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  1. Trump Says He’ll Spend More Than $500 Billion on Infrastructure
  2. Military Times survey: Troops prefer Trump to Clinton by a huge margin
  3. Trump has crying baby kicked out of Virginia rally
  4. "Time to sell stocks," Trump
  5. #JillNotHill will be keeping Hillary up at night
  6. Trump Refuses to Endorse McCain
  7. Trump University Fraud Case Will Go to Trial
  8. Hillary Says "We ARE Going to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class!"
  9. Meg Whitman To Fundraise For Clinton To Take Down ‘Demagogue’ Trump
  10. #Demexit: Rigged Dem election fallout continues as DNC CEO resigns
  11. Hillary Clinton bikini mural covered with niqab after public decency complaints
  12. 'No evidence of it happening': Experts scrutinize Trump's claims of election rigging
  13. That CNN poll with a large Hillary bump? Well, not so fast...
  14. The Atlantic: Why Can't Hillary Clinton Stop Lying?
  15. Republicans think Trump might quit — so they’re scrambling to find a replacement
  16. Rand Will Graphics
  17. Scarborough: Trump asked adviser why US can't use nuclear weapons
  18. Split ticket: Pence endorses Ryan after Trump declines
  19. Desperate Democrats Foment World War To Save Their Failing Candidate
  20. Gingrich: Trump not 'acceptable,' needs to change course
  21. Dem rep launches petition to evaluate Trump's mental health
  22. I guess it's True Trump is a Hillary Plant.
  23. Fox News poll: Clinton leads Trump by 10 points, both seen as flawed
  24. Breaking! Rep. Kinzinger says he will not vote for Trump
  25. The Wrath of Khan
  26. How Not To Waste Your Vote: A Mathematical Analysis
  27. Trump Taj Mahal Is Closing. It Is a Perfect Metaphor for Trump's Disastrous Candidacy.
  28. Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowds
  29. Third Party rising star Jill Stein attacks Obamacare, "boondoggle for insurance companies"
  30. Funny GIF-hits both sides
  31. Democrats "All White" ticket could be in trouble following DNC rigging scandal/3rd Party rise
  32. If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It
  33. ‘No matter what the evidence is, she will not be indicted’ – fmr US Asst. Sec of Treasury
  34. Pence and Kaine-Establishment Trojan horses?
  35. Shocking New Poll
  36. Hillary Supporter at RNC Convention and then same Trump Supporter at DNC Convention
  37. Clinton camp blasts Trump's 'pathetic' comment on 'rigged' election
  38. SHOCK POLL: Trump At Over 30 Percent With Black Vote In North Carolina
  39. Idaho: Hillary for Prison Float
  40. How does buying into the left vs right narritive help promote Liberty?
  41. Libertarian Candidates Expose Themselves as Anti-Trump Shills for Hillary Clinton
  42. Melania Trump may have worked illegally using a visitor Visa
  43. What will get people to not support Trump.
  44. Still No Clues in Murder of DNC’s Seth Rich, As Conspiracy Theories Thicken
  45. Hillary Clinton Gets Flustered by Protesters at Rally - August 4, 2016
  46. Trump’s Chaos Offering Cover for Clinton
  47. Donald Trump supporters boo demonstrators holding up U.S. Constitutions
  48. Is Trump the Peace Candidate?
  49. Clinton surges to big lead in McClatchy-Marist poll
  50. Stories like this is the reason Trump will win.
  51. Trump trump trump trump trump trump
  52. ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH=> Activist and Sanders Supporter Who Served Papers to DNC on Fraud Ca
  53. Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks
  54. Boycott the elections
  55. Hillary: "We are going to raise taxes on the middle class!" (VID)
  56. AJC poll: Hillary Clinton has slim lead over Donald Trump in Georgia
  57. Bernie Sanders: I support Hillary Clinton. So should everyone who voted for me
  58. Trump unveils economic policy team, includes John Paulson
  59. Donald Trump endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain
  60. I am Not Responsible For What People Do or Do Not Remember from Benghazi
  61. BLOWBACK: Donald Trump Is Ruining His Brand For Years To Come
  62. Your Predictions for the future of the GOP should Hillary win
  63. Clinton almost calls Trump her husband
  64. More E-mails released
  65. Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 48 percent among Hispanics
  66. Hillary Clinton Once Had a Cat Named Isis
  67. Do you see Hillary Clinton and Obama as enablers of Islamic Jihadi militants in Syria?
  68. I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton
  69. Khizr Khan: Allah Tripping Up Donald Trump
  70. Trump Reflects White Male Fragility
  71. New Reuters Poll Shows Hillary Lead Suddenly At Less Than 3%
  72. Where Is the Evidence That Trump Would Defend the Constitution?
  73. Napolitano and Assange on Hillary Corruption
  74. Report: Donald Trump never threw a baby out of a rally
  75. A new poll has Trump in fourth — behind Gary Johnson AND Jill Stein — with young people
  76. Trump V Clinton, endorsements from FP 'realist' and 'neocons'
  77. None of the above is not a new concept
  78. Jill Stein taps ‘Bernie Sanders movement’ in Green Party presidential bid
  79. Trump: You people really believed me?
  80. Hillary's heath issues displayed again
  81. Donald Trump, father of 5, has reportedly never changed a diaper
  82. [Evan McMullin] Anti-Trump Republican Launching Independent Presidential Bid
  83. Donald Trump’s poll numbers are so bad his supporters are making up new ones
  84. 'No Amish is going to vote for Hillary': Pennsylvania community mostly backs Trump
  85. Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations Raise Doubts About Hillary Clinton's Health
  86. CNN Poll of Polls: Clinton tops Trump by 10
  87. Executed Iranian scientist discussed in Clinton server emails, fueling GOP accusations
  88. Trump’s Week From Hell
  89. What is the future of libertarianism should Hillary win, and Amnesty Occurs?
  90. [George P.] Bush chooses Trump over family
  91. Election poll
  92. Two Benghazi Parents Sue Hillary Clinton for Wrongful Death, Defamation
  93. 50 Republican foreign policy officials sign anti-Trump letter
  94. Majority of Americans Find Donald Trump Dishonest and Untrustworthy
  95. Which event will have greater impact on 2016 election: DNC rigging or Khizr Khan?
  96. Susan Collins: Another Iraq war voter/AIPAC funded GOP Senator may support SWC Hillary
  97. Government Media Complex Completely Decloaks To Take Down the Unsanctioned Outsider
  98. Clinton short circuited again in Florida
  99. Economists: Trump tax plan offers almost nothing for the middle class
  100. Orlando Terrorist’s Father Cheers at Hillary Clinton Rally; Calls For Gun Control
  101. Trump vs. Trump.
  102. The Polls Aren’t Skewed: Trump Really Is Losing Badly
  103. Establishment Irate that Trump is Actually Combative Instead of Acquiescing To the Narrative
  104. Respected neocon Hon. Michael Chertoff among experts who say Trump would be dangerous
  105. Rumors spreading that DNC insider was behind email leaks
  106. CNN leads unhinged media in attacks on Trump disguised as ‘reporting’
  107. "I ran CIA, I'm endorsing Hillary & I want her to kill lots of Russians and Iranians in Syria"
  108. #MuhRoadz4Trump
  109. Trump says 'Second Amendment people' could stop Clinton
  110. New Hillary Email Dump Immnent
  111. Trump Wary of Compromised Debate Moderators
  112. Carl Icahn: In the Democrats 'Service Economy', Soon All We'll Be Producing Will Be Tweets
  113. Man Beaten With Crowbar in New Jersey for Trump Garb
  114. Wikileaks Offer $20k for Info on Death of DNC Staffer
  115. Ivanka Trump: Critics 'scared' of Donald Trump presidency
  116. Sheriff Clarke: Hillary Showing ‘Utter Contempt’ for Police, ‘Knows She Has to Have a Heavy Vo
  117. Assange Has Evidence of U.S. Interference in European Elections
  118. State Dept was asked to find job for Clinton Foundation associate
  119. Assange Suggests DNC Staffer who was shot dead, not the Russians, was the soure of leaks
  120. Ron Paul Discusses Assange's Claim that evidence shows Hillary supported ISIS
  121. Latest Poll: Hillary and Trump are tied in Florida again
  122. Media justify anti-Trump bias, claim he's too 'dangerous' for normal rules
  123. Dan Rather of the Dinosaur Media: Media Must Shame Trump Supporters
  124. Rick Wilson of the Revered GOP Professional Consultant Class: Trump Must Be Humiliated
  125. In 2007, Trump was forced to face his own falsehoods. And he did, 30 times.
  126. Photo: Hillary Clinton Propped Up by Man to Keep From Falling Over While Making Speech
  127. Why Gun Owners Should Reject Trump’s Call to “Second Amendment People”
  128. Bill Maher Lies To Audience About Clinton Support
  129. Trump Is In Fourth Place Among Black Voters
  130. Jamie Weinstein Calls For A 'Negotiated Surrender' to Hillary Clinton
  131. media coverage
  132. LIVE: Man climbing Trump Tower with Suction Cups
  133. Promote Americanism Not Globalism
  134. General Election Predictions - August 10 Edition
  135. Donald Trump: President Barack Obama 'Is the Founder of ISIS'
  136. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden Hinted at Obama ‘Assassination’
  137. would war in Ukraine help Hillary or Trump?
  138. CNN Caught Fabricating the Truth on Secret Service Claim
  139. Media Hellbent To Bury Trump
  140. WikiLeaks & Clinton: the anatomy of a liberal nervous breakdown
  141. Disgraced ex-lawmaker shows up at Trump rally, messes up attack on Clinton
  142. CNN's Stelter: Trump cannot be Allowed to 'Delegitimize' Our Prized Institutions
  143. Exclusive: The Republican Party’s Chairman’s Warning to Donald Trump
  144. NEWSMAX host taken off air for speaking against his own NETWORK
  145. Latest "Independent" Candidate Evan McMullin's resume: Goldman Sachs, CIA, Wharton
  146. Trump Doesn't Care If He Loses
  147. CNN Admits "We Couldn't Help [Hillary] Any More Than We Have"
  148. Senior Correspondent Matt Lee to State Dept Spox: "Am I Not Speaking English???"
  149. Compromised: Justice Dept. Refused FBI Probe of Clinton Foundation
  150. Dozens of Republicans to urge RNC to cut off funds for Trump
  151. Fred: Hillary, Trump, and War with Russia: The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard...
  152. Clintonomics: More taxes, regs, subsidies, giveaways...more EVERYTHING except economic growth
  153. Hillary Clinton’s Turn to McCarthyism
  154. Judge Nap: Hillary Clinton Short-Circuited?
  155. Rand Paul Takes HRC To Task For ISIS/Libya-Syria Shenanigans
  156. Arkansas child rape victim comes forward after 40 years (Bombshell)
  157. Trump says he'd try U.S. citizens in Gitmo military tribunals
  158. A year after Trump's boycott call, Macys to close 100 stores
  159. Justice Department declined FBI request to investigate Clinton Foundation
  160. Inside Donald Trump's Meltdown
  161. Clinton Fundraising Not On Track
  162. WATCH: Ten Minutes of CNN Cutting Off People Who Dare Criticize Hillary
  163. (An) Obama endorses Trump
  164. Assange: It's Over Hillary!
  165. Trump exposes Trump
  166. Polls: Clinton Running The Table in Key Battlegrounds
  167. Hillary Clinton: A Threat to All Humanity
  168. Rand Ties Benghazi Annex to Gun Running to Syria
  169. Trump has turned the left into a pretzel, infuriated with anti-Russia fervor
  170. McMullin-mentum? Third-party candidate gets on first ballot
  171. The More the Establishment Freaks Out Over Trump, the More Attractive He Becomes
  172. Why Evan McMullin Says Donald Trump Is More Dangerous Than ISIS
  173. Clinton releases 2015 tax return, prods Trump to do the same
  174. Trump office in NJ closed: report
  175. According to wikileaks emails, Hillary is arming ISIS for profit and fixing polls
  176. FBI investigating Clinton Foundation
  177. Robert Reich Thinks The Clinton Foundation Deals Sound Shady
  178. Reid predicts Clinton will choose Garland for Supreme Court
  179. Ticket Splitting May Be the GOP's Best Hope
  180. Pence Leaves Stage To Hug Son Of ALS Patient, Endorses Right To Try Legislation
  181. Clinton Now Blocking Web Access To Donor Info
  182. Anonymous polling app predicts Trump win (sample 100,000)
  183. Alex Jones: Trump Gearing To Combat Election Fraud (Also Shocking Poll Revelations)
  184. What to wear when attempting to take over the world.
  185. ABC LIVE POLL: Who Are You Voting For? Look Who Wins ...
  186. NYT: The Perfect G.O.P. Nominee (Hillary)
  187. Latino support for Donald Trump at 40% in New York: poll
  188. Election Quiz: "Who Do You Side With?"
  189. The 2016 Election & Biblical Prophesy
  190. Hillary wanted to support Syrian "rebels" "to help Israel...."
  191. Hillary Clinton supporters are completely stupid.
  192. Rand Paul Echo's Trump Chant "Hillary For Prison" WOW!
  193. One-in-five U.S. Republicans want Trump to drop out
  194. Mike Pence Falls Apart [Hyperbole] As Fox News Turns Against Trump Over Obama ISIS Comments
  195. Donald Trump blames the media for his own failure to run a general election campaign
  196. Young voters flee Donald Trump in what may be historic trouncing, poll shows
  197. CNN Guests Blow Up Over Orlando Shooter’s Dad at Clinton Rally: ‘Wait a Minute!’
  198. Roger Stone: I was hacked by someone after talking with Assange
  199. Trump Supporters React to Outrageous Campaign Ads
  200. Looking back, do you believe Democratic Primary election was rigged?
  201. Comprehensive Database of U.S. Voter Fraud Uncovers No Evidence That Photo ID Is Needed
  202. The Greatest Cognitive Dissonance Trap of All Time
  203. Post Superpredators: Hillary Cinton's VP pick executed 5 black men as governor of Virginia
  204. Evan McMullin: Raising the Neocon Flag
  205. Don Lemon Angrily Blows Up at Guest Over Trump’s 2nd Amendment Remarks
  206. The Goldwater Rule: Psychiatrists Reminded To Refrain From Armchair Analysis Of Public Figures
  207. The Clintons War on Drugs, When Black Lives Didn't Matter
  208. Here they are: Hillary's 22 biggest scandals
  209. What's the electoral college vote tally look like? (state polling)
  210. Trumpkins Are Going to Get Cucked Just Like the Republican Party Did
  211. Ivanka Trump Says Her Father Will Fight For Equal Pay For Women
  212. Trump to propose ideological test for immigrants to U.S.
  213. Convicted Spy Is Using Hillary's "Lack Of Intent" Defense To Seek Leniency
  214. Election 2016: Liberty Loses No Matter Who Wins by Ron Paul
  215. Apathy is Bolstering Trump
  216. Bill Clinton Sets the Record Straight on the Clinton Foundation
  217. The dangerous alliance between Hillary Clinton's Democrats and neocons
  218. Donald Trump "This is a time to borrow and borrow long term"
  219. Breaking on Drudge: PAULA JONES FOR TRUMP!
  220. Trump - "How do you lose General Electric?”
  221. Glenn Greenwald: Media is 100% United To Stop Trump
  222. Five things that could still go wrong for Hillary Clinton
  223. Donald Trump will be the nominee of two parties on California's November ballot
  224. Hilary Supporters Agree With Trump Statements Unknowingly
  225. On foreign policy, Donald Trump again proves he's the adult - despite the media bias | Mulshin
  226. "To Ensure Her Election": Wasserman-Schultz Admits She Really Worked For Hillary While At DNC
  227. A Landslide of His Own Making
  228. Clinton's Pay to Play: Abedin’s Overlapping Jobs
  229. Clinton Cash Film Exposes Clintons’ Pay-to-Play Matrix
  230. Roger Ailes Is Advising Donald Trump Ahead of Presidential Debates
  231. The dangerous alliance between Hillary Clinton's Democrats and neocons
  232. Monmouth FL 8/12-8/15: Clinton 48, Trump 39, Johnson 6, Stein 5
  233. State Department To Release All Of Hillary's Deleted Emails, May Wait Until After Presidential
  234. How Bloomberg Spun Its Own Poll Data To Make Hillary Clinton Seem Inevitable
  235. First Read: Clinton Has Owned the Airwaves in the General Election
  236. Trump Posts Facebook Pledge to 'Reject Bigotry and Hatred and Oppression in All Its Forms'
  237. Trump shows support for police after Milwaukee shooting
  238. 2 new managers are now running Donald Trump's campaign
  239. Nick Gillespie debating Walter Block
  240. Levin Praises Trump ISIS Speech
  241. VP Biden Lands in Serbia and Gets Bombarded With a Trump Rally
  242. Trump says German crime levels have risen and refugees are to blame. Not exactly.
  243. DJT Echoes Ron Paul................."I don't Trust U.S. Intel............"
  244. BREAKING.........Trump Releases Powerful Statement Directly Aimed at the Establishment
  245. Trump Hints at Fireworks for September 26th Debate
  246. The Exaggerated Claims of Media Bias Against Donald Trump
  247. Hillary Unleashes Million-Dollar Professional Internet Troll Army
  248. Joe Biden Exposes Military Aide with Nuclear Codes During Campaign Rally for Hillary
  249. Clinton Foundation should stop accepting funds
  250. What Democrats Have Done to the Black Community Over the Last Sixty years