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  1. Evaluation: Trump flip-flops since becoming the presumptive nominee
  2. Where are Mitch McConnel & Paul Ryan promising to block Trump on high taxes & wages?
  3. Wealthy Cruz Donor Pours Millions Into Clinton Campaign
  4. Peter Thiel allegedly signs up as Trump delegate
  5. Trump beating Hillary in Ohio [edit]
  6. Video: "300: Making America Great Again" (Donald Trump Parody)
  7. Trump Is A Political Chameleon
  8. Eric Peters: Why I Like The Donald and May Even Vote for Him
  9. Donald Trump prank calls Ford Motor Company
  10. Peter Thiel becomes Trump delegate to RNC
  11. Cruz & Kasich in close battle for 2nd in West Virginia for approximately 12%
  12. Vincente Fox doubles down on Trump criticism, calls him 'hated gringo'
  13. What will be political implications of a conspiracy theorist birther winning US Presidency?
  14. Trump Campaign Nominates Prominent White Supremacist To Be Convention Delegate
  15. Clinton Cash - Official Trailer
  16. Who is the most annoying Trump surrogate/media whore ?
  17. Reuters: Trump surges in support, statistically tied with Clinton in national U.S. poll
  18. This is the party of Jack Kemp … we hope that our nominee … advances the principles of our par
  19. Trump resists calls to disclose his tax returns
  20. With Trump as nominee, delegate spots lose appeal for Republicans
  21. Hillary Clinton Picks a Doomed Fight With Americans Over Guns
  22. Hillary Clinton Failing To "Render Her Inauthenticity" Fast Enough To Avoid Lag
  23. London's New Mayor To Donald Trump: Let Muslims In Or They Will Attack The US
  24. Getting It All Straight - Trumpism, Nationalism, Patriotism, & Libertarianism
  25. Friends In High Places: Hillary Clinton Has Received $75,000 In DOJ Political Contributions
  26. Concerned 'Anti-Republican' Writes "Dear Hillary, I'm Worried..."
  27. Top Hillary Clinton Aide Walks Out In Middle Of FBI Interview
  28. News On #NeverHillary
  29. Bombshell: Crooked Hillary Took $100 Million From M.E. Regimes: “Massive Conflict of Interst"
  30. Trump needs cash, but GOP donors not opening their wallets
  31. A Perfect Storm of Legal Misery - For the richly deserving Hillary.
  32. POLL: TRUMP SUPPORTERS More Conservative Than Average GOP Voter
  33. RPF U.S Official 2016 Presidential poll.
  34. How a Bill Becomes a Wall
  35. Democrats Aim to Retake House
  36. Ted Cruz poised to challenge Trump in Texas
  37. Why reviving old threads?
  38. Kremlin Has Hillary’s Emails
  39. Brad Thor on Trump: He's got more positions than a porn star
  40. John Bolton: ‘It Would Be an Honor to Be Considered for Any Position to Serve the Country’ In
  41. Nate Silver TDS
  42. Pro-Hillary PAC Spending $1 Million to Hire Online Trolls -BreitBarf
  43. Meme wars. This 2016 cycle has seen a lot of memes.
  44. Fourth Turning: Crisis of Trust (Is Trump the Grey Champion)
  45. Trump "Taps" Giuliani For Homeland Security Chief
  46. Trump adviser stuns CNN panel: This 'words matter' thing is 'ridiculous'
  47. Trump supporters are Traitors!
  48. SHOCK POLL: Trump Leads Hillary Among Hispanic Voters
  49. Donald Trump delegates drop out after backlash in California
  50. GOP megadonor Adelson throws support behind Trump
  51. establishment controlled op
  52. Why Trump Supporters Want Family Guy Cancelled
  53. Donald Trump is a false flag
  54. Did the "Hillary Clinton Laughs as Benghazi Burns" ad by Trump cross the line?
  55. Hillary’s Hedge Fundie Son-In-Law Bailing On Greece
  56. The John Miller story. Tactically brilliant move. Hillary doesn't stand a chance.
  57. Inside the GOP effort to draft an independent candidate to derail Trump
  58. Trump Wants More Taxes
  59. Donald Trump Named in Latest Panama Papers Leak
  60. State GOP leaders crush 'Never Trump’ neocon globalist tinged rebellions
  61. Trump Kissing Putin Mural Draws Eyeballs, Maybe Trump should win.
  62. SALLY MILLER: Hillary and her ‘coke habit’
  63. Chaos At Nevada Democratic Convention; DNC Leaders Flee Building...
  64. J.C. Watts "struggling" whether to support Trump
  65. Is George Clooney afraid of women?
  66. Anthony Weiner documentary coming out at 'worst possible time' for Hillary Clinton
  67. Debbie Wasserman Schultz sputters while defending Clinton over FBI email investigation
  68. Van Jones/Moveon.org release pro-Donald Trump ad
  69. Rand Paul's 2016 youtube channel released a new video on endorsing Trump
  70. Bill Clinton Would Be 'in Charge of Revitalizing the Economy,' Hillary Clinton Says
  71. What if this is really all Donald Trump wants to do?
  72. Enough with the Hillary cult: Her admirers ignore reality, dream of worshipping a queen
  73. Trump - Why Borrow When We Can Print?
  74. Donald Trump is Not Expanding the GOP
  75. Trump Supporters Have Cooler Feelings Towards Many Groups
  76. Bust of Hillary Clinton going up in Albanian town
  77. Spoof: If Donald Trump were President, will DC become like Las Vegas?
  78. Trump getting cozy with Kissinger
  79. Republican Donald Trump files disclosure of $10 billion in net worth
  80. Former Homeland Security secretary: I won't vote for Trump or Clinton
  81. Trump calls Warren ‘Pocahontas’ during NYT interview
  82. Hillary Clinton Kissed by Former KKK Member
  83. Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein might just be the death of Hilary's campaign
  84. [VIDEO] FOX special: Megyn Kelly full interview with Donald Trump
  85. College led by Bernie Sanders’s wife Jane destroyed by debt she ran up
  86. Hillary Clinton Vows New Gun Grab in Secret Recording
  87. Trump and RNC tie the knot
  88. Please Set Aside Pride, and Try to Influence Trump
  89. Try to Influence Trump - split
  90. These Numbers Say A Third Party Can Win The Presidency
  91. Trump’s foreign advisor: Turkey is conspiring with Native Americans to build nukes
  92. Trump: When I Said ‘Punishment,’ I Meant Women Should Punish Themselves for Abortion
  93. Judge Napolitano not on list of Trump's top 11 Supreme Court picks
  94. Top Trump Surrogate Says Border Wall and Mass Deportation Will Be "Virtual"
  95. Bernie Sanders accepts Fox News debate invitation
  96. Trump taps McCain's VP lawyer to vet his vice president
  97. Trump predicted in a Anime:Gate: Jieitai Kanochi JSDF.
  98. Rasmussen: Trump 42%, Clinton 37%
  99. Clinton: The Supreme Court is Wrong On The Second Amendment
  100. NY Daily Interview Proves Sanders Has No Clue About Laws, Economics, Politics, Anything
  101. Hillary Going After Conspiracy Theorist Vote - Promises to Release X-Files (NYT)
  102. NRA to endorse Donald Trump for President
  103. Candidates Coming
  104. Question for RPF Genius Bar: On What Grounds Can State Delegation Not be Seated at Convention?
  105. Trump once revealed his income tax returns. They showed he didn’t pay a cent.
  106. Judge Jeanine Pirro - Hillary Clinton CANNOT Be President!
  107. Sanders cheated out of KY primary win
  108. MSM Trump was interventionist in 2011
  109. Trump: 'Who the hell cares if there's a trade war?'
  110. Elect The Warmonger Killary And You Will Have Victoria Nuland As Secretary Of State
  111. Mark Cuban: I'm 'absolutely' open to Clinton VP spot
  112. Trump Meeting With Sen. Bob Corker on Possible VP Slot
  113. trump helps Chris Christie with his campaign debt
  114. Evangelical leaders to quiz Trump on faith and values
  115. Brazen Trump supporter taunts protester after smashing his camera
  116. Clinton: Guns hurt children, risk violence and bigotry
  117. Cruz supporters dominate delegates at Washington GOP convention
  118. Can You Say Biden-Warren? Hillary Is Sinking Faster Than The Titanic
  119. NBC News/WSJ Poll: Clinton's Lead Over Trump Shrinks to 3 Points
  120. CBS/NYT national poll: Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump narrows
  121. Robert Kagan: This is how fascism comes to America
  122. Hillary Clinton’s fierce anti-gun stance could backfire in general election
  123. Neocons start "grassroots" "Renegate Party" movement
  124. Lindsay Lohan and Kayne West plan to run for President in 2020
  125. Fred Malek: Trump needs to pony up $500m of his OWN money to get big donors on board
  126. Michelle Fields to resume covering Donald Trump - for Huffington Post
  127. Lindsey Graham privately urges Republicans to support Trump
  128. #NeverTrump Circles the Drain as Republicans Accept the Reality of Donald Trump
  129. Elect hillary and get 55 mile per hour speed limits
  130. Follow the Money: Hillary Pocketed $22 Million in Speaking Fees in 2 years
  131. John Oliver actually agrees on Trump.. Blasts the primary process in both parties.
  132. Graham privately urges Republicans to support Trump
  133. Sickening
  134. John Oliver: Primaries and Caucuses
  135. ABC News/Wash Post Poll: Clinton is losing by 2
  136. [VIDEO] Stephen Miller: Hillary Clinton is 'Pro-War', 'Wall Street'
  137. Just What Were Donald Trump's Ties to the Mob?
  138. Donald Trump leaving neocons in dust
  139. Trump: suicide of Bill Clinton's counsel Vince Foster 'very fishy' – as it happened
  140. Dr. Carson talks Trump campaign's attacks on Bill Clinton
  141. Donald Trump changes tune on allowing guns in classrooms
  142. Morning Consult 5/19-5/23: Clinton 38 Trump 35 Johnson 10
  143. Bye-Bye, Killery
  144. The Dreadful Kagan Clan — Hitlary’s Warmongers In Waiting
  145. Hillary has "Founding Father credentials"
  146. Donald Trump denies climate change--but fears it could hurt his golf course
  147. Donald Trump has done the unthinkable: Unite Silicon Valley
  148. Here’s the Full List of Companies & Organizations That Paid Hillary Clinton From 2013-2015
  149. What is the biggest problem facing our nation regarding our lost freedoms?
  150. Trump trashes New Mexico Governor for Food Stamp use increase
  151. Hillary Clinton ignored State Department rules with private email server, audit finds
  152. AUDIO: Glenn Beck, Brad Thor discuss a ‘patriot’ taking out Donald Trump
  153. Violent attacks against Trump people and Milo people.
  154. Hillary Wants You to Drive 55… Again
  155. Trump interviews since 1980 for being POTUS or NOT. Strange.
  156. Trump: GOP will become 'worker's party' under me
  157. Trump Adviser: Trump Will Outsource Being President to His VP
  158. Sanders camp: Discussions underway for Trump debate
  159. Democrats Preparing A Coup To Oust Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
  160. It Has Been Accomplished, Trump Has His 1238
  161. Rasmussen 5/23-5/24: Clinton 40, Trump 39, Other 14
  162. It's Over: Even MSNBC Turns On Hillary - "Stop Lying, Stop Digging"
  163. Justin Raimondo: Why I Didn’t Vote for Trump (And why I’m cheering on the movement he created)
  164. Donald Trump under oath: Trump University's promises crumble
  165. Trump under oath - split
  166. Donald Trump would allow Keystone XL pipeline and end Paris climate deal
  167. Trump in San Diego
  168. Why don't we seek to get Rand Paul nominated at the convention?
  169. Trump's favorite novel is anti war classic All Quiet on the Western Front
  170. Sanders clashes with California radio hosts in interview
  171. Trump launches overbroad attack on Judge Curiel
  172. Trump suggests U.S. should bomb Libya
  173. Clinton email headache is about to get worse
  174. Hillary Clinton Pandering To Alien Invasion Crowd?
  175. Lyin' Donald: 101 Of Trump's Greatest Lies
  176. Analysis of Trump Speak
  177. Trump vows to ‘open up the water’ in drought-stricken California
  178. If it’s to be America First, Mr. Trump, cut the crap, and listen up - Michael Scheuer
  179. Dilbert Creator Scott Adams "Why Trump Will Win"
  180. Sizing Up Trump In the Age of “All About Me” With Help From Shakespeare and the Marx Brothers
  181. National Enquirer: Hillary Clinton Caught With Lesbian Lovers
  182. How Joseph McCarthy henchman Roy Cohn became Donald Trump’s mentor
  183. Feinstein on Clinton Private Server: She Just Wanted To Talk To Bill and Chelsea
  184. Trump camp concedes it's low on money
  185. Trump beating Clinton in Oregon 44 to 42%
  186. Has Donald Trump Ever Been Rich?
  187. ZUCKED UP: Why Silicon Valley Is Scared to Death of Trump
  188. Trump campaign chair: We’ll pick a white man for VP. Anything else would be “pandering.”
  189. Trump only exists because hand-wringing liberals and bullying feminists made us all sick of PC
  190. Iran nuke deal drove Trump to run for president, son says
  191. Sanders Candidacy Devolving into an Arrogant Insufferable Self-serving Disaster
  192. Hillary Clinton To Face Racketeering Charges [?]
  193. Obama Steps In To Defend Hillary: DOJ Fights To Block Clinton Deposition
  194. Everyone is Missing the Most Troubling Part About Hillary Clinton Email Audit!
  195. With so Many Red Flags, Why Isn’t the IRS Auditing the Clinton Foundation?
  196. Wall Street Whistleblower Turns His Scrutiny on the Clinton Foundation
  197. Clinton has been burying emails since she was first lady
  198. Bernie Sanders’ Sick Utopia: The Malicious Myth of “Democratic” Socialism
  199. Hillary does not know how to use a computer to do emails — only Blackberry
  200. Judge bashed by Trump orders release of company records
  201. The Clinton Crime Family: Hillary Clinton the Most Dangerous Presidential Aspirant in US Histo
  202. LadyJade (Rachel Mills) gives award to Trump and Hillary [VIDEO]
  203. CNBC: Clinton's White House chances are dwindling
  204. Trump Wants to Scrap The Iranian Deal? Good luck with that one...
  205. NBC poll: Trump 45 Clinton 47
  206. Never #NeverTrump
  207. Dallas traffic signs hacked - "DONALD TRUMP IS A SHAPE SHIFTING LIZARD"
  208. Among Democratic voters, 71% believe Clinton should keep running if charged
  209. Adelson aides in talks to set up pro-Trump super PAC
  210. Bill Kristol mystery third party candidate revealed! (David French)
  211. Glenn Beck Suspended From SiriusXM Radio Over Comments About Trump
  212. Democrats Likely to Win the White House
  213. How Bad Are the Charges Against Trump University? Really Bad
  214. Ex-Employees Criticize Trump University, Calling It ‘Scheme’ and ‘Total Lie’
  215. Scratch My Back and I Shall Scratch Yours. American Dream Will Come True
  216. Tapper Asks Hillary Clinton Why She Hasn't Held A Press Conference In "Five Or Six Months"
  217. Trump to donors: I won’t oust McConnell, Ryan
  218. Why Does The Left Hate Hillary?
  219. Exclusive: Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee
  220. Activist Trump University / La Raza Judge Now Attempts To Re-Seal Court Documents…
  221. Pinestraw 2016
  222. Would you give Hillary...
  223. Trump hits PGA ominous warning: ‘If I become your president, this stuff is all going to stop'
  224. Hillary on the Ropes
  225. Trump Vs. Clinton: Battle Of The Jewish Sons-In-Law
  226. Eric Peters: "eager" to vote Trump.
  227. Is Donald R Trump LIABLE for Educational Malpractice?
  228. RNC Statement On Hillary Clinton’s Failed National Security Record
  229. Stefan Molyneux Defends Trump on "Terrorist families" Remark and Others
  230. How Trump Smeared Native Americans Back in 1993
  231. BREAKING NEWS: For the first time, Trump says, "Hillary needs to go to jail"
  232. Former Marine, State Senator in VA, tells the truth about Syria
  233. Trump plans pre-convention trip to Israel, Rand's campaign manager helping to plan it
  234. How an Outsider President Killed a Party
  235. Donald Trump’s Plan to Govern for Fun and Profit
  236. Trump's Rhetoric of White Nostalgia
  237. Clinton Email Thread (Sticky Request)
  238. Trump Wants Global Warming Wall
  239. Jennifer Rubin: 2016 election could reinvigorate neocon strain in Dem Party
  240. Jake Tapper nails Trump on "Mexican" judge comments in utterly mad interview
  241. AP: Greg Abbott Given $35K Campaign Donation by Trump after Trump University Probe Dropped
  242. Media owners helping in Trump University scandal coverup?
  243. Ouch.. Bernie moves ahead of Hillary in latest poll; within 2 points in RCP average
  244. Clinton opens up double-digit lead over Trump nationwide: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  245. Look at my African-American over here
  246. Some officials worry about briefing Trump, fearing spilled secrets
  247. How Donald Trump is resurrecting the ‘great silent majority’
  248. Obama calls on Democrats to stop violence at Trump rallies
  249. OReilly is no.1, Hannity is back to no.2 & Megyn Kelly at no.3 in ratings at Fox
  250. Hillary's Operation "Text AFAM..."