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  1. Introducing Dr. Greg Brannon, possible draftee for US Senate 2014
  2. Dr. Greg Brannon is running for U.S. Senate against Kay Hagan in 2014!
  3. Official Dr. Greg Brannon for Senate (R-NC-2014) thread!
  4. I think Dr. Greg Brannon can win the NC Senate race
  5. PPP Tweet about Greg Brannon for Senate in NC
  6. Hagan is beatable, NC should be top target
  7. Senatorial Candiate NC Dr. Greg Brannon Addressing 2nd Amendment Rally
  8. Greg Brannon for US Senate **website**
  9. Video: Greg Brannon for Senate Feb 28,2013
  10. Local North Carolina Media: Greg Brannon
  11. Follow Dr. Greg Brannon and Glen Bradley on social media!
  12. Put Greg Brannon in your signature! (Cool looking)
  13. Greg Brannon Needs Name Recognition Help
  14. Capital Tonight News 14: U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon
  15. Get a free Greg Brannon bumper sticker
  16. Ted Cruz's Office Is Asking About Greg Brannon!
  17. US Senate 2014: The doctor is IN
  18. Bomb Greg Brannon short speech at Wake GOP convention
  19. Hagan leads all Republicans, Berry leads GOP hopefuls
  20. Karl Rove prowling North Carolina
  21. Anyone else worth trying to elect in NC besides Brannon?
  22. Brannon Campaign Launches House Party Tour Announces More Than 15 Events Statewide
  23. PPP: Sen. Kay Hagan up only 9% on Brannon, 11% Unsure (NC)
  24. Greg Brannon announces statewide Constitutional Government Coalition
  25. Redstate article needs comment help (for Greg Brannon)
  26. Cherie Berry says she won't run for U.S. Senate
  27. Thom Tillis censured by Craven GOP
  28. Greg Brannon Welcomes Thom Tillis To The US Senate Race
  29. Redstate: Greg Brannon Reponds to Thom Tillis’s Entrance Into Senate Race
  30. Freedom Works: Common Core Rally in Raleigh ft. Greg Brannon
  31. My Greg Brannon update ($ needed)
  32. Greg Brannon Moneybomb
  33. Greg Brannon wins NCGOP convention straw poll
  34. Greg Brannon MONEYBOMB is Official!
  35. Greg Brannon MONEYBOMB is Official!
  36. Greg Brannon MONEYBOMB is Official!
  37. 'Likes' on Social Media: Ranking the NC Senate Candidates
  38. Greg Brannon E-mail - "Urgent: Critical Deadline Approaching - Short of Fundraising Goal"
  39. NC Senate: Hagan 44-Brannon 40
  40. Let's get the Greg Brannon Moneybomb event page 10k invites
  41. Follow @GregBrannon2014 on Twitter
  42. The Greg Brannon for US Senate June 28-30 Moneybomb!
  43. Greg Brannon - US Senate Throw Down Party
  44. Greg Brannon Moneybomb today through Sunday - Donate now!
  45. Brannon meets with NAGR Executive VP Dudley Brown!
  46. Greg Brannon: $17,435 left to hit our End of Quarter fundraising goal
  47. Roll Call dismisses Greg Brannon
  48. Greg Brannon (NC Senate candidate) talks foreign policy & rule of law on radio
  49. Liberty candidate for U.S. Senate Greg Brannon on foreign policy
  50. New PPP numbers for Greg Brannon/NC Senate
  51. Grassroots Donors Fuel Brannon Campaign
  52. Greg Brannon (R-NC SEN CAND) to attend RedState Gathering in August!
  53. Greg Brannon Speaks to Conservatives 4 Guilford County
  54. Greg Brannon speaks at the RedState Gathering 2013 in New Orleans
  55. Greg Brannon starts fundly drive
  56. Greg Brannon Receives iCaucus Endorsement
  57. Greg Brannon To Join Tea Party Express For Press Conference
  58. Join Greg Brannon with Mike Church October 19
  59. Greg Brannon?
  60. Greg Brannon interviewed on Tea Party Express Podcast "On the Campaign Trail"
  61. Hagan Yes on Syria but still leading over all GOP candidates
  62. Greg Brannon campaign hires top Cruz staffer
  63. Greg Brannon will be on the Mike Church Show at 7:10am EST tomorrow
  64. Greg Brannon campaign (U.S. Senate - NC) by the numbers
  65. Brannon’s Grassroots Fundraising Surges
  66. Only 19% want Kay Hagan re-elected to US Senate
  67. Greg Brannon Speaks to Conservatives 4 Guilford County
  68. Dr. Greg Brannon, the next Ron Paul, for US Senate (video interview)
  69. Incredible interview from Greg Brannon
  70. Join Dr. Greg Brannon's "Online Action Team"
  71. Will You PLEDGE Here to Spend "1 HOUR A DAY" Promoting the 12/16 Greg Brannon Money Bomb?
  72. Greg Brannon 12/16 Moneybomb
  73. Greg Brannon 12/16 Money Bomb - Planning & Promotion - Goal: 5,000 Facebook Event Pledges!
  74. Greg Brannon's FB - BIG Announcement?
  75. Senator Rand Paul Endorses Greg Brannon for U.S. Senate
  76. Greg Brannon interview with Doc Washburn 10/18/13
  77. Sen. candidate Brannon tops anti-federal meeting
  78. Tom Woods endorses Greg Brannon for U.S. Senate
  79. How would you rate Greg Brannon as a candidate?
  80. Freedomworks wants to know about Greg Brannon
  81. Senate Update: Karl Rove Fundraising for Greg Brannon's Opponents
  82. Why hasn't Rand come to Brannon's defense?
  83. PPP NC Poll: Greg Brannon only candidate to lead Kay Hagan 44%-43%
  85. [VIDEO] Greg Brannon Speaks at Pro-Life Hand of Hope Banquet (11/07/13)
  86. New Greg Brannon Video starring Tom Woods and Erick Erickson
  87. [Video] Greg Brannon Interview with Doc Thompson / The Morning Blaze
  88. [Video] Greg Brannon speech at LPAC 2013
  89. Mark Harris seeking support from Ted Cruz
  90. North Carolina GOP Primary Debate for U.S. Senate
  91. Greg Brannon Statement on Iran Agreement
  92. Official "Retreat is Not an Option" Dr. Greg Brannon for US Senate Donation Thread
  93. Mitch McConnell to headline fundraiser for NC Senate candidate Thom Tillis
  94. PPP NC Poll (Dec 13): Greg Brannon 2% behind 1st in Primary
  95. Can we get Rand's facebook page to post about the Brannon money bomb?
  96. Politico article on North Carolina Senate race
  97. Ticker is up
  98. Congressman Thomas Massie Endorses Greg Brannon for U.S. Senate
  99. Ron Paul wants us to help Greg Brannon
  100. Rand Paul: Support Greg Brannon's "Retreat is NOT an Option" money bomb today
  101. Have you guys noticed more hit pieces against Brannon lately?
  102. MSNBC/Al Sharpton attacks Greg Brannon for calling Obamacare "tyranny"!
  103. Bill LuMaye interviews Greg Brannon on MSNBC smears
  104. Merry Christmas from the Brannon family
  105. Greg Brannon FB post on NY judge NSA ruling
  106. 2014 Grass Roots Victory Fund Launched!
  107. Greg Brannon's Facebook page hits 60,000 "Likes"!
  108. Greg Brannon has received more donations than people enrolled in Obamacare in NC
  110. I created a site to attack Thom Tillis
  111. Brannon wins 2014 Conservatives for Guilford County Straw Poll
  112. Thom Tillis ads airing in eastern NC
  113. HP: Thom Tillis' Tea Party Challenger Greg Brannon Dredges Up Scandal In N.C. GOP Primary
  114. Another Republican jumps into Senate race against Hagan
  115. PPP NC Poll (Jan 14): Greg Brannon in 2nd at 11%, leads Hagan by 2%
  116. Greg Brannon on the Bill LuMaye Show - 08 Jan 2014
  117. Greg Brannon campaign opening 4 grassroots HQs this weekend
  118. Grassroots VS. Establishment Money Bomb! $50k by Jan 23 Midnight.
  119. Huckabee endorses underdog Mark Harris in N.C. Senate race
  120. I had a long talk with Brannon today...
  121. I just listened to Greg Brannon, was extremely impressed
  122. [Video] Greg Brannon's speech during the Grand Opening of Grassroots HQ in Fuquay-Varina, NC
  123. NC Senate candidates debate Nullification
  124. Want to help Greg? Nominate him to receive FreedomWork's endorsement.
  125. Kay Hagan raised $2M+ in Q4 and has $6.8M cash on hand
  126. BuzzFeed does another smear attempt on Greg...
  127. New Bern office opening Sat 1/25 @ 3pm
  128. Tillis continues mediocre fundraising pace
  129. Grand Opening of Brannon's Southern Pines, NC Grassroots HQ tonight (01/27)
  130. 1/27 Rasmussen Poll: Brannon 43%, Hagan 39%
  131. Major NC Tea Party group endorses Greg
  132. Grand Opening of Brannon's Cornelius, NC Grassroots HQ on 1/31
  133. Brannon mentioned on Hannity Radio Show
  134. Brannon moneybomb Jan 27 thru 31st - "Grassroots v. Establishment"
  135. Bill Flynn, Brannon Tea Party opponent, drops out
  136. Brannon Leads Hagan 43% to 39%
  137. Organizations/People to Contact to Endorse Greg.
  138. Greg Brannon's Reaction To The SOTU w/ Doc Washburn
  139. Brannon issues press release showing explosion in donor base
  140. Greg Brannon on the Bill LuMaye Show 1/31/14
  141. Brannon has a big announcement and exciting news next Tuesday!
  142. Full GOP Primary Candidates Debate, 1/30/14 - Brannon, Harris, Grant
  143. Civil lawsuit filed against Greg Brannon
  144. FreedomWorks to endorse Tea Partier Brannon in N.C. Senate race
  145. Mission endorsement for Greg Brannon
  146. Establishment candidate Thom Tillis getting bad press for skipping debates
  147. Brannon Campaign Announces "Women Back Brannon" Coalition
  148. [Video] Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks Endorses Greg Brannon for US Senate
  149. Matt Kibbe interview about his Greg Brannon Endorsement
  150. Brannon's TV AD Blitz Campaign - $150k by Feb 17th. Ticker up.
  151. Do you want another libertarian in the US Senate?
  152. Real Change - Greg Brannon's First TV Ad
  153. New Ad
  154. Politico: Koch brothers bombard vulnerable Senate Democrat Kay Hagan
  155. PPP NC Senate Poll (Feb '14): Greg Brannon in 2nd at 13%, leads Hagan by 3%
  156. Greg Brannon on TheBlaze Radio w/ Glenn Beck 2/18/14 (tube added)
  157. Mini-money bomb for Greg
  158. AMAZING interview by Glenn Bleck
  159. Pro-amnesty pro-gay megadonors hold war council for Cotton, Ayotte, Sullivan(AK) and Tillis
  160. Glenn Beck declares ‘man crush’ on Brannon after interview
  161. North Carolina civil jury decides against Greg
  162. Thom Tillis backed by NY billionaire neo-conservatives
  163. Grand Opening of Brannon's Greensboro, NC Grassroots HQ on 2/22
  164. Phone banking from home for Greg Brannon
  165. In God We Trust, Do We? (An old essay by Dr. Greg Brannon)
  166. Sen. Hagan runs from Obamacare question on canceled plans
  167. Political Establishment Community Believes Brannon Should Drop Out
  168. Brannon Yard Signs Available Now
  169. Judge Bryan Collins Endorsed by Progress North Carolina
  170. And NOW for THE REST of the story … on the Brannon lawsuit
  171. "March to Victory" $16k by March 10th. Ticker up.
  172. Rand & Greg Reception at CPAC
  173. Video - Greg Brannon and Vince Coakley at Rowan County Oath Keepers of North Carolina 15 Feb
  174. Major Tea Party Endorsement Tomorrow for Greg Brannon
  175. Senator Mike Lee Endorses Dr. Greg Brannon for U.S. Senate
  176. Has Thom Tillis led the most pro-amnesty GOP legislature in the country?
  177. VIDEO: Rand Paul & Greg Brannon at CPAC
  178. Tillis takes local GOP straw poll
  179. Brannon wants to be Rand Paul of NC
  180. PPP NC Senate Poll (Mar '14): Greg Brannon tied for 1st at 14%
  181. Will You Join Senators Rand Paul And Mike Lee In Supporting Greg Brannon?
  182. GOP candidate: Some groups contemplate infanticide
  183. Doc Thompson of TheBlaze breaks down the top 8 midterm races (includes Brannon)
  184. Gun Owners of America Endorses Greg Brannon!
  185. Need help with a Google AdWords campaign for Greg.
  186. Air Mail Coming to NC Republicans
  187. Oh Greg I sure hope you know what you're doing - going on Beck's radio show again tomorrow
  188. Greg Brannon's Second Interview w/Glenn Beck (03-19-14)
  189. Join Greg Brannon and Senator Mike Lee at Lowe's Motor Speedway, 3/28
  190. The Return of John Rhodes
  191. SurveyUSA NC Senate Poll: Greg Brannon in 2nd at 15%
  193. The American Spectator Profile - A Constitutionalist in North Carolina
  194. American Crossroads reserves $1.1 million in ads to support Thom Tillis
  195. What about Heather Grant?
  196. U.S. Senate GOP Candidates' Debate, 3/25/2014
  197. Brannon Opponent Thom Tillis Names NC Planned Parenthood Founder To Women Coalition
  198. Utah's Mike Lee attending fundraisers in North Carolina for GOP Senate candidate Greg Brannon
  199. Help with Greg Brannon's Wikipedia
  200. WashTimes: Brannon again sets goal, this time for US Senate
  201. [Video] Mike Lee stumping for Greg Brannon
  202. Brannon wins Wake County GOP Covention straw poll (biggest county in NC)
  203. Greg Brannon's campaign contact?
  204. Tillis went against the governor to join 100% of Dems to reward illegals and Chamber
  205. Finally! - NC US Senate candidates debate @ 7 p.m. April 22
  206. Steve Deace wants Greg Brannon on his radio show
  207. NC Governor, Coulter, Lee, Kibbe and AFP to attend NC leadership conference
  208. Another NC US Senate debate w/all 8 candidates @ 7pm, April 11
  209. Q1 2014, Greg Brannon's best fundraising quarter yet! ($500,000+ raised)
  210. Grand Opening of Brannon's Cary, NC Grassroots HQ on 04/06
  211. "The Constitution has three crimes: treason, piracy and counterfeit."
  212. PPP NC Senate Poll (Apr '14): Greg Brannon in 2nd at 15%
  213. Tea Party Patriots Endorse Greg Brannon!
  214. Let's get Club for Growth behind Greg
  215. Brannon going live on Beck's radio and tv shows - 4-10 - coordinated moneybomb too
  216. [Video] Greg Brannon on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 4/10
  217. Getting more liberty groups behind Greg Brannon
  218. [Video] Greg Brannon on TheBlaze TV w/ Glenn Beck 4/10/14
  219. Greg raised over $20,000 today!
  220. Slow dowwwnnnn
  221. Spotted Brannon in BJ Lawsons's infamous 2010 ad
  222. Karl Rove has Tillis at 27% & Brannon at 16% with push poll on jury verdict
  223. New Brannon TV Ad
  224. Signs?
  225. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) endorses Greg Brannon
  226. Dem super PAC hits Tillis for staffers’ affairs with lobbyists
  227. Time for Choosing moneybomb
  228. Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) recommends Greg Brannon
  229. Become an Election Day Ambassador for Greg Brannon!
  230. Tillis initially backs out of televised debate, then reverses course
  231. Tonite's debate (4-22 7pm) will be streamed on Brannon's website
  232. [Video] NC US Senate Primary Debate 04/22/14
  233. Tillis on 2nd amendment
  234. SurveyUSA NC Senate Poll - Greg Brannon in 2nd at 20%
  235. [Video] The One - New Greg Brannon Ad
  236. Greg Brannon needs some cash for the last primary push! Please donate today
  237. NC Senate Primary Fireworks: Thom Tillis vs. Greg Brannon On Gun Control
  238. Tillis Truthbombs for Brannon
  239. Tillis in Typical RINO Fashion Shifts Strategy To Social Issues
  240. Tillis hits 50%
  241. Democrats cheering for Thom Tillis
  242. [Video] Dr. Greg Brannon for US Senate Charlotte FreedomWorks Rally [04/26/14]
  243. PPP NC Senate Poll (Apr '14): Greg Brannon in 2nd at 20%
  244. Greg Brannon on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 5/1/14 (tube added)
  245. Rand Paul to campaign for Greg Brannon on Monday!
  246. Mark Levin endorses Greg Brannon in North Carolina Senate race
  247. Matching Donation for Greg Brannon
  248. [Video] The Great Debate - NC US Senate Primary Debate 04/11/14
  249. Jeb Bush Endorses Tillis
  250. Ted Cruz - please weigh in.