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  1. I'm not voting
  2. Donald Trump: Jeb Bush said he wanted to "moon everybody"
  3. Is Trump's bombastic rhetoric on Dubya's failures more acceptable to GOP voters than Ron Paul?
  4. The Reluctant Case for Trump
  5. [VIDEO] Donald Trump Interview 1988 Republican convention
  6. Bill Kristol: after tonight's debate, me and my friends would rather have Clinton than Trump
  7. GOP Debate: Trump Stands His Ground on Foreign Policy
  8. Those who take down another candidate do not necessarily win
  9. That Debate Moment When the Script Is Evidenced…
  10. Why Donald Trump's vicious attack on George W. Bush was so brutally effective — and brillian
  11. N.H. GOP Issues Petition Urging Democratic Superdelegates to Vote for Sanders
  12. Jim Webb Announces That He Will Not Launch Independent Presidential Bid
  13. Black Lawmakers And Their Staffers Split On Bernie Sanders
  14. Donald Trump’s muddled foreign policy is not libertarian
  15. The Late Samuel Francis Predicted the Trump Phenomenon
  16. With Rand Paul gone, is criminal justice reform gone too?
  17. Trump: The Useful Idiot
  18. 4 days to SC Primary, who do you think will win GOP nomination?
  19. Kasich/Jeb livin in a cave? Powell on Iraq report: “I’m not reading this. This is bulls**t”
  20. Ted Cruz goes after Donald Trump for attacking George W. Bush
  21. 2012 FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Said GOP Was Too ‘Mean-Spirited’ Towards Illegal Immigrants
  22. Jeb's website
  23. Hillary on drugs, a closet lesbian; Bill likes to wear "her frilly black nightgowns"
  24. Video: Hookers for Hillary!
  25. Bernie's Origin Story Illustrates How He Became Who He Is
  26. Bill Kristol: Where is the Outrage Over Mr. Trump's Comments?
  27. Trump will not be president because it's a 'serious job,' Obama says
  28. Is Hillary dying, and running just to not be indicted?
  29. Trump; My ‘Personal Vietnam’
  30. Sad Republican Callers Venting To Hush Bimbo About the Bad Man Trump
  31. If You Still Don't Understand......
  32. Trump wrote WMDs in Iraq were a threat a YEAR before Bush was prez!
  33. "watching his campaign go up in flames finally explains Cruz’s logo"
  34. Rubio endorsement zombies
  35. Gary Johnson: Fox Business to Host Libertarian Party Presidential Debate
  36. Nikki Haley: Anyone But Trump
  37. Salon: Trump's Self-Deprecating Humorous Style is Dangerous
  38. Trump supports iPhone back-door for Feds
  39. Why Is Bush Still In This ?
  40. Trump Links Saudis To 911; Cites Classified Papers
  41. GOP Baffled as Voters Rally to Popular Candidate
  42. Clinton Emails: NATO Destroyed Libya To Prevent African Gold-Backed Currency
  43. Glenn Beck: God Brought About Scalia’s Death So America Wld Vote 4 Ted Cruz
  44. Surprise: Trump Falls Behind Cruz in National NBC/WSJ Poll
  45. Spoof: What is Donald Trumps IQ?
  46. Did W Bush just complete the sinking of Jeb in SC?
  47. 11 reasons why Republicans hate Trump
  48. Wall Street's new favorite candidates
  49. Trump says he will be “neutral” on Israel and Palestine [Edit: Article Title]
  50. Trump: The Enemy of My Enemies
  51. New poll out: Hillary loses to every Republican except Trump
  52. Trump vs. Pope Francis, social media edition
  53. "Ineligible" - Cruz' former Harvard Law professor
  54. Paul Krugman: Sanders Needs to Distance Himself from ‘Fantasy Economics’
  55. Cruz: Rebuilding America’s Military
  56. Barack Obama to make historic visit to Cuba, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Blast Obama for the Visit
  57. Gary Johnson vs Austin Peterson
  58. Sources in Bush Campaign Say Jeb’s out of Money…
  59. Trump can't tell difference between his platform and Sanders'
  60. Infowars Reporter Confronts Jeb Bush on Classified 28 pages; Acts Very Nervous and Aloof
  61. Lindsey Graham calls Trump a ‘a kook,’ ; Trump responds 'the guy is a nut job'
  62. Trump Demanded Execution of 5 innocent teens.
  63. Hillary just had her "Howard Dean" moment
  64. Trump = 3rd party candidate
  65. Trumps Tax Reform For The Middle Class
  66. Could Trump try to impeach a former president?
  67. Free Trade or Fair Trade?
  68. Roger Stone: Trump always wears a bullet proof vest
  69. Salon Surrenders. Hillary Clinton can't win.
  70. SALON: "Hillary Can't Win"
  71. Charles Koch Says ‘Bernie Sanders Is Right’ on Criminal Justice, Corporate Welfare
  72. Donald Trump Calls For Apple Boycott
  73. Why Do Trump and Rubio Still Favor Cheap Foreign Labor?
  74. John Kasich praises anti-Semitic Israel-hater
  75. Mark Sanford endorses Cruz for President
  76. Justin Amash says Marco Rubio “embarrassing” on Patriot Act, doesn’t understand Constitution
  77. Trump Is Trampling Over the GOP’s Corpse
  78. Cruz vs Trump: Who Scares you More?
  79. Interview: White Nationalist 'Leader' Supporting Donald Trump
  80. Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz Critical of Donald Trump’s Neutrality on Israel
  81. ICE Officers Warn: Beware of Rubio
  82. late SC poll medians: Trump 33 Rubio 20.5 Cruz 18.5 Bush 9.5 Kasich 8.5 Carson 6%
  83. Roger Stone: Trump will try to audit the Fed
  84. Trump was Against the Iraq War
  85. New book by Roger Stone: Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dyna
  86. “Vote godly” - Cruz' rally Bible rant by Duck Dynasty star
  87. South Carolina and Nevada Results Thread
  88. Trump asks if Obama would have attended Scalia's funeral were it held at a mosque
  89. Jeb Can't Fix It!
  90. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson Held a Secret Meeting Inside a Closet
  91. South Carolina !!!
  92. Jeb dropped out
  93. Beck calls for a fast for Ted Goldman
  94. Donald Trump/Ron Paul 2016
  95. So You Are The Lone Rand Paul Delegate from Iowa
  96. Glenn Beck: Ted Cruz Here by Divine Providence
  97. Report......Mitt To Endorse Marco With Nevada Primary Looming
  98. Interesting Tidbit.............Roger Stone Voted for Ron Paul!
  99. Roger Stone: Who is the Real Ted Cruz?
  100. Current Betting Odds
  101. Trump destroys neocon's political career (video)
  102. The Neocons are going nuts
  103. Trump, Cruz, Rubio...or Democrat?
  104. Kentucky Presidential Caucus March 5
  105. Drudge: Trump leading in 8 states yet to vote
  106. Beck urges we "fast" for Ted Cruz on Monday
  107. Hillary Clinton: "I've always tried" to tell the truth
  108. Trump Rally in Atlanta (LIVE)
  109. What Does The Authoritarian Trump Supports? The Cops.
  110. How do I save my friends that #FeelTheBern?
  111. Awesome Trump Video!
  112. Did you know Glenn Becks called for a fast for Ted Cruz?
  113. Iraqis Celebrate as Threat of Third Bush Presidency is Over
  114. Trump supporters stoking controversial Rubio rumors?
  115. Could a President get classified documents declassified ?
  116. A Call To Arms From Every Statist Enclave in the Land.... We Must Stop Trump!
  117. Cruz Supporters Baffled and Angered after South Carolina Results
  118. Which insurance policy, uh - "running mate" will Trump choose?
  119. Sharpton: Trump is the White Don King
  120. FLASHBACK: Rand Paul...................Rubio Blocked My Border Security Amendment
  121. Protestor Turns off Trump's lights at rally. Trump still wins
  122. Law Enforcement Sides with Crane After Rubio’s Anti-ICE Tirade
  123. Dem Strategist: Democrats Need To be Concerned About Record GOP Turnout
  124. Rubio is more dangerous than HRC
  125. Trump reckons he can win New York
  126. TRUMP slams Ted Cruz for missing important vote to audit Fed
  127. More shenanigans from the Cruz team
  128. To Stop Trump, Rubio Must Offer Cruz VP Or Supreme Court Spot
  129. Nevada GOP worries
  130. Sanders Criticizes Two-Party System for Blocking Competition from Third Parties
  131. Is Trump Supported by Zionists?
  132. Donald Trump calls out Chicago Cubs owners for campaign contributions
  133. If Trump is really against the establishment,
  134. Ann Coulter: Rubio wants to go to war to make Bank of America & Corporate America rich
  135. Trump gets 11% of Jeb supporters & 22% of Carson Supporters (Cruz gets 24% of Ben's)
  136. Hillary Clinton Is Backed By Major Republican Donors
  137. Ranking: Republican Candidates’ Foreign Policy Ranked by FiveThirtyEight
  138. Glenn Beck: America Will Undergo ‘Violent Revolution’ If We Elect Hillary or Rubio
  140. Rush Limbaugh furious Trump is beating Cruz
  141. Rubot Malfunctions on O'Reilly Factor
  142. NYT hit piece on Trump: Donald Trump in New York: Deep Roots, but Little Influence
  143. Rand Paul will NOT endorse any candidate. Will endorse nominee.
  144. Trump on trial for fraud.
  145. Don’t close Guantánamo – expand it': Republican candidates on Obama's plans
  146. Which remaining candidate is the worst?
  147. Ben Carson: Obama was ‘raised white’
  148. Nevada results thread
  149. Trump crashes Glenn Beck Caucus Speech LMAO
  150. Ultimate Bernie bro: Meet the Hillary-hating Rand fan who felt ‘the Bern’ and fell in love
  151. I'm rooting for Hillary.
  152. Rubio Says He Opposes Prostitution But Would Not Support Federal Ban
  153. Trump Wins
  154. Is Donald Trump the only candidate that Rand Paul could succeed policy-wise in 2020 or 2024?
  155. An evangelical awakening?
  156. Tonight: GOP Candidates Face TX Voters in 2-Hour 'Kelly File' Town Hall
  157. Flipping Allegiances, People Are Losing It.
  158. The truth about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz
  159. Trump getting the nomination is blowback for past GOP transgressions
  160. University of Nevada Reno had a voter registration booth.....
  161. Donald trump and the gold standard
  162. Do you want to make America great again?
  163. Brainstorming - how to co-opt the Trumpkin movement
  164. Winter is Trumping
  165. Neocon Total Freak-Out Panic Attack
  166. University of Houston GOP debate *** Offical thread ***
  167. Donald Trump, Crony Capitalist
  168. Kasich : "If I get out, Trump wins Ohio"
  169. Neo-con Robert Kagan endorses Hillary Clinton
  170. The GOP will change its tune on Donald Trump. Just wait.
  171. Ted Cruz would like his supporters to follow his example...
  172. Trump destroying Cruz "firewall" in new Alabama poll
  173. US Election: Clinton v Trump likelier than ever
  174. Clintons Aghast that Trump has Gotten This Far............Fearful of His Unpredictability
  175. Debate Night; Live TXT/Voice Chat
  176. trump campaign can't spell!
  177. Peace Talk From Trump On Israel/Palestine
  178. Ted Cruz Lady Elaine Fairchilde
  179. FOX and CNN Are Pushing Marco Rubio Heavily Right Now.
  180. Hillary Clinton called young black men superpredators
  181. Odds Of President Trump Range BETWEEN 97% AND 99%
  182. Rubio and Cruz 1-2 punch at Trump in Houston
  183. Cruz Texas troubles ?
  184. Should Obama lock Tim Cook in the White House?
  185. Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump
  186. Neocons' puppet Hillary Clinton: I vote for Iraq war with conviction
  187. Lindsey Graham "endorses" Donald Trump
  188. Televangelist Whore Pastor Jeffress Endorses Trump
  189. Glenn Beck Utterly Defeated; Concrnd That Affiliates Will Drop his Show After Failed Trump War
  190. Maine Gov Paul LePage Endorses Trump
  191. PANIC: GOP Donors Hire Firm to Research Independent Bid
  192. We the People.... McAfee 2016
  193. Anyone Saw The Trump's Press Conference?
  194. McAfee 2016 The Imperative of Anonymity
  195. Trump and the Rise of the Unprotected
  196. David Duke Urges His Supporters To Volunteer And Vote For Trump
  197. Bernie Sanders supporter talks me out of voting for him
  198. If Both Campaigns Got Shut Down?
  199. Okay, I see a problem here, what's the solution?
  200. Trump: A rational discussion (and analysis)
  201. The team to defeat both Trump or Hillary..this can be done...
  202. Those that would trade freedom for ponies deserve neither....
  203. Want To Debate Some Bernie Sanders Fans?
  204. Donald Trump has a non-intervionist foreign poilicy?
  205. Donald Trump says that he will Audit the Federal Reserve
  206. Rand Paul should be Trump's VP?
  207. Do you think Trump could be an american hero?
  208. Trump said removing Saadam Hussein was a big mistake
  209. Ted Cruz Wants The American embassy in Jerusalem?
  210. Breaking; Donald Trump says your mama wears combat boots
  211. Donald Trump wants to 'open up' libel laws so he can sue press
  212. Roger Stone: Mitt Romney is Plan B if Rubio fails
  213. Trump meltdown backstage at debate ?
  214. Fun times at Bill Clinton speech
  216. Roger Stone In Studio With Alex Jones
  217. Maine Gov. Paul LePage endorses Trump for president
  218. Cruz drops out of Alabama forum
  219. The Tom & Lew show
  220. Republican Establishment’s Open Borders Lifeboat Sinking with Rubio
  221. Trump-Effect: Fox News Channel’s Brand Takes 50% Hit Among Republicans
  222. Cruz misses self-imposed deadline
  223. Maine Gov. LePage & frm AZ Gov. Brewer (of Obama finger pointing photo scandal) endorse Trump
  224. SC Democrat Primary Results
  225. Former CIA Head Explains Why Armed Forces Can't Legally Obey Trump
  226. LP Debate
  227. Why Election 2016 Is Probably a Good Thing
  228. GOP Will Be Forced To Change The “Ron Paul Rule”
  229. Wondering what Trump will do if he wins?
  230. S.C. Primary Stats
  231. Edward Snowden: 2016: a choice between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs.
  232. Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard resigns from DNC, endorses Bernie Sanders
  233. Marco Rubio's $700,000-a-year do nothing committee
  234. The LP.
  235. Who are you voting for?
  236. Jeff Sessions to endorse Trump this evening at Huntsville, Alabama rally
  237. Meet the Billionaire Pedophile Pal of Donald Trump
  238. President Trump on the "Scalia was murdered" theory
  239. FEC Flags Thousands Of Illegal Contributions to Sanders
  240. Al Sharpton Promises To Leave America If Donald Trump Wins The Presidency
  241. Why Trump Is Panicking Neocons
  242. Davi: The Long Con–Rubio, Kristol, and the Destruction of the American People
  243. Old Man Bush Makes 'Sicilian Throat Cut' Gesture At Houston Debate?
  244. Twisted Web! Hillary Got Cash From Fed Who Gave Bill’s Pal Jeffrey Epstein Sweet Plea Deal
  245. Adanauer was 84, Churchill 77, Joe Biden is 74, Jerry Brown 78
  246. Biden Apologizes To Mexico For Trump Comments
  247. The New York Times Accurately Portrays Hillary Clinton as an Unrepentant Warmonger
  248. Feb. 24 - 27 CNN Poll: Trump 49% Rubio 16% Cruz 15% Carson 10%, Clinton 55% Sanders 38%
  250. Another Marcobot Glitch