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  1. What the Pauls should have done
  2. LONSBERRY---Trump: Fish or cut bait
  3. Pence to campaign in Florida, Koch brothers cancel ads . . .
  4. Trump Supporters Focus Group (Video)
  5. The establishment situation as it pertains to Trump
  6. Hillary Clinton and Death Taxes
  7. The Donald Trump News Network
  8. McMullin: Trump couldn't get cleared for 'low-level job at the CIA'
  9. The Biggest Hack Yet: Why A Leak Of Clinton Foundation Documents Is Imminent
  10. Former Clinton Henchman Lends Advice to Donald Trump
  11. A Terrifying Glimpse of Hillary in Charge
  12. Green Party CNN Town Hall
  13. Trump Is Doubling Down On A Losing Strategy
  14. App maker: Trump will win election
  15. My God, What If He Loses?
  16. My vote may count in Georgia
  17. Could Hillary Clinton be Abraham Lincoln in a Pantsuit?
  18. Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Resigns
  19. Trump: Give Clinton Foundation 'Benefit of the Doubt'
  20. Breaking: Trump/Clinton nuclear codes hacked
  21. Powell Blows Up New Clinton Narrative That He Told Her To Use Private Email
  22. House Oversight Committee: Hillary Clinton Committed Perjury, Statements Contradict Comey
  23. "Clinton's son": Did AJ cross the line by airing interview with Reagan/Trump linked operator?
  24. FEC to crack down on 'Deez Nuts' and other 'candidates'
  25. Steve Bannon and the alt-right: a primer
  26. Trump to Blacks: "What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?"
  27. Hillary, Queen of War: The Road Map Ahead
  28. The Grotesque Affinities of Hillary Clinton
  29. Glenn Beck: DJT Will Unleash a Bloodbath the Next 82 Days With These New Additions
  30. Bannon Once Called Republican Leaders 'C#$nts'
  31. Did Trump's Team Throw A Minority Protestor Out Of A Rally?
  32. NYT report: Trump owes money to Bank of China, Goldman Sachs
  33. Protesters Assault, Scream, and Spit on Trump Supporters in Minneapolis
  34. Hillary’s Planned Tax Hikes
  35. Trump vs Friedman - Protection or Free Trade
  36. "Clinton Defense" Popularity Surges In Espionage Cases
  37. Dem Operative: Election Will Stay Close
  38. How Can America Recover From Donald Trump?
  39. Trump now says he plans to legalize some undocumented immigrants [disputed]
  40. Historically Ignorant O'Malley Makes Laughable Comment About Trump in Regard To Lincoln
  41. Hillary Team Hints That Breitbart (and possibly Infowars) Will be Banned in Email
  42. American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
  43. USC Dornsife/LA Times Poll - Trump leads by 2% overall and with whites by 20%
  44. H. Clinton Blames Assad, Iran and Russia for ISIS!
  45. Here’s How Clinton Would Destroy Your Gun Rights Without Repealing The Second Amend
  46. Clinton campaign manager suggests Donald Trump may be a 'puppet for the Kremlin'
  47. 8/20/16 USC-L.A. Times Poll Has Trump Up By 1% Over Hillary
  48. Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary Clinton?
  49. The Op Ed Section of Carlos Slim's Grey Lady is None Too Kind To Trump
  50. Campaign Donations By Business Sector
  51. Douglas Schoen: Hillary May Have To Burn Through 2 Billion Dollars To Defeat Trump
  52. Poll: Half of all voters won't consider Trump
  53. Poll: Trump Leading 67% to Hillary’s 19%
  54. Hillary Clinton Flies 20 Miles In Private Jet To Attend Rothschild Nantucket Fundraiser
  55. levodopa-induced dyskinesia
  56. FBI Finds another 14,000 Hillary Clinton Emails.
  57. Guilty white woman pins blame for her crime on innocent black man.
  58. Trump new campaign manager says deportation force "to be determined"
  59. With a comfortable lead, Clinton begins laying plans for her White House agenda
  60. 12-year-old running Trump campaign office in Colorado
  61. Morning Joe and Mika go FULL RETARD on Trump
  62. Pence: ‘Hillary Is in Hiding and Donald Trump Is Everywhere’
  63. Man on the Street at Trump Tower Mocks CNN
  64. Steve Bannon May be More Radical Than Many of the Forum Members
  65. I'm Grudgingly Considering A Lesser-Of-Two Evils Vote: Here's Why...
  66. Nude Trump Statues Popping Up Across The U.S.
  67. Trump helps out Louisiana
  68. Trump Calls For A Special Prosecutor
  69. How (some) Donald Trump supporters are hurting him
  70. Paul says stopping Hillary Clinton is reason to vote for Donald Trump
  71. CNN headline makes black outreach and felons voting synonymous
  72. Voxday on the demise of tea-party and political parasites.
  73. Hillary Plans Speech Against the Alt Right
  74. Trump Faces Hurdle With Minority Voters as Clinton Maintains Lead, Poll Shows
  75. Trump has the support of people outside the city.
  76. LA Times ignores own poll showing surge for Trump among black voters after Milwaukee speech
  77. PPP: Trump +15 in Utah, McMullin 9%
  78. Hillary's FBI Interview Housed in the National Archives Goes Missing (Vince Foster Death)
  79. The TPTB Drove Some Trump Support Underground
  80. Hillary Clinton Failed D.C. Bar Exam
  81. Trump Would Resume Sales of Militarized Gear to Police
  82. Rand Paul supports Trump. We should consider it too.
  83. Trump: "Obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. I'm gonna do the same"
  84. Collecting contact info for debate sponsors, hosts, and broadcasters
  85. Hillary Opposition Research Thread
  87. The Alex Jones-Donald Trump Synergy
  88. Tire Slashed at Austin Trump Rally
  89. Wikileaks Uncovers 67 Emails With Chelsea Clinton Pseudonym 'Diane Reynolds'
  90. Clinton supporter claims harrassment, car destroyed, dog killed over campaign sign
  91. Key Funding Organization Pulls Rug From Underneath McMullin
  92. Ben Carson is Advising Trump on the Plight of Black America
  93. Hillary and the Glass Ceilings Illusion
  94. Gary Johnson: Trump's a Fascist
  95. It might be time for Republicans to start worrying about their House majority
  96. Nigel Farage To Tell 'Brexit Story' At Trump Rally In Mississippi
  97. Jill Stein: In A Time Of Universal Deceit, "WikiLeaks Founder Assange Is A Hero"
  98. In case Hillary had to step down due to corruption scandal, will Sanders become the nominee?
  99. Donald Trump Used Campaign Donations to Buy $55,000 of His Own Book
  100. Will Hillary give alt-Truth speech before election?
  101. Donald Trump is not a Threat to Hillary and I Can Prove It
  102. US Army Pulls Training Slide Listing Hillary Clinton As A Security "Threat"
  103. Ann Coulter Flips Out On Trump's "Softer" Immigration Stance
  104. Trump just officially adopted the Jeb Bush/Gang of 8 Position on Amnesty
  105. Ann Coulter "Not Worried" About Trump's New Immigration Position
  106. Martin Armstrong: If They Can't Cheat Trump at the Polling Stations, They'll Kill Him
  107. Dr. Drew Dropped From HLN
  108. New Polling Out of NC, Florida and Arizona
  109. Hillary attacks Alex Jones during speech
  110. Straight From Coulter's Mouth
  111. Ok For Foundation to Accept Foreign Donations While Secretary of State but Not If President
  112. Hillary Clinton Tries to Drive Racial Wedge Between Trump and GOP
  113. Why Does Trump Have Rudy Giuliani Introducing Him At Events?
  114. Hillary slips in Florida
  115. Jim Webb Endorses Trump (Speculative)
  116. The ruling oligarchy hates Trump because .. Trump is for America and for Americans
  117. Bad teleprompter reading
  118. Trump: ‘No Path To Legalization,’
  119. Interesting Comments on where the Ron Paul People went in 2016
  120. WWIII, Clinton & the Deep State
  121. Breitbart 2015: Trump: "I'd expedite legal immigration process for illegals deporting them"
  122. Susan Sarandon: Hillary Will Cause WW3 if Elected
  123. [DailyMail]:Bill Clinton bombed Saddam to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal - what Hum
  124. Alinsky's daughter: Here's the truth about Hillary the media won't tell you
  125. PBS Cuts Out Key Criticisms By Jill Stein in interview
  126. Trump's own words...How is this not 'Amnesty' again?
  127. Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the Truth Behind Hillary Clinton's #PickleGate
  128. Texas elector threatens not to vote Trump
  129. Trump's big immigration reversal shaped by Christie, Giuliani says
  130. How do you like your dialectic?
  131. The alt-right and Hillary Clinton are making this movement seem bigger than it really is
  132. KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary Clinton
  133. Donald and Hillary neck and neck in the Breitbart Poll.
  134. Donald Trump: ‘There’s no alt-right’; ‘nobody even knows what it is’
  135. Clinton Global Initiative Moderator Describes Group’s Events As ‘Creepy,’ ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Gross
  136. BleachBit Brags Of Wiping Hillary's Servers Clean With Claims It "Stifled FBI Investigation"
  137. Respected neurosurgeon Hon. Ben Carson at Trump rally: "I want to save our country"
  138. Orange Americans For Trump
  139. Trump Gains Massively in Reuters Poll
  140. Bill Clinton speaking fees went up 42% after Hillary became Sec. of State
  141. Rick Scott's Super Pac Poll Shows Tie Between Trump & Hillary In Ohio
  142. Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton a 'Bigot'
  143. If Donald Trump Had Been President Throughout History
  144. Black Men For Bernie supporting Trump
  145. Donald Trump is doing great with black and Hispanic voters now...
  146. Paul Wolfowitz Leaning Towards Hillary
  147. Rock Star Welcome for Donald Trump in Iowa: Hillary Clinton ‘Will Sell You Out’
  148. Does This Simple Info-graphic Explain The Frustration For Americans In 2016 ?
  149. WaPo neocons launch attacks on rising historic Jill Stein-Baraka candidacy
  150. Third-party McMullin has enough signatures to get on Virginia ballot
  151. Donna Brazille on the Polls
  152. What is going on in Michigan? (Shocking Trump Youth poll)
  153. Donald Trump has a massive Catholic problem
  154. Trump's Immigration Policy Trap
  155. The Hopeless GOP Narrative
  156. Poll: Majority of GOP voters wish they chose another presidential nominee
  157. In case Obamacare collapsed before Nov elections, how would it impact Hillary?
  158. The Leaner Report -- 2016 Election
  159. “A Threat To All Humanity”
  160. Trumpcucked - Rush Limbaugh Shredded By Caller
  161. Political Veteran Pat Caddell Rips Monmouth Poll
  162. 7 Reasons Donald Trump Is The Candidate America Deserves
  163. Hillary’s Latest Lies
  164. The 2016 Presidential Election Predictions
  165. Trump visits world leader who once compared him to Hitler
  166. Mexican President joins media, lies about Trump
  167. Scarborough mocks 'Amnesty Don' with music video
  168. Ann Coulter: Media invented lie about Trump mocking disabled reporter
  169. Trump speech on immigration tonight
  170. Mexican President Nieto and Donald Trump Remarks Today's Press Conference in Mexico
  171. DCCC Chairman Pleads With The Republicans To Not Utilize Hacked Documents in Election Fight
  172. Hannity to ‘Never Trumpers’: If Trump Loses, ‘You Own’ Consequences of Hillary Presidency
  173. Donald Trump's Mexico Day Trip and Immigration Policy Nightmare
  174. SLATE: Trump Finally Clarified His Immigration Stance, and It's Vile
  175. Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?
  176. 263+Or So Days Hillary Clinton is still avoiding questions from the Press.
  177. After Speech, Trump Loses Key Texas Hispanic Backer
  178. Top Jeb Bush donor says he's with Clinton
  179. Matt Lauer To Moderate First Debate
  180. Donald Trump to show up, but not speak out at Detroit church
  181. Colin Kaepernek's attack on Hillary ignored by left and right media
  182. Clinton threatens war with Russia and China
  183. Trump is Softspoken and Attentive Behind the Scenes
  184. Trump -- Modern Day Paul Revere Deserves Nobel Peace Prize
  185. Donald Trump is poised to lose in the biggest landslide in modern American history
  186. Trump enlists veteran operative David Bossie as deputy campaign manager
  187. Tim Kaine was a high school cheerleader
  188. Huma Again: Email Reveals Clinton Foundation Execs Demanding Diplomatic Passports
  189. Stop the Taco Trucks!!!
  190. Crying Wolf and How We (Progs) Enabled Trump
  191. Trump Talks Tough vs. Trump Softens his Tone
  192. Moderators set for Presidential and VP debates
  193. Henry Kissinger and George Shultz Mull Hillary Clinton Endorsement
  194. Poll: Fear, not excitement, driving Clinton and Trump supporters
  195. Your Regular Reminder That Trump is Trying to Get Hillary Clinton Elected
  196. Hobby Lobby CEO Denounces Clinton’s War on Christians, Endorses Trump
  197. Trump : the wall will be impenetrable, physical, tall, beautiful
  198. FBI Releases Full Report Into Hillary Clinton Email Probe - Key Excerpts
  199. Two Ridiculous Hillary Clinton Headlines
  200. New Clinton Campaign Ad: "Our children are watching."
  201. Labor Day surprise is here already, signs of trouble for neocons preferred candidate
  202. New Poll Results: America’s Voice/LD 2016 National Latino Voter Survey
  203. MSM New Attack On Trump? Attacking Trump's Wife.
  204. "Make America Great Again" bots are at it again
  205. God forbid.. if Trump won Presidency, it would have one special historic significance
  206. We have to elect her to ask her questions
  207. Trump has a wide lead in Christian vote, Hillary has a wide lead in Muslim vote
  208. Election Fraud Report Recommends Decertifying Primary Results for Hillary, Hand Counts of Ball
  209. Hot Mic Catches Reuters Broadcast Bias Cutting Live Feed
  210. Whose got your vote for President in 2016?
  211. The Press Finally Got To Ask Hillary A Question: This Is What They Wanted To Know
  212. How Missouri's 'Bosnian vote​' could cost Donald Trump – and turn the state blue
  213. After staggering mining job losses under Obama, Clinton vows to continue the war on coal.
  214. Hillary blames lengthy coughing fit on ‘Trump allergy’
  215. When are the debates? Livestream?
  216. New CNN poll Trump up by 2
  217. Hillary Clinton’s Probable Diagnosis - Parkinson's Disease
  218. Clinton suggests Russia working to elect Trump
  219. Why such divergence between views of neocons and US troops?
  220. Texas now a tossup as Trump loses support there
  221. Any campaign song ideas for the GOP team nominated - Trump/Pence 2016
  222. Confirmed by Trump insider: 'Trump TV' is Plan B after election
  223. Four years ago . . . Hillary was publishing Ambassador Stevens itinerary
  224. "We Wired It" - New Emails Suggest Clinton Rigged Benghazi Hearing
  225. 7 Issues Where Donald Trump is MORE Libertarian than Gary Johnson
  226. Trump's secret weapon. His rallies.
  227. Goldman Sachs Bans Employees from Donating to Trump
  228. Hillary Clinton calls on Duterte to show respect after he cursed Obama using w-word
  229. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump vs. Free Speech
  230. Donald Trump Says the Federal Reserve Has Created a 'False Economy'
  231. Special Report: The Hillary Clinton Problem
  232. Do Americans Have A Moral Obligation To Keep A Crook From Office ?
  233. Trump's pay for play scandal intensifies
  234. PPP Florida - Trump +1
  235. Politico gets it wrong on McMullin VP pick
  236. Commander-in-Chief Forum airs tonight on NBC - 8 pm ET
  237. Trump to call for ending defense spending cuts
  238. North Dakota Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Jill Stein
  239. How Donald Trump Lost His Mojo
  240. "Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions" Analyst Charges In Stunning Takedown
  241. CENSORED! Clinton Foundation Deceived IRS On Tax Exemption From The Start
  242. Hillary Walks Away From Concussion Question As Press Avoids Emails, Clinton Foundation
  243. RP the OG on Audit the Fed
  244. Hillary's Health Concerns Serious, Say Most Doctors Polled by the Association of American Phy
  245. Jimmy Kimmel Children's Book for Hillary Clinton
  246. Hillary live right now and speaking low and slowly - medicated?
  247. Caption this:
  248. Trump: I would shoot confrontational Iranian ships
  249. Trump: Clinton Could Shoot Someone and Not Get Prosecuted
  250. Trump: Clinton Trigger Happy, Unstable & Reckless; She Brings "Failure and Death"