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  1. Rubio: Obama already has the authority to strike ISIS in Syria
  2. Ted Cruz says it’s ‘unacceptable’ for Obama to proceed against Islamic State without Congress
  3. Rep. Stockman: 9/11 report could sink some GOP presidential candidates, including Jeb Bush
  4. Retired General says We helped build ISIS!
  5. Ted Cruz and the most cynical, despicable political stunt of the year
  6. American Christians Are Booing Ted Cruz, Too
  7. Hillary admits she is thinking about running for President (in Iowa)
  8. New 2016 GOP presidential primary poll at White House Dossier Keith Koffler
  9. Islamic State strategy jump-starts conservative 2016 presidential hopefuls
  10. Hawks and Doves, 2016 - YouGov survey on Paul and Clinton
  11. MSNBC Host Agrees That Hillary Clinton Is A Neoconservative
  12. Ben Carson on 2016: ‘Likelihood is strong’
  13. Send in the clowns: Jeb Bush heading to 2016 primary state
  14. Dr. Ben Carson's position on gun control
  15. Rubio Promises ‘Permanent’ U.S. Military Presence in Mideast if He’s Elected President
  16. Ted Cruz: ‘We Stayed Too Long and Got Too Involved’ in Iraq
  17. Examiner: Jeb Bush is in!
  18. Gov. Susana Martinez's Emails Have Mysteriously Disappeared
  19. Rick Santorum Criticizes Ted Cruz's Comments At Christian Event
  20. The Judge?
  21. Carly Fiorina Hits the Trail With an Eye on 2016
  22. John Kasich 2016: Would that be good or bad?
  23. Ted Cruz Banks on Foreign Policy as His 2016 Differentiator
  24. Rubin: Why Jim Webb can beat Hillary
  25. Bachmann Again Hints at Run for President
  26. Lindsey Graham Mulling White House Run
  27. Marco Rubio Apparently Isn’t Buying Into Criminal-Justice Reforms
  28. John McCain talks up Cruz, Christie & Bush for President; Says Cruz Loves His Foreign Policy
  29. Ben Carson versus Jesse Jackon on Ferguson
  30. The Truth About Jeb Bush's Presidential Ambitions
  31. Bobby Jindal calls for more military spending
  32. Marco Rubio: The Neocon Candidate
  33. Ted Cruz is morphing into Sarah Palin
  34. Chris Christie lays the groundwork for a 2016 presidential run
  35. Key Dems, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No Doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine
  36. 2016: The RINO Candidates
  37. Jim Webb could be a problem for Rand in open primary states
  38. Anyone have any rotten tomatoes for tomorrow? JEB BUSH IS COMING TO TOWN!!
  39. Hillary Clinton Heckled at American Academy of Pediatrics
  40. This Ted Cruz bill gives shocking new powers to…Barack Obama?
  41. LA State Treasurer says Bobby Jindal ‘Obamacared’ Group Benefits
  42. FORMER Sec of State H. Clinton Bills Tax Payers $3668/Night in Sumtuous Hotel
  43. Clinton: "Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs."
  44. George P. Bush says dad 'moving forward' on 2016
  45. Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee Are on a Collision Course as Evangelicals Audition 2016 Contenders
  46. Evangelical Kingmaker: Tony Perkins, Family Research Council President
  47. The Bushes, Led by W., Rally to Make Jeb ‘45’
  48. Sarah Palin Pretending To Be Thinking About Presidential Run Again
  49. Big Money Waiting on the Sidelines For JEB BUSH
  50. Conservatives Are Already Freaking Out About Jeb Bush's Possible Run For President
  51. Jon Huntsman Sr. likes Hillary and Jeb
  52. Tea Party pushing Cruz as 2016 front runner
  53. Yahoo News: supposedadibidly... "Hillary Clinton won the 2014 midterms"
  54. Jim Webb On The Record
  55. Meet Ben Carson: First Republican to Throw His Hat in 2016 Ring (no announcement)
  56. MSNBC's "ALL IN" - Hillary v. Liz Warren "fantasy debate"
  57. Ben Carson on Guns
  58. Tom Tancredo launches Stop Chris Christie PAC
  59. Bush father, son want Jeb Bush run for White House
  60. If the 'war on women' is over, whither Hillary Clinton?
  61. Hillary’s Sheldon Adelson
  62. Does the Hillary crowd know,..
  63. Glenn Greenwald on Hillary Clinton: “Soulless, Principle-Free, Power Hungry…”
  64. Rick Santorum: White House decision around June 2015
  65. Scott Walker: I could run in 20 years and be Clinton's age
  66. Jim Webb Vs. ‘Humanitarian Intervention’
  67. Behold the Blue Wall
  68. Jim Webb (D) launches 2016 committee
  69. If You Liked the Peace and Stability of Henry Kissinger's Foreign Policy, Vote Hillary Clinton
  70. Hillary Clinton: The Military-Industrial Candidate
  71. Stupidity Reconsidered: Election Proved Americans Aren't Fooled by Gruber and Obama
  72. Drudge: 2016 Ben Carson fans await him in Iowa
  73. Cuomo's Katrina?
  74. Huckabee: Obama rewrites Scripture 'more often than Bill Cosby's Wikipedia entry'
  75. Ben Carson Clarifies His Stance On 2nd Amendment
  76. John McCain 'Strongly Encouraging' Lindsey Graham To Consider 2016 Run
  77. Jim Webb's 2010 Audit the Fed bill
  78. Rick Perry Ramps Up
  79. Ted Cruz: 'I Don't Think I'm All That Conservative'
  80. Ben Carson supported Death Panels and 'government-run catastrophic health care fund'?
  81. How candidates share with independent expenditures without coordinating
  82. John McCain just said he is thinking of Running for President on Colbert
  83. Rob Portman won’t run for president in 2016
  84. Carly Fiorina actively explores 2016 presidential run
  85. Jeb Bush Not Opposed To The Substance Of Obama’s Executive Action On Immigration
  86. Former N.Y. Gov. George Pataki eying bid for 2016 GOP Presidential nomination
  87. Ben Carson: Women's Lib Movement To Blame for Michael Brown's Death
  88. Romney's Inner Circle Is Convinced He's Running
  89. #StandwithHillary ?
  90. Ted Cruz: The Most Hawkish of Them All?
  91. learning from the election of 1800
  92. What will the Left do?
  93. The Washington Post named Sen. Rand Paul the GOP frontrunner for 2016. Meanwhile...
  94. Confident Biden sets timeline for presidential candidacy
  95. Millionaires' choice for president: Hillary
  96. Trump adds events to his Iowa trip next month
  97. Backers: Romney more open to 2016 run
  98. Gov. Scott Walker to meet with mega-donor Sheldon Adelson
  99. "Jeb Bush Has a Mitt Romney Problem"
  100. NYT: Jeb Bush Stakes Out the Middle Ground (will try to be the McCain / Romney centrist type)
  101. Jeb Bush Asking John McCain How to Win Without Conservative Vote
  102. "Elizabeth Warren is catching fire" - liberals pushing her to run against HC
  103. Ben Carson’s presidential delusion: Why Republicans are overestimating his appeal
  104. Elizabeth Warren: ‘I am not running for president’
  105. Republican establishment rigs rules to get its candidate for president
  106. Ben Carson Heading to Israel
  107. Jeb Bush just formed a 2016 exploratory.
  108. Can we start an oppo thread on Bush?
  109. Is Jeb Bush Too Liberal To Win The Republican Nomination In 2016?
  110. Today in presidential politics
  111. Ted Cruz Warns Picking Jeb In 2016 Means Hillary Becomes President
  112. Santorum: "Sex isn't a real problem for me."
  113. Chris Hedges on Bush vs. Clinton 2016: Characteristic of the twilight of all empires
  114. Jeb Bush: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Waterboy
  115. WSJ: "Jeb Bush Puts Pressure on Chris Christie for 2016"
  116. New Rand Paul Super PAC created:
  117. Dr. Ben Carson CEO in Israel to decide whether to run for POTUS
  118. Rand Paul takes to Twitter to Bash Rubio on Cuba and Isolationism
  119. Ben Carson on Torture, Common Core, Illegal Immigration, Ferguson, and the IRS
  120. Is Rand Paul the only presidential candidate who is not a textbook psychopath?
  121. Inside the push to draft Ben Carson for president
  122. The official 2016 GOP Presidential Poll Thread
  123. Several potential Rubio, Christie backers already defecting to Jeb Bush
  124. *Video* Bloomberg : Is Grinch Christie ready for primetime?
  125. Jeb Bush to Cut Ties With Company Profiting From Obamacare
  126. Jeb Bush is choice of conservatives, Romney is establishment pick
  127. Jeb's (social media) time warp
  128. Dems race to back Clinton even before 2016 announcement
  129. Huck thinks involuntary servitude a good idea
  130. when the voters learn Jeb Bush's basic positions, he will lose support
  131. CNN/ORC Poll: Bush surges to 2016 GOP frontrunner
  132. Kunstler: The Trigger
  133. Romney eyeing a 2016 run, longtime friend says
  134. A 2015 New Year’s Presidential Resolution
  135. Jeb Bush resigns from remaining board memberships with eye on 2016
  136. Jeb Bush faces conservative scrutiny after dipping toe in 2016 waters
  137. Jeb Bush and Common Core tyranny!
  138. Greg Gutfeld suggests Ben Carson/Rand Paul ticket
  139. With eye on 2016, Jeb Bush resigns from all boards
  140. Scott Walker’s 2016 Strategy: Fool The Right, Appease The Establishment
  141. Doctor in the house: Ben Carson surging in 2016 race
  142. 12 people to watch who may shift the 2016 campaign
  143. Huckabee to end TV show tonight to explore presidential bid
  144. Political Primary Pool I Made
  145. Mike Huckabee’s Long Battle Against Libertarianism
  146. Jim Webb – The Alternative?
  147. A Year Before 2016, Iowa Attracts Presidential Long-Shots
  148. TAC: Huckabee is poison pill for conservatives
  149. Santorum summons former aides for 2016 meeting
  150. With eye on a presidential bid, Carly Fiorina hires Republican Party spokeswoman
  151. IT'S ON: Jeb Bush's new political action committee files federal papers
  152. Marco Rubio repudiates George Washington
  153. Chris Christie Pushed Port Authority To Give Contract To Jerry Jones' Firm
  154. Jim Webb Wants to Be a White Man’s Democrat. The Party Should Listen to What He Has to Say.
  155. Deja vu: Ben Carson accused of plagiarism
  156. Rick Santorum's anti-gun record
  157. Elizabeth Warren Wants Clout, Not Presidency
  158. Libertarians shouldn’t fall into Huckabee and Santorum’s trap
  159. EXCLUSIVE — Scott Walker to Iowa to Speak at Freedom Summit
  160. NJ Governor Gave Sweetheart Deal to Firm Owned by Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry J
  161. Clinton President 2016: 'Poor Hillary' Video By RNC Attacks Her Speaking Fees In New Ad
  162. Bush Team Sets Bold Fundraising Goal: $100 Million in Three Months
  163. Why Jeb won’t keep the rest from running
  164. Romney Tells Donors He Is Considering 2016 White House Bid
  165. Bloomberg Analysis - The Establishment Threesome
  166. The New "Hillary Rise 2016" Heavy Metal Music Video
  167. Ready, Ames, fire?
  168. is Huckabee really running?
  169. A signal of distaste for dynasties bodes ill for Bush, Clinton
  170. Republican Paul Ryan won't run for president in 2016
  171. Romney moves to reassemble campaign apparatus for 2016
  172. I don't think Romney will run in 2016:
  173. Jamming Jeb: The press starts scrutinizing how conservative he really is
  174. Romney's sudden move into 2016 talks a "conundrum" for some former aides
  175. Former NY Gov. Pataki is in New Hampshire talking up a run
  176. Elizabeth Warren Just Actually Ruled Out Running For President In 2016
  177. List of who Rand has picked fights with in 2016 race already:
  178. New Poll Shows Hillary way ahead.
  179. Tom Cotton 2016
  180. Romney Leads Iowa Polls; Rand Losing to "Uncertain"
  181. Christie hints at presidential run in New Jersey speech
  182. The selling of Mitt 3.0
  183. Crowdpac Ranks 2016 Hopefuls on Left-Right Scale
  184. 2016 Republican Convention Set for July 18-21 in Cleveland
  185. Rubio Co-Sponsoring H-1B bill that will 'help destroy' U.S. tech workforce
  186. Mitt Romney 2016 and Ron
  187. Maybe Rand should sit this one out
  188. Which GOP candidates identify with which part of the GOP:
  189. Ben Carson’s Comparison of ISIS to the Founding Fathers: Bad Politics, But Worse Thinking
  190. Jeb Bush planning trip to NH
  191. RNC cuts 2016 debate schedule to 12 events - includes debate schedule
  192. Romney: GOP should concentrate on "making the world safer".
  193. Will Common Core sink Bush?
  194. Rubio says Jeb is a True Conservative & Rubio cut funding to his local schools
  195. Why Does the RNC Fear a Black Debate?
  196. Rick Perry on 2016: 'I'm ready'
  197. Bloomberg: How Romney helps Bush for 2016
  198. Lindsey Graham 'definitely' considering 2016 bid
  199. Dear Mitt Romney: Shake it off
  200. Jon Stewart Calls Out Mike Huckabee... To His Face
  201. Another Presidential Candidate Has Been Chosen For Us
  202. Joe Biden on 2016: 'There's a chance'
  203. Mike Huckabee: States Can Ignore Supreme Court On Marriage
  204. Jeb Bush courts D.C. lobbyists
  205. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush meeting privately in Utah this week
  206. Ben Carson: Congress Should Remove Judges Who Rule For Gay Marriage
  207. Political Insider Tells Beck the GOP Primary Will Come Down to These Four Men
  208. Huckabee tries to invoke the natural law, but fails
  209. Graham: 'I'm well qualified’ to be president
  210. Zogby Poll: Rubio Surges To Second, Just 3 Points Behind Romney
  212. Sarah Palin is interested in running for President in 2016
  213. Donald Trump says 'I think I'm going to surprise a lot of people' as he considers running for
  214. Why Liberals Should Embrace Romney the Progressive Champion
  215. Scott Walker shows fire in Iowa [video]
  216. Accusations of Ben Carson Plagiarism Obscure Real Issues
  217. John Bolton Is Still Thinking About Rescuing the GOP in 2016
  218. Millennials might look to Gary Johnson
  219. Hillary Clinton ‘100%’ in for 2016, will launch bid in April: report
  220. New Jersey governor Christie preparing for White House run
  221. Neo-Trot Central Primary Survey Results
  222. The Koch network’s 2016 spending goal: $889 million
  223. USA Today/Suffolk University poll
  224. Marco Rubio Wants to Permanently Extend NSA Mass Surveillance
  225. Koch brothers prepared to unleash nearly $1bn leading up to 2016 election
  226. Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicted on two felony charges
  227. Changes afoot at CPAC 2015
  228. Walker's First Ad
  229. Sources: Jeb Bush raising money in the mid-to-high six figures — every day
  230. David Kochel, Romney’s Iowa Strategist, Jumps to Bush
  231. Marco Rubio wants to permanently Extend the Patriot ACT!
  232. Mitt Romney announces that he is NOT running in 2016
  233. What did Romney get in exchange for not running in 2016?
  234. Romney conference call announcement satirical re-enactment, pretty funny.
  235. Scott Walker Informational Thread
  236. Megyn Kelly fires back at Mike Huckabee: Women have premarital sex, too
  237. Jeb Bush was perma-stoned, bullying ‘D’ student at chi-chi prep school, say classmates
  238. The Kiplinger Letter Predicts Jeb will Drop Out of Race by December
  239. Meet Jeb Bush, our Washington Establishment/Big Media candidate
  240. Countdown to Iowa: Ranking the Republican field one year
  241. Walker, eyeing 2016 White House bid, says he's open to sending US troops to fight ISIS
  242. Peter King’s path to the GOP nomination: Be the last man standing
  243. Huckabee compares being gay to using alcohol, profanity
  244. Judge Napolitano Blasts Ted Cruz For Wanting To Strip Citizenship Because Of A Plane Flight
  245. Scott Walker seeks to deflate the GOP’s libertarian streak
  246. Does the U.S. President Need a College Degree?
  247. Governor Walker Endorses the Bush Doctrine
  248. Who is your choice for VP?
  249. Mike Huckabee: There's room in the GOP for supporters of gay marriage
  250. Mark Levin: I'm not ready to salute Scott Walker on immigration