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  1. It really doesn’t matter if Hillary Clinton is ‘dishonest’
  2. The Establishment News Media "No Matter Which Side are Pushing Rubio"
  3. Trump: Goldman Sachs 'have' Ted Cruz
  4. TIME: Donald Trump Doesn’t Win in Cheap Seats at Rally
  5. Protecting the Votes
  6. Analysis of Sanders Tax Plan
  7. The Truth About Ted Cruz
  8. Iowa caucus explained(nice article)
  9. [Video]:Colbert Moderates An All-Trump Debate
  10. Best POLITICAL Picture Thread Evah
  11. NYT endorses Clinton, Kasich
  12. Unbelievable – Cruz Campaign Sends Out Personal “Shaming Letters” To Iowa Voters…
  13. Comparison: Ron Paul 2008 and Bernie Sanders 2016
  14. ssssssssshhhh John Kasich says we can't talk about cellphone backdoors...
  15. [Gallup]:Trump's Negative Image
  16. Ted Cruz calls for minimum wage of $53 per hour ($110K/year) for H-1B holders
  17. Rubio to air 30-minute TV special in every Iowa media market
  18. Trump - I'm going to lie to 'stupid Republicans' and get 'terrific poll numbers'
  19. Iowa City Des Moines releases live Internet Iowa 2016 Caucus results
  20. Ted? Ted? Ted Cruz?
  21. Trump’s Transformation of the Republican Primary Into a Reality TV Show Is Now Complete
  22. If Trump wins Iowa...
  23. To Stay Viable You Have To Place In the Top 4 In Iowa
  24. 3rd Party Candidates
  25. Ted Cruz hair
  26. Cruz's campaign manager former VP of Goldman Sachs.
  27. t-Rump goes full Twitter rampage against Bob Vander Plaats in Iowa after he endorses Cruz
  28. Cruz's Cringeworthy Attempt at Human Affection
  29. Who here lives in Iowa?
  30. Donald Will Fix Health Care
  31. Trump Offers Iowa Kids A Tour Of TRUMP-FORCE-ONE!
  32. CNN/WMUR NH Poll Jan 27-30
  33. Well, that's it. That's f%@*ing it- WHY didn't the candidates unite against Trump?
  34. Alex Jones endorses Trump
  35. Clinton Infiltrating Iowa Caucuses with Paid Out of State "Captains"
  36. Toady is the Caucus
  37. Sanders campaign cites ‘alarming’ signs Clinton plans to pack the caucuses
  38. [538]:Donald Trump’s Support In Iowa Is Narrow But Deep
  39. Trump’s star in Hollywood is defaced
  40. Jeb Bush spending some of that campaign funding last night. LOL!
  41. Vote for King Trump!
  42. U.S. Senator Disenfranchised By Iowa Caucus Rules
  43. Empty chairs at Trump rally toady
  44. Caucus livestreams
  45. Lets be hoesnt. None of the Right Wing Candidates Winning Today Will Have a Chance in Nov.
  46. show me the best anti Rubio youtube!!
  47. Voting for Trump to Watch the World Burn
  48. Is Rubio a winner for his bronze?
  49. Great to see Donald Trump collapse
  50. Who to vote for now? Bernie or Trump?
  51. Huckabee and O'Malley drop out, Carson to drop out later this week
  52. I am going to back Cruz.
  53. Some Iowa precincts awarded by coin flip
  54. Iowa results vs polls
  55. I am Sick of Seeing Ted Cruz Using GOD in his Victory Speech.
  56. Sanders and Clinton Flip Coin for Iowa Delegates
  57. Noticed it yet? Both Fox & CNN pushing Marco Rubio.
  58. How Ted Cruz Engineered His Iowa Triumph
  59. Trump Finally Stumped, and Other Iowa Takeaways
  60. Loser!
  61. Carson Accuses Cruz Camp of Foul Play – Told Voters Carson Was Dropping Out
  62. Trump third in several key IA counties
  63. Bernie Sanders post Iowa Caucus Speech
  64. Trump is the only One Who Can Stop the Two Primary Neoconservative Backed Candidates
  65. Mike Lee Cools on Ted Cruz After Tense Legislation Battle
  66. Where Did All The Ron Paul Voters Go ?
  67. 8-7-7-1 delegate split in Iowa
  68. The Ted Cruz "Rape Culture" Hug
  69. Christie 10th place "as expected" in Iowa
  70. Rand and Carson should Endorse Trump to screw over Cruz and Rubio
  71. Trump Loved Hillary in 2008
  72. Dishonest Polling => Poor Perception => Mediocre Results
  73. Ted Cruz Is Anti War, a false Lie.
  74. How Ted Cruz Turned His Back on Drug War Prisoners
  75. Christie calls Rubio "boy in the bubble"
  76. Multibillionaire loses to a guy who is 3,000 times poorer!
  77. Did Trump overperform in Iowa, all things considered?
  78. Bush Super PACs Outspent All Iowa Campaigns, Garnered Sixth-Place Finish
  79. George Soros donates $8 million to boost Hillary
  80. How do you think the two cubans will be received in the SEC Primary States?
  81. Interesting Rubio Facts
  82. LOL Cruz Commander? A vid With 7k Dislikes!
  83. Bernie Flip Flops on Hillary emails due to close race
  84. Marco Rubio Supported Regime Change in Libya Spread it!
  85. Donald Trump Talks Aggressively About NOT Being the Policeman of the World
  86. Are Trump's people playing Anti-war "PokerFace - Prayer For America" on their events?
  87. Don't vote for Fake Cruz, Rand supporters
  88. Rand Endorse Trump! Stop the snake aka Cruz!
  89. Who will you support after Rand's campaign suspension?
  90. Trump Nominated for NOBEL PEACE PRIZE
  91. Does the Establishment Need Cruz Anymore?
  92. Breitbart bombshell to be released about Cruz?
  93. When will Bush, Kasich and Christie drop out?
  94. NH Voter Needs Help
  95. I see what DJT is doing
  96. Palin slamming Cruz over lying about Ben Carson
  97. Alex Jones : "Trump wins Iowa in a landslide!"; Sarah Palin "I pick winners"...
  98. Santorum suspending his run
  99. Johnson: Fiscally Conservative, Socially Tolerant Voters Alienated By Iowa Results
  100. Trump might be our only hope to destroy the two party stronghold and media
  101. Not at all do I believe Cruz is ineligible... it is too well established to be a belief!
  102. Cruz Campaign BusTED trying to blame Trump for Carson lie.
  103. Jeb! begs for applause
  104. Who is closest to Rand on foreign policy - Trump, Cruz or Carson
  105. The GOP are Finished Again. They wont win in 2016.
  106. Should we all vote for GJ?
  107. Here come the vampires...
  108. Savage Compares Cruz to an Islamic Extremist
  109. FEC Informs Ted Cruz Campaign They Must Provide Information On 2012 Senate Loans
  110. Any details on 2008 McCain "suspending" campaign ?
  111. After Focusing on Social Conservatives, Can Cruz Appeal to Rand Paul’s Liberty-Minded Voters?
  112. Loser.com redirect
  113. Trump up by 17 in NH, Bush rises to second place
  114. Jeb has to beg NH crowd to clap.
  115. Got a robocall from a Fiorina org tonight re: inclusion in debate
  116. 2016 Predictions
  117. A Condensed Timeline of Jeb Bush’s Psychological Breakdown
  118. VIDEO: Ted Cruz welcomes Rand Paul supporters
  119. Ted Cruz tries to seize Rand Paul's libertarian mantle
  120. Let's Make A Deal (who will be the VP)
  121. NH Poll: Rubio surges to 2nd place
  122. The Supreme Court Would Rule that Ted Cruz is Eligible
  123. Con Man Cruz
  124. The Heirs to Bush-Obama Militarism - Cruz and Rubio love the bloody and costly U.S. empire
  125. [VIDEO] Marcobama: Marco Rubio is Obama 2.0
  126. Major libertarian Rand donor Scott Bannister endorses Ted Cruz
  127. Lost/Confused Rand Paul Supporter Considering Supporting Bernie Sanders...
  128. Marco Rubio Wants To Permanently Extend NSA Mass Surveillance
  129. The Fall Of Paul And The Failure Of Left-Libertarianism
  130. Koch Brothers Focused on Stopping Trump
  131. Rand Paul in Retrospect - Justin Raimondo
  132. Should Rand Have Run Like Ron? - Daniel McCarthy
  133. When did Ted Cruz immigrate to the United States ?
  134. Trump speaks out on Obamatrade - It is a Terrible Deal
  135. Debunking the Lesser-of-Two-Evils Voting Theory (in 2016 Electoral College context)
  136. Gov. Matt Bevin is the future
  137. At This Point, Who Do We Want to Be the Next POTUS?
  138. The least bad candidate?
  139. Cruz is better than Trump or Rubio, due to the Rand Factor - Let's Caucus for Cruz
  140. Trump's Unwelcome Support from White Supremacists
  141. "Ted Cruz Wins Iowa: What It Means" by Dr. Chuck Baldwin
  142. Phyllis Schlafly Issues Rubio Betrayal Memo
  143. U.S. Democratic donor contacts Biden allies about possible run
  144. Ted Cruz's Logo Is Hilariously Appropriate
  145. Gloria Steinem: Young women support Sanders to attract men
  146. Voting for Delegates
  147. February 6th Republican debate on ABC - 8 pm ET
  148. Natural Born Citizen
  149. Lets dispel once and for all this fiction that Rubio is a good speaker
  150. Carson malfunctions walking on stage NH debate
  151. One reason to vote for Bernie Sanders....
  152. Another BIRTHER Suit Filed Against CRUZ
  153. Lew Rockwell: The Truth About Trump
  154. Jerusalem Post - Israeli Right rallies around Rubio
  155. Sheldon Adelson hates Rand Paul, but is open to Rubio/Cruz
  156. Ted Cruz will destroy Ron Paul's libertarian movement if you support him now
  157. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump say waterboarding isn't torture
  158. Cruz and Rubio: Heirs to Bush-Obama Militarism(Cruz wants to fund Israel but defund Palestine)
  159. Trump owned the anti neocon label
  160. Trump doubles down on waterboarding threat
  161. Ted Cruz "Trump deserves protection from the Secret Service"
  162. Trump Would Bring Back Waterboarding, And Worse (Video)
  163. NH POLL: Trump Remains on Top by 16 Points, Kasich in 2nd, Jeb! "Surging"
  164. Share THIS With Your Cruz-Supporting Friends
  165. Rubio , Bush, Christie want female draft registration
  166. Bill Clinton Calls Kettle Black
  167. Most plausible interpration of "Natural Born"
  168. Rand Paul’s New Hampshire Campaign Chair Endorses Ted Cruz
  169. Bloomberg confirms he's considering White House bid
  170. Latest NH polls (all over the place)
  171. What is better: being pandered to (Cruz) or being ignored/dissed (other candidates)
  172. Ted Cruz Is Not Eligible to Be President
  173. Obama Vs Cruz Graphic is Spot On
  174. Cruz wins Millfield NH with 9 votes, Rand gets 1 vote
  175. More Ted Cruz Dirty Tricks
  176. Eric Trump: Waterboarding Par to Common College Hazing
  177. Trump Takes Ron Paul's Message to New Hampshire
  178. Rand Is On The BALLOT In ALL 50 States, He Simply Stopped Campaigning
  179. Astrologer predicts NH results....and also November results
  180. Anyone got a NH primary map?
  181. Ted Cruz's Closest Counselors Are Neocons
  182. Slick Willy: "I Wish We Weren't Married"
  183. COVERUP: Google Deletes Report After These Jeb Bush Tweets Come Out
  184. Bernie Sanders is not nearly as progressive as you think he is
  185. Hail to the Censor! Hillary Clinton's long war on free speech
  186. Bernie Has a Special Place in his Heart for the F-35
  187. Bloomberg Confirms He Is Considering Independent Presidential Bid in 2016
  188. The Last Minute Alliance To Beat Trump
  189. Marco Supporters Take Down 'Marco Robot' Protesters
  190. Is There a Libertarian Case for Bernie Sanders?
  191. Ted Cruz Abandons Criminal Justice Reform On His Way To The White House
  192. ABC News: 2/3 of NH GOP Primary Voters Say Saturday Debate a Vote Factor, 50% Want "Outsider"
  193. NH Exit polls: Trump 32 Kasich 16 Cruz 14 Rubio 12 Bush 10 Christie 9 Sanders 58 Clinton 42
  194. Kasich early NH results lead . . .
  195. Now that NH is pretty much over
  196. Heroin 'apocalypse' shadows New Hampshire primary
  197. Rubio gaining in NH with 3/4ths vote counted
  198. Sanders/Warren vs Trump/Carson ???
  199. Hillary Clinton’s political machine has been busted — thanks to Bernie Sanders and E. Warren
  200. Are former Obama voters for Trump?
  201. Former TX Rand Paul chair backs Cruz
  202. Darryl W. Perry 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate
  203. Would Cruz Put Homeschools Under Federal Regulation?
  204. Carson 2.28% in NH
  205. Anyone else get a GOP survey e-mail?
  206. Cruz campaign in South Carolina
  207. New Trump 'Art of the Deal' Mockumentary
  208. Rumble in New Hampshire
  209. Would You Vote For Trump If He Promised A New 9/11 Investigation?
  210. Christie Suspends 2016 Campaign
  211. Beck: 'Honorable' Jeb Bush Running To Save Us From Trump
  212. Carly Fiorina, The Lyingest Liar Who Ever Lied, Drops Out of 2016 Race
  213. Old Man Murdoch Ridicules Christie as 'Suicide Bomber'
  214. GOP Debate,Thursday, Feb. 25 in Houston TX
  215. Trump says he will keep Common Core on the trail, and a total disaster on his website
  216. Jeb kicked off stage by event hosts...
  217. Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference
  218. Anti Cruz group launches ad claiming that Cruz is "weak" on national security
  219. The libertarian case for Kasich
  220. GOPe Pac Promises to KILL OFF Trumpenstein in SC
  221. Bernie Sanders Has a Superdelegate Problem
  222. Revealed: A majority of Ron Paul NH Towns Went to Trump
  223. Trump on Foreign Policy
  224. Kennedy /Which candidate is most likely to get the Libertarian vote?
  225. Bernie Proposes $18 Trillion Spending Increase Over 10 Years
  226. February 11th Democratic debate on PBS/CNN - 9 pm ET
  227. Cruz bump from Iowa mocked . . .
  228. Heidi Cruz: "Ted Shows America 'The Face of The God We Serve'"
  229. WATCH: Ted Cruz highlights Trump’s VERY LIBERAL record on The Kelly File
  230. Trump discissing Cruz' waterboarding answer . . .
  231. Jeb Bush Saddest Moments
  232. Sanders: Henry Kissinger is not my friend
  233. Cruz Pulls Ad After Film History of Actress Is Revealed: ‘Unfortunately, She Was Not Vetted
  234. Video: Dreyfuss: I wanted to hear Ted Cruz's ideas in person
  235. Here's What Julian Assange Thinks About Voting For Hillary Clinton
  236. Cruz's anti-Hillary "Office Space" ad is amazing!
  237. Cruz and Beck Break Out the Dogearred Evangelical Playbook in the Palmetto State
  238. DNC chair on possibility of a brokered convention and purpose of delegates
  239. Trump has supported nearly all of Obama’s economic policy agenda
  240. Blatant Bias by CBS in debate podium position assignments for 2/13 SC debate
  241. Bernie's Palpable Disdain for Hillary
  242. Black Democrats question Sanders' commitment to Obama
  243. Is Ted Cruz an anti-Semite?
  244. [CNN]:Ex-Obama intel official: Hillary Clinton should drop out - CNNPolitics.com
  245. Who will be your Vote for President?
  246. Elite Don't Get Trump's Appeal
  247. DNC Makes 'Sweeping' Changes To Ensure Hillary is the Nominee
  248. George W. Is Going to Appear at Jeb Rallies
  249. Can someone please correct me if I'm wrong?
  250. February 13th Republican debate on CBS - 9 pm ET