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  1. March 8th Results: Idaho, Hawaii, Michigan, Mississippi
  2. Hillary's bluffing. But who cares
  3. GOP Candidates Call Snowden a ‘Traitor,’ U.S. Has Yet to Charge Him with Treason
  4. Bush Crime Family officially endorses their puppet, "Calgary Ted" Cruz
  5. Less TRUMP and More HILLARY (Judge Nap Article)
  6. Federal Reserve Governor’s Clinton Donation Raises Questions About Fed Independence
  7. ‘Hijacking the Republican Party’
  8. Trump and the media
  9. The ultimate Ron Paul hating neoconservative endorses trump.
  10. Sanders wants to take a bite out of drug patent laws!
  11. Tyranny Of The First Lady
  12. Limbaugh: 'Impeachment on Day 2' if Trump becomes Obama
  13. Someone Launched a Petition to Get Jerry Springer to Host Next GOP Debate
  14. Rubio camp accuses Cruz of 'dirty tricks' over Hawaii 'dropout' email
  15. Polls had Hillary at +21.4 vs Sanders in MI, yet she lost. Polls were WAY OFF!
  16. Here is your next supreme court judge appointed by Trump.
  17. GOPe just rubber stamp a Trump VP pick ?
  18. Trump Already Surrounding Himself With Establishment Men
  19. Ron Paul: “I think Trump is an authoritarian...”
  20. Ron Paul: Donald Trump "a dangerous person."
  21. Ron Paul: Sanders just a variant of Trump
  22. Trump/Paul 2016
  23. Ron Paul: "scared to death" of a Trump Presidency
  24. Ron Paul Calls Trump “In some places Worse Than the Establishment."
  25. Become a delegate at your county and state conventions -
  26. Ron Paul Warns don't vote for Ted Cruz
  27. A Message From Trump's America
  28. Brokered Convention-Put Ron Paul in
  29. Ron Paul: Send Marco Rubio To Outer Space Where He Belongs
  30. The "End The Fed" facebook crew made this video
  31. Donald Trump Upends Status Quo on Foreign Policy
  32. Carly Fiorina: Ted Cruz will say 'whatever' to get elected
  33. Why attacking Trump has been so lethal for 2016 candidates?
  34. Kasich Townhall Stunner: I voted for NAFTA, it's been pretty much a wash
  35. Rand Paul and the Missing Discussion about the 2012 DIA Memo
  36. Did Trump cross the line in his latest attack?
  37. Fox News Poll: Kasich Ahead in Ohio
  38. Romney, Stabbed both Ron Paul and Trump in the back.
  39. Trump - Does the end justify the means?
  40. Ron Paul: Trump "the establishment candidate", "fraud."
  41. Trump's modeling agency broke immigration laws, attorneys say
  42. The $7.5 Million in Donations Helping Trump's 'Self-Funded' Campaign
  43. What if the FBI Is Onto Hillary Clinton?
  44. Excellent article how Cruz has been made by the Bush family to be their next political star
  45. What if Hillary....
  46. Why Did Carly Fiorina Endorse Ted Cruz?
  47. Clinton on If She Would Drop Out If Indicted: ‘I’m Not Even Answering That Question’
  48. Who would Rothbard endorse?
  49. Matt Kibbe: Socialism Kills
  50. Cruz says Trump backers have 'relatively low information,' not very 'engaged'
  51. University of Miami GOP Debate 8:30 ET
  52. Mike Lee Endorses Ted Cruz for President, Encourages Rubio to Drop Out
  53. We are in Serious Trouble - Two Hours With Trump Supporters Online
  54. Trump protester blindsided as led out of rally
  55. Clinton Says Mother of Benghazi Victim is Wrong to Call Her a Liar
  56. Ron Paul On Trump Endorsement: 'I Was The Only Candidate Who Didn't Kiss His Ring'
  57. Donald v. Adolf
  58. Michelle Fields allegedly assaulted by Trump campaign manager [Police file charges]
  59. Carson to endorse Trump
  60. Did the Republican Party Screw Itself in 2012 When It Changed The Rules?
  61. Loretta Lynch: DOJ Not Required to Take FBI Advice on Hillary Prosecution
  62. Martin Armstrong: Why Trump Haters REALLY HATE Trump
  63. If Trump was really a racist, would Ben Carson have endorsed him?
  64. Trump Booed at Debate for Supporting Israel
  65. Rand Paul delegates elected in US Virgin Islands?!
  66. Fighting Words at Trump Rallies as not usually reported on tv
  67. Trump says he will run 3rd party if Ron Paul is the nominee (2011)
  68. Arms Makers Fret if Trump Becomes POTUS........
  69. Drudge Headline for Debate Tonight
  70. Tulsi Gabbard: I don't fear Clintons
  71. Tump Butler - Really great guy, nice man
  72. Odds of a Hillary email grand jury underway just went much higher
  73. Jesse Benton with Trump now!
  74. Trump Calls BLM Out For Stealing Ranchers' Land
  75. I'm voting for Trump or Bernie, because.......
  76. Carson / Trump Presser
  77. Ben Carson: God Communicated to Him in Dream About Trump; Hillary is Tied To Satan
  78. Beck Pleads With Limbaugh: Help Us Stop Trump!
  79. Drudge Takes the Fight To the Dominionism of the Cruz Family
  80. Source: Clinton IT specialist revealing server details to FBI, 'devastating witness'
  81. PJB: A Sea Island Conspiracy?
  82. Ugly
  83. NRO Endorses Cruz
  84. Donald Trump: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Justin Raimondo
  85. Rubio Slams Trump as ‘Anti-Israeli’
  86. Rubio adviser Alex Conant: Best chance to stop Trump in Ohio is Kasich
  87. JOHN MCAFEE: Join the crusade to save our country
  88. Ex-McCain Adviser Schmidt: Non-Trump Nomination At Brokered RNC Could Wipe Out GOP
  89. Ted Cruz, A Bush By Another Name
  90. Ben Carson, endorser of Trump, also sees angels in dream
  91. Anti-free speech protesters shutdown Trump rally
  92. Protesters Occupy Trump Chicago Rally; Event Cancelled
  93. Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% Of Democratic Party Superdelegates Are Lobbyists
  94. Clinton on abortion rights.
  95. Who would you Vote for....
  96. Trump Won't Back Down Against Islam- Maybe He Watched This.
  98. Vladimir Putin Just Gave Trump HUGE News !!!
  99. The US Military foresaw the rise of Trump back in 1947, and filmed a warning for us all.
  100. 2008 ground zero
  101. Former Rand Paul staffer to be an unbound convention delegate #StillRanding?
  102. Trump vs the MSM
  104. Fellow Ron Paul supporters: I have a serious concern...
  105. Kasich to Ohio, Rubio to Florida, and Cruz out of both ?
  106. Bernie Sanders promises to “take trucks off the road” if elected
  107. Trump Rally in Vandalia, OH
  108. Without Carson, GOP will lose black vote and presidency, PAC says
  109. Those wonderful "protestors" - where's the libertarian outrage?
  110. Ann Coulter finally gets it
  111. The Main Casualty of Cancelled Trump Rally Is The Idea of Free Speech
  113. Vodka shots at all rallys!
  114. Obama thirsty for a taste of Donald Trump's wine
  115. Attendance at recent rallies
  116. Bernie Sanders Supporters Shut Down Donald Trump's Rally - NBC
  117. Did the Chicago Riots Hurt Trump?
  118. Trump rally in Kansas City
  119. Bernie Sanders Summit Illinois Rally
  120. Rubio: ‘There is no doubt’ Obama helped stoke violence displayed at recent political rallies
  121. Your Dream 2016 Election Scenario
  122. IF Rand had Trump's Backbone and Machismo Would He Still Be in the Race?
  123. Red Dreher: "If I were Jewish"
  124. Do you think Carson's endorsement of Trump will calm down the political tensions in America?
  125. NRO's Kevin Williamson: Working Class Communities Need To Die
  126. John Legend calls Donald Trump 'racist'
  127. Background to Trump jumper; Sat - Dayton Ohio (actor)
  128. William Kristol on the Trump Race
  129. Trump/Gingrich
  130. Twilight of the Neoconservatives
  131. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton To Headline AIPAC Conference
  132. "Argue With Neighbors, Get In Their Face"
  133. Trump Will Make His Peace with the War Party Just as Reagan Learned to Love Big Government
  134. Trump Suggests Sending Supporters Into Sanders Rallies
  135. The best predictor of Trump support isn't income, education, or age. It's authoritarianism.
  136. Another Hillary Clinton Coughing Fit
  137. DJT Live in Cincinnati
  138. Nassim Taleb Sums Up America's Election In 17 "Black Swan" Words
  139. Nassim Taleb Sums Up America's Election In 17 "Black Swan" Words
  140. Do you see Trump as better or worse leader than Obama?
  141. Is the media really trying to take Trump down or are they promoting him?
  142. Pete Rose endorses Trump
  143. Murdered by Illegal: Pro-Amnesty Kasich, Rubio Should Be Tried for ‘Treason
  144. Wyoming Caucus Results
  145. Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro resign from Breitbart
  146. Oprah talks to Donald Trump in 1988
  147. Trump’s Foreign-Policy Team
  148. NYT: The Neocons vs. Donald Trump
  149. 3 'LIVE' Rallies Today 3-14-16 RPF Comment Fest.. Drop by / Say Hi :)
  150. Can You Handle the Truth? Ted & Heidi Cruz and the North American Union
  151. An "Old Hickory" for the 21st Century
  152. Lying liberal media busted. Anti gay pastor did NOT call for execution of gays
  153. Trump Relied on Funding from George Soros to Build Chicago Trump Tower
  154. RNC Official Claims ‘Every Delegate Is a Superdelegate,’ Can Override Will of Voters
  155. Chicago Political Violence: Whose Fault? from RonPaulLibertyReport
  156. Kasich Goes All In For Amnesty: Illegals 'Made In Image Of Lord...
  157. All He has Going for Him is A Lot of Votes
  158. Clinton Says She'll "Put a Lot of Coal Companies and Coal Miners Out of Business"
  159. [WaPo]:This new revelation should cripple Donald Trump. But it won’t. Here’s why.
  160. Anti-American blue collar worker, pro-NAFTA candidate John Kasich funded by Soros
  161. Trump attacked again
  162. Why is Donald Trump running for President?
  163. On eve of crucial primaries, alarm and regret sets in among pockets of neocons
  164. Networks Award Trump 84 Percent of Pre-Super Tuesday 3 Coverage/GOP Side
  165. Trump Says He Might Pay Legal Fees For Man Who Sucker-Punched A Protester
  166. Kasich: I watch Golf Channel, not the news
  167. 361 Delegates at stake today
  168. March 15th results: Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Northern Marianas
  169. A Question On Delegate Voters
  170. video shows "anti-Trump" crowd was more violent than media is reporting
  171. Cumberland Co Sheriff's Office Investigating Trump for "Inciting Riot"
  173. Donald Trump - Con Man
  174. "Libertarians for Trump"
  175. The main reason why a lot of people here hate Trump
  176. Trump Quotes Video
  177. Donald Trump thinks Tiananmen Square should have been put down.
  178. Donald Trump is already surrounding himself with establishment men.
  179. Imagine a President Trump with THIS Power
  180. Trump rally violence is a battle between left and right authoritarians
  181. Is the GOP Ripe For a Hostile Takeover?
  182. Donald Trump wavers on paying legal fees for violent supporters
  183. It's trillons of dollars we're spending on these wars
  184. Looks like a bad night for Communism in the U.S.A
  185. cnn or go.cnn.com Rubio concession speech on now!
  186. GOP establishment silent as Trump repeats "little Marco","lying Ted" slurs almost daily
  187. Rubio drops out
  188. Ted Cruz urged to apologize for attacks against Mitch McConnell
  189. As of today, 50% of GOP Presidential candidates are Cuban-Americans (0.58% of US population)
  190. What's up w/ Cruz always saying "I will repeal every word of Obamacare"
  191. Jerry Brown: If Trump Wins, We’ll Build a Wall Around California
  192. Sanders Campaign imploding? watch it live here
  193. Trump has "support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight (8) or more states"
  194. Obama's First Lady (other) says Trump has no substance
  195. Info on Trump on Audit the Fed
  196. Most non-Trump GOP voters say they would consider independent candidate
  197. 'This Is a Totalitarian Movement': Sheriff Clarke Responds to Trump Protester
  198. Trump, Cruz vow to barricade Kasich from convention
  199. For presidential hopefuls, simpler language resonates
  200. Why Rand Paul Really Dropped Out Of The 2016 Presidential Race
  201. Ted Cruz Needs 90% of Remaining Delegates (as of March 15th)
  202. Protesters at Kasich and Rubio speeches yesterday
  203. Look who has signed onto the Trump SuperPac as chief strategist...
  204. Trump : Marco Rubio has a great future
  205. Boehner backs Paul Ryan for president
  206. We choose the nominee, not the voters: Senior GOP official
  207. Trump Skipping Next Fox Debate for AIPAC
  208. Trump Threatens Riots if He's Not the Nominee
  209. Neoconational Review - Trump's not so bad after all
  210. Carson : I didn't want to endorse Trump
  211. Dealing with Protesters: Trump vs. Obama
  212. Mitch McConnell Says He Advised Donald Trump to Condemn Violence at Rallies
  213. Trump Supporters’ Aversion To Foreign-Sounding Names Cost Him Delegates
  214. Trump a Bad President for only four years - Ben Carson
  215. Useful links for Delegate Tracking, Voting Results, State Rules
  216. The Ron Paul rule backfires on the GOP..blowback anyone?
  217. Anonymous Declares War on Donald Trump
  218. New Trump Ad against Hillary
  219. ‘You Son of a B***h’: Glenn Beck Slams ‘Delusional’ Kasich for Staying in the Race
  220. 1776, The Number Of Votes Rand Got
  221. Sheldon Adelson on Trump - Why Not?
  222. Tim Wise: How Trump Uses Race to Divide & Conquer
  223. Should Ron Paul jump into the race to stop Trump, Clinton and Sanders?
  224. Should Ron/Rand forums be used as a platform to promote and organize for Trump?
  225. Should anti-Trump protester face federal charge for attempting to rush stage
  226. Shouldn't we be getting ready Rand for a contested convention?
  227. Top Republicans: scrap convention rule book for Robert's Rules
  228. RNC Official "Political parties choose the nominee, not the general public"
  229. House of Cards prediction thread 2016
  230. How the GOP Elite Plan To Rob Donald Trump
  231. To make money Trump had to...
  232. Rubio’s Exit Leaves Trump With an Open Path to 1,237 Delegates
  233. Wait A Minute - Who's The Real Fascist?
  234. Conservative leaders gather to plot against Donald Trump
  235. Some #neverTrump establishment folk are talking about taking over the LP
  236. Challenge: Name one part of Trump's consistent ideology where he is pro-liberty
  237. Cruz Assembles an Unlikely Team of Foreign-Policy Rivals
  238. Libertarians to GOP Establishment – Back Off!!!
  239. Ted Cruz Wins Support of Lindsey Graham
  240. Cruz Hires Neocon Loons, Gaffney, Ledeen, Abrams
  241. Sanders Concedes Missouri
  242. The 2016 Presidential Election Sub-Forum Is For News, Not Ideology.
  243. Trump claims he will declassify the 28 pages [edit]
  244. Cruz Hires Neocon Loons, Gaffney, Ledeen, Abrams by Jason Ditz
  245. Libertarians are Jumping Ship This Election Cycle
  246. Epiphany : we've been doing this all wrong all along. Piggy back off Trump for delegates
  247. The Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Trump
  248. Trump to feature Bill Clinton's victims in TV spots
  249. NBC mentions Ron Paul "the ayes have it" screwover in convention write-up
  250. Stephen Colbert's Tribute to the Implosion of Marco Rubio