trump lies 34 times. Clinton 4 times.
  160. Trump reminded me of Ross Perot in 1992 election
  161. Is Trump the ultimate Uniter?
  162. Was debate shortened to accommodate Clinton ?
  163. List the "swing" states in this election.
  164. Has Obama started shredding papers yet?
  165. Was debate moderator threatened?
  166. Trump vs Clinton: Who Won?
  167. Do the polls factor in likelyhood of actually voting?
  168. First Clinton-Trump Debate Breaks Record With 84 Million TV Viewers
  169. Trump's Missed Opportunities: Lew Rockwell and Tom Discuss the First Presidential Debate
  170. "Ayn Rand Institute" hopes Trump Loses
  171. Sniffling, Speech Patterns Raise Questions About Trump's Cocaine Use
  172. Ron/Donald-Election Runs-The Common Denominators
  173. Suburban Women Find Little to Like in Donald Trump’s Debate Performance
  174. Trump: I Don't Want To Push 'Conspiracy Theories' But My Mic Was Bad
  175. The 2016 Presidential Election Comes Down to Only One Thing…
  176. Trump's Missed Opportunities: Lew Rockwell and Tom Discuss the First Presidential Debate
  177. David Stockman: Lester Holt was in the tank for Hillary Clinton
  178. Newt Gingrich: 'Enormous, historic victory' for Donald Trump
  179. FBI Docs: Hillary Deleted 1000 emails from CENTCOM/Patraeus
  180. WSJ: Workorder was titled "Hillary Cover Up Operation"
  181. Sept. 28 FBI Director COMEY HEARINGS
  182. Hillary Warns of the Great Crash of 2040
  183. Did Hillary Signal The Debate Mod When She Wanted to Speak?
  184. Michelle Obama's ringing endorsement of Hillary Clinton: There's no 'perfect candidate'
  185. 38% of Donald Trump Supporters Say Minorities Have ‘Too Much Influence’
  186. Calypso Louis Farrakhan to Obama: Let Trump Do Want He Wants, You Failed Inner City Blacks
  187. She Clobbered Him (Don’t Shoot the Messenger)
  188. The Duce Disappoints
  189. Clinton Leads in Key Battlegrounds; Seen As Big Debate Winner
  190. PBS FRONTLINE | The Choice 2016 (full film)
  191. 25 Percent Of Federal Employees Said They’d Consider Quitting If Donald Trump Elected Presiden
  192. Sean Penn: We Either Go With Clinton or ‘Masturbate Our Way Into Hell’
  193. The BEST Debate Recap
  194. Healther movement seems to be going mainstream and impacting polls
  195. Who are you voting for?
  196. First debate highlighted Hillary troubles with trade
  197. USA Today breaks 34 year "non partisan" tradition, endorses anybody but Trump
  198. 375 Top Scientists Warn Us Not To Vote For Trump
  199. Fox News Poll: Clinton ahead of Trump after debate, fear motivating both sides
  200. Media, Scientists, Establishment Politicians, Elitists, Globalists
  201. WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons
  202. Why HRC is getting lesser support from men ?
  203. Meet The Young Virginia Democrat That Registered 19 Dead People To Vote In Virginia
  204. [Mod edit: Fake] “Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse
  205. Lesbian Trump supporter slams gay Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook
  206. Old Video From 2008 Made To Support Ron Paul And Disavow Clinton
  207. Pat Buchanan: Trump Right on Trade Predators - allies cheating and robbing her blind on trade
  208. Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton; She Can't Even Make it 15 Ft. to Her Car
  209. Analysis: Trump won't change; he can't let go of a grudge
  210. Trump to Obama: Do Not Pardon Hillary Clinton "Or Her Co-Conspirators"
  211. Donald Trump once appeared in a softcore porn movie
  212. 45th President of the US, Congrats Hillary Clinton
  213. Trump jumps into the gutter
  214. Guy yells 'BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST!' on live TV!
  215. Why Leaking the Trump Taxes now?
  216. Another Bush for Hillary!
  217. Campaign issue, Free Trade
  218. Hillary heckled in LA Democrat stronghold, rally lasted less than a minute.
  219. Is Abengoa The 2016 October Surprise?
  220. NBC Producer: Assange cancelled Tuesday's release, Roger Stone Tweets: Hillary done on Wed.
  221. 'She Reacted Like Any Other Woman Would!' View Crew Defends 'Victim' Hillary on Bill's Affairs
  222. Florida Doctor Links 'Low Testosterone Levels' To Men Who Support Clinton
  223. Hurricane Matthew to Show Horrorific Cost of Clinton Foundation Theft From Haiti
  224. Controlling the Voters. Remove the registration on Election Day?
  225. Webster Hubbel is Chelsea Clinton's Biological Father
  226. Trump and Clinton on Lolita Express to Terrific Guy Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Slave Island
  227. Lebron James endorses Hillary
  228. "October Surprise" Is Back - Wikileaks' Assange Confirms Tuesday Video Appearance
  229. THE Best Summary of the Presidential Debate Yet... (VID)
  230. An ominous sign of a new Clinton scandal
  231. James O'Keefe is promising quite the October Surprise
  232. Trump Foundation ordered to cease fundraising in New York
  233. Donald Trump Under Fire for Comments on Veterans with PTSD
  234. FBI Allowed 2 Hillary Aides To "Destroy" Their Laptops In Newly Exposed "Side Agreements"
  235. If wikileak founder "drone assassination plot" claim confirmed, how will it impact 2016 race?
  236. Hillary Clinton belittles Sanders supporters
  237. How Donald Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of China
  238. Wikileaks live
  239. Only you can prevent a Trump presidency
  240. Awesome Response to Hollywood "Save the Day" Ad
  241. ‘Finally. Someone who thinks like me.’
  242. Guccifer 2.0 Hacked Clinton Foundation
  243. Official Vice Presidential debate thread - October 4, 2016
  244. Clinton Foundation Allegedly Hacked Exposing Thousands Of Donor Databases; "Pay To Play" Folde
  245. Hack Recycling: Guccifer 2.0 posts DCCC docs, says they’re from Clinton Foundation
  246. TRUMP ★ (( DESTROYS )) HILLARY !!
  247. Which Republicans Oppose Donald Trump? A Cheat Sheet
  248. Pence right about Iran "deal" making us less safer in VP debate
  249. Pence and Kaine agree: Russia invaded Crimea. That is false.
  250. Bobbleheads