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  1. Trump EXPLODES at Cameraman During Biloxi Speech
  2. The View's Joy Behar I’d Vote for a Rapist as Long as They’re Liberal
  3. Ben Swann appears in SuperPAC ad hitting Rubio for missed votes
  4. "Cruz Is Establishment All The Way"
  5. Trump Rally In Bernie Sanders Home Town....
  6. Glenn Beck REALLY Likes Rubio Now... Surprise Surprise
  7. Macy's market value cut in half ($11B) since cutting ties with Trump, Trump brags
  8. Ted Cruz Birtherism is tearing apart US Christian-Zionism movement
  9. "Hillary is a witch" - No, Really. She is a witch.
  10. Person that supports Trump
  11. Insiders: Clinton and Cruz aren't sure bets in Iowa
  12. Smoking Gun: Email Suggests Hillary Broke Law
  13. Kasich's Cake (Celebrates 50 town halls)
  14. McAfee says Morgan Freeman might run for POTUS on LP ticket - with Vin Diesel for VP
  15. New NH Poll: Donald Trump leads in NH but Jeb Bush battles John Kasich for 2nd
  16. Silently protesting Muslim woman ejected from Trump rally @CNNPolitics
  17. Rubio's voting record
  18. "New Poll Shows Trump Real Threat to Clinton"
  19. Man Stands Up, Shouts ‘Rubio Is Owned By Jews’ at Texas Rally
  20. The rise of JEB!
  21. Bernie Sanders Hints Elizabeth Warren as Vice President
  22. Trump Kicks Out Protester: Throw Him Out in the Cold… ‘Keep His Coat’
  23. Cruz: Trump is terrific and speaks the truth
  24. Trump's MA headquarters vandalized by vulgar graffiti
  25. In new ad, Clinton casts herself as the best defense against a GOP president
  26. Jeb Bush drawing bigger crowds in SC
  27. Trump Rally Circus LOL
  28. New NBC Iowa poll: Clinton 48, Sanders 45, O'Malley 5
  29. Alex Jones, Donald Trump lovefest
  30. Are you ready for historic First Lady
  31. What if Ted Cruz is actually an American Hero?
  32. Man has sign ripped down and is removed From rally
  33. Matalin: When Hillary Loses Iowa and NH, Biden or Warren Will Jump In
  34. Cruz Rebukes Trump’s Mass Deportation Plan, Says ‘We Don’t Live in a Police State’
  35. [VIDEO] Bush SuperPAC to spend $3M on new Rubio attack ad
  36. DNC: Will "The Good Wife" predict the Iowa caucus results?
  37. The Official 1/14 Fox Business GOP Debate Thread
  38. The Fox Business debate wont be worth Watching.
  39. The Young Birthers.
  40. Why They Love Trump
  41. Sanders leads Clinton by 5 points in IA, by 14 points in NH
  42. Trump's comments on Rand Paul boycotting debate
  43. I Pledge To Never Vote For Ted Cruz, Who's With Me?
  44. Easy Poll
  45. 2016 Presidential Media Blackouts: Not Just Conspiracy
  46. Trump tells tale of 'the snake' to warn on immigration
  47. Jeb Bush surges to 3rd place with 10% in Reuters daily tracking poll
  48. Republicans warn Bush team against harming Rubio
  49. Haley says she is willing to discuss possible VP run
  50. Former Fed Prosecutor Says Hillary Clinton Could Be Indicted W/in 60 Days (Or FBI Will Revolt)
  51. Rubio for cap and trade (as speaker of FL house)
  52. Penniless Pro-Bush Super PAC Shuts Down
  53. This what an average Trump supporter is like!
  54. Ted Cruz Starts to Crack G.O.P. Establishment’s Wall of Opposition
  55. Ted Cruz Didn’t Disclose Loan From Goldman Sachs for His First Senate Campaign
  56. Trump Campaign Loses Texas State Director
  57. Ted Cruz: "Snowden is a traitor, and he should be tried for treason"
  58. No One But Paul 2016
  59. Cruz: I do not know if sand can glow in the dark, but we'll find out.
  60. Ted Cruz Repent Thread
  61. Bizzare "Trump Jam" Performance
  62. Carson Campaign Finance Chairman Resigns
  63. FBN 6PM Debate 1/14
  64. Fiorina Won the Undercard Debate With This: Russia is our adversary.
  65. Donald Trump Has No Idea How the Government Works
  66. Debate Was Horrible With No Substances: Verdict F-
  67. Two Smoking Guns - Judge Andrew Napolitano
  68. [Politico]: Exclusive: RNC member urges party to rally against Trump
  69. Jeb! gets endorsed by Lindsay Graham
  70. Fox Business debate ratings: Low in the Trump era, but still high
  71. Who Told the Orange Defendant That We Control North Korea?!
  72. Ted's Harvard Teacher Says Citizenship not for sure
  73. Commission on Presidential Debates Preps for Possible Third-Party in 2016 Debates
  74. Ted Cruz is a LIAR
  75. THAT Uncomfortable Question...
  76. Trump playing ‘Born in the USA’ at rallies in jab at Cruz
  77. Donald Trump freaks, goes on profanity-laced rant during his campaign rally
  78. Is Ted Cruz eligible ? Read the timeline and decide.
  79. Tom Woods Episode 571 The FOX Business GOP Debate, Without Rand Paul
  80. Reality Check: Ted Cruz Doesn’t Vote To Audit Fed, Took Personal Loan from Goldman-Sachs
  81. Lessons from visiting the GOP candidates' Iowa field offices
  82. the Republicans' Five Ring Circus
  83. Swing and miss Cruz on 'New York values'
  84. Cruz's story of White House rejection leaves out job offer
  85. Which establishment candidate will perform best in NH?
  86. [Reuters]: U.S. Republican lawmakers worry about running on Trump's coattails
  87. Bernie Sanders Campaign Demands Wikipedia Take Down Images of Its Campaign Logos
  88. Polls show Bernie Sanders beating Clinton in NH and Trump and Cruz in Iowa and NH
  89. Trump taking down Cruz; more than birth...going after unreported loans
  90. New York Daily News: "DROP DEAD TED"
  91. Why the owner of the Golden State Warriors hopes Trump wins the Republican nomination
  92. 2016 IOWA Caucus prediction & discussion thread.
  93. [TheHill.com]:Trump takes credit for Iran prisoner release
  94. Ted Cruz stuck in elevator, blames Donald Trump
  95. Hilarious Trump Impersonation on Twitter
  96. Strike 2! Ted Cruz failed to Report a Second Campaign Loan in 2012!
  97. Why is no one doing this???
  98. Jim Rickards: Biden will be handed D nomination
  99. [ABCNews]:Donald Trump Ramps up Attacks on Ted Cruz, Says 'He's a Nasty Guy'
  100. Remember this? Ted Cruz Visits Texas Border To Welcome Illegal Alien Families…
  101. SC Poll: possible momentum for Bush as he beats Rubio
  102. What Voter Trait Best-Predicts Trump Support? Authoritarianism
  103. Bush donors await green light to jump ship
  104. Ted Cruz says he will appoint John Bolton as Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State
  105. ALERT: Ted Cruz is owned by Goldman Sachs
  106. January 17th Democratic debate on NBC (9 pm ET)
  107. Bernie Sanders lawyers to Wikipedia: Take down our logo, you’re violating DMCA
  108. The Official Donald Trump Jam - Cringefest
  109. How Donald Trump Answers A Question
  110. Trump's tags: The slurs he uses to dismiss opponents
  111. Her Personal Mission to Destroy 1000's of Women with Whom He Dallied.”
  112. [Time]:Exclusive: Chris Christie Calls Ted Cruz ‘Asinine’ For New York Values Smear
  113. [FiveThirtyEight]:Donald Trump Is Really Unpopular With General Election Voters
  114. The Brutalism of Ted Cruz
  115. Texas Attorney Files Lawsuit Challenging Sen. Ted Cruz’s Presidential Eligibility
  116. Trump's instructional video for Iowa caucusers - only 1 1/2 minutes long
  117. Cruz advisor Victoria Coates: Imposing Democracy Risks the Spread of Liberty
  118. Trump favorability worst of all candidates: 33% favorable, 58% unfavorable
  119. Clinton Says U.S. Should Impose New Sanctions on Iran Over Ballistic Missile Program
  120. Politifact--Bernie Sanders' Healthcare Plan
  121. NBC replaced by CNN for GOP's Super Tuesday debate
  122. Sarah Palin to endorse Donald Trump today?
  123. Donald Trap the new rickroll?
  124. Trump: Fascist Statement about forcing Apple to Manufacture in US
  125. Bristol Palin: "Is this why people don't like Cruz?"
  126. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad: Anybody but Cruz
  127. Trump calls for higher ethanol mandate
  128. Bristol Palin's Ex Seeks Joint Custody - "Get A Paternity Test"
  129. Carson suspends today's campaign events
  130. Iowa Chair is Expecting a Caucus Suprise
  131. Heidi Goldman Cruz found depressed along the side of the freeway....
  132. Palin Endorses Trump . . .
  133. Inspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs
  134. The Establishment Strikes Back
  135. Trump Endorser Sarah Palin's son, Track Palin arrested for Domestic Violence
  136. The Truth is starting to come out about Ted Cruz
  137. Jeb Bush Fails.
  138. FOX "news" mentions of GOP candidates (GRAPH)
  139. Ted Cruz to campaign in Waterloo, be joined by Glenn Beck
  140. Homeless in Alabama had no shelter from bitter freeze last night, thanks to Bernie Sanders
  141. Donald Trump Rampages To +32 Point Lead in Florida
  142. U.K. House of Commons debates Donald Trump ban on MLK Day
  143. Ted Cruz: Palin is principled, she can pick winners
  144. Ted Cruz, contender for Supreme Court justice?
  145. New CNN NH poll: Paul tied with Kasich, Christie at 6%
  146. Betting Websites Snapshot 2016 POTUS
  147. 53% of GOP voters say someone born in another country should not be allowed to be President
  148. Y'all think I'm making it up about the hair
  149. New Reuters/Ipsos poll: Rubio plunges to 5th place
  150. No, Sarah Palin didn't betray the Tea Party by endorsing Trump
  151. Lindsey Graham Says Nominating Donald Trump or Ted Cruz Would Be ‘Death’ of the Party
  152. Top former Romney aide launches anti-Trump super PAC
  153. "Christians Who Support Donald Trump are Voting for Tyranny," Says Blogger Matt Walsh
  154. What if the current election frontrunners win?
  155. Democrat Debate Highlights
  156. Senator Ted Cruz says Edward Snowden is a Traitor and should be tried for treason
  157. NRO comes out guns blazing "Against Trump", RNC disinvites them from Houston debate for it
  158. Willie Robertson Endorses Trump
  159. DRUDGE SUPER POLL results: Rand 4th among republicans, >1M votes casted
  160. Cruz came out with an anti-Trump eminent domain ad
  161. [RedState]:Donald Trump is OWNED by Every Bank on Wall Street
  162. Michael Scheuer rates the candidates (chooses Trump)
  163. If This Isn’t Enough to Make You Want to Vote for Trump . . .
  164. 1.1 Million Vote in Drudge Superpoll
  165. A 60 Percent Of Snow On Iowa Caucus Day: How That Could Affect the Election
  166. Will we have a serious third party candidate this election cycle?
  167. Bloomberg, Sensing an Opening, Revisits a Potential White House Run
  168. 6/10 Presidential Candidates have this In Common
  169. Anti-Trump Super PAC Releases Brutal New Ad on His History of Liberal Positions
  170. Hillary Clinton Laughs When Asked if She Will Release Transcripts of Her Goldman Sachs Speech
  171. Trump: I could shoot people in streets and not lose support
  172. How Ted Cruz Loses Friends and Influences People
  173. Sen. Chuck Grassley (GOP Establishment) is at a Trump rally saying "make America great again"
  174. Des Moines Register endorses Rubio, Clinton for president
  175. Trump National Spokeswoman: "Any pure breeds left?"
  176. When do polls close in Iowa caucus February 1 of this year?
  177. Glenn Beck administers Presidential oath of office to Ted Cruz in Iowa.
  178. New Iowa CNN/ORC poll (Jan 15-20)
  179. Ted aspires to Rule the world and be in a porn Flick
  180. Scott Brown Declines to Rule Out Serving as Trump’s VP‬
  181. Donald Trump: 'I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters'
  182. How Jeb Cleared the Way for Trump
  183. WaPo: The GOP establishment capitulates to Donald Trump
  184. Trump may boycott debate if Megyn Kelly moderates...
  185. [Yahoo.com]TRUMP: If I'm president, 'Christianity will have power' in the US
  186. Erotic Donald Trump Novel is Getting Spectacular Reviews on Amazon
  187. [ABCNews]:Trump Mocks Protester Wearing a Turban
  188. [AmericanThinker]:It's the same old deal with Donald Trump
  189. The Ted Cruz simple Flat Tax Plan
  190. Bernie Sanders Denies Being A Career Politician On His 25th Anniversary Of Being In Congress
  191. Ted Cruz's simple flat tax reform
  192. Live online results of Iowa caucus showing?
  193. Nice article explaining/introducing the Iowa Caucuses(Washington Post)
  194. "Trump’s 19th Century Foreign Policy" - Thomas Wright
  195. The best tool to fight the Trumpkins
  196. Palin Endorsement Cold Open - SNL
  197. Trump says that Feds own all the land and people are only allowed to use it
  198. Donald Trump’s tax plan is socialist and big government friendly.
  199. Will Micheal Bloomburg run for President?
  200. [Glenn Beck]:Trump a "a very dangerous man"
  201. Santorum to reconsider campaign after Iowa
  202. Jeb or Rubio win Iowa Silver Airways will give away free flights
  203. Sowell vs Trump
  204. Ben & Jerry’s co-founder creates Sanders ice cream
  205. Cruz: My Friend Donald Trump is Attacking Me :(
  206. Where is the Trump video praising Clinton?
  207. Isn't This Some Suspicious Trump Sh*t??
  208. [WashingtonPost]:GOP senator calls out Donald Trump’s ‘many affairs’ in lengthy tweetstorm
  209. [whotv.com]Clinton, Cruz Lead Among Iowa Caucusgoers in WHO-HD, Iowa State University Poll
  210. [WashingtonTimes]State Department accused of political tampering in delay of Clinton emails
  211. [TheBlaze]:Tom DeLay Reveals Info on Clinton Email Investigation That He’s Received
  212. To Hillary: A lot of young people think you're dishonest #DemTownHall
  213. Young Ted Cruz Video
  214. Cruz gets Obama's endorsement [satire]
  215. Donald Trump on Eminent Domain - "I wanna get rid of that house"
  216. Brutal Trump Attack Ad In Iowa By Cruz Campaign
  217. Cruz has 800 precinct captains in Iowa
  218. Chat that destroyed Rubio
  219. Will Ben Carson drop out before New Hampshire?
  220. Kibbe: Liberty, Or Just a New Boss
  221. Photo of Trump laughing with Bill and Hillary Clinton
  222. Bernie Sanders: 'We Will Raise Taxes' But People Will Save Money
  223. Media Should Report on Presidential Elections, Not Manipulate Them
  224. Trump won't participate in Thursday's debate
  225. Worst ad of the election? (PAC ad about Bernie)
  226. Donald Trump is Destroying the Credibility of the MSM
  227. Poll: Jeb surges to 2nd place in NH
  228. Google Trends - 2016 Candidates
  229. GOP Hawks Take Second Look At Ted Cruz
  230. What Are Sanders and Obama Going To Discuss?
  231. Whistleblower: Donald Trump buying off pollsters [SATIRE]
  232. Daily Caller: Donald Trump Is Right To Boycott Debate
  233. Buchanan: Trump Right To Drop Out
  234. "The fall of the Houses of Clinton and Bush."
  235. According to poll, authoritarianism main unifying factor of all Trump supporters
  236. Trump Schedules Rally at Drake University Just Hours after Rand’s Rally
  237. What Trump would have done with the ranchers.
  238. Why don't people see Trump as part of the Privileged Elite Class?
  239. Hillary Clinton’s Nightmare
  240. Trump Didn’t Want Disabled Vets Near Trump Tower, Petitioned to Have Them Removed
  241. Huckabee & Santorum to join Trump event instead
  242. Fox News debate question writer has conflict of interest with Rubio campaign
  243. RNC Committee Official On Wolf Tonight:We Have Lots of Diversity On Our Side.
  244. Donald Trump: Don't hand federal lands to states
  245. Trump, the Establishment, and the Middle Class
  246. Who's watching the debate tonight?
  247. NYT: Donald Trump’s Twitter Insults: The Complete List (So Far)
  248. [VIDEO] ICYMI/ Full Debate
  249. Cruz Booed at Drake University Pre Debate
  250. Wisconsin GOP poll