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  1. Another Marcobot Glitch
  2. Tom Cotton's Name Coming Up in Third Party Rumors
  3. Donald Trump went too far… What was the path to 9/11?
  4. David Duke: "I'm not kkk, do NOT 'endorse' trump, but will vote for him 'strategically'"
  5. Alex Jones: If you don't support Trump you're totally insane
  6. NY Post: Trump could win New York
  7. Trump Mortgage failed
  8. Green Party’s Stein Predicts DNC Will Sabotage Sanders, Try to Reabsorb Supporters
  9. Jennifer Rubin calls for Cruz to join #NeverTrump after dropping out
  10. Trump's effect on stock market
  11. TIME reporter gets in fight with Secret Service Agent
  12. Where this country is headed
  13. Trump: Someone should primary Rand Paul
  14. The Suicide of the GOP Establishment
  15. nascar ceo endorse Trump
  16. Trump and the establishment [edit]
  17. Trump’s Trade Claims Are Ignorant
  18. Scarborough: Trump's Remarks on KKK are 'Disqualifying'
  19. Grab the Popcorn
  20. Clintons Plan & Brace For The Trump Iceberg
  21. Upgraded to Defcon 2 in Prog Land --- Liberals Must Vote For Rubio
  22. Trump; more homework before he blanketly condemns former KKK’s David Duke
  23. Trump orders Secret Service to remove black students from rally
  24. A New GOP is Born, By Patrick Buchanan
  25. Infowars........ 'Hispanics For Trump' Feature
  26. Trump being advised by ex-U.S. Lieutenant General who favors closer Russia ties
  27. Chris Christie’s excruciatingly bad interview on Donald Trump
  28. Make Donald Drumpf Again (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)
  29. Jesse Ventura can't decide between Sanders or Trump
  30. The Truth About Marco Rubio
  31. Neoconservatives Declare War on Donald Trump
  32. A Pres. Marco Rubio Will Destroy America and Ruin Everything You Love
  33. MSNBC Race Baiting Super Fail on Trump!
  34. The 2016 US Presidential Election: Produced For Your Viewing Satisfaction
  35. Speaking at the GOP convention
  36. Happy Super Trumpsday! (thanks to the GOP's Ron Paul rule of 2012)
  37. I am sad we only got 3 out of 4 of these, couldn't finish.
  38. Pres Trump - Bill Maher Delivers Profane State of the Union : Lick My Balls, No New Taxes!
  39. ALIPAC Endorse Trump After Fears of Heidi Cruz's Connections
  40. Ryan denounces Trump over KKK dust-up
  41. Rubio “Very Extroverted Homosexual” During College Years
  42. Top Rand Staffer To Support Trump
  43. Vermin Supreme now seeking LP nomination
  44. I just voted Matt Collins for president...
  45. David Duke LIES about his endorsement of Donald Trump
  46. Think Trump's troopers are racist? Don't be so smug: David Mastio
  47. Doug Wead gives the history of Super Tuesday
  48. No room for black Valdosta students in Trump world
  49. Trump Immigration: Everything is Negotiable
  50. Please Stop Doing That
  51. NY court rules fraud charges against Trump University can proceed
  52. Psychotic Left Frothing At the Mouth over a Probable Trump Super Tuesday Romp
  53. Steve Munisteri speaks about the Lone Star State voters from Texas
  54. Super Tuesday LIVE News Stream LIVE TV- Newsmax TV | 2016 Election Talk
  55. Super Tuesday predictions
  56. Official Super Tuesday results thread
  57. What fake libertarians who call Ron Paul "weak on immigration" really mean
  58. Trump Had Planned Presidential Campaign Since 2013
  59. Bill Clinton Justifies Byrd's KKK Membership: He Was Trying To Get Elected
  60. Boost to third parties?
  61. Dick Morris discusses Super Tuesday - Third Party Run?
  62. Help Me Make America Great Again!
  63. As Trump rises, consider a 3rd party: Column
  64. Hillary Clinton To Voter: 'Why Don't You Go Run for Something, Then?'
  65. Thooper Toothday R3SuLTs
  66. National Poll: Clinton, Sanders both top Trump
  67. Donald J. Trump to Chris Christie: "Get in the plane and go home."
  68. Super Tuesday 2016: Marco Rubio says attacks on Donald Trump are working
  69. FBI Director Comey: 'Very close personally' to Clinton email probe
  70. No one above 50 percent in Republican Convention
  71. Which other running candidate you think is better than Trump?
  72. The GOP nominees in 2008 and 2012 both won this state, Trump didn't.
  73. Trumptraitors.com
  74. Infowars: Could Trump Violate NAFTA as POTUS?
  75. Hillary Clinton Super Tuesday remarks: we must make America WHOLE(?!) | Hillary Clinton
  76. Six N.J. newspapers call on Christie to resign
  77. Kobach suggests blackmailing Mexico with the PATRIOT Act pay $10B now or lose $23Billion/year
  78. It's Not Just The GOP – The Democratic Party Is Also Imploding
  79. Trump Losing Momentum
  80. Miley Cyrus Cries Over DJT
  81. Huckabee: Trump Phenomenon is a ‘Peaceful Overthrow of the Government’
  82. FNN: Dr. Ben Carson Reacts to Super Tuesday Results
  83. Huckabee drops truth bomb about GOP establishment
  84. Republican Establishment Plans To Support Hillary
  85. Voter fraud reported in Austin Texas
  86. Rubio and Cruz Tell Donors That They Can't Beat Trump BUT....
  87. Neocon Kristol plotting to help Hillary
  88. Mitt Romney To Speak On Republican Race Thursday
  89. The primary reason why David Brock Wants the Bernie-Hillary War To End Immediately
  90. Trump over Rubio in Kentucky March 5
  91. Keiser & Jones on Trump
  92. Carson drops out
  93. Trump: "we're going to try to bring them back (illegals) rapidly"
  94. Trump already impacting Illegal Immigration.
  95. Bush/Romney strategist Alex Castellanos gives up, says Trump has won
  96. "TED CRUZ" — A Bad Lip Reading
  99. Cruz Running Out of Campaign Cash?
  100. Ted Cruz signed privacy waiver for Canada records yet ?
  101. GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Says He Will Vote Third Party If Trump Wins Nomination
  102. Roger Ailes: We Can't do the Rubio Thing Anymore.
  103. Romney 2016?
  104. CPUSA
  105. Trump - Insider Posing As An Outsider? Do You Think You Are Being Manipulated?
  106. D.U.: Old CW: Trump'll be a trainwreck; he can't unify the GOP. New CW: He's unifying the GOP
  107. It isn't The Issues
  108. Gizmodo & Rush Limbaugh: Has Donald Trump Ever Used a Computer & Email?
  109. Ted Cruz needs a briefing to say the KKK is bad?
  110. Donald Trump: Let's Make America Great Again Theme Song (cameo by Ron Paul)
  111. Alexandr Dugin Speaks Highly of Trump
  112. Trump Insider: Judge Andrew Napolitano is Trump's First Choice for Supreme Court
  113. FOX News was supporting Rubio, now they have dropped him like a hot potato
  114. Rubio cancelling events; is it over?
  115. Went to a Ted Cruz rally tonight
  116. This forum should be empty now
  117. How "Secure" is your vote in 2016 ?
  118. Clinton camp ‘pleased’ former email staffer talking to FBI
  119. Romney calling Trump 'phony,' urging Republicans to shun him
  120. Rory Cooper: Trump will not get enough delegates
  121. Some Democrats and Independents WILL go to Trump against Hillary
  122. A Donald Trump presidency would cause the U.S. economy to collapse.
  123. The KKK Scam
  124. Hillary Clinton’s False Hopes
  125. Over 80,000 People Want Bill Clinton Arrested For Violating Election Laws On Super Tuesday
  126. Mitt Romney on Trump: "A business genius he is not"
  127. Push inside the Republican Party to derail Trump
  128. Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism
  129. Trump: Apocalypse
  130. Prove Him Wrong
  131. ‘You’re Dividing People by Race!’ CNN’s Jeff Lord, Van Jones Blow Up Over Trump KKK Flap
  132. LIVESTREAM: Trump's response to Mitt
  133. Doug Wead: Romney may try and steal the nomination from Trump
  134. the GOP establishment wanted a Cruz/Rubio ticket from day one
  135. Bernie and Ron
  136. Trump Promises as worthless as a degree from Trump University
  137. Cruz the ultimate establishment candidate
  138. Anti-Trump Republicans Call for a Third-Party Option
  139. March 3rd Republican debate on Fox News - 9 pm ET
  140. Romney, McCain: Trump a danger for America's future
  141. Trump making Americans Immune to the Israeli Propaganda
  142. "Get The Gourmet Popcorn"
  143. Are You a Trump supporter?
  144. The Rise of American Authoritarianism (GOP & Trump Related)
  145. Judge Nap's Chambers: Hillary Clinton
  146. Presidential Preference Poll 3/3/2016
  147. Trump teams with Sessions: "contrast to interventionist ideas that could enmesh us in regions"
  148. Are You a Cruz supporter?
  149. Are You a Rubio supporter?
  150. Is Kasich the New GOP/Fox Puppet?
  151. Cruz Lies Again
  152. Who the Benghazi guys endorse
  153. Mittens and the Media
  154. If Rand re-enters the race, he is selling his soul to the establishment
  155. Jim Webb on Trump (Won't Vote for Clinton)
  156. Gingrich: Establishment Scared of Trump Because He “Didn’t Belong to the Secret Society”
  157. Trump: "Chris Christie would make a great Attorney General"
  158. NY Court Proceeds with Fraud Prosecution Against Trump University
  159. Trump softens H1B-visa policy during GOP debate
  160. Christie : "I was not being held hostage"
  161. Psychologists and massage therapists are reporting ‘Trump anxiety’ among clients
  162. Trump Reverses His Stance on Torture
  163. Former Rand/Cruz staffer Vincent Harris jumping on the Trump train
  164. Closest Liberty Candidate?
  165. Trump withdraws from CPAC speech to campaign in Kansas
  166. Laurence M. Vance: My Two Cents on Conservative Criticisms of Trump
  167. Please Explain how the two Videos Differ?
  168. UK paper : Caitlyn wants to join Cruz
  169. No Debating Trump's Ignorance After That Debacle
  170. Aspirations of 18-yr old Cruz
  171. Doug Wead: “how the establishment will steal the nomination from Donald Trump"
  172. Trump to McCain "be very careful"
  173. The Secret Donald Trump Supporters
  174. Did Mitt file papers for Presidential run?
  175. John Fund: Trump Delegates Should Bolt If He Doesn't Release Tax Returns
  176. Trump Pulls Out of CPAC - Foils Cruz Supporters & UPDATE: Trumpsters heckle Cruz at CPAC
  177. Hillary Clinton Wears Hijab In Latest Campaign Ad…
  178. Secret Service Visits Beck After Debate Comments
  179. I don't get the comparison between Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump
  180. Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine choose delegates on Saturday
  181. Should Rand Support Trump
  182. For How Many Cycles Bush Iraq War Legacy Will Loom Over US Presidential Elections?
  183. Caitlyn Jenner on 2016: 'I sit on the Republican side'
  184. Louis C.K. sends email out calling Trump "Hitler" [email inside]
  185. Saturday march 6 Caucus experience
  186. Interesting Romney backlash going on
  187. Vermin Supreme Coming To CSI In Twin Falls
  188. Trump LIVE in Orlando: Ejecting Hecklers on Parade
  189. CPAC organizer slams ‘disrespectful’ Trump
  190. Donald Trump broke Fox News' debate rules
  191. Anti-Rand tweets sent today by Trump
  192. Here’s what a Jesse Ventura presidency would look like (by Jesse Ventura)
  193. 2016 GOP Primary Schedule
  194. Cruz argued for increasing the base H-1B cap to 325,000 (old)
  195. NYT: Cruz, Rubio and Trump nomination paths
  196. ARG Poll: Kasich leads in Michigan
  197. I'm voting Trump for laughs
  198. Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is under investigation for allegedly threatening to kil
  199. Parrot Sex
  200. Low-Expectations: Secret to Trump's Success
  201. Charles Krauthammer's plan to take down Trump
  202. Is The Republican Establishment Attack On Trump A Planned Charade?
  203. Glenn Beck: GOP establishment got Trump because they ignored the Ron Paul people
  204. How many times has the tallest POTUS nominee NOT won?
  205. Veepstakes: Who might Trump pick
  206. Clinton: I've Been The Most Transparent Public Official in Modern Times
  207. The Tom and Lew show: Debate analysis
  208. "Trump Is A Sick Pathological Liar! This Is Ugly Fascism In America!"
  209. Donald Trump plans fundraising blitz if he wins GOP nomination, source says
  210. Hillary Clinton Brags about Voting for Border Fence to Keep Out Illegal Immigrants
  211. Clinton: Email scandal "moving toward a resolution"
  212. Trump Is The GOP's Frankenstein Monster! Senator Harry Reid
  213. Trump co-opted by the Neocon Establishment and Defense industry?
  214. New video exposes the Truth about Ted Cruz
  215. Media Too Soft on Trump's Wealth, Possible Mob Ties to Hotel Business in Vegas
  216. Why Donald Trump is a much bigger test for the ‘libertarian moment’ than Rand Paul
  217. SNL Cold Open Mocks Trump, Cruz, Romney
  218. Where were these Fing anti establishment trump voters when Ron Paul was running.
  219. VIDEO: Cruz talks about his wife being in CFR during senate run
  220. Why are POTUS candidates expected to have a "plan" for this, that, and the other thing?
  221. First Democratic video of 2016 blasts GOP in Spanish on gun control and background checks
  222. Trump on torture: 'We have to beat the savages'
  223. Bernie put Hillary in her place tonight
  224. Independent Candidates like Terry Jones, or Vermin Supreme
  225. Merkel Deputy Slams DJT as an Isolationist; Threat to World Peace and Global Cooperation
  226. Like Ron Paul, Trump Draws Surprising Military Support
  227. FBI Arrests "Veterans for Trump" Co-Chair
  228. Who is the real Ted Cruz?
  229. Mitt Romney Ripped A New One
  230. Nationalism (Trump) vs Globalism (Cruz)
  231. Ted Cruz -- Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  232. Van Jones: I Am Scared of Donald Trump and the Current Electoral Map
  233. Arnold : Action Hero Kasich ?
  234. Brother of slain Civil Rights leader endorses Trump
  235. Romney Says He Would ‘Write In a Name’ or Vote Third Party If Trump Wins GOP Nod
  236. Cleveland buying Riot Gear for Republican National Convention
  237. Will Rand Support Trump If He Is The Nominee?
  238. Former mayor Bloomberg of New York says he will not run for president
  239. Ted/Heidi Cruz open 10 campaign offices in Florida, wife fundraiser before GOP debate
  242. Cruz campaign ad
  243. Trump Tells Reporter He Will Advance LGBT Rights.
  244. Notice anything strange? Kasich will win Mich?
  245. ‘Draft Speaker Ryan’ movement forms to push Paul Ryan to run for GOP 2016 presidential nomina
  246. Controversial Trump ad aims to knock out Rubio in Florida
  247. National Review Online is Compiling an Enemies List
  248. At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump
  249. Trump Really Pissed Them Off about 911 skepticism
  250. The 25 Year Tide That Gave Us Trump