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  1. CNN staff revolts over Corey Lewandowski hire
  2. 'Brexit is Proof That Trump Will Be The Next President'
  3. Hillary’s Worst Nightmare
  4. Ex-Soviet Economist on Comrade Hillary
  5. Another Bush appointee to vote for Hillary
  6. Clinton regains double-digit lead over Trump: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  7. George Will Leaving the GOP over Trump
  8. Trump: Europe is terrific place for investment
  9. Mike Lee's Communications Director: Trump is a liar & Gary Johnson is a loser
  10. Teacher Plans to Block Trump At Cleveland [picture]
  11. Trump is Now Publicly Begging Republicans for Their Support
  12. Trump's numbers: Not a pretty picture
  13. How Bad Is Hillary?… She Just Read "Sigh" From Her TelePrompter
  14. In Trump U. Lawsuit Deposition, Trump Can't Remember 'World's Greatest Memory' Boast
  15. Hillary supports Obama and Obama hates America
  16. Women for Trump vs Women for Hillary
  17. Clinton Landslide poll: ABC/WaPo has party ID at Democrat+12
  18. More Hillary Malfeasance
  19. Hardly anybody wants to speak at Trump's convention
  20. Donald Trump’s Constitutional Ignorance
  21. 'Republican ex-Treasury chief Paulson slams Trump, to vote for Clinton'
  22. Cleveland Is Purposefully Setting The Stage For Mass Protester Violence At The RNC
  23. Clinton White House was den of coke, mistresses: ex-Secret Service officer
  24. New deleted Hillary emails released
  25. UT Poll: Trump Leads Clinton by 8 in Texas
  26. Steve Forbes: This election is Trump's to lose
  27. Obama endorses Hillary
  28. David Brooks: Immigration levels have led to inward-looking Trump nationalism having free rein
  29. Anti-Semitic Trump fans built this creepy internet app to mark and stalk Jews online
  30. Trump to give speech on American economic indepence @ 230pmEDT today
  31. Chamber of Commerce Lashes Out at Trump for Econ Proposals
  32. Bernie Sanders in New York Times: Dems need to wake up & oppose globalism, or Trump will win
  33. Trump Renews Support for Torture: "We Have to Fight Fire With Fire"
  34. Trump offers prayers for victims of terror attack in Istanbul
  35. Further Proof it's over for Sanders
  36. Hillary Clinton’s Vow To College Grads: I’ll Outsource Your Jobs To Foreign Graduates
  37. Very bizarre story of "black" man with gun at Woodlands TX Trump rally - vid
  38. Violent Pro-Trump Neo-Nazis to Crash GOP Convention
  39. Ex-Secret Service agent: Hillary Clinton "dangerous"
  40. An old video of Hillary Clinton promoting global governance
  41. UK Brexit leader Farage: Nothing on Earth could ever persuade me to support Hillary Clinton
  42. Obama: Trump isn't a populist (because he is not a SJW & divides people)
  43. In atmosphere of distrust, Republican rules chairman aims to lock in Trump as nominee
  44. New Poll: Race 'too close to call,'; 47% Whites for Trump, 91% Blacks for Hillary
  45. Bill Clinton, AG Loretta Lynch meet on tarmac in Phoenix
  46. Trump was the only NYC 'billionaire' to receive a middle-class tax break
  47. Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump - Afraid Food Stamps Will Be Taken Away
  48. Trump Hit With FEC Complaint For Illegal Fundraising From Foreign Nationals
  49. 16-Year-Old Black Trump Supporter Schools Black Lives Matter member
  50. Black cop tells the TRUTH about Trump rallies
  51. Clueless Trump Protestors
  52. Aide: Clinton opposed private emails accessible to 'anybody'
  53. Drudge headline: Trump Pulls Into Lead
  54. Whitewashing Hillary
  55. Trump warns 'lot of' refugees to U.S. 'are ISIS'
  56. Scary Families
  57. 5 times Hillary Clinton was caught up in a big scandal
  58. Rasmussen poll: Trump 43-39, pulls back into lead
  59. Donald Trump expected to win Presidential nomination of the Conservative Party of New York
  60. Eric Trump: Kissing Terrorists Isn't Working
  61. State Department Won’t Release Clinton Foundation Emails for 27 Months
  62. Donald Trump Supporters Please Take Note: An Economy Is Not a Business
  63. Mike Lee Goes on Epic Anti-Trump Rant
  64. Trump says he'll look at replacing TSA workers with veterans
  65. Reuters is polling a much higher percentage of Democrats than Republicans
  66. #Killary's Links to 2009 Honduras Coup
  67. #Killary - subject of highest-profile national-security investigation in recent memory
  68. She’s not president yet! Hillary Clinton gets monument in Albania (VIDEO)
  69. Gingrich, Christie are the leading candidates to be Trump’s running mate
  70. Trump: If I Run, Of Course I will Release My Taxes
  71. Power Monkeys (British comedy) has veepstakes episode
  72. AG Lynch to Accept FBI Recommendation on Clinton
  73. Is is time to nuke California?
  75. Move Over, Gary Johnson... Giant Meteor of Doom Polling Better
  76. Editorials: "Actually, Elizabeth Warren is a terrible candidate" & "Shut Up, Elizabeth Warren"
  77. Is the 2017 SCOTUS an issue for you?
  78. tactical voting
  79. Palin To #NeverTrump: ‘You’re Either With Us Or You’re Against Us’
  80. Rand Paul Supports Donald Trump as Nominee: ‘I Stand by That Pledge’
  81. Speakers slots at the Republican Convention totally filled
  82. #Killary would bring sharia to America
  83. Hillary Clinton Gives Interview to FBI About Emails, Campaign Says
  84. The War Risk of Hillary Clinton
  85. RNC: #Killary Becomes First Major Party Candidate to Sit for FBI Criminal Interview
  86. Trump tweets image depicting Clinton, cash and the Star of David
  87. Clintons make Gambino crime family look like junior league – Lionel
  88. Stossel: My lunch with Hillary
  89. Desperation At Pro Hillary News Media.
  90. A possible leak regarding the Clinton foundation.
  91. Former Clinton Henchmen Larry Nichols: Hillary WILL NEVER BE INDICTED
  92. Clinton email: "We must destroy Syria for Israel"
  93. Trump Takes Aim At The Global Elite
  94. U.N. Official 'Accidentally' Crushes Own Throat Right Before Testifying Against Hillary Clinto
  95. Clinton Documentaries
  96. Drudge poll on who should be Trump's VP
  97. FBI Director Comey: No charges recommended for Hillary
  98. Here we Go............Slate says Trump's friendly relationship with Russia UNDERMINES the West
  99. Trump Supporter Thrown Out of Restaurant For MAGA Hat
  100. Trump becoming leader in liberty movement vs mandatory govt poison injections
  101. Bernie Sanders Supporters Echo Trump's Declaration that 'The System is Rigged'
  102. Trump vetting Pentagon Rebel Michael Flynn for VP
  103. Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States...
  104. FULL LIST: Where every Republican in Congress stands on Donald Trump
  105. Hillary's Problem? Libya. Libya PM Says UN-Backed Unity Deal Unworkable
  106. Would Hillary's support go up or down if a drone gangster stumped fo her?
  107. The Case for Rand Paul as VP from The Last Refuge
  108. Trump Hires Vincent Harris and his Firm
  109. Obama: Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected
  110. Sarah Palin to the RPF #NEVERTRUMP - She cannot win without you
  111. In Clinton Case, Obama Administration Nullifies 6 Criminal Laws
  112. Hillary Vs. Comey Supercut (Video)
  113. Forget Teflon, Meet Clinton
  114. Snoop Dogg to front post-DNC unity party
  115. Peter Schiff: Trump does a good job Identifying the problem... but with the wrong solutions
  116. LOL San Diego Ballots Show Sanders Votes Whited Out
  117. Bernie Sanders Booed By House Democrats For Refusal To Endorse Hillary Clinton
  118. In latest pander to Israel lobby, Clinton smears Max Blumenthal’s criticism of Wiesel as ‘hate
  119. Guilty as Not Charged
  120. Speculation That Trump May Pick Ivanka As VP
  121. Congressional Hearing on FBI Comey's Recommend - Massie in Attendance (CNN)
  122. House of Reps Referring Hillary for Perjury Before Congress!
  123. Rand: 'We now have two sets of laws: one for the Clintons and one for everyone else.'
  124. Trump on the Constitution: "‘I want to protect Article I, Article II, Article XII."
  125. Trump destroys Jeff Flake in meeting with wimp Senators
  126. Cruz to speak at RNC as Trump expropriates "Lyin" moniker to Clinton
  127. PCR: The damage Trump is doing to Hillary does not fit the conspiracy theory
  128. The Problem With Hillary
  129. Trump’s Russia adviser criticizes U.S. for ‘hypocritical focus on democratization’
  130. Hillary Clinton LYING UNDER OATH, clear grounds for PERJURY
  131. Dem Strategist: Hillary Didnt Lie, She’s Probably ‘Surprised’ the Things She Said Weren’t True
  132. We the people ask the federal government to Call on Congress to act on an issue:
  133. RNC Chair: Folks Not Supporting Trump Are ‘Screwing Around With The Next 40 Years’
  134. Would Donald Trump Quit if He Wins the Election? He Doesn’t Rule It Out
  135. Police Commissioner denied Trump request for ‘photo op’ with NYPD officers
  136. Huckabee: Donald Will Punish States If Their Senators Don’t Get in Line
  137. Wharton Students to Trump: You Do Not Represent Us
  138. Donald Trump's Va. chairman accuses Clinton of 'encouraging the murder' of Dallas officers
  139. Donald Trump Jr. retweets controversial ex-congressman
  140. Jared Kushner's Family Blasts Him for Invoking Holocaust Survivor Grandparents to Defend Trump
  141. J. Kenneth Blackwell: Newt would would make a fine VP or Secretary of State.
  142. Rumor? Hillary Clinton Email Hacker found Dead in Jail Cell - Guccifer.
  143. does Michael Flynn want to bring back slavery? (military draft)
  144. Clinton supporters reject Democratic platform amendment calling to 'end' Israeli settlement
  145. What if....? Dallas Massacre A False Flag Event: Taking Hillary Out of The News Cycle
  146. Anti-Trump Forces Unleash Plan to Pick Vice President at Convention
  147. Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?
  148. AZ GOP delegate to break from Trump vote at national convention next week
  149. Not so fast, Comey bashers - Trump may win because Hillary has now been exposed as a
  150. Rick Perry: Trump's Mexico wall will be a 'digital wall'
  151. Report: Trump ’95 Percent’ Likely to Tap Mike Pence as VP (wtf??)
  152. Trump Polls Favorably Among English Dominant Hispanics; Horrible among Spanish Dominant
  153. Donald Trump will make his mind up on VP pick in ‘next three to four days’
  154. Anti-Trump efforts are only making Trump stronger
  155. Trump Campaign Loses In Federal Court [VA Delegate Lawsuit]
  156. Florida poll: Trump has narrow lead over Clinton
  157. NAACP: Trump Hasn't Responded to Our Invitation to Speak
  158. Gundlach: Trump will win since things are getting progressively worse
  159. This is What Hillary Clinton’s Advisors Really Think of the American Public
  160. Sanders Endorses Clinton
  161. HSBC-Comey-Clinton Corruption Scandal Unfolding
  162. Clinton-Led Democrats on Palestinians’ Equality
  163. ‘Secretary Clinton Is A Different Person Than Donald Trump,’ Bernie Sanders Reveals
  164. BREAKING: Newt Gingrich Out as Fox News Contributor
  165. Trump polling (edit)
  166. Trump Criticizes Sanders for HRC Endorsement
  167. Bill Kristol Relishes the Good Ole Days When the Republican Electorate was Fast Asleep
  168. Many Voters Think They’ve Seen Trump Ads On TV — But He Hasn’t Run Any
  169. Donald Trump Posts Fake News Story to Facebook, Website About Delegate Court Decision
  170. RNC panel reinstates ousted anti-Trump delegate
  171. Mike Lee, tea party senator, may help decide Trump’s fate at convention
  172. Trump Fires Back at Justice Ginsburg: "Her mind is shot - resign!"
  173. Rand Paul to Skip RNC Convention
  174. R.I. Republican Hodgson resigns as delegate over Trump
  175. Giuliani to speak at GOP convention
  176. Fox News Suspends Ties With Newt Gingrich
  177. For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance
  178. Scott Adams: It's Trump's Race To Lose
  179. Anyone going to Cleveland?
  180. Trump University Taught Students How to Exploit Disabled Homeowners
  181. Trump declares himself 'law and order candidate,' calls for anti-police 'hostility' to end
  182. Hidden Camera Captures The Appalling Conditions Trump’s Hotel Workers Endure (VIDEO)
  183. A week to go for the VP battle . . .
  184. Trump's VP search enters frenzied phase
  185. Hillary Clinton and Personal Honesty
  186. MSNBC Baffled by Trump's Recent Rise
  187. Clinton News Network Immediately Cuts off Correspondent for HRC Criticism
  188. Trump Picking Pence As Running Mate
  189. Mike Pence, Trump’s likely running mate, has backed every free trade deal in the last 15 years
  190. Republican unity negotiations break down
  191. Azerbaijani lobbyist Liz Mair concedes Defeat to Trump & blow to #AlwaysIsrael movement
  192. Immigration hardliners Steve King & Jeff Sessions approve of Mike Pence
  193. Hillary Clinton's Secret Society
  194. Reaction Interviews with O'Reilly Hannity Gretchen Hillary Newt AND THE DONALD :)
  195. After Nice, Newt Gingrich wants to ‘test’ every Muslim in the U.S. and deport sharia believers
  196. Why Women are in High Positions
  197. Soros Army to Run Wild; Police Issued Stand Down Order in Cleveland
  198. It's official -- Trump picks Mike Pence as his running mate
  199. Coulter: Pence is a Combo Platter of Disaster
  200. Why Hillary Clinton support droppd immediately after Dallas shootings?
  201. McConnell "We now have a messenger"
  202. Trump continues to troll the GOP with new Trump/Pence logo
  203. Cleveland host committee confirms that it sought $6 million from Adelsons to fill funding gap
  204. Bush calls for rebuilding GOP after Trump wrecking ball
  205. Mike Pence Praised Hillary Clinton During The Libya Intervention
  206. The Roof Caves In On Trump As Clinton Leads In N. Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida
  207. Paladino To GOP Delegate: 'You Should Be Hung For Treason'
  208. Trump promises 'showbiz' at convention, but party stars shy away from stage
  209. Any Theories On Why "Outsider" Trump Picks Establishment Hack As V.P.?
  210. Inside Dope on the Inside Dope
  211. RNC Rules Committee
  212. Dropping Polls: Democrats ‘freaked out’ about polls in meeting with Clinton
  213. **The Official** Republican Convention thread
  214. Rand Paul: Hillary More Likely Than Any Other Candidate To Take Us To War
  215. How can your vote count, when criminals count the votes?
  216. Bernie Bros: We’ll pick an old whitey for VP. Any one else would be pandering
  217. BLM's Shaun King Warns of Coup d'etat if Trump is elected POTUS
  218. Trump/Pence on 60 Minutes (Troops on the Ground, Declaration of War, Torture)
  219. High profile African-American leader praises Trump
  220. Great GIF On Hillary Emails. It's a Farce.
  221. 'Donald Trump was part of the problem': Cleveland's subprime lesson for Republicans
  222. Hillary Clinton just collectively slammed all white people on Twitter
  223. Trump Muscles GOP To Dilute Anti-Russia Stance in Regard To Ukraine
  224. History repeats itself: 2016 RNC repeats shenanigans of 2012
  225. Ron Paul: Trump's not going to listen to Congress or anybody
  226. HUD's Castro violated law with interview about Clinton
  227. Trump chooses traditional African-Americans not political professional blacks to speak at RNC
  228. Notorious hacker reveals top DNC donor info, political strategy
  230. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: I Remain Concerned about Clinton’s Interventionist Foreign Policy
  231. On which issue do you agree with the Next President?
  232. Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama in Convention Speech
  233. [Video] Communist SJW Triggered at RNC
  234. Republican Party Reborn: The Underdogs Become the Champions in Cleveland
  235. Black women are most worried about the outcome of the 2016 election, poll finds
  236. Trump is Getting Even Trumpier!
  237. Here Is Why Your Vote Is Not Your Voice
  238. Chris Christie is pissed at VP Gov. Pence pick
  239. Queen doesn't like Trump using their music at the GOP Convention
  240. Inside the GOP’s Shadow Convention
  241. Trump/Pence could win Arizona, Nevada . . . maybe NY and even Florida (?)
  242. With NAACP Speech, Hillary Goes Full “Black Lives Matter, White Lives Don’t”
  243. Trump Tells Donors He Wants Mnuchin for Treasury, Fortune Says
  244. Prog Army Attack Alex Jones in Cleveland
  245. Hillary Clinton mocks 'sound and fury' of Republican convention
  246. Trump Campaign Lies About Melania Trump's Nonexistent College Degree
  247. What If Donald Trump Is Just An Elaborate Prank?
  248. Did Trump just deploy his best secret weapon at RNC Convention today?
  249. PJB: Is the Party over for Bushism?
  250. Reinvention versus Trumpism