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  1. Poll: Trump’s rhetoric on Islam boosts him in NC primary
  2. Everybody be calm. Obama's got your back.
  3. Will Trump do a third-party run?
  4. NH -CNN/WMUR poll release Tuesday 12/8/15 ( Rand @ 2%)
  5. Donald Trump's battle strategy
  6. GOP Just Announced: Fox Business Will Host New Debate Jan 14th
  7. Are Hispanic Immigrants America's Best Defense Against Tyranny?
  8. Will the Real Republican Please Stand Up (Funny Parody Video)
  9. Ex-Netanyahu Chief Of Staff Joins Ben Carson's Campaign
  10. Trump’s Focus on Muslims Distracting Him from Campaign Against Mexicans, Supporters Fear
  11. Ted Cruz is even less electable than Donald Trump
  12. Jeb Bush SuperPAC files FEC complaint against Donald Trump
  13. CNN/WMUR N.H. poll: Clinton 40%, Sanders 50%
  14. Netanyahu condemns Trump’s Muslim ban
  15. CNN: Should someone run as independent for POTUS?
  16. Any Republican Not Named Rand Will Lose To Hillary
  17. What Do you Think of My Trump Sticker?
  18. Donald Trump Bashes Time Magazine, Says Angela Merkel Is Ruining Germany
  19. 'Cruz skips hearing on ISIS, attends fundraiser in NYC'
  20. Breaking news Ron White is in the presidents race.
  21. GOP preparing for contested convention
  22. Trump 'errs on the side of security'--supports Patriot Act and NSA metadata collection
  23. Muhammad Ali, Jabbar Condemn Trump’s Comments, Jabbar "essentially calls Trump a terrorist"
  24. Worst anti-Trump Ad Ever [by Kasich pac]
  25. Trump is just like Hitler. Or Jimmy Carter.
  26. Carson Threatens to Leave Party If GOP Officials Keep Plotting Over Convention
  27. Leaked: Cruz comments at a private fundraiser
  28. Do you see Donald Trump as a bigot/racist?
  29. When will CBS/NYTimes be able to release the rest of the latest poll results ?
  30. Walter takes on Donald Trump
  31. Interview with Austin Petersen
  32. Rubio ad on why ISIS wants to kill US
  33. Cruz Cowers from Tronald
  34. Hillary Clinton’s billionaire fundraiser host got sweet deal in Solyndra collapse
  35. Nation article on GOP troubles
  36. Duhnald Trump slam : "Des Moines Register is the worst"
  37. Thanks to Trump, fringe news enters the mainstream
  38. Rand is in the big boy debate
  39. Podesta to donors: Cruz is likely GOP nominee
  40. Rubio hits Cruz as an 'isolationist'
  41. Trump calls Cruz a bit of a maniac following poll shakeup.
  42. RCP Analyst Lays Odds on the GOP Presidential Race
  43. Huckabee next to exit race . . . (?)
  44. Ted Cruz and Creepy Data Mining For Your Support
  45. Pants on fire? Check out who lies the most according to NYT/Politifact
  46. I know it's still a long ways away, but how could Rand possibly win the nomination?
  47. Huckabee spokeswoman leaves campaign
  48. Trump says Cruz not qualified to be president,Hillary ‘Killed Hundreds of Thousands of People’
  49. Hillary Clinton Helped Son-in-Law Marc Mezvinsky With Hedge Fund Meeting
  50. Donald Trump's supporters reveal why they back him
  51. Hilarious Saturday Night Live does Greta Van Susteren, Cruz, Christie, Carson
  52. CJ Pearson Endorses....Bernie Sanders [LOL]
  53. The Trump Descent Begins
  54. Can we vet this Donald Trump Tweet?
  55. The Christie Surge
  56. Ted Cruz Is Not An Anti-Semite
  57. Limbaugh on Trump: ‘A Genuine Conservative Would Not Go after Cruz This Way’
  58. Nazi Trump Supporters
  59. Just a Reminder That the Real Host of Tonight’s GOP Debate Is Sheldon Adelson
  60. Mark Levin goes full non-interventionist for Ted Cruz
  61. 'Paul hits Cruz on PATRIOT Act'
  62. Cruz And Trump’s ISIS Plans Sound A Lot Like War Crimes
  63. British Court Rejects Donald Trump’s Attempt to Block Wind Farm
  64. Trump answers the "killing families" question
  65. Mike Rowe Defends Trade Jobs, College Alternatives in Response to Bernie Sanders Tweet
  66. Doug Wead on why Carson has plummetted and why Trump made the muslim comment
  67. Will Elites Blow Up the GOP?
  68. Ted Cruz: Foreign Policy Troll or Charlatan?
  69. This pretty well catches how Trump supporters think. Try and talk them out of this.
  70. Washington Examiner: Smearing Ted Cruz as an isolationist is absurd
  71. GOP chair probes if Cruz unveiled classified info during debate
  72. Cruz Lied About His Immigration Record
  73. Canada probably has not produced any bigger hypocrite than Rafael Ted Cruz
  74. December 19th Democrat Debate (Offical Thread)
  75. Lindsey Graham wants George W Bush back !?
  76. "Yes, Rubio, You, Too, Are a Socialist" by Dr. Joel McDurmon
  77. Ted Cruz Wins Debate?
  78. Jan Helfeld interviews Bernie Sanders (2008)
  79. GOP Debate Full of Crazy Ideas About Technology
  80. Is Hillary Headed for the Big House? Not the White House. Article by Andrew P. Napolitano.
  81. Top Ten Dumb Things said by Politicians . . .
  82. Putin Lauds Trump
  83. Let's remind everyone that Trump endorsed Paul Ryan
  84. Comedian seriously expects Trump to be rebuked at polls
  85. Dec 17 PPP Poll Reps Vs. Clinton
  86. Debate shows immigration issue will haunt Marco Rubio
  87. Huckabee campaign cuts senior staff salaries
  88. The Criminal Investigation of Hillary Clinton keeps moving forward - The Judge
  89. Bill Clinton urged Trump to enter race ?
  90. Why Was the Question of Turkish Role in Syria in The CNN GOP Debate Whitewashed?
  91. I think Donald Trump is buying off the pollsters
  92. DNC - Sanders campaign on suspension over data breach
  93. 45% of Trump supporters want to bomb Agrabah from the movie Alladin
  94. The many ways in which Donald Trump was once a liberal’s liberal
  95. Carly "bring back the warrior class"
  96. The 3rd DNC debate tomorrow
  97. Did Ted Cruz Set His Own Trap Attacking Rubio?
  98. The Self-Immolation of Ted Cruz
  99. Speaking the Unspeakable Why the Establishment Wants to Silence Donald Trump
  100. Poll accuracy? (a comparison to 2011/2012)
  101. New post-debate poll: Jeb, Carson, Rubio cratering
  102. Cruz, pro-amnesty memo from '99… KABOOOOOOM!
  103. Ben Carson: Republicans have a "mental disorder"
  104. Hillary Clinton Campaign Funding the Democratic National Committee
  105. The Worst Female Killer in History
  106. Jeb: Donald Trump is a jerk
  107. Chris Christie Says He Wouldn’t Want Putin’s Endorsement, Mocks Rand As Insignificant
  108. Clinton, Rubio, Cruz Receive Foreign Policy Advice From Same Consulting Firm
  109. Trump spokesperson: Why bother having nuclear weapons if you’re afraid to use them?
  110. Oh Muhgerd, Trumpsters are so friggin stupid
  111. A Trump Supporter Abandoning Ship
  112. Rand Paul: Trump will be 'wiped out,' polls aren't accurate (The Hill)
  113. Constitution Man
  114. Lindsey Graham drops out
  115. Polls may actually underestimate Trump's support, study finds
  116. Donald Trump: Make Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines 'co-winners'
  117. Trump is ISIS' best recruiter - Hillary
  118. After GOP debate, these candidates should quit the race
  119. Trump wins 2015 Liar of the Year award
  120. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz Untrustworthy on Immigration
  121. GOP Debate Cold Open - SNL
  122. Typical debate with a Trump supporter
  123. CNN New Poll. The Christie Surge. Christie 6% No Paul at the Poll
  124. Poll: 50% would be "embarrassed" by Trump presidential election, 23% "proud"
  125. Rand @2% in Quinnipiac Dec16-20 National Poll
  126. Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton was 'schlonged' to presidency by Barack Obama
  127. Trump plunge starts, Christie surging (13%!!! in NH)
  128. Which 2 candidates will the Republican race come down to?
  129. YouGov: Ted Cruz edges Donald Trump in fifth Republican debate
  130. David Frum: The Great Republican Revolt
  131. Bill Press: Time for GOP to dump Trump
  132. Next debate criteria: Targeting Kasich?
  133. [edit] Huckabee has not dropped out
  134. Carly Fiorina On The Record
  135. Ted Cruz: A secret tape from a New York fundraiser could mean trouble
  136. Ruthless Ambition - Christie biography
  137. Bernie Sanders Calls for Full Independent Audit of Federal Reserve
  138. *Called this* Carson campaign re-budgeting and reforming staff
  139. Bernard Sanders On The Record
  140. Huckabee will drop out after Iowa low finish
  141. Getting represented in the polls
  142. Superpac campaign /candidate rules changed
  143. The Senator Who Saved Christmas - Ted Cruz
  144. Second tier candidates ganging up on Cruz in Iowa.
  145. "Sanders's Lost Opportunity" by Robert Parry
  146. Donald Trump populist political televanglism
  147. If Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination, what will you do on Election Day 2016?
  148. Trump 42%, Paul trailing at 31% in new 1000 person independent poll
  149. Number of GOP polls jumps 90 percent in four years
  150. The GOP Establishment Is Not Only Evil
  151. Trump vs Cruz from a Paleoconservative perspective
  152. Trump 42%, Paul trailing at 31% in new 1000 person independent poll
  153. Sources of Trump's strength
  154. Jim Webb Attacks Clinton With Eye on Independent Run
  155. Cruz voted NO on Obamatrade Amendment that req'd Congress's approval to add countries to TPP
  156. Dana Rohrabacher endorses Ted Cruz for President: No to World Policeman Role (Month old news)
  157. TIL: Ted Cruz served as the National Co-Chair of Lawyers for McCain.
  158. Trump wants to tax imported cars and trucks 35%
  159. Donald Trump’s bile is a healing balm for spurned Americans - Frank Luntz
  160. lol The NeoCons are Calling Ted Cruz a Christian Constitutionalist
  161. Iowa RCP averages (12/4-12/21): Cruz 30.3%, Trump 26.9%, Rubio 11.9%
  162. Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump Should Be Our Next President
  163. Cruz Tells State Dept to Close the PLO Office in DC, They Reject
  164. Who Is the Arch Racist – Hillary or The Donald?
  165. Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump plays my old character 'better that I ever could'
  166. Sean Penn: Ted Cruz Is Mentally Ill And Should Be Committed
  167. Trump tied with Pope as Second Most Admired Man of 2015
  168. 191 Million US Voter Registration Records Leaked In Mystery Database
  169. A Nervous George Soros Lashes Out At Donald Trump: He Wants You To Be Afraid
  170. Clinton vs. Trump A Dead Heat
  171. NYMag: How Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Are Battling for the Future of GOP Foreign Policy
  172. New Jeb Bush ad says Jeb is better than Christie and Kasich
  173. Rubio-Bush War Intensifies With Ad Hitting Marco’s Choice To Fundraise While Skipping Security
  174. So if Trump wins ...
  175. Pataki Out
  176. The establishment approved anti-establishment candidate.
  177. Both of these men gamed the system...
  178. Who do you want to see drop out the most?
  179. He can't go to a Pizza Ranch - Winning Iowa Caucus Presents Trump's Next Big Challenge
  180. The awkward Gowdy-Rubio alliance: The Benghazi committee ringleader endorses the establishment
  181. Mullets over America Trumpstravaganza
  182. "Don't you think she looks tired?"
  183. Secret Service in Auto Wreck in NH
  184. Minorities Line Up Behind Trump?
  185. Republican Terror and Anger (concerning Trump) - Paul Gottfried (Paleoconservative)
  186. And people like to blame Rand for his low poll numbers.
  187. Rubio "Lunatic" ad
  188. Jeb Advertisement attacks Trump: 'Happy New Year, chaos candidate’
  189. In Iowa, Whispers of an Anti-Cruz, Pro-Rubio Alliance
 (Huckabee, Santorm)
  190. Why a former adviser to Trump believes his candidacy is closing in on a total collapse
  191. Only 67 delegates decided by March 1
  192. Command climate, why I hate Trump.
  193. Ben Carson on China involvement in Syria
  194. Bush canceling ad buys in Iowa and South Carolina
  195. What is Donald Trump's IQ?
  197. Cruz Under Fire From Santorum and Huckabee Supporters in IA
  198. Carson campaign manager quits
  199. How in the Hell did I get on this mailing list?
  200. Illing: Ben Carson doesn’t want to win: His campaign is all about cashing in
  201. When will Carson suspend his campaign?
  202. Bernie Sanders campaign steals its happening meme
  203. Rachel Maddow highlights Ron and Rand's security guard, John Baeza
  204. Clinton E-mail Lashes Out at Hasidic Paper for Removing Her From Photo
  205. Israeli soldier run SITE suddenly finds Al-Shahab video featuring Trump
  206. "George Will Is Right—Donald Trump IS A Threat, to Cuckservatism Inc."-Kirkpatrick (Paleocon)
  207. Bernie Sanders raises $33 million in final quarter of 2015
  208. Trump doing "Carson" on Cruz: I am an evangelical.. not a lot of evangelicals come out of Cuba
  209. Breaking: VT Judge may have to toss Cruz, Rubio off of state's ballot.
  210. Trump: Clinton, Obama 'created ISIS'
  211. Trump: I can win despite structural advantages for Dems
  212. Trump Flip flops on limiting radicalizing speech
  213. Who Will The Republicans side following Saudi Arabia's executions that sparked outrage?
  214. John McCain Says Ted Cruz is a neocon
  215. Fiorina And Carson Defend Saudi Government. Iran is our Only Real Threat.
  216. NEW Donald Trump TV Ad
  217. "Carson's" 14.9% tax plan
  218. Rubio : "isolationist" candidates will make US less safe
  219. Carly pandering jinxes Iowa (?)
  220. Maine Sec. of State Rejects Libertarian Party’s Application for Ballot Access
  221. MOFOPol:Lifelong New Yorker Trump is fearless of Israel lobby while southern Rand Paul Grovels
  222. How the P.C. Police Propelled Donald Trump
  223. Nephew of AliAlNimr in Danger of being executed by Moderate SaudiArabia
  224. Hillary Clinton Should Disarm Her Bodyguards If She Really Believes ‘Guns Don’t Keep You Safe'
  225. Ted Cruz likes Nickelback:
  226. New Ted Cruz Ad, Immigration
  227. NBC/SurveyMonkey Poll: Donald Trump Still Leads the GOP Field
  229. Help me locate the best one stop shop article/video to get a Bernie supporter to second guess
  230. Libertarian Party of Maine Files Suit Seeking Recognized Party Status, Ballot Access
  231. Rubio PAC : new ad in SC "Nobody Better"
  232. Carson and Carly "bad holiday season"
  233. Trump calls out Hillary Clinton for her support for Israel’s separation wall
  234. How Trump-Style Politics Turned California Into a Blue State
  235. Trump's Massachusetts Rally
  236. Does Trump intimidate fellow GOP "candidates of color" more than others?
  237. Trump says Cruz’s Canadian birth could be ‘very precarious’ for GOP
  238. Ted Cruz Thinks Donald Trump Is Too Soft on Immigration
  239. Trump: 'I would want to protect Saudi Arabia'
  240. Trump praises Obama, blames lack of healthcare
  241. Coulter: Cruz is Not a Natural Born Citizen
  242. The Clintons Are Criminals -- Roger Stone hands down the indictment.
  243. Gary Johnson Announces Libertarian Party Run For President
  244. Guy who was Carson's campaign manager last week: Trump will be GOP nominee
  245. Enraged Trump supporters attack man for quietly sitting with ‘America’s Already Great’ sign
  246. Carson at 4% in new NH poll
  247. Ted Cruz Admits He Flip-Flopped On Expanding Legal Immigration
  248. Karl Rove predicts first multiballot convention since 1948
  249. Cruz : "no legal controversy" by being born in Alberta
  250. Rafael Cruz in 2012: Send Obama 'back to Kenya'