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  1. Why I don't much like Ted Cruz Supporters I've seen
  2. TV ad from Jesse Benton Great America PAC: "Ted Cruz Won't Protect My Family"
  3. PPP WI 3/28-3/29: Cruz Trump Kasich
  4. With GOP, Democrats in Turmoil, Libertarian Party Makes Historic Gains
  5. Ted Cruz tries to get John Kasich thrown off Montana ballot
  6. FBN WI 3/28-3/30: Cruz Trump Kasich
  7. Dear Trump supporters. Nukes for Saudi Arabia? Really?
  8. In 2002, Donald Trump Said He Supported Invading Iraq
  9. "A Week on the Trail Covering Donald Trump" - Slate.com
  11. Clear Conspiracy Against Trump & Campaign Manager: LP 2008 VP candidate
  12. Clinton's email: Destroy Syria For Israel
  13. "We're Going To War" – Oliver Stone Fears The Dangerous Extremism Of Neocon Hillary Clinton
  14. Neocon Kagan Endorses Hillary Clinton
  15. April 1 Fool's Throwback Primary Video(2008)
  16. Now we know how Cruz got all those women
  17. Trump Proves That TPTB Will Never Allow An Outsider To Win. Now What?
  18. Bernie Sanders is BERNING
  19. Neocon Rubio supporters praising Ron Paul for not supporting Trump
  20. Cruz gaining on Trump in California
  21. Trump says he'd allow 'rich Muslims' to enter U.S.
  22. Riot Gear being Prepared for Debate tonight
  23. Interesting Reactions Video
  24. Trump sued over violence at rally
  25. I'm in for Trump [Posted on 4/1]
  26. Democrats Could Win Back The House Thanks to Trump Being as “Popular as Head Lice”
  27. Hillary Clinton bullies reporter
  28. It's Clear Trump Had no Interests of Winning the General Election.
  29. TRUMP to make the South great again!
  30. Reuters: Trump up by 4% since last wk following comments on women and abortion
  31. Trump Says He Can Unify The GOP, But Polls Suggest Otherwise
  32. Trump flat topping and dropping in RCP poll average.
  33. State Department Halts Its Clinton Email Investigation, Defers to FBI
  34. Rand Paul will back Trump if he is nominee
  35. Just Out!! Trump announces he's dropping out of the GOP primary !!!
  36. There is a reason the LP debate was held on April Fool's Day...
  37. How the North Dakota GOP is freezing out Trump
  38. Rand Paul: I'll support Trump - Better Than Hillary Clinton
  39. Trump Voters are Waking Up to Reality, and it Isn’t Pretty
  40. Hillary Clinton: US State Department halts review of emails at FBI request
  41. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson to speak at UNM on April 14
  42. GREEN Moyowasifza-Curry debates LIBERTARIAN presidential hopeful Darryl Perry
  43. Anonymous to spill “Ashley Madison” “DC Madam” beans on Ted Cruz before Wisconsin
  44. Prez Choice Made Easy
  45. Trump says U.S. abortion laws are set, and ‘we have to leave it that way
  46. Trump hits record high in new poll with 48 percent (Surveymonkey)
  47. If Presidential contest is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who would you prefer?
  48. CO GOP District conventions
  49. Bread Lines are a Good Thing
  50. Trump Spox: Wisconsin 'Last Competitive State,' Schedule Forward 'Very Complimentary' to Trump
  51. Trump calls for federal employees to sign nondisclosure agreements
  52. More DNC corruption at Nevada County Conventions
  53. Donald Trump: "We can't be the policeman to the world"
  54. Ted Cruz And The Wall Street Connection by Roger Stone
  55. Trump’s nonsensical claim he can eliminate $19 trillion in debt in eight years
  56. Loras College WI 3/28-3/29: Cruz Trump Kasich
  57. With prospect of divided convention, unbound Pa. delegates have shot at deciding nominee
  58. Bernie has raised $184 million
  59. Trump shows his authoritarian attitude again - "RNC shouldn't allow" Kasich to stay in race
  60. Judge Nap: Hillary 'at the Vortex of a Perfect Storm of Legal Misery'
  61. Nearly Naked ‘Babes For Trump’ Want To Make America Great Again [PHOTOS]
  62. Based on Current Situation=> Ted Cruz Will Be Knocked Out of Race By April 26th
  63. Sanders supporters 'Occupy' Hollywood
  64. Trump goes after UN as well as NATO
  65. How will a crony capitalist "fix" the system?
  66. Know Who Else Has Received Loans from Citibank and Goldman Sachs? Donald Trump
  67. Ted Cruz
  68. How the Trump Campaign Spread a Dirty Meme About Protesters Paid by Clinton, Sanders, Soros
  69. Hollywood considering Trump 'Walk of Fame' star removal
  70. Trump Advisor Walid Phares: Neocon, Ex-Romney Advisor, Tied to Massacres in Lebanon
  71. Hillary as President would be Catastrophic for the US and the World http://journal-neo.org/201
  72. Donald Trump and the Stunts That Expose the G.O.P.
  73. Trump's Plan to Make Mexico Pay for the Wall
  74. On that headscratcher new ARG poll of Wisconsin
  75. Michelle Fields receives death threat over charges against Trump campaign manager [Audio]
  76. Vote Trump Or Else: Roger Stone Threatens Angry Trump Fans To Visit Delegate HOTEL ROOMS
  77. How the Back Room Deals Will Get Done at the GOP Convention
  78. Wisconsin Primary - OFFICIAL Results Thread
  79. Hillary says the unborn have No Constitutional rights even a few hours before they are born
  80. Rand could have been VO if he stayed in
  81. Sanders wins Wisconsin with almost 60%
  82. Obama appointed Sec of State, Hillary Clinton, the Worst Warmonger Running for President
  83. Trump & the Establishment [edit]
  84. Hedge Funds are Part of a Tricky Money Maneuver to Put Hillary in the White House
  85. Israel Lobby Strikes Again - Target: Bernie Sanders
  86. Wisconsin meltdown puts Trump on track for convention fight
  87. The Beginning of the End for Donald Trump
  88. How badly does Cruz lose in eastern States now ?
  89. Embracing Cruz to Stop Trump
  90. Diebold & the 2016 election [edit]
  91. 2016 Political Predictions: Who do you think will win GOP/Dem nominations and US Presidency?
  92. Rafael Cruz: America was founded on the Torah
  93. Giuliani to meet with Ted Cruz
  94. Cruz gets Bronx Cheer
  96. The Republican Party can’t steal what Trump didn’t earn
  97. The perfect storm rising.
  98. Obama:"could have nominated black lesbo"& Bill Clinton "BLM defends criminals"
  99. Stamp Money out of Elections
  100. Cruz celebrates passover, introduces act to 'return nazi stolen art' 70 years later
  101. Stealing the election?
  102. Bernie Sanders plans short hiatus from New York campaign trail to speak at the Vatican
  103. Ron Paul LP Hypothetical
  104. "No Coincidence" Hacker Guccifer Extradited to US amid Clinton Investigation
  105. Is Bernie Following a Jeffersonian Model by Wanting to Bust Up Big Banks?
  106. Bernie Sanders To Meet With Pope Francis To Discuss Economics, Environment
  107. Cruz staffer : Trump should drop out after NY "loss" ?
  108. Trump ally admits lack of infrastructure in remaining states
  109. [VIDEO] Violent Communist thugs assault man holding "TRUMP" sign.
  110. Block v Wenzel debate if libertarians should support Trump
  111. Caution graphic: Pro-Kasich super PAC ad hits 'lyin' Ted'
  112. Beginning of end of Hillary? ; "Bill Clinton May Have Just Cost Hillary the Black Vote"
  113. Some Pro-Trump Twitter Accounts Appear To Be Part Of Marketing Campaign
  114. Why Cruz went to that matzoh bakery
  115. Conservative Billionaires are Pushing Gen. James Mattis to Run for President
  116. New Jersey Homeowner May Face Jail for Flying Trump Campaign Flag
  117. Trump’s Favorable Rating Rivals Reagan’s in 1980
  118. Birds on a Branch
  119. Doug Wead teaser: Coming Monday, who is the GOP establishment?
  120. Predict the 2016 GOP ticket
  121. GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump
  122. BOSTON GLOBE set to publish fake news tomorrow, in lampoon Trump edition of Sunday paper...
  123. Trump’s getting trounced in Indiana
  124. Veterans’ groups STILL waiting for funds PROMISED by Trump from Fox debate fiasco
  125. Donald Trump restructures campaign staff after threat of contested convention
  126. No Super Tuesday for Colorado’s Trump hating GOP: Bernie was helped, Rubio hindered
  127. Iowa CD Conventions
  128. Anti-Trump Protesters Terrorize and Threaten “Students For Trump”
  129. Trump, Kasich Campaigns Shut Out Cruz Camp in Michigan
  130. Donald Trump has a teeny, tiny base
  131. Why Presidential candidates kiss babies on campaign trail?
  132. Donald Trump Finds Support in Reddit’s Unruly Corners
  133. Fury as Colorado has no primary or caucus
  134. Poll: Denying Trump nomination would cost GOP in November
  135. A portrait of Trump the donor: Free rounds of golf, but no personal cash
  136. No matter what you think of Bill Clinton, the man is flipping brilliant.
  137. Trumpinator the Movie (humor)
  138. Bill Burr On Donald Trump’s Appeal - CONAN on TBS
  139. GOP hastily deletes Never Trump Tweet
  140. Some Serious Legal challenges to Cruz's eligibility from Democrats
  141. Why Stefan Molyneux Supports Donald Trump 2016 [Best Explanation Yet!]
  142. My take on Trump after Ron Paul 2012.
  143. Losing with Trump may be the best realistic option for the GOP establishment
  144. So what happens in July then?
  145. Donald Trump: We're supposed to be a Democracy
  146. An ode to Don's wall, chump 2016
  147. Trump: Yep, My Kids Can't Vote for Me
  148. Great call by Michael Savage
  149. Vermin Supreme Demolishes Trump Supporters! (feat. Donald Trump Jr.) [video]
  150. Colorado Protest Planned at GOP headquarters: USA Today
  151. Buchanan: Will Trump be swindled in Cleveland, too?
  152. Trump Goons Now Giving Out HOME Addresses & Phone Numbers in Colorado
  153. Altercation at Trump Rally in Albany
  154. Trump Made A Mistake By Overlooking Colorado
  155. Larken Rose on the Presidential Erection
  156. NBC Poll: Voters Split Between Clinton and Trump in Hypothetical November Matchup
  157. Dishonest DNC at it again: Colorado votes were misreported by officials for 5 weeks
  158. Donald Trump talks Ayn Rand
  159. Other states after SC where Trump loses previously-bound first ballot delegates ?
  160. Ryan to definitely rule out presidential run today
  161. Ballot Fraud in Colorado - deleted messages
  162. Phyllis Schlafly: My Board Plotting to Fire Me Over Trump
  163. Trump's VP choice
  164. Brock: Enough opposition research to ‘knock Trump Tower down’
  165. GOP braces for rule fight
  166. Is The GOP/RNC About To Commit Political Suicide ?
  167. Judge: Ted Cruz eligible to be on N.J. primary ballot
  168. Hillary Confirms Trillion Dollar Tax Hike Plan
  170. Trump ramps up Indiana campaign after missing key deadline
  171. After 9/11, Trump Took Money Meant for Small Businesses
  172. Trump hires Rick Wiley (former Walker, Giuliani '08) as political director
  173. Why Ted Cruz fought to outlaw dildos in Texas
  174. 2016: The Year Americans Found Out Their Elections Are Rigged
  175. Just learned that Ted Cruz didn't vote on Rand's Audit the Fed bill
  176. Hundreds of people coming out to support Republican candidate Ted Cruz
  177. Alan Dershowitz: Ted Cruz was one of his most brilliant students BUT...
  178. Donald Trump asks confused Pittsburgh crowd, ‘How’s Joe Paterno?’
  179. Cruz likely to block Trump on a second ballot at the GOP convention
  180. Trump campaign manager won't be prosecuted on battery charge
  181. 3 Arrested, 4 Officers Injured at Trump Rally
  182. Can the World Survive a President Killary Clinton
  183. Obama Damns Hillary With Faint Praise
  184. Cruz' father involved in JFK assassination?
  185. Colorado proves Rand Paul right
  186. Former Apprentice Contestants Denounce Donald Trump
  187. Karl Rove warms to Trump
  188. Rand's Chief of Staff speaks out about 2012 RNC shafting of Ron Paul (by Doug Stafford)
  189. Stop Trump Coalition - will there be blood? - with internal note
  190. Most Bernie Sanders supporters aren't willing to pay for his revolution
  191. The Babylonian Talmud vs. the Colorado GOP
  192. Bernie Sanders double-play: Ban fracking and add a carbon tax
  193. Hillary goes far left on guns
  194. Why is Bernie Sanders in Vatican City not New York City?
  195. MSNBC Panel Stunned Silent by Obama’s Remarks on Clinton Email Scandal
  196. Hillary Clinton claims that Libya is now a successful Democracy
  197. Whispers of Marine (ret.) General "Bulldog" Mattis Entering 2016 Race
  198. Ron Paul calls Donald Trump a ‘dangerous’ authoritarian: ‘The opposite of a Libertarian’
  199. The three GOP candidates at NY State banquet
  200. Trump Presidency Rated Top Ten Global Risks for Future
  201. James Altucher: Is Donald Trump a Socialist?
  202. Sanders to release full 2014 tax returns, showing just more than $200,000 in income
  203. Don't throw away your vote - Ron Paul
  204. Hypothetical general election poll
  205. Former Colorado Delegate is Done
  206. Bernie Sanders Attacks Wall Street and Hillary Clinton; Hillary's last boss alleged WS puppet
  207. Ron Paul’s lost delegates: Why they may decide the 2016 GOP nomination
  208. Ron Paul says Trump doesn't understand how the rigging works.
  209. Norquist: Hillary’s Attack on Guns and Fracking Will Cost Her the Election
  210. Ice Cube: Hillary Clinton Helped ‘Justify’ a War on Black People
  211. Would Cruz defend him if Obama's brother had said, "Send Rafael Cruz back to Cuba"?
  212. Bernie Sanders Attacks Wall Street and Hillary Clinton; Hillary's last boss alleged WS puppet
  213. Trump & the Constitution Party -- split
  214. If the Republicans want to win in November
  215. Priebus blamed by Cruz/McCain ally for derailed rule change( history of threatening Trumpkins)
  216. Michelle Fields on Trump's team of neocons: "Zero women at the table. #shocking"
  217. Predictions 2016
  218. Ben Carson Compares RNC's Rules to Jim Crow Era
  219. Bernie Sanders slams Hillary Clinton's "racist" comment
  221. "Corporate Democratic Whores" "It Was so Shocking to Hear!"
  222. Chinese Finance Minister:U.S. “wouldn’t be entitled to world leadership” if it follow[s] Trump
  223. While GOP pushes fights, split parties and riots, Trump calls for better showbiz, staging
  224. Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Crooked Hillary’ in New York
  225. I Agree With The Purists, Trump Is Crazy !
  226. 11 Year-Old ‘Dancing Trumps’ Banned From School Talent Show After Complaints
  227. What Happened Trump's "Smart People"?
  228. Does anyone else see the Alex Jones/Trump irony?
  229. D'Souza's "Hillary's America" Trailer (Vid)
  230. Arthur R. Thompson, Trump, NAFTA & the Elite's Globalist Agenda
  231. Stephanopoulos In Disbelief Clinton “Doesn’t Know” About Major 9/11 Bill
  232. How can Trump hurt the GOP establishment?
  233. Bernie Sanders the FRAUD Hypocrite
  234. New York Primary April 19th
  235. Ted Cruz: "Golan Heights are part of Israel's sovereign territory"
  236. What if we were to start a "Become an Elector" campaign
  237. Rep. Peter King: “I think I’ll take cyanide if (Ted Cruz) got the nomination.”
  238. Libertarians For Sanders?
  239. The US Election System - A Giant Circus Of Lies
  240. r/Libertarian
  241. Hillary allowed Boeing to sell weapons to Saudis after Boeing and Saudis gave her $10 million
  242. 2016 Election: "Partnership for a New American Economy" - Ask Europeans How That's Working Out
  243. Brutal Anti-Cruz Attack Ad Just 30 Seconds
  244. Ron Paul Delegates
  245. AP: Ted Cruz now mathematically eliminated from clinching GOP nomination
  246. Cruz: "America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat"
  247. People Concerned about Delegate Process, Cruz Brushes it Off
  248. GOPe Now Planning to Skip Convention
  249. Pat Buchanan: Even If Trump Wins, The West Is Doomed
  250. Pack of retards opposes Trump