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  1. NDAA Nullification Bill coming up in MI Committee
  2. Michigan Sheriff concerned with State Rep.'s Drone-restriction Bill
  3. Michigan House Unanimously Passes NDAA Nullification Bill
  4. Tom McMillin Running for State Senate in Michigan
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  8. Bipartisan Michigan bill would ban resources to NSA
  9. U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers will not run for reelection
  10. Mike Rogers to target 'celebrity politicians' on new radio show
  11. Justin Amash endorses Tom McMillin for MI-8
  12. Anti-NSA Republican to Replace Mike Rogers
  13. Amash: Tom McMillin should be the #1 priority
  14. Tom McMillin kicks off congressional campaign on Saturday with Justin Amash
  15. Tom McMillin's Scorecard (MI-8 Congressional District)
  16. Tom McMillin kicks off congressional campaign; Justin Amash says he's a 'true legislator'
  17. Mike Rogers attacks Tom McMillin
  18. VIDEO: Justin Amash Endorses Tom McMillin
  19. McMillin Calls For End To Cash Assistance
  20. Tom McMillin to hold hearing on cellphone tracking devices
  21. Welcome to the Tom McMillin 2014 Forum
  22. VIDEO: Tom on Local Fox 2 "Let it Rip"
  23. POLL: Bishop 18%, McMillin 8%, Undecided 74%
  24. Tom McMillin candidacy needs some more national media coverage
  25. Tom McMillin Interview with United Liberty
  26. USA Today Report on MI Minimum Wage Increase
  27. New website and TV ad takes aim at Mike Bishop / Michigan Business Tax
  28. McMillin measures strengthen Open Meetings Act, require greater transparency
  29. Happy Birthday, Tom McMillin
  30. Michigan House approves McMillin legislation to protect children, families in abuse cases
  31. Is Tom McMillin the next Dave Brat?
  32. McMillin blocked by Feds and Sheriff's Office on Surveillance Oversight
  33. MI-8, McMillin vs Bishop, candidate forums set for June 24 and July 1
  34. FreedomWorks Endorses Tom McMillin in MI-8
  35. Rep. Tom McMillin introduces resolution to ĎAudit the Fedí
  36. Poll Shows General MI-8 Race as Competitive
  37. VIDEO: Undersheriff Unhinged at Hailstorm Allegations
  38. VIDEO: Tom McMillin Discuss Hailstorm with TV Panel
  39. Tom McMillin Moneybomb - Friday, June 27th
  40. Donation Thread - McMillin Moneybomb $10768.00 raised
  41. Phone Banking From Home
  42. Anybody here with a campaign email address?
  43. Tom McMillin interview with Tea Party Express 7/1/14
  44. Tea Party Express Endorses Tom McMillin for Congress in Michiganís 8th Congressional District
  45. Tom McMillin introduces bills to regulate cellphone trackers in Michigan
  46. Fundraising reports from the Tom McMillin vs Mike Bishop race
  47. Poll: Mike Bishop leads Tom McMillin in GOP primary to replace Mike Rogers
  48. Tom McMillin Money Bomb 7/29 - Last Push for Victory!
  49. W. James Antle: Will Michigan elect the next Justin Amash?
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  52. Music Legend Pat Boone Sings Praises of Tom McMillin
  53. RLC Endorses Tom McMillin in Michigan's 8th Congressional District
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