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  1. Quote from Eisenhower on Pre-emptive War?
  2. Tancredo inaugurates new "National Museum of Confederate History"
  3. Perfect Jefferson Quote (from where?)
  4. Thomas Jefferson died on July 4
  5. Cut and Run - Ronald Reagan Style
  6. Ronald Reagan’s Good Rhetoric, Bad Policies, and Vile Followers
  7. Worst President in US History- Reid
  8. Remembering Barry Goldwater
  9. Remembering Barry Goldwater
  10. Kennedy wants to raise minimum wage to $9.50!!
  11. Favorite quote from the Founding Fathers!
  12. AUDIO: Ronald Reagan "The Speech" 1964
  13. Prominent Reagan staff member warns of false flag terror
  14. The Bush Family Funded Hitler
  15. reagan?
  16. founding fathers
  17. Perfect Thomas Jefferson Quote
  19. History of Jury Nullification
  20. Calvin Coolidge...
  21. Reagan Blasts Bush
  22. Reagan was described as "unelectable"
  23. Robert Taft Club C-span 2
  24. A Little History Quiz: Ominous Sign?
  25. John F Kennedy & Executive Order 11110
  26. What George Washington would think of the War.
  27. Selected Quotes of James Madison
  28. Digg: James Madison, father of the Constitution, warned us about tyranny at home
  29. Pro-Lincoln revisionism
  30. George Washington: terrorist
  31. soviet union
  32. FEMA Teaching Police "Founding Fathers were Terrorists"
  33. History channel: Andrew Jackson
  34. Calvin Coolidge?
  35. How come Goverment got bigger under Reagan?
  36. Federal Reserve, history of your misery
  37. Abraham Lincoln Inauguration Speech
  38. woodrow wilson quote disputed???
  39. Is MLK Really on the Same Level as George Washington??
  40. Ben Franklin quotes
  41. Thomas Jefferson quote of the day
  42. carter/wolfowitz doctrines of Interventionism
  43. Hoover Planned Mass Jailing in 1950 (NY
  44. Ah yes, the fine Hoover tradition.
  45. Constitutional History
  46. The Civil War Wasn't About Slavery- Walter Williams
  47. Ron Paul says Lincoln was wrong to fight the Civil War. Do you agree? AOL poll
  48. Harper's Weekly from 1861 - Why the Civil War was fought
  49. George Washington on torture
  50. Everything I Know About Lincoln....
  51. Judge Napolitano on Abraham Lincoln
  52. Abraham Lincoln Was a Saint ! (MUST SEE!)
  53. Taft / Wilson repeat for 2008 election.
  54. Thomas Paine was a Revolutionary Hero in 1776!
  55. "I believe in one God, and no more" - Thomas Paine
  56. Lincoln Unmasked
  57. Which Founding Father said this quote?
  58. Reagan speech.
  59. Banking History
  60. Rush invoked the 1964 Goldwater speech
  61. A history of how the welfare state came into being.
  62. The history of money...
  63. A Ron Paul History Class?
  64. Words of wisdom from John Quincy Adams
  65. Define "Goldwater Conservative"
  66. Why is Ronald Reagan really brought up alot?
  67. John Adams HBO mini-series in March
  68. "History of U.S. Military Interventions"
  69. Youtube video of Hitler movie translation
  70. Thomas Paine - The American Crisis
  71. Why is Reagan treated like a god-like figure?
  72. We dont like Lincoln? Why?
  73. Andrew Jackson
  74. Learning history
  75. ***Greatest Speech in American History***
  76. @@@@ read Thomas Jefferson @@@@@@
  77. History
  78. John Adams: Join or Die (HBO mini-series)
  79. Need some help on the Civil War issue!
  80. Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History
  81. I have a question about a Jefferson quote
  82. Action of Second Continental Congress, July 4, 1776
  83. Wonderful quote by John Adams, pertains to our times and this movement
  84. John Quincy Adams on foreign policy.
  85. American Civil War Question
  86. Real reasons for the Civil War:
  87. "He united the states of America" JOHN ADAMS starting Sunday on HBO
  88. Founding Fathers Christians or Deist's?
  89. Founding Fathers: Christians or Deists
  90. Ron Paul Right on Civil War Issue, Lincoln Expressed Same in Letters
  91. MSNBC: Abraham Lincoln Letters Proposed Avoiding Civil War
  92. Founding Father's "God" Was Reason
  93. Help for a History of Law Class
  94. How Abraham Lincoln won the Republican Nomination
  95. Thomas Paine and GOD
  96. World History Textbook
  97. Good books on US history
  98. thomas jefferson predicts the future
  99. A Second Shooter in the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy?
  100. JBS: Who Was John Adams?
  101. I guess Jimmy Carter is "anti-semitic" now
  102. Who started the Republican party Jefferson or Lincoln?
  103. Best Thomas Jefferson Biography
  104. Atrocities committed by Lincoln
  105. Abe Lincoln
  106. New Deal
  107. Defending Roosevelt (Sort of)
  108. 1885 Civil War book on google books
  109. Barry Goldwater
  110. The truth about George Washington
  111. Evangelical McCain endorser said Hitler was fulflilling God's will
  112. [Video] Jimmy Carter Admits his Administration Financed the Taliban in 1979
  113. What is the best book to read on FDR's New Deal policies
  114. PANIC of 1907 - JP Morgan bails out Banks & Wall St. Ted Roosevelt/Woodrow Wilson...
  115. Churchill, Hitler and the "Unnecessary War" Book by Pat Buchanan
  116. I learned some new fun facts about Woodrow Wilson
  117. (Video) Benjamin Franklin "Liberty/Safety" Quote Read on CNN
  118. Words Of Wisdom From Abraham Lincoln
  119. Reagan on GW Bush (Mod Note: Claim is untrue)
  120. The writing on the wall (Jefferson Memorial Pics)
  121. The Real Spirit of Jefferson
  122. How Andrew Jackson defeated the banks
  123. Robert Taft, That Fat Dude
  124. a Gettysburg Civil War "witness tree" falls...
  125. Thomas Paine????
  126. Founding forefathers and masonry
  127. Kennedy tribute proposes slavery!!!
  128. Common Sense on Kings - Thomas Paine
  129. Thomas Jefferson predicting all of this..
  130. The deaths of Lincoln, Harding, and Kennedy
  131. Delay is preferable to error. - Thomas Jefferson
  132. George Mason hates the unitary executive (anti-federalist no 6)
  133. The Gadsden Revolutionary Flag
  134. Founding Fathers Quotes on the Free Market
  135. Thomas Jefferson 2nd Inaugural Address
  136. The Sad Legacy of Ronald Reagan
  137. Tree of liberty must be refreshed from time 2 time w. the blood of patriots n tyrants
  138. Best video of Lincoln EVER!
  139. Wow Andrew Jackson Nails IT!
  140. Hitler was a Socialist
  141. How Hitler Became Dictator
  142. Help with understanding a Jefferson letter
  143. The founding fathers approve of this video
  144. Republican Abe Lincoln Used Deceit and Deception to Start the Civil War
  145. The Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater
  146. I am in an argument in another forum over James Madison.
  147. Roosevelt makes a fireside chat about Banking.
  148. Amity Shlaes on FDR, New Deal, and Choosing Your Own Chicken!!
  149. Hitler wasn't a german citizen.
  150. History Channel: Lincoln Assassination
  151. Learn to Think & Act Like Samuel Adams [not just a popular beer]
  152. Listen to 200 Hours of Newly Released Nixon Tapes!
  153. Fake Lincoln Quotes from Lew Rockwell's site
  154. Disputed Jefferson Quote
  155. Favorite Founding Fathers and Quotes?
  156. The Ghost of Thomas Paine
  157. Jefferson - Dishonorable & a Hypocrite?
  158. Abraham Lincoln
  159. Paine essays
  160. Jefferson, by Albert Jay Nock (1926)
  161. Good films on the Founding Fathers or early America?
  162. the "founding fathers" (article)
  163. Thomas Paine
  164. Fw: President Truman
  165. Why Do People Still Believe the New Deal Worked ?
  166. Representing the Founding-Fathers under God's judgement
  167. 2004 UCLA Study: The New Deal Prolonged The Depression
  168. what is a good documentary/movie about the founding fathers?
  169. “So Help Me God”: A George Washington Myth?
  170. Andrew Jackson bio on History Channel
  171. Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates
  172. How can anyone dislike Jimmy Carter?
  173. WoW! Market based currency in Pre-Hitler germany -- The Wara
  174. Happy Thomas Paine Day!!!
  175. Guys, why exactly did Grover Cleveland decide to do nothing about the 1893 Panic?
  176. New Deal Debate - Can someone straighten this out?
  177. John F. Kennedy Assassination by Zionism
  178. Thomas Jefferson
  179. Help me discuss why the New Deal was not a success
  180. AP: "Lincoln the greatest president ever"
  181. Jefferson quote on banks- he didn't really say that?
  182. The Faith of Our Founding Fathers
  183. Our Founding-Fathers didn't establish our government as official officers.
  184. The speech that got John F. Kennedy Killed
  185. FDR and Woodrow Wilson Placed on Pedestals They Never Deserved
  186. Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.....False Propaganda by Jefferson?
  187. New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR's Economic Legacy Has Damaged America
  188. Socrates was the epitome of a Founding-Father.
  189. Thomas Jefferson against capitalism labor arrangement?
  190. Abraham Lincoln: "Not on MY Watch!"
  191. General Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson
  192. The *NEW* Thomas Paine video...
  193. Thomas Paine
  194. Jimmy Carter says Civil War was unnecessary
  195. Robert Taft vs Barry Goldwater: who is more of a model for us?
  196. Thomas Jefferson Questions
  197. "...so here's to you Mr. Jefferson.."
  199. Ben Franklin
  200. How the media painted Barry Goldwater as a warmonger
  201. Picture of President Calvin Coolidge
  202. Thomas Jefferson the Anarchist?
  203. "American Lion: Andrew Jackson and the White House" won Pulitzer today
  204. Bill Maher just compared Jefferson Davis to Hitler
  205. President Lincoln on our Greatest Threat
  206. President Lyndon Johnson on Silver
  207. How did Hitler reflate the German economy without inflation?
  208. Nixon on Bretton Woods
  209. Thomas Paine Open Letter To The President
  210. An Eulogy on the Life and Character of James Madison, by John Quincy Adams
  211. Civil War [LF Documentary]
  212. History of Abortion Laws
  213. Barry Goldwater on terrorism and other topics
  214. What do u guys think about A. Lincoln ..???
  215. Just watched "Goldwater on Goldwater: Mr. Conservative" documentary
  216. [YouTube] Lincoln as Hitler by The Southern Avenger
  217. Lincoln, Civil War, KKK, Blowback
  218. Was Thomas Jefferson anti-capitalist?
  219. Questions about the Civil War
  220. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers
  221. Two Thomas Paine experts interviewed by Bill Moyers
  222. So Barry Goldwater wanted to nuke Vietnam?
  223. Iran: Was Khomeini CIA?
  224. New Nixon tapes released, show anti-semitism, racist tainted view on abortion
  225. Richard Nixon was a bigot?
  226. The Founding Fathers agreed that the First Amendment protected 'symbolic expression.'
  227. Thinking about the American Revolution: James Madison
  228. Woodrow Wilson NEVER regretted creating the Federal Reserve
  229. Should the Revolutionary War have been fought?
  230. Free Audio books: The Law - Bastiat, Common Sense - Paine, Douglass
  231. All Hail Lincoln
  232. VH1 Now- history of Black Panthers
  233. In memory of Woodstock 40 years ago tonight.
  234. All Honor to Jefferson
  235. Nixon closing the gold window
  236. Andrew Jackson duel victim found
  237. The Spirit of the Founding Fathers!
  238. James Madison Explains the Constitution to Thomas Jefferson
  239. The Militia: In History and Today
  240. Founding Fathers On The Threat Of Tyranny
  241. How many times did Sen Kennedy violate the Constitution?
  242. Which of the last 10 presidents were more libertarian than Richard Nixon?
  243. Economic Theory of James Madison
  244. Buchanan: Did Hitler Want War?
  245. How Religious Were the Founding Fathers?
  246. Joe Wilson vs. Jimmy Carter: Racism and Lies
  247. Founding Fathers Quiz
  248. Buchanan: Jimmy Carter--Race and Stupidity
  249. George Washington = Bad@&%
  250. Karl Marx's letter to Abraham Lincoln