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  1. 'Donald Trump submits 15,000 petition signatures for Virginia ballot'
  2. Trump: Fed Chair Yellen Not Raising Rates ‘Because Obama Told Her Not To’
  3. Glenn Beck makes interesting parallel between Carson and Jimmy Carter
  4. Businessman likened to Trump wins Kentucky governor’s race
  5. Bern Gets Burned -- Tom Woods on the totalitarian poverty of socialism.
  6. Sanders Supporters turning to Chris Christie?? WTH is going on??
  7. GOP Primary Rules Could Hinder Some Candidates
  8. Koch Industries Attorney Criticizes Ted Cruz for Opposing Sentencing Reform Bill
  10. Chris Christie's Plea To Change How America Handles Drug Addicts
  11. Chris Christie: I'll be debating 'one way or the other'
  12. Ben Carson Thinks Joseph Built the Pyramids.... WTF?
  13. Trump courted mega-donors he now scorns
  14. Mistress of Deception -- Hillary’s even worse than you thought. Article by Andrew Napolitano
  15. Rubio knows he will get the nomination.
  16. If 2016 candidates were Disney villians
  17. Do you all remember this?
  18. Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Seem to Notice Making Major Word Mix-Up During Speech
  19. Ben Carson makes a rap video (yes this is real)
  20. Debate Commission: No Change to 15 Percent Third-Party Polling Rule
  21. How Will They Deal With Russia and China? - Obama Mocks GOP Candidates - CNBC Debate Moderator
  23. Evidence Now Exists To Show Benefit Of GOPe Road-mapped “Splitter Strategy”….
  24. Tronald Dump will "Brutally and Quickly" cut ISIS's head off
  25. Clinton Signed NDA Laying Out Criminal Penalties for Mishandling of Classified Info
  26. Hillary Says Gender Is a Social Construct, But We MUST Have a Female President
  27. Pro-Cruz PAC slams Rubio in Iowa ad
  28. New commercial - Jeb will take care of Israel and Christians in the Middle East
  29. Confession of a Hillary shill
  30. Hillary PAC scandal
  31. Ben Carson lied about stabbing people to raise his "inspirational profile"?
  32. Team Carson : Politico story about West Point is outright lie
  33. Carly Fiorina Doesn’t Correct Man Who Calls Obama a ‘Black Muslim’
  34. Ben Carson Doesn't Correct the Man Who Called Obama "Anti-Semitic", "Psychopath"
  35. On handling the Bernites
  36. Its Clear The Majority of GOP voters in General Are Beyond Stupid. Ben Carson Lie no Effect
  37. Bernie Sanders Bashes Uber, Uses It For All His ‘Taxi’ Rides
  38. Rand Paul: Ben Carson "West Point" attack a molehill; Compares Rubio to Hillary
  39. Bill Kristol on why media lets Trump get away w/ murder & goes nuts about Carson
  40. Hillary Clinton May Have Just Committed Election Fraud — And the Internet Found Out
  41. Ben Carson Backs White House’s TPP Trade Deal
  42. Rand Paul Tells Democrats: “Hillary Clinton is a Neocon!”
  43. Neocons' tool Ben Carson wants to send US troops back to Iraq
  44. Lindsey Graham left out in the cold in GOP debate
  45. Rubio racking up the endorsements
  46. Rubio "Totally Committed" To Obama's Immigration Agenda
  47. Started getting emails from tedcruz.org
  48. Questions Raised About Credibility of Politico Hit Pieces on Trump, Paul, Carson
  49. ‘Hell, Yeah’: Jeb Bush Says He Would Kill a Baby Hitler if Given the Chance
  50. Bush Unveils Texas Leadership Committee (includes Pete Sessions)
  51. Do your research before donating to PACs
  52. Would Someone Please Explain Ben Carson's Polling Numbers?
  53. Trump's Rivals Can Ask for 12 Minutes of Their Own NBC Airtime
  54. According to RCP Rand is now tied for 6th place. Fiorina has totally collapsed.
  55. Trump: We'll All Be Saying "Merry Christmas" Again
  56. Ronda Rousey Endorses Bernie Sanders
  57. Jeb Bush Allies Threaten Wave of Harsh Attacks on Marco Rubio, an Ex-Mentee
  58. Conflict of Interest? Bill Clinton Serves on Presidential Debate Commission
  59. From The Debate Yesterday Marco Rubio is War Hawkish/McCain Lite.
  60. Did Kasich just self-destruct?
  61. Urgent! Marco Rubio opposition research!
  62. Jeb Bush, John Kasich seal their fates by pandering to illegal immigrants
  63. Vice Shows Rand Some Love Following Debate
  64. I’m still waiting to hear Carly Fiorina's three page tax plan
  65. What Will Tom And Lew Say About The Debate?
  66. What will the next major poll look like?
  67. Candidate Tier List
  68. NJ voters think Christie should drop out
  69. November 14th, 2015 2nd Democratic Debate
  70. Fiorina Admits She Did Meet Putin in a Green Room, but, Like, a Serious Kind of Green Room
  71. Trump: I’ll create a deportation force to eject all illegal immigrants
  72. Jeb! Super PAC Right to Rise already spent $31M
  73. Is Marco Rubio Too Baby-Faced to Be President?
  74. WSJ Poll: Who Won the Debate?
  75. The Whitehouse or the Bighouse: FBI takes another step towards Clinton
  76. New Trouble for Marco Rubio !!!
  77. Populism on The Rise in GOP Race for President :WSJ
  78. LOL, CNN is so blatantly in the tank for Jeb Bush that it's hilarious
  79. Challenge may keep Bernie Sanders off New Hampshire presidential primary ballot
  80. Ted Cruz ver.2013 : provide legal status to illegal immigrants.
  81. Real Clear Politics Polling 11/12/2015
  82. Trump likens Carson's 'pathology' to that of a child molester
  84. Carson: If Russian Planes Violate a No-Fly Zone, ‘Shoot Them Down’
  85. Hillary Clinton Says She Once Tried to Be Marine
  86. WaPo: Time for GOP panic? Establishment worried Carson or Trump might win
  87. AP: Hillary Clinton to be Democratic presidential nominee
  88. Donald Trump songified by schmoyoho
  89. Paddy Power odds (October 2016)
  91. Birthers officially dispute eligibility of four GOP candidates
  92. Jeb Bush Campaigned for Ron's First Congressional Run
  93. When And Where Did Ted Cruz Start Imitating Ron and Rand Paul?
  94. Reports of Trump's demise may have been a bit premature ...
  95. Can a book bring down the Clinton Dynasty?
  96. Rubio: Our National Security Depends on Sugar Subsidies
  97. Cruz, Huckabee, Jindal Attend Insane Anti-Gay Rally
  98. France TV Blasts Republicans for Blaming Attacks on Refugees and Guns.
  99. November 14th Democrat debate on CBS - Official Thread
  100. Rand Paul Slams Rubio in Florida on Immigration
  101. Are they all psychopaths?
  102. When's new post-debate poll coming out?
  103. Democratic Party Hopes No One Watches Democratic Debates
  104. SNL skit showed Ben Carson attacking his mother with a hammer, threatening Jesus with a knife
  105. Army 3-Star General Makes Bombshell Claim About Trump… This Surprised Everyone
  106. What 2016 candidates will drop out?
  107. IA Rep. Steve King to Endorse Tomorrow?
  108. Jeb Bush: We should focus on screening for refugees to be Christian before letting them in
  109. Fox news neo-con David Hunt calls for military draft on Judge Jeanine
  110. Governor Christie, allow concealed carry of firearms for self defense!
  111. Denmark Tells Bernie Sanders It's Had Enough Of His 'Socialist' Slurs
  112. Trump: Paris is a GUN FREE ZONE
  113. Sen. Graham: Without U.S. Boots on the Ground vs. ISIS, ‘There’s a 9/11 Coming’
  114. Donald Trump: ‘You’re Going to Have to Watch the Mosques"/ “strongly consider” shutting down
  115. Trump Proposes Building ‘A Big Beautiful Safe Zone’ in Syria for Refugees
  116. McCain, Graham Call for American Boots on the Ground in Syria Syria 'surge'
  117. The GOP Race for Delegates: An Interactive Tool
  118. Is Donald Trump right about 'stupid' voters?
  119. For your daily amusement - Jeb Bush is the Godfather?
  120. Jindal pulling out
  121. Carson is starting to unravel
  122. Trump says Ted Cruz is possible VP option
  123. Donald Trump, The Clintons And Jeffrey Epstein
  124. Poll finds Carson tops GOP race in Colorado; top Republicans beat Clinton
  125. Colorado Quinnipac poll: Hillary loses against every candidate, Trump plunges to 3rd
  126. Ben Carson’s campaign made a U.S. map and put a bunch of states in the wrong place
  127. CNN to Cruz: Should your father have been kept out?
  128. Hillary’s Campaign Targets Comedians
  129. The Mindset of Trump Supporter
  130. Breitbart Report: 9/11 hijackers got Florida ID cards under Jeb Bush
  131. BBC : Trump "Not opposed" to special ID card for Muslims
  132. Warning From Ted Cruz: ‘Far Too Many’ Republicans Are Eager to Drag US Into Syria’s Civil War
  133. Bernie Sanders Campaign Confronted on supporting Syrian Rebels
  134. [2012 article] Donald Trump has plummeted 26% to a mere 8%
  135. Speaking of "pathological"
  136. No, Donald Trump Doesn't Want to Register All American Muslims. It's Just Another Media Smear
  137. CNN releases polling requirements for Dec 15 Las Vegas debate
  138. Ted Cruz: Dropping Out (Fundraising E-mail lol)
  139. Ben Carson says Putin has deep ties with Islamic leaders
  140. Ted Cruz Auditions for Simpsons ?
  141. Gov. Chris Christie’s plane delayed at SFO to remove passenger
  142. Ben Carson: screen Syrian refugees like they're rabid dogs – video
  143. Bill Clinton is a Biter
  144. President Trump?
  145. Next Debate Question: Did any of you GOP candidates vote for Obama in 2008 or 2012?
  146. Contest To Defeat Hillary Clinton.
  147. Donald Trump: ‘I Didn’t Suggest a Database’ For Muslims
  148. Trump's ex-wife: He kept book of Hitler's speeches by his bed.
  149. Trump: To make college affordable, 'we have to start some govm't program'
  150. I think it is about time Donald Trump mob ties be brought up
  151. Bernie Sanders linked climate change to growth of terrorism
  152. Nixon predicted Trump presidency
  153. Ben Carson slams “sickening” Black Lives Matter movement ; BLM activist punched at Trump rally
  154. Jerome Corsi: Clinton Indictment Imminent
  155. Carson crashing...
  156. UPROAR: Trump tweets crime stats
  157. Hillary's Tweet Backfire
  158. The Perfect Republican Stump Speech (annotated)
  159. Carson for government monitoring of churches
  160. It begins: Kasich PAC releases Trump attack ad
  161. Article everyone needs to read about polls...
  162. Trump, Carson repeat disputed 9/11 celebration claim @CNNPolitics
  163. Donald Trump says he’ll run independently if GOP doesn’t treat him ‘fairly’
  164. The establishment Rubio push is on
  165. Rubio backer releases attack ad on Cruz for not supporting unconstitutional spying on American
  166. NBC Awards 4 Candidates Air Time
  167. “Jeb” Bush (Brother of Dub-Yuh Bush) Has Actually Been in the Lead All Along
  168. Worthy Reading: Dear Media, Stop Freaking Out About Donald Trump's Polls
  169. Trump: "You won't see another black president for generations" because Obama was so bad
  170. Because Trump leads in polls...
  171. Coordinated attack on Trump calling him 'fascist' by Bush, Rubio, Cruz, Kasich surrogates
  172. Carson: I hope we have a database on everybody!
  173. Will Grigg on Trump
  174. Ted Cruz is a Reagan Conservative: Rebuttal Thread
  175. I'm sorry, but this is entertaining...
  176. Why Ben Carson is in free fall since Paris attacks?
  177. Reuters 5 day moving avg: Gilmore (2.8%) surges above Rand (2.1%)
  178. New York Times slams 'outrageous' Donald Trump for mocking reporter's disability
  179. Comment By a Trump Supporter.
  180. What would you do if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is elected President?
  181. Anybody else starting to get sick of Trump's BS or is it just me?
  182. REAL Reason Why Trump is Unfit for GOP Nomination (Part One)
  183. Trump: Report your neighbors for suspicious activities
  184. Controversial surgeon Ben Carson to visit Syrian Refugees in Jordan on Thanksgiving
  185. Rand Paul predicts Donald Trumps threat of a 3rd party run months ago VIDEO please share this!
  186. Authenticity of the candidates
  187. No, Donald Trump supporters aren't everywhere (CSM via Yahoo News)
  188. Schiff Supports Sanders for President?
  189. Republican Trump drops 12 percentage points in poll: Reuters/Ipsos
  190. Rep. Grayson To File Lawsuit Against Canadian-born Ted Cruz if He Wins the Nomination.
  191. Trump Calls For Amnesty
  192. Hillary's War...
  193. Influential "conservative" NH newspaper endorses fat corrupt fascist "for our safety"
  194. 2016 GOP poll
  195. Why are voters less naive during midterm elections?
  196. Drive to Take Down Trump: Can It Work?
  197. List of TN delegates
  198. John Zogby on how to beat Donald Trump
  199. Ted Cruz Excoriates Marco Rubio on Foreign Policy and Links Him to Hillary Clinton
  200. Seems Trump's Campaign Bought itself an Army of Internet Bot Supporters.
  201. 'Ted Cruz is No Friend to the Libertarian Movement'
  202. NumbersUSA: Presidential Candidate's protectionism scorecard
  203. Hillary Clinton dodges sniper fire in Bosnia - raw footage
  204. Trump Bows Out of Next CNN Debate
  205. Trump: "Take out" Terrorists Families
  206. Donald Trump on The Alex Jones Show 12/2/15 (tube added)
  207. Ted Cruz's Closest Counselors Are Neocons
  208. Glenn Beck says Trump is a Hillary plant
  209. Mulshine: Great minds like a think: Ted Cruz denounces Marco Rubio and the neocons
  210. NYT: R insiders little urgency to attack Trump as he prevents "even worse" Cruz from rising
  211. Busted: Hillary's 'No Classified Material' Lie Now Disproven 1,000 Times Over
  212. Party memo: Trump as nominee
  213. TRUMP: Historians will blame 'Barack Hussein Obama' for any government shutdowns
  214. Photo that will start rupture of Evangelical's love affair with Ben Carson and his wife
  215. ‘Donald Trump Is a Racist and a Bigot’
  216. Trump folds, loses $5 Million deal in just days.
  217. He's basically Happy Gilmore.
  218. Donald Trump booed by crowd questions Israel’s commitment to peace.
  219. BOMBSHELL: Marco Rubio’s Alleged Mistress Comes Forward
  220. Trump's speech to GOP Jews was filled with anti-Semitic stereotypes
  221. Trump taking a walk towards sharia lane ?
  222. Google "Hillary Clinton rape"
  223. Gawker: The Most Deeply Uncomfortable Moments of the Ted Cruz Family Outtake Videos
  224. Report: Trump tapped mob felon as senior adviser
  226. Trump: Restore the Patriot Act
  227. Funny Ted Cruz tales
  228. The #LindseyGraham and #MarcoRubio #ForeignPolicy
  229. Why Donald Trump will never win the nomination
  230. Fiorina says terror suspects should be allowed to buy guns: My gun-owning friend was on watch
  231. Andrew McCarthy endorses Ted Cruz in National Review: Ted Cruz Is the One Candidate Who Can Fa
  232. You’re OK Until You Misbehave: How Norm Violations Magnify the Attractiveness Devil Effect
  233. Ted Cruz: I Will Utterly Destroy The Terrorists
  234. Herman Cain has been introducing Donald Trump at events this week
  235. Fiorina says terrorist long guns were purchased for police department
  236. NYT: 95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous, From Donald Trump’s Tongue
  237. Church of Scientology Lobbied Hillary’s State Department
  238. Bernie Sanders Wins Readers’ Poll for TIME Person of the Year
  239. I'm looking for a Bernie Sanders Video ...
  240. Trump: Block ALL Muslim immigration
  241. Trump loves mulsims if they're rich
  242. Ted Cruz Pulls Ahead of Donald Trump in New Iowa Poll
  243. Trump wants to "close the internet" in some areas.
  244. Donald Trump takes Jeb Bush website from under his nose
  245. 'Sen. Ted Cruz Breaks With Sen. Rand Paul on Foreign Policy'
  246. ISIS is to Islam as Donald Trump is to America
  247. #notrumptuesday
  248. Trump: Families Of Soldiers Killed In Iraq Should Sue NYT For WMD Reporting, US made Iraq mess
  249. British, French leaders join world condemnation of Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering US
  250. Donald Trump thinks he can call Bill Gates to 'close up' the internet