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  1. Wonkette Begging NC Libtards to vote Brannon...
  2. Recent internal polls showing Brannon ahead of Tillis, Thom getting desperate
  3. North Carolinians: Vote Dr. Greg Brannon For U.S. Senate
  4. Brannon and Rand discussed on CNN this morning
  5. PPP NC Senate Poll (May '14): Greg Brannon with momentum, in 2nd at 28%
  6. John Tate's America's Liberty PAC spent 30,000 in pro-Brannon mailers
  7. Push to GOTV for Brannon between now and tomorrow?
  8. Toady is the Primary
  9. [Video] Rand Paul endorses Greg Brannon for US Senate in North Carolina
  10. I just voted for Greg Brannon
  11. Thom Tillis admits that avoiding a runoff would be "extraordinary."
  12. [Video] Rand Paul fires up crowd for Greg Brannon in Charlotte, NC 5/5/14
  13. Mark Harris Turnout?
  14. Official Greg Brannon primary results thread
  15. Did Ron Paul send out an reminder to vote for Brannon yet?
  16. Thom Tillis Wins
  17. What could we have done better?
  18. Greg Brannon thanks supporters
  19. PPP: Hagan leads 39-34 (Tillis)-11 (Libertarian Sean Haugh)